Friday, March 10, 2017

Release date for "Let Your Dreams be bigger than your fears" EP and "Prince Vegeta" LP

The new EP " Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" is coming sooner than you think. This EP is a sample of the " Aaliyah" album dropping this Summer and is a sample of what the good people at Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment has been cooking up in the kitchen.

I got an email from a disgruntle Mark Deez today and the album that I did for the ILL-Legit Record Label has been scrapped. I was going to release the album for non profit use but like I said these guys aren't street niggaz they threatened to sue me after I got the okay several times to release the album. I am glad I didn't release the album because they probably would have retracted from their word once it dropped. These people have no class. The album was going to be renamed " Coke Crumbs" and I was going to give ILL-Legit credit. Sadly, Mark Deez is perturbed and will do anything to get my attention. He says the beats have copyright issues which may be true. I am a gangster. I hate court rooms. Plus I have plenty of other product to put out. This album would have been a good look for his struggling label which has yet to produce a noteworthy album. The time and effort this label put in trying to make this unreleased classic has been wasted.

The Album ILL-Legit Records Doesn't want you to hear.....

Mark Deez offered me $2,000.00 dollars to fight which he doesn't have and $5,000.00 to battle which he doesn't have. I am someone that just did a song with Nicki Minaj and money to me is no big deal. He refuses to get in the studio even though I have dropped a diss record aimed at him and his label. I tried to call the head of the label a "Doc" but he is ignoring my calls. These foolish games are what has Mark Deez and his label head not headlining shows but opening up for people like "Riff Raff". Meaning Riff Raff is a better white rapper then them. He is. I consider Mark Deez the worst white rapper of all time.

As for fighting Mark Deez or battling him on stage, I challenge him to get in the studio and make some hit records. He has been rapping for over ten years and has yet to collaborate with anyone relevant of this era. He has never collaborated with a female emcee worthy of mention. I have been home for not even a year yet and have done a record with the Queen Of Rap. The label knows this label will destroy their already struggling franchise. The funny thing is I can distribute this album in the streets whenever I feel like it to people that Mark will never meet because he is not in the streets. He is obese. He stays in the house all day. He would catch a heart attack trying to walk the streets. But like I said I have better music over better beats that I can release on the web whenever I want. Which is what this post is about. So Rest In Peace Coke Crumbs. You will be resurrected behind closed doors. These industry niggaz kill me.

" You industry// we in the streets" ~Cormega and Foxy Brown

The EP "Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" Dropping April 4th

The EP " Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" will be released April Fourth. It will feature songs with Raven Symone, Nicki Minaj, and Lacey Sturm (her first vocal performance since leaving Fly Leaf). DJ MissVan even lends a hand on a track. It is a five track sample of what is to come.

On April 20th we will release the album Prince Vegeta. This a full-length album featuring tracks with Raven Symone, voice mails from the insane Mark Deez, production from Charles Hamilton as well as a collaboration with Charles Hamilton. I also have a collaboration with  GTA and Sam Bruno on this album. RZA even did a beat on this album. This album tells a love story as does Vegeta. I am thinking about Miss Van doing an exclusive interview on this blog to promote in which I can talk about the book thus far and what else my company is dealing with for the year 2017. I also am booked next month to do some shows. I still haven't released footage from my last show at the Playground in Augusta Georgia. That is coming soon though.

Thank you to everyone that is getting this blog over 600 hits per month. We are at 677 this month and we are only getting better. The Nicki single has almost 100 views in 5 days on YouTube. Way to go Mutants. Let's keep this up. Spread the word.

Thanks to Germany for their support. I fuck with you guys hard.

Stay tuned Mutants...we are progress.

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