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Satan's Prophets Excerpt

One Punch Man

 By Marcus Dewayne Banks


The Prince walked into the “abandoned” building holding the Louis Vuitton duffle bag and saw the doctors hovering over Vincent’s body. They were operating on him. The Prince knew he could be helpful with his skills with metal. All of their tools were metal. He walked over to see if he could be of any assistance.

 “We have everything under control Mr. Disney,” One of the doctors said to him. Raven had done a good job hacking their brains.

 Vincent appeared to be numb to any pain. He muttered a few things about Innocent but that was about it. Van was stretching behind the entire fiasco. She was weary of the situation with the unknown assailant that was controlling the ground and was prepared to fight him if necessary.

 They waited for about an hour as the doctors talked about how much they loved the Lion King as they operated and The Prince sat and looked on with a look of fear on his face. He felt responsible. He didn’t like playing the position of being a team leader sometimes. It became annoying and he didn’t realize how much he affected the world. He saw the Prophecies but him seeing the visions was like a butterfly effect to the world. Vincent getting shot in the leg meant a whole lot of white boys were killed. Vincent was the last Aryan. The last full blooded white male. He was crack cocaine in the flesh. His child would impregnate a lot of women. Women of different races. The Prince had to tell Vincent he was not the father of the anti-Christ but Vincent was. The white male was the devil. The devil to society. The actual devil was an angel. But on Earth it was the white male. Vincent accepted this but he never truly looked at himself as evil. He knew the Prince was more of the ruthless killer. Vincent had mercy. He had pity for so many people because he knew how sad the state of the world was because of his race. He took no pride in his race. He saw the Neo Nazi movement as a joke. The only Neo  he respected was in  the matrix. The entire team did well on computers…it was how they were called. Just like the films. Raven just happened to control it.

 Let’s put it simple reader. We all have a job to do. Yours may be working at McDonald’s mine may be telling you this story but what you have to decide is if you are going to let my story help or make you worst of a person. I am talking about the end of the world how I see it. You can let this help you or not but I know if I walk into McDonald’s you need to do what I ask of you. Raven and other celebrities have a job but just like you at McDonald’s when you leave the job you have another life. You may go party you may go smoke you may tell a story like me. But your job is not you.

 After the operation Vincent sat with his leg wrapped on a chair in his boxers. The bullet had went in his thigh and he couldn’t put any weight on it. The doctors said he would always need a cane. The Prince sighed. Vincent could never run again. He hated using his powers. Something wrong always happened when he used his powers. He heard something drop behind him. Money. Change. He turned and saw a penny on the floor. He knew what that meant.

 The Penny lifted and was hurled quickly into the heads of the doctors and they were killed. The Penny was now fully charged of electrons and memories. It was charged. Then it disappeared. It was a generated form of currency he and Raven created….but reader…we are getting ahead of ourselves.

 Vincent was smoking his E-Cigarette when the dead bodies began to disappear. They fazed in and out of visible view there body at one moment looking like static on a television than a human body another.

 “Avert your eyes,” Raven’s voice entered Van, Vincent, and The Prince’s mind, the only part that was still attached to the matrix. No one saw what happened to the bodies next. Prince asked Raven once what she did to the bodies and she told him:

 “Do me a favor? Don’t ever ask me that again.”

 And he never did.

 When everyone opened their eyes again the room was a hotel. An hotel only built for yuppies. There was a Jacuzzi in the middle of the floor. Exotic foods like escargot and caviar served on trays by nude women of all types of exotic races. None of it was real but they were all apart of the deep web now, as deep as it could go for the moment. Raven was exerting all of her strength for this. She was not coherent to anything happening in the “room”. The Prince felt lost every time Raven went into one of these trances. He felt like she was missing or something….nothing was more important than the meeting with the man that moved the Earth. He just wished he could have met him with his fiancé there.

 “He’s on his way,” Vincent said as he stood. He was no longer in his boxers. He had a Prada suit on. White. Always white. Van had a yellow Kate Spade dress on with red hearts on it. Always yellow. The  Prince wore a black and yellow track suit similar to the one Bruce Lee wore. He walked over to one of the nude women looked in her eyes. He stared for a moment into them. He shook his head and looked around at the women again. There was one with a tray with red wine instead of white. He walked over to her.

 “Raven, leave. You’re sticking out. We don’t need you here,” The Prince said. “If he comes in here and sees you the deals off. He’s going to notice he knows how powerful you are.”

 “I am not….not….,” The woman began to shudder. “I can stay I can handle this. I will change the wine color.”

 “No,” The Prince grabbed a glass and poured it on the floor. It splashed and left a puddle on the floor. “Now it is here. Sara, we are not doing this. If he suspects something he may hurt someone. An Earthquake on this structure will kill us all because it’s not here. You are not your original. He is from that dimension.”

 “He knows how powerful she is…he may think I am just weak and couldn’t change all the glasses. I am not leaving….”

 There was a knock on the door. Three knocks. That was the code. It was him.

 The Prince looked at the Spanish woman that Raven was pretending to be and sighed loudly. He was scared. He didn’t know what to do.

 He looked over at Van. Van nodded.

 The Prince walked over to the door and opened it. There was a Hispanic male there. He wore a plaid button up shirt with creased khakis. Only his top button was buttoned on the shirt. He had a crisp white tee on and a pair of chuck taylor all stars on they were black and yellow. The man had a lot of tattoos just like the Prince. He had long black hair. He had a pair of dark shades on and a toothpick in his mouth. He had a stubble on his face. A five o’ clock shadow. The Prince felt like a fool. He would notice Raven. The Prince didn’t have a doubt in his mind.

 The man brushed past the Prince and looked around the room as the Prince closed the door behind him.

 “Who’s the lead? No damn well it ain’t the telepath,” He looked at Vincent and shook his head. “I saw pictures of you in the briefing. You look just like the boss man but you damn sure don’t act like him. You were getting your ass whipped like you ran off on the plug. Why didn’t you just let The Prince give you a one. You ain’t got no hands?”

