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The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Fourth Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

The Homerun
It had been a long day. It was Christmas. The holidays. The strip club was empty this time of year. All of the husbands had to be family men. So the main customers who stopped by after work, the regulars, the ones that told their wives "I had to work late" couldn't stop by for a quick $100.00 lap dance and the patented hug. Innocent who had no family hated the holidays. She didn't allow men to give her gifts. She watched an episode of That's So Raven as a kid that scared her out of her mind. Raven had stood up for a kid from Africa that was being made fun of for his funny clothes. His African Garments. She stood up for him and he began buying her extravagant gifts. She thought nothing of it but in his country if a woman took gifts that meant she wanted to be married. She was about to become a Princess. Now to the average woman that would be fine. But what scared Innocent was that Raven backed out of the deal when she found out. Why is the weird reader? I mean this is money hungry Innocent right? Well here's a piece of the answer.....Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman has worked for Disney for as long as Innocent could remember but she and another black woman denied the chance to be the legendary Disney Princess Role. So she never took gifts from men. She bought her own.

Innocent was an actress though. She simply played sick. She told her boss she had a sore throat. And since Innocent acted like a typical hoe the owner of the Joker club assumed she probably had been sucking dick for a high fee and her job involved a lot of talking so she got two days off.

Innocent was alone. Her holidays. What was a gift? She bought gifts all the time. She sat alone in her home reading a comic book entitled Emma Frost. It was a limited edition series about a rich white woman that was in competition with her wealthy family. It was her favorite series. She had every issue of the limited series. She read all 18 issues for her morning enjoyment as she ate yogurt, then eggs and bacon to follow. She had a large glass of OJ as she smoked out of her G Pen.

For her afternoon she played Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 on her Sega Dreamcast. She picked Cable, Iceman, and Ryu because when they all did a combined super it racked an unbelievable high hit ratio. She liked a high score at the end of the game.

That evening she made dinner while she listened to Nirvana. She loved Kurt Cobain and thoght Courtney Love had participated in the murder of him. She hated Courtney Love. She thought Kurt Cobain was God. (These are her ideas and later much later you will here a totally different perspective from the young man you witnessed in "The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Tale Kamikaze)

She made a handmade hamburger and drank from a $300.00 bottle of Ace Of Spades as she read a Kim Harrison Novel entitled The Outlaw Demon Wails. As dinner ended she yawned. She had another day off tomorrow. She wanted to work out tomorrow. She wanted to skateboard. After the death of Kato Chang she thought it would be funny to buy a longboard for the excercise I mean what type of idiot would try and jump off of a building with a fucking board. People can't fly. So she just cruised long distances. If you think about it jumping up and down in one area trying to film yourself to become famous on camera was the biggest "poser" shit she could think of. I mean you are signing to these big companies that are exposing your culture. The Rob Dyrdek story she told Kato was true so in here mind she thought about how dumb a skater could be. She knew he would get hurt but die? (This story is also in "The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Kamikaze Tale" )
She lay down in bed. Her huge bed. It was custom made to be larger then a King. She called it the Joker size. It took up a lot of space in her bedroom. It was full of pillows. Satin Sheets. Her cat Matlida jumped on the bed and laid next to her.





Innocent stood at the mound. She held the bat in her hands. The stadium was packed. The crowd was cheering. She had a baseball jersey on and a B string. She looked at the bullpen there was nothing but her in the bullpen. Clones.....clones? Yes. Clones reader all dressed in different clothing, different wigs, but they were her.

She looked on first base. It was her. Second base. It was her. The whole opposing team was her. The pitcher was her. The opposing team also had different high priced fashion on. The pitcher looked to have Kate Spade's on. A dress.

" Okay what the fuck is going on," Innocent asked at the top of her lungs. " And how come all you bitches have high priced clothing on. And I am wearing this bullshit as jersey and a b string? Not even Coach? Not even Coach?"

The pitcher sneered. She rolled her eyes. She could hear Innocent over the crowd for some reason.

" Well Innocent. This is a game of baseball. There are two outs. Two strikes. Three balls. No one on bases. The score is 1-0 them. Zero us. We are on your team. We are you. We tried to rig the game but we still can't win. They didn't tell us it was fixed already. There is only one half inning. We thought it was normal baseball when we signed the contract. They got us all out here for the biggest fix ever but it wasn't our fix. They tricked us. The lawyer that looked over the contract worked for them They own everything!!!! Everything", the pitcher explained and Innocent could hear her over the crowd even though the pitcher was whispering the words.

