Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

Bonnie And Clyde, Mommy and Nines


Marcus Dewayne Banks and baby mother Raven Symone' finished their lunch at his house early Sunday morning. 12:00 AM to be exact. (They are on different time frames then most people) Two Small Blueberry Pie's made with wild blueberries. The Prince was happy. It was Sunday morning. The day where he did no pimping. It was exactly a week since He and Raven had raced on the bikes and he had lost for the fourth time since he had met her. He was in a jolly mood. He had broken several of the girls in. He was planning on assisting many of them future endeavors for his own purpose. Raven who usually bugged him about this behavior was not asking about it anymore. This was the reason she had left him years ago. He couldn't be faithful. Plus there were all types of contracts involved in their relationship which was why Marcus made some of the choices he did. Shakur was not his child by blood. Marcus did not want his first born to have the same mental illness as him so they went to a donor and put pure Japanese sperm in the womb of Raven. His son Trunks was his own by blood. He had the "illness". However, they both were his children and in all of the universes these were the only children of this kind. His original self had not been able to love any woman, he was too self centered, he was 32 and had yet to love any woman other than his mother. But of these exceptional men thought maybe Innocent could be the one to make him slow down. In the original Marcus' dimension he trusted no one with his heart. He was cold.

But let's no worry of the original Marcus Dewayne Banks reader. While he was unable to love it would seem that the clone loved too many. Do you honestly believe me when I told you he did not cheat? Marcus Dewayne Banks (the clone) well he told women he was a "low life Romeo" quoting Kisten Phelps, a vampire, in the Kim Harrison novels about the witch Rachel Morgan. Both of these men were Androgynous. Women in Men's bodies. But these women were gay. They were very emo. They were fueled by emotion. The original Marcus hated women because he felt he was a better woman than all of them and he was a man. The clone felt he had to try and educate them. Raven thought it was a lost cause. She saw no point in it. Marcus the clone hated her for that. He hated all of the secrecy. All of the lies. Yes she was his but he wanted the world to know and so many things in the contract restricted that. I mean what would stop the average man from going to news station and reporting his close ties with Raven? The above average woman is who. He was forced the path of the arts. The painting, the drawing, the music, the acting.....the fine arts. He didn't even use his powers of controlling the metal or phasing from dimension to dimension much. He loved being humble. He loved being challenged. He loved Raven...contract and all.

His cousin on the other half had allowed Raven to cover her tracks with a former top model. So she felt somewhat owed. She was only participating in the charade because she knew they loved each other and in a society where people couldn't handle the truth. I mean who would believe that a celebrity wanted anyone but a celebrity in their bed. Most celebrities weren't celebrities at all. Just pawns. Tools. Very few had any choice at all. And those that did were held at high regards. Most geniuses were insane. They were just sheltered and directed. Drug habits. Emotional breakdowns. Marcus was one that was slowing becoming accustomed to the spotlight. Taking his time. He didn't want to leave his city though. He came from money. His parents were doctors. He never wanted in his life.

It was Sunday afternoon to them. They sat on the bed pillows behind them as they typed on their laptops. He was posting on his underground music blog and she was emailing someone.

" You know Raven, you've been very sweet to me as of late. I am thinking maybe when I get my car we can go on a road trip just like the old days. Wouldn't that be lovely Sarafina," The Prince asked his lady as she laid in her Trashy lingerie French Quarter Soft Cup Bra and French Quarter Rhino Thong.
" I beat you on the bikes dear. To be honest it wasn't even as challenging as you once were. The record is now 4-3 correct? My way," Raven said as she typed. She reached on the shelf next to where she lay and picked up her wine glass. It was 1982 Mouton Rothschild. Marcus hated the name so she used it to motivate him. " Beside you seem awfully focused on these cars. I don't think you need one. What's the point?"

" I want to motivate my girls. When they see me riding in a double R then they will want to stack and get one too."

" You think? Listen, these bitches will never afford a Rolls without you shoving it in their face. Leave these fucking hoodrats alone. Other then their fucking looks what can they give you? Am I not enough? I thought I was your greatest muse."

" You are Raven. I am doing this for you."

" Me? Really," Raven said crossing her arms over her breast with a smirk on her face. "How so?"

" Well, I am wanted. You don't want someone no one wants right?"

" What is this some type of competition? Like some reality TV show shit," Raven asked sarcastically.

" As a matter of fact it is. These songs I write. I compare these women to you and make them seem as beautiful as you only to be with you in the end. It's brilliant."

The Prince had on no shirt showing of over 100 tattoos and a pair of basketball shorts. He was relaxing. Enjoying his 700 hits a month on his blog gearing up for the release of his new music. He was happy. He was enjoying his Sunday. Raven leaned over and leaned her head on his shoulder to get a better look at what he was typing.

" You're typing about us right now," She asked. " I usually do the typing while you talk? What? Could it be you are doing your own work now?"

" Yes. I am doing my own work from now on. I have time to really sit and think about what I want to say. I am tired of dictating."

Raven placed a finger on her bottom lip. She was in deep thought. " Really?"

" Yes my Sarafina. I mean it."

" Okay then....I have something I want you to type then."

" Anything dear. I am a real man now. I am all about us. I am no longer giving orders."

" Well dear you didn't so much give orders to me. We sort of work together. We are a family. But these other girls....these strippers, and porn stars, well, it's simple. They have to go. Now I just sent an email to some people I have been dealing with that have been following these girls that have been after my sweet potato pie. I deal with you not because of where you're from. I enjoy your company. You are a diamond in the rough. But you are not me. You do not attempt to find diamonds in the rough. I got you out of that so we can buy diamonds at jewelers. These girls are riff raff. You understand me?"

The room was quiet. Marcus stopped typing for several minutes.

" Am I too late," He finally asked.

" You don't have to ask," Raven replied as she snuggled her head into his shoulder. Her soft hair brushing against his skin. " They think they are alive but they are just in the computer program. Simulated. I had them hacked. All of them."

" Saraf-"

" No....don't do that. It's over. You can talk to their ghost but you won't get anything but programmed responses. So it seems you no longer have this Rolls Royce to impress them with since they are reprogrammed. You have to impress only one woman now. And that's me. I am a big Kanye West fan as you know. Lamborghini Murcielago. You know that turns me on. A Rolls is half the price of one of those but fuck a coup...what about the SuperVeloce?"

The Prince was utterly lost. He felt betrayed. He thought her jealous rage was over. But it had never been this bad. She had had people murdered and programmed before. She had ties to the Matrix and could do some serious damaged if provoked. Raven was the furthest thing from an industry puppet. She was a shot caller. A Bossy Boss Lady. A Queen. The Prince who considered himself a joker was in a relationship with the Queen of Comedy.

But she didn't know about the Innocent clone in his original self's dimension.

He prayed she never found out.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A song released from the Aaliyah album

Yeah, this is a song from the Aaliyah album. I have been recording non stop for the last few days. I am about to get some rest.