 Vincent growled. “I am not allowed to get hit in the face. It may rattle my mind or ruin my playboy looks. You saw the whole thing? How?”

 The man pulled out a pair of glasses. “These allow me to watch you from afar. Like a bird in the sky. Sitting on top of a rock staring down at whatever I want. That’s why they call me Hawk. I see it all.”

 The Prince tried to act nonchalant as Hawk began looking at the women. There were several Spanish women in the room but Raven’s was the most exotic. She had big breast and the wine with her allure and aura it just didn’t look like it would go well to him. But he didn’t think Hawk had a reason to be suspicious. But he worked for a whole different organization. He was from another dimension. A pair of glasses that could see from miles away wasn’t exactly new. Satan had given the Prince plenty of glasses to reflect light from Raven’s waves to release data throughout the universe but they only had one pair of them. A black pair that the Prince had to go through massive experiments to get. Hawk’s dimension was very advanced.

 “I’m the point man. I am The Prince. You didn’t recognize me,” The Prince said with a smile.

 “I did. I just heard you been fucking up. I didn’t know if you had been demoted or not. Word is you and your girl been causing all types of shit that don’t need to be done. I mean, what’s this about Innocent and some Hispanic drug lord being killed?”

 “Innocent isn’t dead,” The Prince said.  

 “Where is she? We had her running a club. Two Psyhics were with her. Where’s the one from your dimension?”

 The Prince looked at Vincent who had a sick smile on his face. He was leaning on his cane with anger flowing through his veins. He wanted answers.

 “That’s classified information,” The Prince answered.

 “I outrank you boy,” The Hispanic male yelled. “I don’t care if you’re the Prophet! I will report this shit. Now one more time! Where are the Innocent’s?”

 “I have orders from Satan himself not to tell anyone anything but my Original. Other than that I don’t answer to anyone. It’s Vincent that got this whole thing started. His original is your boss. So all of this is to cover up the fact that the Vincent’s are fucking up. The original read my original’s mind so he went to Innocent in a dream. That’s the deal. He fucked up. Then Vincent knowing his original fucked up probably took an order to find Innocent. He realized he was in over his head and about to get killed and now you’re here.

 “First off, Vincent. I am not giving birth to the anti-christ. You are.”

 Vincent’s mouth dropped open.

 “What the hell are you talking about,” Hawk said.

 “What I just said. Vincent, there is only one way out of this and I think you know. Otherwise you will never see your dream fulfilled.”

 Vincent grunted. There was a long silence. Van stood against a wall with her arms crossed she was out of view of Hawk and kept glancing at Raven. Raven wasn’t even close to be intelligent.  She was retarded, the slowest of all the servants but the most beautiful. She was walking back and forth smiling. The other women were doing the same thing but to Van she still looked out of place. She was watching intently as the scene unfolded.

 Vincent gripped his cane. “You fucking liar! I am not some devil bringer. Look at all the killing you and her do. For no fucking reason look at what you’re people do. You and Raven argue over women and kill women that you seduce for fun. You use music to kill people. You fucking signed Ice to that fucked up contract you-“

 “And you judge me too much! You are not God!” 

 “I am not the devil either!” 

 “On this Earth you are.”

 Hawk began laughing. “You going to let him talk to you like that?”

 Vincent turned to Hawk. “He’s playing you! Raven is here right now!”

 “Avert your eyes,” Raven yelled.

 The ground shook and rumbled. The Hispanic woman that was Raven fell to her knees screaming.

 “You bitch,” The Prince ran towards Vincent. Van ran towards Hawk.

 Everything in the room had frozen. Raven sat on the ground cradling her head.

 “Think before you move Prince,” Vincent said smiling.

 “Van stop,” The Prince said as he slowed to a halt. Van stopped inches from Hawks face. They were about the same height. She had an expression on her face of pure disgust.

 “They set us up Prince,” Van said sadly.

 “What does your prophecy say of this Prince,” Vincent asked slowly walking towards him with his smile getting wider.

 “You’re a bitch. That’s all it says,” The Prince said as his hands turned to fist.

 “Want another quake?”

 “If you hurt her again I will-“

 “What? You’re hands are tied Prince. You have no choice but to do something out of the ordinary. First off I believe you’re lying about Innocent.”

 “Your bitch homes….she’s looking real pretty there,” Hawk said.

 Van smiled. “Were you briefed on me?”

 “Nah, who are you, the massage lady? I can take both of you and give you some of this salsa…”

 “Stand down Hawk,” Vincent said. “They are both off limits. I’d rather see them dead than see what The Prince would do to us if you did something so foul. This is just torture. They killed her. And made her relive it forever. Different files of her death played as programs whenever they wanted except she wasn’t dead. They would just make her watch the shit over and over. Live the shit over and over. Slowing time down. The video would be hours of torture but in the real world not even a second went by. It would drive her mad to live through that than come back to a fucking half a second later.”

 “Who,” Hawk asked.

 “Everyone. They have a camp of these women. I think Innocent is there.”

 “She’s not you fucking dickhead,” The Prince walked to the Spanish woman and helped her up.

 “Who is this,” The Prince asked Raven.

 “A porn star her name is Kitty Caprice,” Raven said holding her head in agony.

 “Now it makes sense. I bet she’s with Flake right! This is what you wanted to talk to me about. Flake has this Kitty Caprice chick hostage. You’re original read my original’s mind and saw all of this. My life what was supposed to happen to me but you weren’t expecting another prophecy so soon. You really thought I was supposed to have sex with Innocent bro?”

 “The prophecy-“

 Jet Lee cut Vincent off. “I’m the main one against all of this shit. You think I would fuck your ex bro? I thought that was the last thing you would expect of me. I want to leave Earth with Yoshua. I have two kids already bro. You’re fucking sick you bitch!”

 The Prince walked over to Vincent. They stared at each other a moment.

 “Do it,” Vincent said. “Hit a fucking cripple. Be a real man and hit a crippled man.”

 “His mind Marcus. Don’t do it,” Raven said as she sat back on the ground.

 “Listen to the lady,” Vincent said with a sarcastic tone.