Innocent figured she didn't have to speak anymore since the crowd was obviously a hologram. They weren't real so Innocent could tune them out and so could the pitcher. All that mattered was her and the pitcher. So she decided to think her response.

Okay can you hear me? Innocent thought.

" Yes ," She heard the pitcher's voice clearly in her mind.

Who are they?

" I can't speak for them," the voice in her head said.

Well let me speak to them. I would never sign a contract where I couldn't talk.

The pitcher placed her hands in front of her and a head appeared out of nowhere and Innocent's knees buckled. The head was decapitated but the eyes were open and he was smiling but he was still beautiful. It was a clean cut. One slice under the neck all the way through. He didn't have a bruise on his face and that was still alive. The face that haunted her ever since she saw it outside of the Joker strip club months ago. It was Vincent McArthur The Third. ( For more on this tale see The Miss Adventures Of Innocent short story Knights On A Chessboard)

" This is what I am pitching to you," The pitcher's voice returned in Innocent's head.

" Good evening Mildred. My you look stupid. This is your 'one shot' like Eminem said. You lied to me. You do work at the Joker night club. You went from a Knight on a chess board to a night club. That was a pun on words. You were in charge of the school newspaper so I am sure you knew that already," Vincent smiled and his teeth looked whiter then the white rabbit Alice followed.

" Throw him," Innocent said as she suddenly gripped the bat very tightly.

" Innocent are you sure," the pitcher asked this time the voice wasn't in her head. They couldn't speak telepathically anymore after Vincent said his words.

" It seems you have fucked up. The whole games on the line. No here's what's going to happen. I'm going to hit you. And you're to going fall. And when it's all over you're going to wake up in bed and forget you had this dream. You are not going to remember this at all," Vincent said in a very sinister voice mimicking some film supervillain very well. He was enjoying this to the point where Innocent felt her ass cheeks clench.

" You fail to realize how much the crowd loves me Vincent," She laughed. " This is no fucking big deal. I'm gonna splatter you're fucking face. You think you're so cute don't you?"

" You're damn right I do."

Innocent slowly turned to Vincent and showed him her ass in the B String. She began clapping it mocking him. The crowd began cheering:

" Innocent! Innocent! Innocent!"

Innocent walked up to the pitcher as the crowd yelled. Vincent's head hovered in front of the pitcher's hands.

" Listen the crowd can hear us now. I showed them attention," Innocent whispered to the pitcher.

" Very smart Mildred. I expected no less from you," Vincent said as he looked upon Innocent and the better dressed pitcher.

" Throw him. I am going to hit his face," Innocent told the pitcher.

" His face? Innocent it's his fucking face. It's Vincent McArthur The Third. Bitch you're crazy. Have you noticed there is no catcher. Look at his face. Not a scratch. How can we have gone nine innings and never scored but he not have a scratch on his face. No dirt no nothing. This is baseball America's Greatest Past time. Something has to be hit. You have a fucking bat. The question is what did they hit? How did they get one point? And if we been striking out how come Vincent doesn't have a scar on his face? No dirt, no nothing," The pitcher said very slowly and low to Innocent with her catcher's mitt over her mouth so no one could read her lips.

Innocent turned back to the mound. The pitcher was right there was no catcher.

The crowd cheered louder. Innocent felt stupid for activating them now. They were a distraction now.

" Well I can tell you the point they got....if you can tell me why he doesn't have a scratch on his face", Innocent told the pitcher.

" I can't Innocent. I don't know! Tell me though please."

" The point was when he found out who I was," She said and walked off to the mound.

The crowd move was the craziest choice she made. She didn't think it all the way through. Now with the crowd paying attention she couldn't wait around forever. She had to play ball. And with a game this tight they were expecting a performance. She was confused. This made no sense. She saw her plan being ruined. It was suppose to happen just like this but not fixed before she fixed it.

She stood at the plate. The crowd cheering her name. The pitcher looked at her as she place her hands on Vincent's head. She didn't touch his perfect black hair with the blonde frosted tips. He said nothing.