Not much to say. This song really is the way I feel about women lately. I don't trust any of them. I even talk about my disappointment with Raven Symone in this song. My cousin Tyra Banks is probably the only one I am standing behind as of late. I don't mean all women are basic but just the ones in my life which means I need some new women in my life. I am cutting a lot of women off these next few days. That's just how I feel. I want something beautiful. Something epic.

I love Raven with all my heart but every relationship isn't perfect. Later mutants. I need to rest.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Another album being worked on by Jet Lee Jetson.

New Album after "Aaliyah" drops on 4/20 entitled Maleficent. Check out the title track produced by The Alchemist.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Excerpt

The Prince woke up. He was in Augusta. It was early. He was beside his mother who was in a mental hospital. The woman with whom he had got his schizophrenia. They were just diagnosing her though. She had been "insane" by societies standards for some time. He was a prophet. Just like his original self. But in his dimension the mentally ill were no longer Isrealites but wiccans and bipolar shizophrenics. Marcus in this dimension. Dimension five. In this Dimension he hadn't sold out. He had stayed local. He wasn't a celebrity. His mother's 'illness' had been spotted by the 'authorities' and they were trying to stop her.

The Prince hadn't seen his mother in almost seven years. He had been in and out of prison and asylums himself being taught by this woman his entire life. He was a bit more vocal. But in the end he always escaped with the blueprints to build a better tomorrow. It was a blessing. His cousin Tyra Banks had set the meeting up. Tyra's mother mostly had put the meeting together. This was an epic moment was an event even the most hungriest of heathens wanted. Salvating at their lips were round tabled discussions between Raven Symone, a stripper named Innocent, another stripper named Cupcake, another stripper named Honey or as The Prince called her Honey Bun, the list went on and on to even stranger situtations like his Pshychistrist offering him half of Asia, to bum bitches he was killing and tossing in the garbage rewinding Brenda's Baby by Tupac to hear the devil tell him Jesus was a victum of narcistic tendencies. But the entire thing was this Raven wanted him out of the strip club.

" But look at what good I am doing my beloved. I have helped these girls pimp the system," The Prince told her over Roasted Vegetable Burritos from the whole foods market they weighed tweleve oz (340 g).

After he had escorted his mohter out of the hospital he and Raven ate tableside at his apartment. He was dressed in his Street Fighter Five T Shirt from Game Stop with green longboard shorts. He had just bought a new bike he planned on painting. He had a skateboard now he had a bike. Next was the car. He had got the go head from his mother. She said he could drive. The instructor of the biggest cop killing automotobile ring had the keys to the city literally with Vincent distiributing the coke in Atlanta and Innocent setting up Skipper things were lovely. The other kids in the other dimensions he knew of were doing good. He spoke to the Universe Two DJ Miss Van and she said that the Innocent there had took over the night club with two armed Psychic Bots. They were ranked level two but for that timeline she was about to start some serious nuclear holocaust shit her cat Matalida could increase it's size to a full tiger and her sister Patricia would fly it back and forth when she was in Afghan in the Palace.

They were dealers sure. But it was beyond that. It was eons of breeding between alien species that cooked Human Crack in the flesh as Juelz Santan would call it. The Doctor's couldn't speak to her. She wasn't trusting anyone but the information she leaked through the proper pipelines had created a Malificent Magnificance. He and Raven were the lead detectives in his city. Raven didn't mind living in Augusta as long as no one knew who she was. Most of her clips on the web were never up to date. She would load random shit. Television shows were taped years in advance and released when they feel like it. Example, they make you believe you are ready to see what techonolgy has to offer by slowing introducing technology to you through films.

Remember in Star Trek in the 70s how Captain Kirk would talk to someone on a huge screen? That's all people do today. They just stare at a TV with the X Box on yell at the screen. The sad thing is the average person didn't even watch Star Trek let alone get the joke. So other science fiction stories like I Robot a film where technology is killing those that don't dream starring The Prince's idol Will Smith. He was working on his own acting chops on his instagram. He had a small following but the names that followed him. The biggest dealers. They loved him. He was the sun. He shyned for everyone. He lived a life of a loner. He fucked no one but Raven. But he preached. He preached to all of the lost girls.

Raven thought of it as pimping. It was what the phrase was called....a long time ago in The Prince's mind. A Pimp in his own mind. And his real life. He hated these women. He would make them kill themselves for the progression of society. But it was Sunday. He rested on Sunday. Family day. The strip clubs in Augusta were closed. So reader do you think The Prince only bought a bike for himself.

No. To celebrate the solving of the Jay-Z murder and the murder of Jay-Z in Universe 3. Well, The Prince bought his and her moutain bikes. They were going to race. All they did was race cars. He wanted to enjoy a bike before he bought the car. Four Wheels. Two Wheels. Four Wheels.

Ten. The Perfect number. His girl was ten.

But they raced.

Friday, March 17, 2017

As promised...

We got two new singles out....and the albums are coming out the April. You may be wondering why I decided to drop these albums. You may be wondering so I am going to tell you.

It isn't because I want you to know I am the best out right now. Oh no reader. I just want you to hear Mark Deez on my voicemail begging for my attention. You're going to love it mutants.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Two new singles dropping.

I am disappointed with the state of this blog. We have almost 700 views this month and no feedback. Almost 3,000 views period and no feedback. I appreciate the hardcore fans that hit me up on twitter and Facebook. This post is for you.

I know you guys are anticipating the music. I have been listening to it over and over and I know you will be pleased. But I just got a new producer I am working with and I am not satisfied with my old work. It's good music but I am starting to enjoy the new direction I am going in so we have two new singles dropping from an untitled project I am dropping soon. I don't know when I will release an album. I just saw a video of Childish Gambino with some tight ass leather pants on singing high notes with no shirt on like he's inked up. And he's suppose to be the new age hip hop. You niggaz need help. I am the only hope. And I ain't going nowhere but you niggaz need to soak this bullshit in real good. There's a million Mark Deez people. Niggaz that want what you have and if they can't get they lose their fucking mind. Mutants, you have to realize the streets ain't no game. One minute you living the next your fucking tator is knocked off. You got these weird ass bastards running around trying to boss up and any minute they see a come up they jump not knowing that this is the end of their of life because they only exist in my mind.

Don't be a memory.

New shit dropping soon. Two new singles. A and B side. 90s style. Niggaz putting out projects all year but that shit ain't classic. Streets is hungry. Streets is watching. Streets is talking.

You niggaz reading but not watching the videos like I ain't Pretty. I'm going to make you suffer. Shout out to Nicki Minaj we almost at 100 views.

