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Another Excerpt from the Miss Adventures Of Innocent

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent



" I ain't saying shit until I hit the Paul Pierce," Ice The Meance said as Vincent lit another cigarette. He was about to burn another one into Ice's skin. Ice was joining Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment this was the day Van beat the shit out of him. They were celebrating Ice's hit record "Tragic". The entire "fanbase" a feed to a smart phone in prison was impressed. They enjoyed this. They loved this. These type of songs sent the preppy rich kids to prison to feed the hustlers. The geniuses. The mentally ill that cast spells on entire cell blocks to make them dream of the glory of one day participating in the glorious resurection of mankind only to find out it wasn't mankind but also womankind.


" The taste. It was strong but not enough to erase my memory," Innocent said to her sister Patricia Langston Baxter-McGee. " I sware I had seen the Asian bitch from somewhere before and then Vincent didn't even hit the weed. I think he had wax in his Electronic Cigarette I couldn't really smell shit, she waitied to roll my window up she knew if she hit me with that shit I would hit a higher note then Lacey from Flyleaf."

The line was silent. She hadn't spoken to Patricia in about a week. She had promised herself she would call once a week ever since Patricia had got back from Mexico. Her and her husband Julio had done amazing work in the fields out there. Her botanist degree had made her one of the most sought out doctor's in the world. She grew Afghan Kush in Afghanistan and was responsible for most of the shit going to Califronia to be grown. The war on terror was not about oil but marijuanna the soon to be biggest cash crop in the world. Ever since she had her son she had settled down. Little Ricky was a smart lad and she stopped dealing with America which was where of course Innocent lived. Innocent could not travel to Mexico and had been smoking things far from the border for far too long. Innocent used to smoke with her big sister all of the time though during her college years. She would settle for OG Kush just like the Asian girl had said. Most of the dealers she fucked with were lame. No orginality. It was the same thing. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them.

" Paul Peirce is the name. It's a strong sativa but it is old. It's just some revamped seventies shit renamed for the youth. Not strong enough to kill you. Vincent doesn't want you dead. He just wants to know what's going on with you I bet. Vincent is a lot of things but a killer," Patricia said.

" Well why wouldn't Vincent the fucking hustler of the year at our Prom...why didn't he hit it?"

Patricia sighed. The line clicked. Then the thunder outside. It was storming again. She had no place to go. She didn't want to go back to her place. Vincent knew where she lived and with Mr. Lennon in on it she had no idea how deep shit went. All she had was her job and her dream. She didn't want to go back to her old ways. She felt trapped. She was living too fast. Now she was running back to her family. All she knew before she became Vincent's side kick. His trophy. His diamond in the rough. His project. His vision.

" Hello," Patricia said sadly. " You're breaking up."

Innocent sat in her Lexus in front of a gas station in Virginia. Newport News. She had just been driving and fueling her Lexus. She just wanted to drive. She had been sleeping in her car with her gun. She had been traveling for about a week.

" Did you send them? He mentioned you Patricia! He mentioned you," Innocent yelled into the phone then the line went dead.


Innocent had took a flight back to Atlanta. She had left her car. She hated it. She was saving for the Lamborghini but it didn't matter now. She began bounce on her toes as she sat outside the office of Mr.Lennon. Malcom was disabled in midsentence and then killed with a slim jim seconds earlier. Now she had the keys to the office and Malcom's gun which was in the glove on her hand. The other girls had left. She said she wanted to talk to Malcom alone. He thought she was going to fuck him since he didn't beat her when Mr.Lennon ordered it. He had been trying to fuck her for along time. She was the only girl at the club he hadn't fucked.

She punched him once and broke his jaw before the slim jim hit just to overpower him. But after the slim jim hit which cracked his skull and fractured his vertabra he was dead. The funny thing was he was talking to her about having too much mouth. He said she had a smart mouth and that was when she took his mouth away. She always did that....except with Miss Van. That was her pet peeve.

" I'm sick of you and your smart mouth," Vincent had said to her in his convertible at the scenic lookout of the city of Los Angeles when she was 17 and on her first date with him. They had been friends for a long time. They waited their whole freshmen year to get to know each other like her Aunt had told her.


It was the first time she had hit someone in along time. She used to practice karate with her sister all of the time. Wing Chun. They were students. Vincent was a boxer. He was raised to be into a secret society of assassins. Gangsters. Killers. He laughed about it later but he was pissed when they said he had a broken jaw. They made love when they took the wires out for the first time and he promised never to disrespect her again. That was a lie. Her and Vincent were apart more then were together in the three years they dated.

But yes. She broke his jaw. That was the first time she did it. No one in her life had ever told Innocet she had a smart mouth. Ever. She just blacked out. She always did. She wanted to know more about what Vincent had going on. She owed someone a broken jaw.

She had her hand on the door knob when her phone rang. No one had her new number. She hadn't called anyone from her new phone yet. The vibration ran up her spine. She paused. She had no choice but to answer. She backed away from the door. Mr. Lennon was counting money. The door was locked. Malcom was dead. She could talk.

" Hello," She answered the phone.