 “What are you going to do Prince, that mother fucker don’t got no loyalty. He’s a devil. He’s the devil. Dude took advantage of your girl homes. What you going to do S-A? I wouldn’t take that shit. Not me Vato touch my girl-“

 “Oh shut up,” Van said interrupting  Hawk shaking her head as she watched the exchange between Vincent and The Prince.

  “I am not going to hit you Vincent,” The Prince said. He reached in the pocket of his yellow and black track suit. He had no choice. Even if he punched Vincent and beat the hell out of him there was no telling what would happen to his mind. His mind was like a bomb the chemical imbalance unlike anything on Earth. He had only been punched once and it turned a man that had never had an evil thought into someone that would stab his best friends in the back for no reason except he didn’t believe he was evil. Vincent was so smart he was dumb. Trying to be something he wasn’t he was becoming more and more evil. “Read my mind and see that I am telling you the truth.”

 “The dream….”

 “I will make a wish to counteract the dream. You win twice. A closer step towards getting your freedom. Neither I nor my original has ever made a wish. Imagine what that will do for your rep in the service. You will be a hero.”

 There was no hesitation.

 “You have a deal,” Vincent said.

 And that is where we will end this Chapter reader.


 Lyrics from Jet Lee Jetson’s Rhyme Book.

 Best Friend written 10/2/2017

 After hearing news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

 “My best friend// kept me from driving towards this dead end// told me stay true to my set and I could set trends// blessed when// I wake up to a lesson// that’s life death to anyone that’s sexist// in my pocket breath mints// no scars on my left wrist// all the hatred in my heart she let live// red skin// scriptures written with an indirect pen// cartoons describing the adolescent// misdirected// subjected// to anti depressants// because I wasn’t the happy they wanted// I’m gay but I’m androgynous I can’t call it// got her picture in my wallet// Angel this is a ballad for the fallen// only a coward shoots a man with a balled fist// talk slick// they talk stick// is it bad to have a smart mouth//  Raven’s home became our house// suddenly they say my bars foul// I brought the hard out// drugs in jars vials// I had the streets messed up diamonds like Argyle// don’t know for a fact but homie felt odd when I said his name// I just want to set the record straight// he knew I could cause her stress and pain// and wanted to make sure it was in my blood to ball if her eggs was late// what you expect it’s Banks// no hard feelings Mr. Pearman the streets I left for Rae// Now I’m going to cop an extra chain// I attract metal I guess you can say I invest in shame// grab a vest I’m shame// Jada by my side Georgia Peaches tell the fuzz they the next to shave// innocent people were killed you mean you can protect that lame?// but when it comes to the sport you can’t protect the game?// Vegas is Sin City but the white house is Hell’s Kitchen// Trump going to Puerto Rico I guess the spell’s Victims// counteract that with pale (pail) visions// build a castle not a house made of brown not white that helps the whale fishing// sushi in a suite// you getting cheese we getting quiche// Asian like the Sabertooth Tiger I am Victor Creed// have a child with Mystique// he will be a Nightcrawler I want him to hear disappearing Ink//”  


 Short Story

 By Sabrina Hiroshima Banks-Pearman

 Marcus Dewayne Banks had two families growing up. Here is another secret reader, Tyra Banks is not his cousin but his twin sister.  They were separated at birth because of their bloodlines. Are you a star wars fan? The story isn’t new reader. It happens all day to Princes and Princess’. Did you think England had the only kings and queens? Did you think the story of Jesus was only one person? If you read the bible you will notice that once Adam  and Eve left the exile of the garden they ran into other people correct. So they weren’t the first man or first woman. This is in Genesis. You think God would put the entire world in the hands of one man? No. That was the first man to be exiled because he was a homosexual. He let an animal. A beast be more important than him to his woman. Something that was a reptile was more attractive than him to her because he was a snake. She bit the apple first not him. The apple is nothing but a vagina. Spilt it down the middle what does it look like. She was the first gay woman. She knew more than her man which is why the bible is anti-women. This weak and gay inferior man was also the first white male. Noah was raped by his son after he got too drunk. This caused the Cannanite tribe to be started. That was the first homosexual act recorded in the history of Earth. And we are still paying for it today.

 His bloodline was royal. He had the Banks last name just like his Sister. But he had to live with another family away from the fame. In this family was his half-sister Dorothy Blades and his cousins Nicholas and Natasha Goodman.

 As children they were often left alone the four of them and sexual things would happen between them. Dry humping mostly…they were kids though and had no supervision ever. I mean ever. The Prince most of the time would draw and write or play video games…but he was constantly taunted into physical contact with the other children. They would pick on his sister if he didn’t do it.

 One time they tried to kill his sister in her sleep. They held her nose while she slept and put a scar on her face. They would constantly get her in trouble by telling lies on her to their Grand Mother and Marcus had to defend her. One day he spoke to his mother on the phone and told her about them picking on his  half-sister. His mother told him if Natasha hit his sister again then to hit her. He did. His cousin Nick hit him. They fought. It was a draw. Really, Nick tapped out. But Dorothy stopped getting picked on to a certain extent.

 Marcus really never got along with his sister until later in age. He knew who his real sister was and to be around Dorothy who would never stand up for herself and always blame him for everything wrong in her life it killed him.  Years later Dorothy, Natasha, and Nick told his mother and the whole family that he used to molest the two girls. It bothered him very much that someone could take advantage of kindness like that. His own half-sister.

 The sad thing was years after they were unsupervised children his sister and his cousin Nick had actual sex with each other. They knew it was wrong and made Marcus promise to never tell anyone. Natasha actually ended up making something out of herself. She went to college and joined a sorority and Dorothy and Nick both were unmarried with several children living from check to check. Dorothy more living off of his mother’s kindness but she recently had robbed his mom as well and Marcus felt like now they were trying to kill his mother in her sleep. He wished Dorothy was dead. He should have let his “cousins” kill her.

 Nick Goodman had recently popped up in Marcus Dewayne Banks life again with the success of him being married to Raven and having so much going on. You’ll learn more about that later in the story reader. But let me tell you this just like God had one gay man….colored people have a million bitch ass niggaz.