Prince Vegeta and "Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" Dropping April 4th

I seriously have a pet peeve about courtrooms. I hate them. I have been in too many. But our friends at ILL-Legit Records want me back in one. The Cartman diss has them all in a frenzy. I was served court papers via email today. It was like finding out someone was snitching on me. Sadly this dude Mark Deez and his boss Doc are trying to sue me for $250,000.00 for one record. How is this possible? The record has been taken off the web and "Coke Crumbs" has been scrapped. Sigh. I would say something gangster but these guys have said I have been threatening them. They must not want their millions of fans to know what type of bitch they are. Hell I am living off their name and shit. Mark's next project is going platinum. Fuck Drake. It's Mark Deez and Doc opening up for Riff Raff. They are the future of hip hop. Mark's got like ten albums out on bandcamp. They flopped but his new shit isn't going to. It's going to sell because they stopped me. They foiled my plans. Now what will I ever do? Maybe I will write my book. Maybe I will release Prince Vegeta the same day as "Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears." Maybe I will work on new music with our in house producer. In fact I have been in the lab two days straight recording. What ILL-Legit doesn't realize is that my success has nothing to do with them. I had a career before I met Mark. When I dropped my album on Canibus-Central Mark hit me up wanting to work. Mark offered me the deal when I came home. Mark has begged me to put this album out on their label but since I am not doing this to make them money he's acting like the bitch he is. He fucking steals my pictures and puts them on his twitter page under a false light and also slanders my name. Do I sue? Do I look like 40 Glocc? No. I am not going to sue. I wish them the best. I am going to do me. I have no problems with them. I just wished they would leave me alone.

 They did teach me why I will never sign a deal though. I love my label. Shout out to our in house producers. My DJ Miss Van. My entertainment lawyer Vincent McArthur The Third. Shout out to everyone reading the blog. I am dropping Prince Vegeta and the EP "Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" on April 4th. " Coke Crumbs" has been scrapped. Well, here's a toast to a new era of Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment. We are sucker free. Finally. This year we are releasing new music. The book is underway. And it all starts April 4th. Stay tuned. It's our year mutants.

Now ILL-Legit has exhausted all of their resources. They have no reason to ever mention my name again. And if they do they will be ignored. They have proven to not be about that life. They run to courtrooms and start lying. My fortune cookie last night said nothing is better than the truth, and they have lied and lied to try and make me look like I am insane or some shit. I have never spoken "ill" towards them until they started this shit. However, I will have Mark Deez's voicemails on Prince Vegeta and another diss record on Prince Vegeta. I also have the "Aaliyah" album done which is dropping April 20th. So next month you are getting two albums and an EP. And Mark Deez's voicemails are on both albums. Wait until you hear how he really talks and acts when he's not in the booth. Sigh. Got to go. About to smoke this vape and listen to the new tracks I recorded.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Coke Crumbs will be also dropping April 4th

Also dropping on April 4th is the album ILL-Legit Records didn't want you to hear. Listen to the one man army Jet Lee destroy an entire label as he finally is sick of the constant stalking and false light and slander upon his name. The defamation Mark Deez and his boss Doc is condoning is disgusting. They disgust our entire staff at Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment. Mark Deez is now spamming our business email address and we are sick of him and his weak ass crew. These posers that watch movies all day and create horrible music videos along with their stealing of artist vocals and posting them on their poor examples of hip hop albums.

These people have disrespected mental illness, legends in hip hop, and needs to get his ass whipped thoroughly. So to celebrate Nicki Minaj destroying Remy Ma we also like to do a lot of destruction over here. Here is the first single from Coke Crumbs. The Mark Deez diss which will be featured as a bonus cut on the album. It is called "Cartman". This record is over a beat Mark Deez is also on on the album "Coke Crumbs". Who ripped it better? Have to wait until April 4th. Fuck ILL-Legit Records! And in the words of Sean Carter:

" I brought back the old Gucci// you don't like it sue me//"

Forgive the wack ass beat though.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another Excerpt from the Miss Adventures Of Innocent

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent



" I ain't saying shit until I hit the Paul Pierce," Ice The Meance said as Vincent lit another cigarette. He was about to burn another one into Ice's skin. Ice was joining Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment this was the day Van beat the shit out of him. They were celebrating Ice's hit record "Tragic". The entire "fanbase" a feed to a smart phone in prison was impressed. They enjoyed this. They loved this. These type of songs sent the preppy rich kids to prison to feed the hustlers. The geniuses. The mentally ill that cast spells on entire cell blocks to make them dream of the glory of one day participating in the glorious resurection of mankind only to find out it wasn't mankind but also womankind.


" The taste. It was strong but not enough to erase my memory," Innocent said to her sister Patricia Langston Baxter-McGee. " I sware I had seen the Asian bitch from somewhere before and then Vincent didn't even hit the weed. I think he had wax in his Electronic Cigarette I couldn't really smell shit, she waitied to roll my window up she knew if she hit me with that shit I would hit a higher note then Lacey from Flyleaf."

The line was silent. She hadn't spoken to Patricia in about a week. She had promised herself she would call once a week ever since Patricia had got back from Mexico. Her and her husband Julio had done amazing work in the fields out there. Her botanist degree had made her one of the most sought out doctor's in the world. She grew Afghan Kush in Afghanistan and was responsible for most of the shit going to Califronia to be grown. The war on terror was not about oil but marijuanna the soon to be biggest cash crop in the world. Ever since she had her son she had settled down. Little Ricky was a smart lad and she stopped dealing with America which was where of course Innocent lived. Innocent could not travel to Mexico and had been smoking things far from the border for far too long. Innocent used to smoke with her big sister all of the time though during her college years. She would settle for OG Kush just like the Asian girl had said. Most of the dealers she fucked with were lame. No orginality. It was the same thing. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them.

" Paul Peirce is the name. It's a strong sativa but it is old. It's just some revamped seventies shit renamed for the youth. Not strong enough to kill you. Vincent doesn't want you dead. He just wants to know what's going on with you I bet. Vincent is a lot of things but a killer," Patricia said.

" Well why wouldn't Vincent the fucking hustler of the year at our Prom...why didn't he hit it?"

Patricia sighed. The line clicked. Then the thunder outside. It was storming again. She had no place to go. She didn't want to go back to her place. Vincent knew where she lived and with Mr. Lennon in on it she had no idea how deep shit went. All she had was her job and her dream. She didn't want to go back to her old ways. She felt trapped. She was living too fast. Now she was running back to her family. All she knew before she became Vincent's side kick. His trophy. His diamond in the rough. His project. His vision.

" Hello," Patricia said sadly. " You're breaking up."

Innocent sat in her Lexus in front of a gas station in Virginia. Newport News. She had just been driving and fueling her Lexus. She just wanted to drive. She had been sleeping in her car with her gun. She had been traveling for about a week.

" Did you send them? He mentioned you Patricia! He mentioned you," Innocent yelled into the phone then the line went dead.


Innocent had took a flight back to Atlanta. She had left her car. She hated it. She was saving for the Lamborghini but it didn't matter now. She began bounce on her toes as she sat outside the office of Mr.Lennon. Malcom was disabled in midsentence and then killed with a slim jim seconds earlier. Now she had the keys to the office and Malcom's gun which was in the glove on her hand. The other girls had left. She said she wanted to talk to Malcom alone. He thought she was going to fuck him since he didn't beat her when Mr.Lennon ordered it. He had been trying to fuck her for along time. She was the only girl at the club he hadn't fucked.