Innocent gripped the bat. She was going to knock him out of the park. She was. She was. This was her dream. She had controlled her dreams before. She was going to hit him. She was going to hit him.

The pitcher through Vincent's head at her. It came like a fucking fastball. Right over the plate. She swung with all of her might after it had passed by her seconds earlier. Innocent had never played baseball a day in her life. The moment. The swing. The pitch. The strike. It was the realest part of the dream. She spun as she missed the ball. She did a complete circle that's how hard she had swung. She spun and after she spun she fell to the ground and landed on her knees.

The crowd booed and began throwing food and snacks on the baseball diamond. It seemed to last forever. Innocent buried her face in her hands as the food rain down on her. It was eternity. She wanted to wake up. She could make herself wake up from a dream. She did it all the time. She could wake up. But she couldn't. It was forever. Forever. Then....

There was nothing. No crowd. No nothing. Nothing at all. She was still on her knees. Hands on her face. She thought. The crowd didn't matter or their food. It wasn't real. She still won. Even if she missed there was no catcher. She may have lost some money but he still had to have had a fucked up face thrown at that speed with no catcher. She took her hands off her face and looked behind herself to see the damage.

There was a body holding a head in it's hand. The body of Vincent McArthur The Third. And the head of Vincent McArthur The Third. Together again. Vincent placed the head on his neck. Then he smiled the smile of a Cheshire Cat. His body was one in a Stacy Adam suit. He wore wing tipped shoes. And he smelled of Burberry Cologne.

" Well it looks like you lose Mildred. It's been nice but I have to get out of an empty stadium at this time of day with the likes of someone like you. And get off your knees bitch. You couldn't afford to see it let alone suck it," Vincent walked off shaking his head in disgust.



Innocent woke up in bed to something touching her forehead. She was about to strike but saw the face of Matlida. They stared at each other for a moment. Then Matilda hopped out of the bed and walked off.

Innocent sat up in bed. She was sweating crazily. The bed was soaked. She had pissed the bed. She had pissed the bed.

She sighed for a moment.

She had made a decision. She had to find Vincent McArthur The Third before it was too late.



To be Continued......

This short story is dedicated to my cousin Nick October's Very Own Goodman. The biggest sports fan I know. "My brother and me." Merry Christmas to everyone checking the blog out.

~Marcus Dewayne Banks






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The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Part Three Excerpt KamiKaze

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent


Before we begin this tale of everyones favorite college student turned stripper that lives in the city of Atlanta we must visit another hero in a smaller city.

He walks the streets downtown with a carefree attitude. He has a lot of money in his pocket. His cousin, a famous supermodel, gives him an allowance at the beginning of every month with hopes he will keep his self not only out of the public eye but out of trouble. You see the hero in question is a two time felon and legally insane. He is young, in his early thirties, and his cousin is so famous that the Illumanti has determined she can not mention any of her other family members ever. Their logic is only the Rothschild family can accquire the type of power the young man often tells his supermodel kin they deserve. Not to mention they are black which is why his cousin wants him never to seek the fame he could easily obtain by dropping her name or perhaps doing anything that would cause someone to take notice of his handsome, articulate, intelligent self.

He is a very deep young man all jokes aside. He went to college to study literature and computer science. He is a hacker. A Kappa. But in the end he is very lonely. You must understand with the ties he has he cannot trust many people. His days mostly consist of him playing a role. It has become a joke to him. Him acting like some sort of broke individual. He has been sworn to secrecy. His family has shunned him because he often unbeknowst to them he has joked of taking on the Rothschild family. He has recorded music and said he will be a famous rapper, and with the things he knows and his education he could actually be the greatest rapper of all time. Rapping to him is simple, but it would bring shame to the wealthy aristocrats he was raised around. He knows rapping is merely a tool used by the Illumanti to make the black man think he cannot speak properly and has to use slang and curse words and forever be a "nigger" or excuse me "nigga". The Illumanti has a select few rappers that are successful but only the ones that do the most damage to the race can become rich by rapping. The most ignorant of the bunch to promote genocide in the urban environment. If this young man decided to release an album it would be full of stupidity but with a vocabulary that comes with reading Edgar Allan Poe over and over in a prison cell wondering why the man in the cell next to him was kissing another man for extra food from the horrible prison kitchen. In short, this insane individual hated the black race almost as much as the government did. You see, he didn't want to stop the Illumanti he wanted to become a newer better version of the Rothschild family. After all Willie Lynch, the man that gave the blueprint to the making of a slave, was also a black man.

