Monday, September 26, 2016

Let that boy cook.

I am cooking. I was originally going to put tracks from the five completed mixtapes on the Ha! Ha! Ha! tape. But I changed my mind. I was able to keep the album that I was going to release on ILL-Legit records and I added to it. So this is all original material. I have one more song to complete and then it's over.

I will be done with Ha! Ha! Ha! The album tells the story of why I didn't sign to the label. It may be considered a diss. I'm just being honest. I am telling the truth.

Wait until you hear it. October 11th.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tracklist and back cover

Yezzir. The album drops October 11th on and

Friday, September 23, 2016

Provolone and Nachos

Oh Jet.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Dropping October 11th.

Dear Mutants, I have left the label. I need total creative control and that is not happening there. No offense to Mark Deez or Doc the owners of the label but I don't take orders very well. The new album which is a collection of the best cuts off of the six already completed albums will be available October 11th on and it will be well worth the wait. If I get a good response more music will drop. Check me out or Get ready for the album dropping.....October 11th. Real shit.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Record Deal

I got a record deal. I am signed to Ill-Legit Records. It is an Underground Indie. I am working on an album for them entitled Final Fantasy Tactics. It is already almost complete. However, if this deal is not what I want I will release this shit on my own. I appreciate everyone checking the blog and I can promote my shit on my own. They are suppose to shoot a video for the first song off my Prince Vegeta mixtape entitled "Raven Symone". If they don't meet my requirements I will do that on my own. I have enough money coming in to do that. Anyway, stay tuned I have some more shit to post a little later. You can also check out my Facebook. I am there everyday but this blog gets exclusive narratives.