She punched him once and broke his jaw before the slim jim hit just to overpower him. But after the slim jim hit which cracked his skull and fractured his vertabra he was dead. The funny thing was he was talking to her about having too much mouth. He said she had a smart mouth and that was when she took his mouth away. She always did that....except with Miss Van. That was her pet peeve.

" I'm sick of you and your smart mouth," Vincent had said to her in his convertible at the scenic lookout of the city of Los Angeles when she was 17 and on her first date with him. They had been friends for a long time. They waited their whole freshmen year to get to know each other like her Aunt had told her.


It was the first time she had hit someone in along time. She used to practice karate with her sister all of the time. Wing Chun. They were students. Vincent was a boxer. He was raised to be into a secret society of assassins. Gangsters. Killers. He laughed about it later but he was pissed when they said he had a broken jaw. They made love when they took the wires out for the first time and he promised never to disrespect her again. That was a lie. Her and Vincent were apart more then were together in the three years they dated.

But yes. She broke his jaw. That was the first time she did it. No one in her life had ever told Innocet she had a smart mouth. Ever. She just blacked out. She always did. She wanted to know more about what Vincent had going on. She owed someone a broken jaw.

She had her hand on the door knob when her phone rang. No one had her new number. She hadn't called anyone from her new phone yet. The vibration ran up her spine. She paused. She had no choice but to answer. She backed away from the door. Mr. Lennon was counting money. The door was locked. Malcom was dead. She could talk.

" Hello," She answered the phone.

" Innocent you don't know me. We have gotten into your phone. You need to listen and listen well my name is the Prince. You are my creation. You are a story. I am a prophet. I have prophecized about you. This is were my story ends. This is were it is up to you to decide your own fate. I have saved you. They say do not save hoes but I have saved you. I have given you life. You were basic. Do you want to know why Vincent did not hit the weed?"

" Yes," She said.

" Because Innocent someone people learn to always tell the truth."

Innocent laughed. " I am a liar. I am a fucking liar."

She held the gun to her temple. " Does your propechy say I am going to blow my fucking brains out?"

" You may want to save those bullets," The Prince replied.

" You don't know shit. This isn't real. Life is but a dream. This shit doesn't matter. I am a bitch. I kill for a living. I make them chase the fucking pussy until they forget what they want! I am taking the money and running. I swear."

" Of course. I expect you to. But listen you are a sinner. You killed not just evil people like Mr. Lennon but what about my fellow hacker Richard who only wanted to love you. He had money you just wanted the fame. The fame! You don't know what the industry is. It is not real. It is the Wizard Of Oz. These people aren't real. They are images. I believe my Japanese father would call it Idoru. Nothing in the media is real. It's like Denzel said in Training Day it's bullshit. A high percentage of bullshit.

" Then you killed Kato Chang. A skateboarder. The aliens are giving equipment out to street skaters along with special abilites to do that amazing shit. Have you seen some of the shit these kids do. Can you balance metal upon metal. That paper money is nothing compared to metal. Metal. Gold. Gold.....that shit that had everyone runnning to California. Gold created California."

She heard a loud blast it sounded like a shotgun. She almost dropped the phone.

" What is happening," Innocent asked.

" Vincent is a funny man isn't he? I can't believe you two are still arguing over a chess game," The Prince said.

" I know you. This is Marcus. The kid from Military school. You and Vincent got kicked out together. "

" I am but I also am Jet Lee Jetson a rapper and an author and an entertainer. I also paint. I also draw. I also am a vampire Prince trying to mate with a Princess to take over world in the future. I also can control anything metal with a magnetic field. I also am an insane teenager in the future where intelligence can rule the universe. I also am trapped in a coma and fighting for my soul. I am many things. But right now I am trying to warn you. You have to pay for your sins. I am a detective in all of these dimensions. I am Chrisian in all of these dimensions. I fight the Armageddon in all of these dimensions. You were going to be manufactured. Cloned. They were going to take you and make you a star. That's what a star is a manufactured product. You think they are going to risk their investment when they can clone. That's why Vincent looked so young the second time you saw him. He is a clone. I have a clone too. Me and Vincent only have two. One each. They cost a couple million but they are worth it. I am calling you from the future. Van's in charge of the technology. Her father is a programmer. We have a time machiene. That is how we travel throughout time. We don't want that many clones. We only want a second chance. That's all. A second chance."

" How is this real?"

" A genie."

" What?"

" A genie in a bottle."

The line went dead.


There was a blast. It sounded like a laser in a Star Wars movie. It sounded like when a Strom Trooper shot it's blaster. She heard a loud hum. She ran to the office. She didn't know what was happening but she knew the man had morals and ethics. If he was upset about Innocent death and sinning then he may spare Mr. Lennon and she couldn't have that. He sold her out to Vincent he may do it again to one of the other girls. Skipper was dead because of her. She honestly felt bad because of that.

As she opened the office door she saw two figures in a purple plated metal that shine brillantly even in the dark club floor that was usually packed with tricks and pimps enter the room she was just in. They had actual flourescent lights running through the armor and they were on boards that hovered and looked like longboards. These boards also shinned bright. There hands glowed the most though. They were covered in raw visible energy. Red colored energy. They had mask over there face.

Now reader you would expect someone that saw this in the year 2017 to be afraid. But Innocent's phone vibrated. She got a text. It was an image. This was the image reader:

A picture of Vincent's young clone with his shirt off. He still had those tattoos she loved so much.

She had to move fast.


" You pulled the case without telling me and fucking sleeping beautied the bitch Prince," Vincent yelled at the top of his lungs and the Prince hung up the phone.

Van paced the room she was smoking a joint and texting on her smart phone.

" Old wounds man. Old wounds. But you read my mind Vincent," The Prince said shaking his head.

" You bastard! The chief trust us to do what's right. This jezzebelle is the cause of Armageddon. We don't play with her. After you solved the Jay-Z case you want more trouble. We have to stop the Armageddon's not cause them."

" For how long Vincent? We have these gifts and what do we ever get? An pat on the back from the Cheif? We're the best this department has to offer and God Dammit I am tired of saving these mothefuckers."

Vincent started laughing.

" What," The Prince asked.

" Mother fucker coming from you is like...well coming from you."

The Prince smiled. He had been fucking Queens for years and him being The Prince well....his mother a Queen had tooken his virginity. It was how the Vampires were. The mother would suck her first blood drop.

" I think you will change your mind. The death of Mildred has to happen. She is our perfect victum. That book would've ruined everything. She would have made it cool to read. Her plan has to be ruined."

" She is mine Vincent. You are just my Genie. I tell you what to do. You're suggestion mean nothing. I am the master. You read my mind. You broke the agreement first. She is mine. She will fufill the propechy. But for now who said anything about her not dying?"