But what is a skin color? If you were blind did it matter? The young man wore glasses and once had a police officer try to rip his eye out of the socket. He loved his eyes even though his eyesight was poor. He once shared a cell with a blind man and had to appreciate his eyes to the highest extent. Not quite long ago, he lived a year with no glasses because his model girlfriend broke his versace frames and he was arrested before he could get a new pair. Memories.

He strolled downtown with nothing really on his mind but women. He was sick of them. He met below average women everyday. Normal women. His cousin was arguably the most beautiful woman of all time and he was stuck in a small city looking at women that couldn't even afford a good wax. He would get on backpage and look at the local talent. He would never pay for sex but he liked to see how stupid they looked taking pictures of themselves. As an experiment he once called up several and said he would give them a fee to take a picture with him. Everyone of them declined. He didn't understand how these women could do anything in the bedroom with a man but when it came to not having sex, and getting paid more to not have sex why they would say no. Well, let me not lie to you reader. He knew why. He knew a lot about women. He was raised by the cruelest mother ever and as I said his cousin is arguably the most beautiful woman alive. He knew that the average hoe, pornstar, etc. was simply a nympho. A woman that wanted to have sex as much as possible. They enjoyed it. They made it seem like they were doing it for money but they loved the attention. What woman didn't know what a tiara was? Since birth the average woman is told be beautiful. It is an epedemic worldwide. Women have become objects....they allowed a religion to take them from Goddess to harlot and all in all they were a lost cause to him.

As of late he took joy in ruining women's lives. He went to strip clubs in his small town throwing his weight around. He met one girl that had an odd tattoo. He asked what it was as she disrobed for him.

" It's Egyptain," she said.

" Do you know anything about Osiris and Isis," he asked.

" Yes they were lovers."

" And what happened to Osiris?"

" He was killed wasn't he?"

He laughed in his mind that she had to ask. " Yes. He was. He was dismembered. And what did Isis do?"

" She resurrected him."

" How?"

" I don't know."

" Well she found all of his body parts except which one?"

The stripper who had a very odd shapped body to him couldn't answer. She looked bored as if he wasn't talking about anything important. He was used to this. Anything to do with learning something new an ignorant person was going to shy away from. Here attitude told him one thing he already knew...she was stupid and wanted to stay stupid. Average bitch he thought to himself.

" His dick," he leaned and whispered into her ear.

At this moment the stripper walked away to speak to one of her regulars.

The young man walked with his headphones on as he listened to Lil Wayne on his PlayStation Portable. He saw a group of prison inmates picking up trash and doing other odd jobs up the street. He reached into his pocket and pulled out three one dollar bills. He used to have a detail in prison before they found him legally insane. He would pick up trash on the side of the road and the other inmates would hope someone in a passing car threw a cigarette on the road or maybe some weed.

As he approached he watched the inmates carefully. He knew one would sneak away and ask him if he had a cigarette. The guard couldn't watch all of them. Lo and behold one snuck to the side of the road as he passed and whispered:

" You got a cigarette man?"

The young man slid the three dollar bills into the inmates hand. He knew actual cash in prison was a deadly thing. It could get things done even three dollars because no one had a penny. Nothing else was said and he kept walking.

Three dollars. Why three dollars? Well it was another joke to the young man. He knew about the three headed dog. God, Satan, and Adam. The three men that were made before the woman Eve. God made three men before a woman according to the bible. Why is that? He belived God was gay. God also planned on impregnating his creation if you believe the bible. He did it to Mary. He made a woman carry his child. A virgin. Then killed his son. All the devil did was tell Eve to put some clothes on. God is a pervert....if you believe the bible.

Three dollars. Three men. One woman.

Ain't life grand? And now reader the Kamikaze tale promised about everyone's favorite stripper Innocent.

Innocent had the day off. It was Sunday. She wasn't a religious woman. Sunday was the only day she had off. Why spend it in a fucking church when she was "sinning" all through the week? Sunday was her shopping day. She spent the money she made during the week at various boutiques around the city.

She hopped out of her Lexus and shook her head. It was two years old. She needed something new. She remembered for a brief second the encounter she had with a childhood crush named Vincent McArthur the Third. He had a Benz. He knew who she used to be.....she wanted a fucking Benz.