 Marcus Dewayne Banks sat in a bank. His cousin had stolen a million dollars out of his account. Raven had ordered him to get him arrested immediately. At first The Prince felt conflicted. He didn’t like being told how to handle his situations but it was way out of his control. Her father had gotten involved and he was one dude that scared the shit out The Prince. Several times her father had almost had him killed. It was how they met and first impressions are everything. There was a cease fire as of late but this was unforgiveable. The Prince could not spare Nicholas Goodman. Raven wouldn’t allow it and he was whipped badly. She as of late had been sweet as pie. He began calling her Sweet Potato Pie and they were spending all day and night together. She was his best friend. Van had even fallen back seeing how safe he was with her. They had each other’s back and that’s why the Prince was getting her tattooed on the back of his head. She had his back.

 Nick was going to jail probably prison. But from what Marcus knew Nick was a bad man. He was a sexual deviant and had a wife and kids with little girls. He beat his son. He sold drugs. He gambled. He drank. He got high. He stole. He was a sinner. A very evil man and he lied all of the time. The Prince decided prison was the only thing that could save him. Sadly it was 10/2/2017. His cousin was going to Prison with the thousand babies. Kids that were highly advanced a Google search would fuck Nick Goodman up.  Nick was in big trouble. Marcus knew a lot about him and he knew very little about The Prince. The Prince wanted it that way.

 The day they were to rob the bank and put the blame on Nick Marcus stopped Raven and their revenge plot….and she submitted but she also agreed with him that the truth should be told. They settled for him paying $150,000.00 back and let him keep an extra $100,000.00. They figured him being written out of the will and me their daughter Shakur Banks Pearman also known by my pen name Sabrina Hiroshima Banks Pearman replacing him in the will would be good enough for them. The money he stole was nothing. They used another million to bail him out of the insane asylum.

 He was back on the street standing up for rights again. All people’s rights and he is back in the studio working on Perfect Blue 2 a sequel to the album he wrote about my mother and a very mean man named J.J. Evans. This one is called the Ghost Of Lil’ Wayne because he wants this to be his Carter Two. We all are inspiring him and think he can go as far as he wants to go.

 May the Goddess bless Japan they are being held hostage along with other Asian countries. If Trump destroys North Korea, South Korea our ally will also be destroyed. But North Korea is a no fly zone so they can’t drop bombs anyway. They have to go buy sea and North Korea is destroying their battleships. Yay Rihanna. They have to recall troops from Iraq to battle in North Korea and Trump is scared to go. They are trying to make us go to war with ourselves to forget the war everywhere else. He is scared to go to Puerto Rico. 500 killed? We only need one bullet for him and this nightmare will end. Join us mutants #KillTrump





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The Return Of Jet Lee. New Book Excerpt and new album news.

                By Marcus Dewayne Banks

                The Prince awoke in the cell to the face of Van outside of it. He didn’t know how she had gotten there but it was so unexpected he didn’t know if she was really there or not. He felt the fear rush through him like a blade and he stood gasping for air. He ran to the glass she was staring at him through as he yelled something unintelligible to her. She backed away from the glass and stepped back several feet. She too looked very afraid. She looked to her right and a guard began approaching. The Prince was still in intake he had yet to be put in population but he was sure once he reached there he would be attacked. Van began using the pay phone next to his cell. He briefly began to wonder who she was calling. He watched intently as she talked and tears started to fall from her eyes. He didn’t know what was being said but it did not look like good news. The guard stood in front of the cell and motioned for The Prince to back away. Van caught his eye for a moment and she was escorted back into the cell next to his. It didn’t look like they would be able to escape. The Prince sat back on the concrete bench in the cell and sighed. He knew he couldn’t go back to sleep. He was losing his mind and they were refusing to give him his medication. He did not know where this road would end<
                His main concern at the moment was to get the computer chip out of his head. He didn’t know when the Yakuza hit squad would arrive and replace the staff with the holograms. But the witches and other supernatural creatures were on their way. He was the point man as usual in the operation but with his illness at its peak he didn’t know if he would make the right choices when it was time to execute the plan. One false move could result in someone’s death and the entire Satan’s Prophets team was assembled for the hit. He didn’t remember why he was in jail. He was deep into his prophecy. He was speaking directly to the web, Satan, and God as well as the Goddess. There was no cure for this. The hospital staff did not know how sick he was. He appeared normal to them. Well almost normal. Despite beating up the biggest guy in the bullpen, than convincing the some men in the shower he was a pimp that sold male prostitutes he was coherent to them and just seem like some sociopath. He had lost track of time however, he had lost his mind. Seeing Van brought him back to reality…he knew if Van had got on the phone there was only one person she would have called. The hit was beginning and very soon.