Friday, March 10, 2017

Release date for "Let Your Dreams be bigger than your fears" EP and "Prince Vegeta" LP

The new EP " Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" is coming sooner than you think. This EP is a sample of the " Aaliyah" album dropping this Summer and is a sample of what the good people at Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment has been cooking up in the kitchen.

I got an email from a disgruntle Mark Deez today and the album that I did for the ILL-Legit Record Label has been scrapped. I was going to release the album for non profit use but like I said these guys aren't street niggaz they threatened to sue me after I got the okay several times to release the album. I am glad I didn't release the album because they probably would have retracted from their word once it dropped. These people have no class. The album was going to be renamed " Coke Crumbs" and I was going to give ILL-Legit credit. Sadly, Mark Deez is perturbed and will do anything to get my attention. He says the beats have copyright issues which may be true. I am a gangster. I hate court rooms. Plus I have plenty of other product to put out. This album would have been a good look for his struggling label which has yet to produce a noteworthy album. The time and effort this label put in trying to make this unreleased classic has been wasted.

The Album ILL-Legit Records Doesn't want you to hear.....

Mark Deez offered me $2,000.00 dollars to fight which he doesn't have and $5,000.00 to battle which he doesn't have. I am someone that just did a song with Nicki Minaj and money to me is no big deal. He refuses to get in the studio even though I have dropped a diss record aimed at him and his label. I tried to call the head of the label a "Doc" but he is ignoring my calls. These foolish games are what has Mark Deez and his label head not headlining shows but opening up for people like "Riff Raff". Meaning Riff Raff is a better white rapper then them. He is. I consider Mark Deez the worst white rapper of all time.

As for fighting Mark Deez or battling him on stage, I challenge him to get in the studio and make some hit records. He has been rapping for over ten years and has yet to collaborate with anyone relevant of this era. He has never collaborated with a female emcee worthy of mention. I have been home for not even a year yet and have done a record with the Queen Of Rap. The label knows this label will destroy their already struggling franchise. The funny thing is I can distribute this album in the streets whenever I feel like it to people that Mark will never meet because he is not in the streets. He is obese. He stays in the house all day. He would catch a heart attack trying to walk the streets. But like I said I have better music over better beats that I can release on the web whenever I want. Which is what this post is about. So Rest In Peace Coke Crumbs. You will be resurrected behind closed doors. These industry niggaz kill me.

" You industry// we in the streets" ~Cormega and Foxy Brown

The EP "Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" Dropping April 4th

The EP " Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" will be released April Fourth. It will feature songs with Raven Symone, Nicki Minaj, and Lacey Sturm (her first vocal performance since leaving Fly Leaf). DJ MissVan even lends a hand on a track. It is a five track sample of what is to come.

On April 20th we will release the album Prince Vegeta. This a full-length album featuring tracks with Raven Symone, voice mails from the insane Mark Deez, production from Charles Hamilton as well as a collaboration with Charles Hamilton. I also have a collaboration with  GTA and Sam Bruno on this album. RZA even did a beat on this album. This album tells a love story as does Vegeta. I am thinking about Miss Van doing an exclusive interview on this blog to promote in which I can talk about the book thus far and what else my company is dealing with for the year 2017. I also am booked next month to do some shows. I still haven't released footage from my last show at the Playground in Augusta Georgia. That is coming soon though.

Thank you to everyone that is getting this blog over 600 hits per month. We are at 677 this month and we are only getting better. The Nicki single has almost 100 views in 5 days on YouTube. Way to go Mutants. Let's keep this up. Spread the word.

Thanks to Germany for their support. I fuck with you guys hard.

Stay tuned Mutants...we are progress.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dr. Ihori Kameyam, LPC

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

Dr. Ihori Kameyama, LPC


"And then what happened," Dr. Kameyama asked Marcus Dewayne Banks also known as The Prince.

The Prince was in her office in Reidsville Georgia. After the innocent girl got killed in Atlanta he had to go see his Psychitrist/Psychologist. He had just solved one innocent girl's murder then this case happens. He felt horrible. He wanted to know what went wrong. The Jay-Z case had convicted a serial killer and his vindictive slut wife. He had settled years of grudges.

Jay-Z had gotten Aaliyah killed and tried to blame it on Damon Dash. Then tried to get the beauty of Aaliyah erased from society. He tried to assassinate the image of her with injected bodies. False models that tried to eliminate the image of the models that sacrificed their orginal bodies. To stay the same. To stay loyal. To stay real. To stay you.
Kenneth Thompson was murdered. So was Chanel Petro Nixon. But their daughter was a savant. Kenneth Thompson was a pawn. No one won but Kenneth Thompson's wife Lu-Shawn Thompson. After the death she was at Brooklyn Net games front row. She was Oprah's new best friend. She was at democratic events with Hilary Clinton. The same Hilary Clinton that China and other Asian countries had to keep from winning the election by hacking U.S. voting booths for the betterment of the American Countries particulary the black race that was brainwashed to vote for Democratics. Now Trump was donating large sums of American money into Historic black colleges. Marcus who had went to Moorehouse and Augutsta State University as well as other schools had brough home a win and he was from Augusta where the Cracker Party ruled. They wouldn't allow the black race to go past the seventh grade at one point. These "African-Americans" were now in a better position. He had his albums done. He had several great situations going on in other dimensions. He had solved cases for Satan's Prophet's for years. He was the star pupil. He was a leader. His team had done things thoroughout the history of 2009-2016. It was 2017. Things were tricky. Snitching was mandatory to niggaz nowadays. Secret after secret after secert....

Tyra Banks and Raven Symone were working with Marcus in one dimension and at each other's throats in others. They hatred and love ran deep. Scars from wars long lost. Demons from spells and incantations of ghost in the flesh had distorted the common predator. Rapist and egotistical males tarnished people with scruples and ethics. In College Ethics was Marcus' favorite course. His favorite episode of Saved By the Bell was based off of Ethics. You had to be Ethical which was why he joined Satan's Prophet's. Satan had Ethics. He wouldn't always love you had to to dirt to be down with him. He learned that in Military School which was where he met Vincent McArthur The Third and his girlfriend Mildred Baxter Douglas-McGee.

He looked at his Psychistrist/Psychologist his best friend in a world where sacrificing an innocent person's life bought you fame and power. He had just made his sacrifice, a girl named Skipper. A stripper that was in college.....he need his Harley Quinn back. He had finally made it and a Asian woman that made love to him in his prison cell and in the broom closet and in her office. She sucked him off through a tray flap. She brought books to him. She solved puzzles for him. She murdered for him while he was in prison and the asylum. She was his therapist.

" Yes...what did happen then," The Prince responded rubbing her back as she typed. "How about you pause and insert a picture of yourself."

The Miss Adventures Of Innoncent Another Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

Do you swear to tell the truth?