As she approached her apartment bags in hand she saw a skateboarer several feet away. She paused to watch him.

The skater an Asian male that looked around the age of 21 or 22 coasted up the sidewalk. He had a portable skateboard rail near him. He popped in the air, did a quick kickflip, landed on the rail, slid down it, and landed gracefully.

Innocent dropped her bags and put two fingers in her mouth and whistled. The skater looked up and saw her. When he saw her in her short mini skirt and baby tee he almost fell off of his skateboard.

Innocent was no fool. Her study of hip hop had lead her to learning about skateboarding. She wanted a rapper but would settle for an athlete. She knew skateboarding was almost a billion dollar a year industry. And she wanted money. She always wanted money.

The skater hopped off his board and walked slowly up to her. He looked at her bags. Saks, Chanel, Victoria's Secert, and to his suprise something from Game Stop.

" What's up," The skater asked.

" You are. That was incredible," She said with a huge smile showing off her huge fake lips.

The skater looked her up and down and quickly put his skateboard in front of his crotch. He wore a sweaty DC Shoe shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. He didn't want her to see his erect penis.

" What's your name," Innocent asked.

" Kato. What's yours?"

" Innocent," She said. " You skate pro?"

Kato paused for a moment and looked at Innocent as if she had lost her mind. " Hell no fool. I am not that good. I just do it for the excercise. It's also very challenging and fun."

" You can't think like that. I don't know much about skateboarding but that was some pretty groovy shit," she said with a giggle.

Kato smiled. She had him.

" You should take me out and we can talk about this over dinner," She said to him and smiled her irresistable smile again.

" Cool. My parents own a resturant, we can eat there. Do you like Chinese food?"


The night of the date Kato picked her up in a beat up Honda Civic. As she hopped in the car she couldn't help but notice the music he was playing.

" Flyleaf," she said before she knew she said it.

" I didn't know you liked christian rock," Kato looked at her and smiled.

She didn't. But she did like Flyleaf. She listened to music she liked in her private time. But at the club she played the generic rap music blending in with her co workers.

The drove in silence listening to Flyleaf.

The resturant his parents owned was a buffet. She hated buffets because she didn't like sharing food with anyone. She also thought germs would spread easily. Innocent was almost OCD in a way. But she had a plan so she got a salad that she was forcing herself to eat. As she picked at her food Kato stared at her in awe.

" Do you not like your salad? You are barely eating it."

Innocent forced a smile. " I am just thinking about how you are such a good skater. I think you can go pro."

Kato shurgged. " Do you know how many kids skate? I am an average skater. I just do it for fun."

It was time for Innocent to launch her plan. " Listen, I was watching Ridiculousness with Rob Dyrdek and they had this skater on there that had fallen on landed on his face several times. He was famous on youtube for it. He was on there and Rob was laughing with him and he was so cool. He was on MTV Kato. MTV."

Kato stopped chewing his sweet and sour chicken for a minute. He seemed to be in deep thought. Then he continued chewing and swallowed. " What are you suggesting I bail and hurt myself? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard."

Innocent stared at him then she slowly looked around the resturant. Most of the customers were out of shape black people there for the all you can eat crab legs. Her shoes probably cost more then Kato's whole outfit. She didn't have to sit there and listen to someone call her ideas stupid. So she pulled out her phone and slowly stood up.

" Where are you going," Kato asked.

" Uber. I am going home."

Before Kato could respond she began walking out of the resturant. Kato followed.

In the parking lot Kato begged for an explanation.

" You can't be serious Innocent. Me bailing on purpose is stupid. What kind of skater wants to be known for bailing? Do you know how dangerous that is?"

Innocent rolled her eyes. " I am thinking about MTV. Don't you want to be famous?"

" Innocent you don't understand," Kato paced in front of her. " I just do it for fun. I mean....I am an Asian skater in Atlanta. I don't have many friends. I moved here after my brother was killed over gang violence in California. My mom thought I would grow up to be just like him if we stayed so they moved me out here. I am trying to be a good kid for them. You don't know what it's like feeling like some bitch because you couldn't avenge your only brother. I don't fit in out here. I was so shocked someone as beautiful as you showed me any type of attention. I skate because I feel free when I do. I feel like my brother is watching over me and every trick I land he can be proud you know? If I start falling and will go against everything I believe in. I earn my scars. I earn my scars."