                Several Months Earlier
                Vincent sat in the backseat of the Benz with a towel wrapped around his bloody leg. Van was complaining about him bleeding on her leather seats and The Prince was driving through the backstreets of Augusta like a madman. The Prince being behind the wheel made things even worse in Vincent’s mind. The Prince was the only person he wanted behind the wheel at a time like this but The Prince raced cars for fun in the past.  He became almost psychotic when driving. He took joy in controlling something that big made out of metal without having to use his powers.
                “Fucking Christ you maniac you shot me,” Vincent said under his breath as he grit his teeth.
                “Should have shot him in the head,” Van said as she finished rolling the marijuana in the passenger seat. Her long hair was still damp and she was annoyed as well as agitated that Vincent kept talking. She didn’t regret beating him. She was ordered to. She  also agreed to why Vincent was supposed to be attacked. She would have killed him if it was needed. She and Vincent were close  but Vincent was doing things he had no business doing. He was asking the wrong questions. She lit the huge spliff and took a long drag. They still hadn’t met the person controlling the Earth though. The quakes were even more dangerous now that they were on the road. Van couldn’t drive under those circumstances. If the road began to deteriorate there was only person who could handle the Benz and that would be the Prince.
                Raven was on the speaker phone as they drove. “Marcus, I still can’t get a lock on this dude. And yes I said dude. I do know it is a dude. But I can’t get anything else. I don’t know how that is possible. I am the web. I am infinite. I am the waves….I just….”
                Raven sounded defeated and worried. The Prince made a sharp turn.
                “Where are you taking me you blasted heathens? You want to kill me? The last pure blooded white man? Where would you be without me? I helped start this organization. Does the Angel know about you and Raven kidnapping Innocent? How about you killing that Drug Lord over some sex tape? You’ve got me and Van on the run and you in some condo having sex and eating home cooked meals like the world is your playground. Prince you’ve changed,” Vincent was muttering as he kept pressure applied to his thigh.  “You’re Hollywood now. The success of Ice and your plans in the industry…it’s as if you have lost vision. You think Heaven is going to be one big ass party. We already are partying. I drink Cristal and Rothschild with you while we watched the MMA fights in my parent’s mansion just weeks ago. We own the cocaine trade right now in several states. What more do you want?”
                “I know what I want. I want to know who the hell almost killed my fiancĂ©,” Raven ‘s voiced echoed through the car. Raven was also controlling the GPS . Vincent was telepathically a beacon to the mysterious man that had almost drowned The Prince and Vincent had reassured everyone he would meet with them only after Vincent was safe.
                Vincent cursed loudly. The car swerved. Van passed the joint to Vincent in the backseat.
                “That will help with the pain,” Van said as she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes.
                “If you must know Vincent we are heading to an abandoned warehouse downtown. She has reprogramed some doctors that are meeting us there to treat your leg. With my powers the bullet we can get that bullet out now problem. Hopefully there is no nerve damage,” The Prince said as he pressed down on the gas harder.  With Raven controlling the perception of the world around them no cops were around and the streets were bare. Most people pulled over thinking they were still driving some though were just in the middle of the street in their cars dead the homicidal Raven not sparing them and just unplugging them from the Matrix.  Vincent had overheard her tell the Prince she was giving him an obstacle course to weave through. The cost of life meant nothing to her nowadays. When Vincent first met her he knew she wasn’t the smiling person they showed on the Disney Channel but he never knew she would become the monster she was today until he saw the video she recorded of the death of the woman that had recorded the sex tape with Jet Lee. It was the torture that scared him. He feared she may be doing the same thing to Innocent. He was running out of options and all he wanted to do was see his ex-high school sweetheart in one piece. Both Innocents were missing.  The main woman that could save the world was now in the hands of one of the sickest possessive beings he had ever encountered.  He was a bit scared. He didn’t know if Raven held him responsible for the actions of the Investigator his original had sent. He was just happy to be alive. He had to think of something though. He felt his time was running out.
                It seemed like hours they drove hitting different streets. They were all over Augusta. Vincent was calming down. The complaints meant nothing and it was only pissing Van off. He hit the joint until it was a roach than asked Van to roll another. She did. It was Senzu strain. He helped fund Van through botanist school. She started the Paul Pierce strain they had Innocent smoke. He was so glad she hadn’t hit him in the face. The only person that had ever hit him the face was Innocent he didn’t know what he would’ve done if he had. He realized he was in over his head a bit. He didn’t know what was next. He just wanted to see the damage to his leg. He could still move it so he knew he wasn’t paralyzed and the Prince telling him he was going to doctors was good. If they wanted him dead why would he still be alive?
                They finally parked back at the docks but near a side street. There was the abandoned building.
                “There is no building,” The Prince said. “It’s all a hologram. A solid one there are three doctor’s in there. We already discussed this before I left Vincent. I had a prophecy before I left the house. I didn’t have time to tell you. I knew you would over react but dammit Vincent reading Van’s mind what the hell was I supposed to do? You’re the one who’s changing. Too many days at the tennis court when I want to do that shit Michael Jackson and his sister were doing in the Scream video. Break some priceless artwork while we watch Anime on flat screens.”
                “I am not a monster and I never have been. You know I understand your mission more than anyone else. You are one of my best friends. We are partners and have been for years. I remember when we watched that episode of city guys and started selling cocaine in high school,” The Prince motioned and Van began rolling another joint. “I think you should chill the fuck out bro. None of us make moves without the crew. How far did you think you were going to get on the deep web before Raven caught you? Maybe you wanted to get caught. Who knows? I just think you should grow as a person before you try to grow as a God. You’ve been living like some playboy. You’re the one who has changed to me Vincent.”
                Vincent chuckled.  “I just want to see the doctors Prince I don’t think we are going to reach an agreement in this matter.”
                Van looked back and forth between The Prince and Vincent and frowned. She stepped outside the Benz and opened Vincent’s door. She lifted him with her powers than closed the car door behind herself.
                The Prince looked at the duffle bag Van left in front of her seat. He now knew why Vincent would need the cane he was told to bring in his prophecy.
                “Did you get it,” The Prince asked Raven still on the Galaxy that was on speaker phone.
                 “I got it. Never seen you drive like that Marcus. It was incredible to view. No turning back now.”
                “Save it on file. When we destroy the city the traffic jam is going to kill so many people.”
                “You forget one thing Marcus.”
                “What’s that?”
                “Traffic lights,” She began laughing loudly almost hysterically.
                The Prince almost cringed. He once read in an Excalibur comic in a panel where Kitty Pride was watching her boyfriend eat that it was impossible to turn away when seeing a car crash. He knew Raven would record the entire thing and put it on her Deep and Dark web sites. So much carnage when the time was right.
                “Sarafina,” The Prince said. “I don’t understand how I fell for someone so brutal but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
                “Even when I kill those THOTs I catch you with.”
                “It’s hide and seek.”
                “Not when you say I do Mr. Banks.”
                The Prince laughed.
                “How are the kids,” The Prince asked rubbing his hands along the steering wheel.
                 “Shakur is doing homework and Trunks is watching Drunken Master. Everything is fine.”
                The Prince nodded. He swallowed trying to get the grim taste out of his mouth. He didn’t know how much damage Vincent had done. He was eager to meet the investigator though.
                “I know you’ve got to go my love but please make this promise to me,” Raven said.
                “What’s that?”
                “You make it back in one piece.”