Innocent drove through another neighborhood constantly looking in her rearview mirror. She was being tailed. She had been followed for the last hour and she wasn't some sort of espionage expert so she didn't know how to lose the white BMW that had been closely behind her Lexus since she had left her apartment. She didn't want to go to her destination either but she would have to stop and get gas soon. She had no one to call and she didn't know what would happen if she let the person behind her know she was being followed. She was sure it looked odd that she had been riding around suburban neighborhoods like she was looking for property but she only knew suburban neighborhoods because she was always looking for property. So she guessed it wouldn't look odd at all. She needed gas though so she figured it would be best to pull over in a public place. Her tail had to know she had spotted him or her by now because there was no traffic....just her and this white BMW.

She couldn't call the cops because for all she knew this tail was the cops. She had been involved in five murders in the past year. She had set up three dealers and she had practically killed Richard and Kato, not to mention she bought ounces within a month. She figured it would be best to pull over now instead of a public place so she wouldn't get arrested in public. She felt she was to ocute for that. However, wouldn't they have turned their cop lights on by now? And what type of cop drove a 2016 BMW? She wasn't scared. She was she pulled over.

She waited as she parked in front of some realty. The white BMW pulled over behind her. The driver side door opened and out walked an Asian woman with a black hoodie and sweatpants on. The passenger side opened and out walked Vincent McArthur The Third. He was wearing his usual preppy clothes he had on a black tie with white button up but he was looking rather grunge and emo in his outfit. His hair no longer had the blonde frosted tips. It was black and had an emo bang over his forehead. Innocent even noticed the same pair of Gucci Chuck Taylors he used to wear in High School.

She stayed in her Lexus. She was shocked. How did Vincent know where she lived? What the hell was he doing here? She had an idea though. She had been cautious ever since Skipper had turned up dead. There were too many coincidences. The first one was as soon as she communicates with Vincent on Facebook ( an entertainment lawyer) an entertainer shows up at The Joker strip club. Then this same entertainer sends her a bottle of Cristal. Then a few days later this entertainer shows up dead with Skipper. Also that night she almost got hit by a chair by the manager of the strip club as if he was panicing like he couldn't handle the situation. The shit made sense. She just wondered how deep the rabbit hole went. She rolled down her automatic windows and the Asian woman and Vincent walked up to it.

" Good morning Mildred. Where you heading," Vincent asked as he took of his versace sunglasses.

" What's it to you? What are you doing following me," Mildred asked a question of her own.

Vincent looked at the Asian woman and they stared at each other for a moment.

" Listen bitch...we ask the questions," The Asian woman replied.

" This is Miss Van," Vincent said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out an electronic cigarette. He chuckled as he examined Innocent's Lexus. " My God Mildred this shit is two years old. You can't be serious."

" Eat it Vincent. You and rice rice baby here need to back the fuck off before I call the cops. You scared the fuck out of me. I though you were-"

" The cops? Oh no Mildred we are worst then the cops. We just wanted to ask you a few questions is all. I mean you wouldn't want to shit on an old friend would you. I mean all things considered you do owe me."

" Used to owe you Vincent. I think we are even now. Now you and the karate kid fucking kick rocks. I am going to be late for work."

Miss Van laughed. " Mr. Lennon knows you won't be coming in today. Now it's up to you if you don't come in for the rest of your life or you just miss a couple thousand for the day. Either way I sleep like a baby....rice rice baby to be exact."

Innocent looked at Miss Van. The hoodies and sweat pants were baggy. She probably was packing some type of weapon in it. Her .22 was in her purse and she couldn't reach it fast enough considering the circumstances. Besides things were too weird right now. Even if she capped the Asian girl Vincent might have a gun on him too. She had no options. She could try and pull off on them but she could still get capped during the process. All of these thoughts went through her head in a matter of seconds. She figured if they wanted to meet somewhere and talk then she could drive off and take them on a high speed chase. Jail seemed better then a meeting. She didn't trust Vincent. She hadn't since her senior year of High School.

" Okay," She sighed. " Were are we heading I will follow you?"

" We aren't going anywhere. Van get in the backseat. I will get in the passenger seat," Vincent said.

So much for that plan. Innocent thought to herself.

As Van got comfortable in the backseat Vincent sat next to her with his perfect smile. He was still the drop dead gorgeous pretty boy from High School. He looked exactly the same. She wondered how he did it. He turned to her and rubbed her thigh. She looked him in the eye and sighed. She hated him and she knew he hated her too.

" What do you want Vincent," She asked.

" I don't want what most people you meet in your line of work want," He said and squeezed her huge thigh hard. It began to hurt. " Keep your pussy you artifical carbon copy nigger bitch."

" I see you haven't changed a bit. Since when do Neo-Nazi's hang out with Asians," She asked and began to caress his hand on her thigh.

He pulled his hand away. " How dare you touch me bitch. I should spit in your face for that."

Innocent smirked. She reached towards his jawline to touch his chizzled chin then she heard the gun cock behind her.

" Listen bitch, that shit isn't going to work around us. We don't find you attractive at all. Do you know how much pussy Vincent turns down? You were ready to fuck that addict Snow Cone. You got to know by now Vincent sent him," Miss Van said as she pointed the gun at the driver seat.

" So you did send him," Innocent said after a moment passed.

" You knew that of course," Vincent said.

" So you wanted me dead?"

" That is the question. I represent an organization that lives by fate and faith. What happens happens. But if you were meant to be dead you would be dead. You aren't and regardless of my plans God and the Goddess plans are their own."

" Exactly," Innocent turned around to look at Miss Van. " And if I wanted to fuck Snow Cone he would be fucked."

" Turn around cheap hoe," Miss Van pointed the gun at her face.

" This good cop bad cop shit is getting old," Innocent said turnng around. " What do you want. You botched your first murder attempt now this shit. If you're going to kill me do it now before any of the neighbors notice your BMW. Unless you want to get caught."

" No one is going to miss you Innocent. Your sister doesn't care about you," Vincent said taking a pull on his E-Cigarette. He exhaled the smoke and shook his head. " You don't listen well. We got you a day off of work is all. We just want to ask you a question. How did you know to contact me? How did know not to leave with Snow Cone?"

" That's two questions."

" You got a smart ass mouth," Miss Van said.

" And a dumb ass. What do you want me to be stupid?"

Van laughed and balled her fist up. " You know, a bitch like you can't afford any scars. I'd hate to hit you with the butt of this gun. Knock that fucking wig off of your head."

Innocent almost turned around again but Vincent placed a hand on her shoulder. "Listen Mildred, I just want to know how did you know to contact me? Fuck the other question. I did say one. Your first question will answer the second question."

" Okay," Innocent sighed.

" I want an honest answer. No matter how strange it may seem. I want an honest answer."

" Well you aren't going to believe me but...."

" Try me Mildred."

The car was quiet. A lighter flicked in the back. Miss Van was lighting a joint. She puffed it twice. A strong scent of marijuanna filled the car.

" Roll your window up," Miss Van said and she passed the joint to Mildred.

" What's this angel dust," Mildred asked as she rolled up her window.

" It's weed idiot. You would smell angel dust. That shit smell loud don't it," Miss Van asked.