" Innocent you don't know me. We have gotten into your phone. You need to listen and listen well my name is the Prince. You are my creation. You are a story. I am a prophet. I have prophecized about you. This is were my story ends. This is were it is up to you to decide your own fate. I have saved you. They say do not save hoes but I have saved you. I have given you life. You were basic. Do you want to know why Vincent did not hit the weed?"

" Yes," She said.

" Because Innocent someone people learn to always tell the truth."

Innocent laughed. " I am a liar. I am a fucking liar."

She held the gun to her temple. " Does your propechy say I am going to blow my fucking brains out?"

" You may want to save those bullets," The Prince replied.

" You don't know shit. This isn't real. Life is but a dream. This shit doesn't matter. I am a bitch. I kill for a living. I make them chase the fucking pussy until they forget what they want! I am taking the money and running. I swear."

" Of course. I expect you to. But listen you are a sinner. You killed not just evil people like Mr. Lennon but what about my fellow hacker Richard who only wanted to love you. He had money you just wanted the fame. The fame! You don't know what the industry is. It is not real. It is the Wizard Of Oz. These people aren't real. They are images. I believe my Japanese father would call it Idoru. Nothing in the media is real. It's like Denzel said in Training Day it's bullshit. A high percentage of bullshit.

" Then you killed Kato Chang. A skateboarder. The aliens are giving equipment out to street skaters along with special abilites to do that amazing shit. Have you seen some of the shit these kids do. Can you balance metal upon metal. That paper money is nothing compared to metal. Metal. Gold. Gold.....that shit that had everyone runnning to California. Gold created California."

She heard a loud blast it sounded like a shotgun. She almost dropped the phone.

" What is happening," Innocent asked.

" Vincent is a funny man isn't he? I can't believe you two are still arguing over a chess game," The Prince said.

" I know you. This is Marcus. The kid from Military school. You and Vincent got kicked out together. "

" I am but I also am Jet Lee Jetson a rapper and an author and an entertainer. I also paint. I also draw. I also am a vampire Prince trying to mate with a Princess to take over world in the future. I also can control anything metal with a magnetic field. I also am an insane teenager in the future where intelligence can rule the universe. I also am trapped in a coma and fighting for my soul. I am many things. But right now I am trying to warn you. You have to pay for your sins. I am a detective in all of these dimensions. I am Chrisian in all of these dimensions. I fight the Armageddon in all of these dimensions. You were going to be manufactured. Cloned. They were going to take you and make you a star. That's what a star is a manufactured product. You think they are going to risk their investment when they can clone. That's why Vincent looked so young the second time you saw him. He is a clone. I have a clone too. Me and Vincent only have two. One each. They cost a couple million but they are worth it. I am calling you from the future. Van's in charge of the technology. Her father is a programmer. We have a time machiene. That is how we travel throughout time. We don't want that many clones. We only want a second chance. That's all. A second chance."

" How is this real?"

" A genie."

" What?"

" A genie in a bottle."

The line went dead.


There was a blast. It sounded like a laser in a Star Wars movie. It sounded like when a Strom Trooper shot it's blaster. She heard a loud hum. She ran to the office. She didn't know what was happening but she knew the man had morals and ethics. If he was upset about Innocent death and sinning then he may spare Mr. Lennon and she couldn't have that. He sold her out to Vincent he may do it again to one of the other girls. Skipper was dead because of her. She honestly felt bad because of that.

As she opened the office door she saw two figures in a purple plated metal that shine brillantly even in the dark club floor that was usually packed with tricks and pimps enter the room she was just in. They had actual flourescent lights running through the armor and they were on boards that hovered and looked like longboards. These boards also shinned bright. There hands glowed the most though. They were covered in raw visible energy. Red colored energy. They had mask over there face.

Now reader you would expect someone that saw this in the year 2017 to be afraid. But Innocent's phone vibrated. She got a text. It was an image. This was the image reader:

A picture of Vincent's young clone with his shirt off. He still had those tattoos she loved so much.

She had to move fast.


" You pulled the case without telling me and fucking sleeping beautied the bitch Prince," Vincent yelled at the top of his lungs and the Prince hung up the phone.

Van paced the room she was smoking a joint and texting on her smart phone.

" Old wounds man. Old wounds. But you read my mind Vincent," The Prince said shaking his head.

" You bastard! The chief trust us to do what's right. This jezzebelle is the cause of Armageddon. We don't play with her. After you solved the Jay-Z case you want more trouble. We have to stop the Armageddon's not cause them."

" For how long Vincent? We have these gifts and what do we ever get? An pat on the back from the Cheif? We're the best this department has to offer and God Dammit I am tired of saving these mothefuckers."

Vincent started laughing.

" What," The Prince asked.

" Mother fucker coming from you is like...well coming from you."

The Prince smiled. He had been fucking Queens for years and him being The Prince well....his mother a Queen had tooken his virginity. It was how the Vampires were. The mother would suck her first blood drop.

" I think you will change your mind. The death of Mildred has to happen. She is our perfect victum. That book would've ruined everything. She would have made it cool to read. Her plan has to be ruined."

" She is mine Vincent. You are just my Genie. I tell you what to do. You're suggestion mean nothing. I am the master. You read my mind. You broke the agreement first. She is mine. She will fufill the propechy. But for now who said anything about her not dying?"


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