Sunday, March 12, 2017

Coke Crumbs will be also dropping April 4th

Also dropping on April 4th is the album ILL-Legit Records didn't want you to hear. Listen to the one man army Jet Lee destroy an entire label as he finally is sick of the constant stalking and false light and slander upon his name. The defamation Mark Deez and his boss Doc is condoning is disgusting. They disgust our entire staff at Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment. Mark Deez is now spamming our business email address and we are sick of him and his weak ass crew. These posers that watch movies all day and create horrible music videos along with their stealing of artist vocals and posting them on their poor examples of hip hop albums.

These people have disrespected mental illness, legends in hip hop, and needs to get his ass whipped thoroughly. So to celebrate Nicki Minaj destroying Remy Ma we also like to do a lot of destruction over here. Here is the first single from Coke Crumbs. The Mark Deez diss which will be featured as a bonus cut on the album. It is called "Cartman". This record is over a beat Mark Deez is also on on the album "Coke Crumbs". Who ripped it better? Have to wait until April 4th. Fuck ILL-Legit Records! And in the words of Sean Carter:

" I brought back the old Gucci// you don't like it sue me//"

Forgive the wack ass beat though.

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