Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dr. Ihori Kameyam, LPC

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

Dr. Ihori Kameyama, LPC


"And then what happened," Dr. Kameyama asked Marcus Dewayne Banks also known as The Prince.

The Prince was in her office in Reidsville Georgia. After the innocent girl got killed in Atlanta he had to go see his Psychitrist/Psychologist. He had just solved one innocent girl's murder then this case happens. He felt horrible. He wanted to know what went wrong. The Jay-Z case had convicted a serial killer and his vindictive slut wife. He had settled years of grudges.

Jay-Z had gotten Aaliyah killed and tried to blame it on Damon Dash. Then tried to get the beauty of Aaliyah erased from society. He tried to assassinate the image of her with injected bodies. False models that tried to eliminate the image of the models that sacrificed their orginal bodies. To stay the same. To stay loyal. To stay real. To stay you.
Kenneth Thompson was murdered. So was Chanel Petro Nixon. But their daughter was a savant. Kenneth Thompson was a pawn. No one won but Kenneth Thompson's wife Lu-Shawn Thompson. After the death she was at Brooklyn Net games front row. She was Oprah's new best friend. She was at democratic events with Hilary Clinton. The same Hilary Clinton that China and other Asian countries had to keep from winning the election by hacking U.S. voting booths for the betterment of the American Countries particulary the black race that was brainwashed to vote for Democratics. Now Trump was donating large sums of American money into Historic black colleges. Marcus who had went to Moorehouse and Augutsta State University as well as other schools had brough home a win and he was from Augusta where the Cracker Party ruled. They wouldn't allow the black race to go past the seventh grade at one point. These "African-Americans" were now in a better position. He had his albums done. He had several great situations going on in other dimensions. He had solved cases for Satan's Prophet's for years. He was the star pupil. He was a leader. His team had done things thoroughout the history of 2009-2016. It was 2017. Things were tricky. Snitching was mandatory to niggaz nowadays. Secret after secret after secert....

Tyra Banks and Raven Symone were working with Marcus in one dimension and at each other's throats in others. They hatred and love ran deep. Scars from wars long lost. Demons from spells and incantations of ghost in the flesh had distorted the common predator. Rapist and egotistical males tarnished people with scruples and ethics. In College Ethics was Marcus' favorite course. His favorite episode of Saved By the Bell was based off of Ethics. You had to be Ethical which was why he joined Satan's Prophet's. Satan had Ethics. He wouldn't always love you had to to dirt to be down with him. He learned that in Military School which was where he met Vincent McArthur The Third and his girlfriend Mildred Baxter Douglas-McGee.

He looked at his Psychistrist/Psychologist his best friend in a world where sacrificing an innocent person's life bought you fame and power. He had just made his sacrifice, a girl named Skipper. A stripper that was in college.....he need his Harley Quinn back. He had finally made it and a Asian woman that made love to him in his prison cell and in the broom closet and in her office. She sucked him off through a tray flap. She brought books to him. She solved puzzles for him. She murdered for him while he was in prison and the asylum. She was his therapist.

" Yes...what did happen then," The Prince responded rubbing her back as she typed. "How about you pause and insert a picture of yourself."

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