" What kind of strain is it," Innocent asked.

" It's called Paul Pierce," Miss Van replied. " New shit out of the Bay. You never heard of it I'm sure. But bitches like you probably smoke OG Kush and think you are ahead of the game."

Innocent rolled her eyes. She tried to pass it to Vincent but he waved his hand away.

" SInce when don't you smoke," Innocent asked. " You used to supply the whole senior class."

" Don't you see I'm busy," He said motioning to his E-Cigarette.

Innocent looked at Miss Van in the rearview. Miss Van bared her teeth at her.

" Besides I told you roll your window up. Vincent will catch a contact," Van said.

Innocent sighed. She really had no choice. She had never heard of Paul Pierce but she was already feeling high. She took a pull. She began coughing hysterically.

She heard Vincent laugh. Then Van laughed.

She tried to pass the weed back but she couldn't move.

" You a real basic bitch," Miss Van said. " Now answer the question. How did you know to contact Vincent?"

Innocent tried to lie, to say something smart, she wanted to say anything other then tell them about her crazy dream but all that came out was....

" A nightmare," Innocent said.

" That mother fucker," Vincent said loudly.

Miss Van shook her head a beat her fist against Innocent's seat.

" I knew it," Vincent said. " Fucking prick double crossed me."

" Watch your fucking mouth Vincent. I will kill you," Van said angrily.

Vincent went cold. He knew he had to watch his mouth around Van. Van was very unstable.

" What did you do to me," Innocent asked through clenched teeth.

" It's called Paul Pierce. It makes you tell the truth," Miss Van said with a huge smile. She looked like the cheshire cat from Alice In Wonderland. Her smile grew. Her ears became pointed. Her face was transforming. Innocent was very very high. She was seeing things.

" What was the dream about," Vincent asked as he pulled on the E-Cigarette.

" Clones....a baseball game....a fixed baseball game. There were clones of me," Innocent was trying not to talk but she couldn't help it.

Vincent looked at his rolex. He turned back to Van and motioned with his head it was time to go.

" Before we go I want to tell you something Mildred. My name is DJ Miss Van. I represent a higher power. I represent technology you may never live to see. I represent a team of prophets that help control society. I am a Boss. A real boss and you should feel blessed because my best friend for whatever reason saved your worthless life," Van said and Vincent snatched the joint from Innocent's hand.

They opened there doors to exit.

" Remember Milred...Van hit the joint too," Vincent said with a chuckle and slammed her Lexus door.

Innocent couldn't move for thirty minutes.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Jet Lee Jetson and Nicki a couple?

A new song has been leaked off of an EP coming out from Jet Lee Jetson. The song features Nicki Minaj and they just finished shooting the video this morning. Nicki decided to sing since Remy Ma cannot and let her new boyfriend ride for her. The song is sexy and so is the video showcasing how the couple met. This video is exclusive and was featured on this blog first.

I think Remy never stood a chance. Nicki is to calculated. She's getting way too much money to do something basic. Thanks for the look Nicki we love you.

Stay tuned for more news on Jet Lee Jetson and Nicki Minaj. As well as updates on the Chanel Petro Nixon case and updates on the book The Miss Adventures Of Innocent.


~DJ Miss Van

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Case Of Chanel Petro Nixon undergoing

A memorial for Chanel Petro Nixon

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

A Day In The Life Of Prince Vegeta

He hadn't woke. He had been up for days. But on this day in particular the anniversary of the death of Chanel Petro Nixon...the eleventh year anniversary of the death. Raven Symone even brought the kids through to his place and they were a family again. This case had cost them so much.
Chanel Petro Nixon was a 16 year old girl on her way to Applebees for a job interview. She never made it there though. She was found four days later in a garbage bag, partially clothed, body so decomposed police couldn't tell the sex, her jordans and cell phone missing....smh. The parents initially notified police hours after the disappearance and they refused to search saying she probably willingly ran away with a boyfriend and to wait her return. The family later had to print up and handout their own flyers. There are no suspects and I don't think this case will be solved. This young black lady was a straight A student and had a bright future she wanted to be a nurse. I think the police are just as guilty as the murderer if they aren't the murderer. Shit just pisses me off. They say she wasn't sexually assaulted but why was she partially clothed? On Nancy Grace the hash tag for the story was #chanel i searched and only one person in the last 24 hours is talking about the story. The rest #chanel hash tags are about the clothing line. May God be with her family during these times.

Veron Primus and Chanel Petro Nixon.

Veron Primus the man accused of murdering the beautiful young lady was still free. The police said they could prove he did it.
Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson
Thompson said he thinks his office has enough evidence against Primus to secure a conviction for Petro-Nixon's murder, but added that he wants more.
The inmate being transferred with no cuffs
It looks like no officers are around at all
Just weird looking black people

On the above link you can see the murderer walk unmolested to a vechile with no police anywhere to be seen. This is ten years after we have heard about this. Since Prince Vegeta has come home there has been no press on this advent Bed Stuy patch. This was in New York The Prince lived in Augusta Georgia. Still things could happen if he pushed the button. He already had issues over the Aaliyah incident.
The Prince sat with his son on the ground watching a bit of everything, to his baby mother coming in after all day sitting on the porch painting. To he himself about to draw a portrait of Chanel Pestro Nixon and add it to the beginning of his light novel.
He had invested in the coke for the last time. He had took over the city. He wore those shoes. He was happy with his piece and had no problems taking what he had and living he was out of the game. He was with Raven, his eight year old daughter Shakur, and his two year old son Trunks. Vegeta was a happy man. He had packaged his first album for the underground to follow up his underground hip hop album of the year. He wanted to get this lawyer murdered though. this Kenneth Thompson. He wanted the body. He was about to get to studying the soul of Kenneth Thompson. #WitchCraft #Wiccan

The street Chanel Petro Nixon disappeared from

" I don't see why they call it baby fat, it should be called adult fat. The adults are the ones walking around with the fat asses," Shakur Symone Banks said watching her little brother watch Dragon Ball Super episode 80 for the first time. Although Trunks couldn't fully understand it he could hear his Japanese language and react.
The Prince thought of Vincent in Atlanta. To celebrate the day they had killed a rapper today. They always killed cops. But The Prince wanted to knock off the District Attorney. He was about to start asking questions.
Shakur was about to start high school. They home shcooled her. She was eight in the ninth Grade. She was younger then her grade.
The Prince who had been an artist since birth similar to Raven was about to began his portrait of Chanel Petro Nixon.
They had killed ten cops this month. He and Raven's car club had did ten vehicular homicides on officers this year 2017 alone and it was only the second on March. This case was three years old to the Prince but 2006 to the family. The parents were serious about finding some type of information.
"There is somebody here in Brooklyn that knows something," said Lucinda Petro-Nixon. "No justice, no peace."