                Author’s Note
                I thank everyone for reading this chapter. It took so much to get this done. I have been in jail and asylums for the last two months. I am going to attempt to explain what happened to me as best I can but know this, I was on the wrong medication for 8 years. I hit a rock bottom unlike any other I have ever experience and if it wasn’t for the love of who I am deeply inside I would not be here.
                Many things have changed. I have several books about ownership I am about to get into later this week and I am heading places I never fathomed would be possible in my chaotic life. I don’t believe one should doubt oneself but my city is worse than Sodom. I live in hell. That was the name of the song I wrote about my city eleven years ago. Hell. It is hell. I am sick of this place. I need a change of pace. I am heading to California after I tie up some loose ends to meet with some heavyweights. I just wish my city would get off the dumb shit. I have fans in Germany and these people are worried about the legacy of James Brown still. The man didn’t care about his legacy (those are his kids) and I meant what I said I sold drugs to his daughter. It usually doesn’t hurt me to do such things but that did because I saw how much her father meant to her. If this city really cared about James Brown why is his daughter buying crack cocaine and living on the street? I know when I die people will be all over my dick as it’s rotting. Let me make my will right now because you never know.
                If and when I die Raven owns everything as long as we were together before I passed. If Raven doesn’t cosign it it is not official.  So all the stories I’m sure are to come about how cool we were keep them shits. I am highly bored. I trust only Raven. I am only Raven’s. That is all. My cousins Tyra Banks and Nicholas Goodman also should be involved in Raven’s enjoyment of telling the world how inspirational she was to me. I only want her.  Period.  All you people that have been feeding me lies about Raven die slow…this new album Perfect Blue about her is the shit you have been waiting for. I about a quarter of the way through the album and after it is complete their will be no discussion of who the best right now in this present state of hip hop. The game is trash. I don’t want to hear this shit anymore. The game is trash. I have an agenda and somebodies career will be tarnished forever. There is no coming back from Perfect Blue and we are doing this the right way. Promotions, videos, marketing, I want to show these labels I know how to handle myself. That is all. So stay tuned. More book excerpts, screen captured gameplay, new season of Otaku CafĂ©, fashion, etc. All the things I said I was going to do before my illness struck are still happening except this time they are not stopping and if they are stopped you have to answer to Raven. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I am not running around like some insane man. I am logical. I just want to be impactful. I just want to let people hear some dope shit. The fucking hate I get just for being me is unbelievable. I don’t push anything on you. You don’t have to come to this blog. You don’t have to watch everything I do. I live for one persons approval. My own. I just want to be happy, and she makes me happy. This fantasy world I live in keeps m sane. It keeps me not spazzing and going back to prison. It keeps me not feeling suicidal. The thought that she cares comforts all my ill will. All I need is you.
                All I need is you Rae.
                Until next time…

                See ya Space Cowboy.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jet Lee Jetson - Beauty (Produced By Aarabbmuzik) Sneak Peek from Mangaka And Composer Volume One

Here are the lyrics to Jet Lee Jetson's Song "Beauty" A sneak Peek at the new Album: Mangaka and Composer Volume One Hosted By DJ Miss Van. To hear this song Produced By AarabbMuzik Go to
"Dru Hill// pop a few pills// ask my psychitrist who's ill// If you don't care Bruce Will// Wayne Or Lee// Charles Hamilton gave me the game on maybelline// baby pink// drinking lean// My Mom was in Area eighty three// in eighty three// I only found pain in greed// so I tattoo my soul my mate has fiened// to trace my inke// what does Raven mean?// blackbirds are Jet's I'm on First Class Flight playstation three// in front of my ladies seat// So if this is a game of thrones I'm Jamie King// Foxx sending me kites telling me my babies three// I could try to explain my dreams// but if I did everyone of you niggaz would stay asleep// Serial Experiment Lain delete// the dark web recreate the deep// hack was more than a game to me// My Dad was Satalite Communications Creed// Pluto on wrist on my rings I've seen// uranus freeze// I had two choices Skate or be// slain deceased// half pipes to pipes J's intiriqued// when drains are clean// my brain's unique// insane believed// God was me than read Mark in King James and Weeped// many niggaz want you set up but I flow like lakes and streams// only to reclaim the sea// that was wavy B// Harlem when I spray the heat// I shed tattoos when people in the people's Nation bleeds// a lot of stars the constellation keeps// saying to me fuck a gang and read// so what should I say to Steams// you mention my bitch and a gun I'm in your hood with a ratchet bitch from K-Town with K's and chinks// in your armor Japanese Asian dweebs// eyes slanted like a pyramid's sides paid for schemes//triangles knew it was real when my girl painted me// and her under a maple tree// as we laid naked eve// because it's almost like you niggaz hate to breathe// there's a difference between fame and free// I just do this you entertain the screen// you act like I wasn't the one that told you I was Einstein Agent E// the Men In Black Bape fatigue// Crucify Raven's Father Kriss Kross Jermaine Dupri// if she says stupid shit Blame the G// thatSpelled Goddess and made her win guess that's an Angel Wing// Heaven saves the weak// Hell made Satan Preach// and I never believed Faith would cheat// Evans? JJ the times were good now they're great at least// according too two white brothers who's names were Pete// Adventure time get it?// Forget it?// if only God could Judge me I'm in the courtroom Jehova Witness// I tell Van Goh (Go) and I see you niggaz really bitches// like Vincent//"
#Poerty #EdgarAllanPoe #RavenSymoneChristinaPearman #SabrinaHiroshimaBanksPearman #MangakaAndComposer #DJMissVan #Beauty #HarleyQuinnAndTheJoker #TheJokerAndHarleyQuinn #Otaku #Japanese #Androgynous #Bars #Metaphors #Metafives #Metaphysics #Blogger #PowerCouples @RavenSymone

Jet Lee Jetson- Shatraj (Cake Lyfe Diss)

Dear Smack/URL/Beasley (Is that how you spell it?), Nu Nu Nails (What is this ATL?), (Boosters), Cake Lyfe, BATTLE RAPPERS!,

We are not doing this! Stop name dropping! Stop name flipping! Before I flip a pack in the name of God! This is not some play play shit. I don't play the radio. You will get your issue. Please refrain from calling this number.