The cops...The Prince trained people to kill cops in traffic. Period. He was a magician with cars. It was one of his gifts. He was banned from buying one from the moment from his supermodel cousin Tyra Banks. But he wanted one. Badly.
Instead his team killed ten cops in three months. Death comes in threes they say...with an extra which was from a motorclycle. They wanted to show they could do it all. Akira Style. A real Japanese car club. Deputy First Class Norman Lewis was killed in a motorcycle crash while participating in the search of the subject who had just murdered Lieutenant Debra Clayton, of the Orlando Police Department.

Lieutenant Clayton had been shot and killed when she encountered a wanted murder suspect in the parking lot of the Walmart on Princeton Street. After shooting her, the subject fled in a carjacked vehicle and shot at an Orange County deputy who located the vehicle. During the ensuing search, Deputy Lewis' motorcycle collided with a vehicle that turned in front of him at the intersection of Pine Hills Road and Balboa Drive.

The subject who murdered Lieutenant Clayton was captured on January 17th, 2017.

Deputy Lewis had served with the Orange County Sheriff's Office for 11 years.

Information on the Chanel case from:

Raven came into the room as he began to draw and she told him goodnight. She was tucking the kids in. He nodded. She had been with the kids all day while he worked the case. She was working on an #Emmy . He had to respect it.
He began to draw then he would go into Raven and his bedroom and make love with her for the first time in a long time. The first woman he had had since he had been released from Prison.
The Prince was ready to go back to prison for this murder. He wanted to make a statement. He wanted to be the shooter. As he looked the mans name up on google her found out that Kenneth Thompson had died of cancer October 9th, 2016. God and the Goddess had killed him before The Prince could. Karma. The Prince felt no more burdens. He was free. He was finally free. He yelled Raven's name loudly. Shouting. Tears were coming out of his eyes. The man was dead:
Kenneth P. Thompson, the first black district attorney of Brooklyn and a voice for racial justice at a moment of tension between law enforcement and minority communities, died on Sunday from cancer, his family said. He was 50.
Mr. Thompson was elected district attorney in 2013 after campaigning on a platform of reform and racial justice, and unseating Charles J. Hynes, a fellow Democrat and a troubled incumbent who had served more than 20 years.
After being absent from his office for nearly two months, Mr. Thompson released a statement on Tuesday saying he had cancer. His office released a second statement on Sunday night, announcing his death and saying that his family had been by his side at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan when he died.

A former federal prosecutor who went on to have a successful private law practice, Mr. Thompson earned a reputation in office as one of the country’s most progressive district attorneys, creating a robust internal unit that reviewed questionable convictions and establishing a policy of not prosecuting most low-level marijuana arrests.

At a moment of heightened racial tension over police-related shootings, he chose to prosecute and eventually won the complicated case of Peter Liang, the former New York City police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man, Akai Gurley, in the stairwell of a housing project in 2014. After the trial was over, Mr. Thompson decided not to seek prison time for Mr. Liang, which enraged Mr. Gurley’s family and led to protests.

\l "
"The thoughts and prayers of our entire city are with District Attorney Ken Thompson, his family and his loved ones tonight," Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, said in a statement on Sunday. "With a life and promise cut far too short, our city was blessed with but a glimpse of Ken’s unwavering commitment to justice and his unrivaled pursuit of a more fair system for all those he served."
Born and raised in New York City, Mr. Thompson was the son of a police officer and lived in public housing in Harlem before moving to Co-Op City, a housing development in the Bronx. He attended the city’s public schools and applied to the Police Department, as his mother had, before choosing instead to attend the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. After his graduation, he obtained a law degree from the New York University School of Law.
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On the advice of one of his law professors, Ronald K. Noble, a onetime Treasury Department official and the secretary general of Interpol, Mr. Thompson sought and found a position as a federal prosecutor in Brooklyn. In 1997, he was assigned the prestigious task of making the opening statement at the trial of Justin Volpe, a former police officer who eventually pleaded guilty to torturing a Haitian immigrant, Abner Louima, with a broken broomstick in the bathroom of a Brooklyn station house.

\l "

After leaving government service, Mr. Thompson went into private practice. His most prominent case was representing an African-born hotel housekeeper, Nafissatou Diallo, who accused the French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn of raping her in a Manhattan hotel room in 2011. Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney, eventually dismissed the case, and Mr. Thompson was criticized for his incendiary personal attacks against Mr. Vance and members of his staff.

Mr. Thompson had harbored ambitions for higher office, but, according to a friend who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Mr. Thompson declined to disclose the type of his cancer, learned he had an aggressive form of the disease this year. By the time he received the diagnosis, the cancer had already metastasized and was incurable.

\l "
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo may now name a replacement for Mr. Thompson, who would have faced re-election next year. "A lifelong New Yorker, Ken was known as an effective, aggressive civil rights leader and a national voice for criminal justice reform," Mr. Cuomo said in a statement on Sunday.

Mr. Thompson is survived by his wife of 17 years, Lu-Shawn Thompson; his children, Kennedy and Kenny; his mother; his father; his brother; and his sister.

In his own statement, Eric Gonzalez, Mr. Thompson’s chief assistant, said that in his three years as Brooklyn’s district attorney, Mr. Thompson "transformed the office into a model urban prosecutor’s office with a mandate to do justice and treat everyone and every case fairly and with the utmost integrity."
\l "
Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill said: "We are deeply saddened by the death of District Attorney Ken Thompson. He dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice and his legacy will live on through his contributions to the criminal justice system
Shakur walked into the ktichen to see her parents hugging. She smiled.
" You guys should get a room. Good night mom and dad. Sleep well," Shakur said grabbing a few peanuts and crushing the shells and eating a few tossin the remains she didn't eat on the kitchen floor. She walked out of the kitchen proud.
Prince Vegeta lit the joint and the Aaliyah came on. Their favorite song. It's whatever.
It's Whatever
Rest In Peace Static Major who wrote this banger.

It's whatever
It's whatever

[Verse 1]
Just like the birds
That whistle in the tress
Hid in the leaves, so happily

Well, you're my tree
And through my storms
You have stood strong for me

Kept me warm as can be
Like a candy, to an apple
Oh, we go together

You're so sweet on me
I can say that I do believe
This is destiny
It keeps calling me

Now it's me and you
It's you and me
And it's whatever

Whatever you want it to be
I'm telling you if it's up to me
Whatever is whatever
It's whatever with you and me

[Verse 2]
Just like a breeze
In the middle of a summer's eve
When you come through
You come for me

If I'm a drink
You're my lemon squeeze
Oh, you got flavor boy

You go good with me
So boy don't play or tease me
Oh, keep me together
You got what I need
Now it's getting late
It's after three
So quit your stallin'
My body's callin'

Now it's me and you
It's you and me
And it's whatever
Whatever you want it to be
I'm telling you if it's up to me
Whatever is whatever
As long as it's you and me

Whatever is whatever
It's whatever
It's your world
I put that on everything
It's your world
(Your world)

Now it's me and you
You and me
And it's whatever
You want it to be
I'm telling you if it's up to me
Whatever is whatever
Whatever's whatever