Sabrina Hiroshima Banks-Pearman is not otaku gangster rap. It is Jihad Music. Hirsohima. Atomic Bombs.

To be respected,

DJ Miss Van

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Raven's Home: The Album/Soundtrack To The Classic Disney Show (Stream and Download)

The Album is here! Enjoy! Free download.

Raven's Home Theme Song Featuring Gucci Mane (Official Music Video) (Directed By Jet Lee Jetson)

A second installment of The Raven's Home Theme Song. This is how Jet Lee perceives things. This is a continuation of the first theme song by him. The rain feeds the oceans, the rivers, and seas. Water is essential to life as you know. Jet Lee takes Bruce Lee's philosophy on water and applies it to his life. Dealing with depression and almost quitting hip hop it is the mantra and wisdom of Bruce that has inspired him to "keep on flowing" for his self and Raven. Jet was only focused on the he sees the big picture. This video also speaks on being Androgynous. Jet Lee takes the role of Honey Cocaine in this video. This song is on the Raven's Home Album/Soundtrack to the classic Disney Show which will be released 7/21/2017 on

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Review For Nocando's Album Severed

This album Review was originally on Kitty Caprice's blog. I forgot the name to it. But I am no longer dealing with her so I wish her the best and I am happy she has left the porn industry. Honestly. I hope she does not back track but I will never know because I no longer watch porn. It's a very....what's the word I am looking for....icky industry. I also am allergic to strip clubs now. I am a married man but even if I wasn't I can see why they aren't packed with men every night. If a nude woman was so appealing how come strip clubs aren't the number one business in America? If porn was so great how come we don't have millionaire porn stars? My big homie Cage said something like:

"The only artistic nudity is the autopsy photo."


But we have a lot of new shit coming up on this blog. I will be uploading game play for you guys. Really, I will screen capture game play for you guys and show you how nice I am on the controller. 

Also, we will review more albums for this site. Anime reviews and suggestions? You got it. Comic showcases? You got it. Fashion? Can I get a hell yeah? And whatever else I can think of....

Almost forgot this blog is getting a huge makeover on the 21st so stay tuned for that. But here's the review that should have been here in the first place.

Today we will discuss the roots of metaphors used by rappers nowadays (not emcees) and also my opinion on West Coast hip hop as well as Asian American hip hop by eventually getting to the review for the long time friend of mine Blowdian and Hellfyre Club founder Nocando.

 Review for Nocando's Severed

 I am a huge hip hop fan. I mean huge. So huge that I have been a relevant underground artist for over a decade. I mean really I was like tweleve on in an underground backpack group called the backpackers the group lead by Rockwell a white rapper that Suge Knight couldn't sign because he had killed Biggie in a song.

 " It's Sparking hot in death rows parking lot trying to get in// a stolen car so it will look like Suge Knight did it// his brains is smores, cock back and aim at whores// hungry as fuck on my way to soul train awards// big gat// stop at McDonald's can't forget that// the plan is to lure Big outside waving a big mac//...."

 This battle rapper would audio battle for cash on a forum. He was sick:

 (Battling a rapper named Classic) " lyrical visual theatrics// burn like stomach acids// props is like students with measels they never come to classic (class sick)//"

 If you have never heard of these guys shame on you. We were a cult. He spawned my first punchline:

 "Stick my dick in the pacific ocean a literally fuck the world."

 Blame that on my pimp bones.

 As years passed I watched Battle Rap turn into a fucking circus. A bunch of monopoly. The gun refrences had their own category and groups like SONS from California and Brooklyn were really the only ones doing this right. Shout out to Innuendo and Fresco Clean. The QP and Fresco battle was the battle of the year. Everyone that says Fresco doesn't deserve a title shot needs to be shot. QP can't get it that would be unfair KOTD is a white boy league. If Rone is the king then that makes no sense because Fresco already ate scrap. The rape shit. " Leave me and my family alone." This is a college kid that got slapped around by Charles Hamilton a bit but if Charles really were to turn up only I could calm him down. ( The Olypmic Game A Thirty Song Collaboration album Executive Produced by Charles Hamilton  is out now on This album was recorded when I was on the  run three years ago on a smart phone. The only rapper with this technology at the time. Also Charles Produced Raven's Home Theme Song (Unofficial) on Mary Jane Jetson a dedication to my fiance and babies mother Raven Symone Christina Pearman. That is for sale also on that site for seven dollars. Buy it before it's too late!

 My point is this rap today sucks. Everything sucks. Very few rappers will I listen to. I come from a different breed. Cut from a different cloth. I grew up with Jin The MC. The first Asian American mainstream rapper. I used to talk to him on AIM his ID was Jin The MC. He told me he almost killed Many Styles when he rubbed his arm. He said if he battled him again he better not grab his arm again. These rappers that get on a record and drop set names and do other shit like snitch on their hood all fucking day. Exploitation. Genocide. Boredom.

 I respect a lot of California rappers. I still do enjoy battles. Chess is a good guy. I like my SONS family. Being half Japanese I support all Asian battle rappers for dealing with the unoriginal racism made popular since the nigga Serius Jones made it popular. Fuck Serius Jones by the way. Listen to this....Charles Hamilton ate him several times (vengence) but when Math punched him it was because he disrespected Asia again. What did Serius Jones say that got him punched? Wooooo? No. Wu. Wu-Tang. Peace to A Class from Baltimore the Nightwriter got some bangers on it. Jin's song Hallelujah made me cry. He said he cried thinking of the fans that stood behind him for over ten years. I remember his song. Eenie, Meenie, Minni, Moe. In which he tells a woman:

 "You want Prada I don't care// I won't buy you underwear//"

 And of course Dumbfoundead who has one of the albums of the year a masterpiece called We Might Die that I can't say enough about. You can't mention Dumbfoundead without mentioning the man that brought us here today. The Genius of Nocando. These two are my favorite battle rappers. I watched them go at it in the street on youtube off the top of the head for really they battled each other for an entire day in the street in L.A. in some tag team tournament. Even Dizaster was there and caught a furious ass whippen from Nocando. Nocando talked about his age to which Dizaster replied he's twenty five. Nocando's off the top of the head response:

 "Your twenty five?// You're a funny guy// my money's live// I'll punch you in the eye till it's runny like eggs on the sunny side//"

 Let's talk bars. A lot of people can't make good music wether you're a battle rapper or not. How many people can do both? Battle live and make good music? Cassidy. JR Writer. Fresco. Dumbfoundead. Loaded Lux. A Class. Jin. Nocando. Eminem. Probably some others. But I consider these like top tier dudes. Me? I can't do that live shit. A nigga say some racist Asian shit to me or talk about my family or some shit I am at him. It all depends on where you are coming from. Because if this is entertainment then don't come at me with fake aggression. A lot of people like Takeover over Ether because Jay-Z didn't say homophobic shit like "You're a dick riding faggot// you love the attention//" "dick sucking lips" "Yall rock fellows//" and other weird shit. I personally think Nas won the war in the end but not the battle. He out business manuvered him in my opinion. Nas controls one of the best labels out right now Mass Appeal. Boldy James his artist, is probably the illest drug dealing rapper ever and if you have listened to any of  my lastest albums I love to talk cocaine. But we are rappers in the end. At least some of us are. I am sure when Pac made Hit em Up he really wanted to Hit Em Up. Biggie propably really thought somebody got to die.

 Nocando first caught my attention during his battle with Dizaster a known cornball and racist. He probably has the worst flow in hip hop. His music is the worst shit you will ever hear as well. Don't believe me? He's an American adult that was raised in a rich suburbia and he is middle eastern instead of becoming a doctor or something he calls himself a terrorist and writes rhymes that if tooken time to write would be magnificent he knows a lot of words but he rushes his flow trying to sound ill but honestly he is just a puppet. I am sure all the battle rappers laugh behind his back. In the words of Robert Deniro from Bronx Tale:

 "Nothing worst than wasted talent."

 Nocando and Dizaster had two weeks to prepare for this battle. Dizaster wrote like a thousand bars. Nocando went off the top and killed him. Any other emcee would have retired with class but we all know Dizaster still battles like ten years later. I could talk about how the Blowdians have used him as a punching bag ever since but that is not necessary. Instead let's talk about what Nocando has done ten years later.

 There is a song that touches my soul. It's called Two Track Mind. A complete Blowdian experiecne. Google Project Blowed. I did. The concept is genius. An open artistic  form of expression. Think of a fine arts school but open to the streets. The lost youth. The kids that never could experience on their own because the American educational system just didn't appeal to them. This song featured three Blowdians. Busdriver, Nocando, and Thavius Beck (The Producer who I recently worked with on my Mary Jane Jetson album on the Track Book Of Life). I was working at PF Changs at the time. The Black Asian. Irony. I would listen to this song before I went to work. Honestly, it was a family experience working there. Best job I ever had other than running my entertainment company. This song would play in my head all day. It was emo. I am emo. I would tweet Nocando everyday before I went to work to tell him I was playing the song. And I worked a lot. I mentioned the word "emo" to him and he didn't flip out like most musicians. He said it "kind of" was. Years later in another conversation not only did Nocando admit to being emo but that he painted his nails black until his girl made him stop. Probably because Nocando was attracting so many girls with his style. That's just a suggestion.

 Several of Nocando's songs come to mind when I think about classic shit. I loved Good Gravy in the Morning, ER is probably the realest shit I have heard in a minute, and next subject is a hit that he probably doesn't want to be a hit he has that type of control. He could easily blow at any moment. Every true artist can. Morals and ethics stop us. Privivlege. Respect. You know shit that makes you a human being.

 First off, hats off to the name Hellfyre club. I grew up on Marvel Comics so hell yeah. Also the White Queen is one of my favorite mutants. Second off, I wasn't expecting this album. When I read how this album came together I was shocked because I recently did the same thing. I took a bunch of my work that I was secretly stashing and put out Mary Jane Jetson. My private thoughts. I read a description of what the album was about and it said something about Nocando versus himself. A battle rapper versus a lover really. That's all a real emcee can write about. That defines every real emcee. If it isn't war it's love. The end.

 I listened to this album earlier today and I want to give you an opinion of a first listen. Nocando was complaining about people stealing his style earlier this year. I now know why. I even think I know who he was talking about but after this album you can no longer compare anyone to him. I heard tracks on this album where the range of his voice goes from low to a literal scream on some Metal shit. (Mykraphone Myk) He bleeds personality through his voice meaning his flow is his life liquid. This album reminds me of my favorite hip hop album Cage's Depart Me. It is different. It makes you feel like you are running out of time. Which you always are.  But for every Mykraphone Myk there is a Say Yes. These songs about love that underground artist like us are putting out right now are very very complicated and deep because just like every contrast there is another side. Like I said the battle rapper and the lover. The wack rapper and the emcee. Mainstream rap is probably the worst it has ever been so you know the underground has the keys to your soul.

 I was going to go track for track and review this album like they used to do on the forums but this is a complete piece. It even came out on fucking cassette. This is an epic moment in hip hop and with memorial day we have to tip our hats to the real emcees that paved the way for us to run our fucking mouths. 

 Songs like Useless in which Nocando says he's useless because he can't be used speak to the rebel in every artist that doesn't want to sell his soul. You can't seperate any track on a true artist album. Albums are supposed to tell stories. Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of the Moon playing while the Wizard of Oz is on. Cage said it best music is "Movies for the Blind".

 Every song on this album is a masterpiece. This is a classic album. The true sound of the California underground. All the way in Augusta Georgia the bible belt we are listening to shit like this so stop with all the south is fucking hip hop up. Ludacris, T.I., Lil Boosie, Gucci, Future, but fuck all of that Lil Wayne and Curren$y....that is all. 

 Buy this album. Download this album. Stream this album. Do what you have to do to get this album. Straight up. That is all.

Later Mutants.