" You think I don't know what it's like to be an outcast," Innocent yelled at him. " I am a white girl in a black strip club. You think I want to shake this ass like I don't shit out this mother fucker? Dancing to some God Forsaken rapper as I collect bills from some pussy ass pervert that I would leave in an instant if the rapper that made the song I was moving my ass too walked in the club. I want to get out of that fucking club Kato! You have to sacrifice if you want anything out of life. And while you sit here arguing with me the dude that "bailed" is on fucking MTV sitting next to Chanel Westcoast and is fucking famous!!"

" Man fuck that shit. That's worst then being a poser. Real skaters are already getting a bad rap with all these rappers talking about the culture and stealing all of the gigs. I am not--"

Innocent slapped him in mid sentence.

Kato stood frozen.

" Grow a dick....or are you just scared to fall," she pulled him close. " Fall in love."

They kissed. It was a long passionate kiss. No tongue involved. Just a long passionate kiss. After one minute exactly ( Innocent timed it) the kiss ended.

" Okay," Kato said. " I will do it. On one condition."

" What's that?"

" You come back in and finish the salad. My parents work hard to make sure the vegetables are fresh."


It was the day of the bail. In the beat up Honda Civic sat three people. Kato, Innocent, and Kato's pothead friend Shroom. Shroom was the camera man. He smelled like marijuana and musk.

Kato who wore the same DC shirt he had on when he met Innocent gave her a sad smile as he drived. They had been dating for about a week. And Kato being a "christian" hadn't asked for any sex. They just kissed a lot. Easiest relationship Innocent had been in in a long time.

" This is the plan," Kato explained to Shroom. "There's a two story building. I go on the roof and do a simple ollie. I am going to bail and land on my side. Hopefully my shoulder and arm will take the impact."

Shroom nodded in the backseat. He was staring at Innocent the whole time.

They pulled into an empty parking lot and Innocent saw the buliding. She could taste the fame. She knew this was her shot at the star life. She had no intentions of staying with Kato. She just wanted to use him to get her foot in the door to meeting someone more established.

As they got out of the car and Kato began walking towards the building he stopped in mid stride and turned towards Innocent.

" I love you. This is for us. The outcast," he said and leaned towards her to kiss her.

They kissed and his lips tasted like watermelon. And within seconds he was gone towards the building.

Innocent stood alone with Shroom.

" You're hot," Shroom said fidgetting with the camera.

" Ugh," was her reply.

" There he is," Innocent pointed to the top of the roof when Kato was visible.

Shroom pointed the camera in the general direction she pointed to.

It happened in slow motion. Kato coasted towards the ledge of the roof. Popped up on the skateboard. He was in the air it felt like forever. He began to fall off of the board but as he was in the air he couldn't bring himself to fall. It was like years and years of training had made it impossible to fall. He could feel his brother smiling down on him and as the board came down from the sky he smiled for the last time.

He landed and the board snapped in two. He was flung from it and was hurled through the air. He twisted trying to land somehow safely but he couldn't. He awkardly fell on his head and his skull was smashed on the concrete. His vertebra snapped and he died instantly as the bone fragments of his skull caused his brain to hemorrhage.

" No," Innocent yelled. She began to feel tears welling up in her eyes.

" Oh shit," Shroom said. " I forgot to press record."

Innocent barely heard him. But she heard him. And then the tears came. The first she had shed since she got the surgery for her fake body.

You may be thinking that Innocent is crying because she feels responsible for the death of Kato Chang. No my dear reader you know nothing about Innocent at all. She is crying because she almost cared about the death of Kato Chang. Almost. But not quite.

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Spike and Spike 2.0

Going through my old emails I found two albums I recorded when I was on the run three years ago. They were never released. They are about my ex Chevante Mack and the drama we were going through at the time.
It's crazy three years pass and she is now pregnant by a corny trap rapper and has pretty much vanished from the spotlight. I am sure she is going to come back trying to regain her sex symbol image but in an age where Blac Chyna traps a fucking Kardashian her and her baby father are really small potatoes. I see no reality show for them and they have no real talent. If they did the post she made about his new music would have got more then one comment a few days ago. And sadly that comment was from me telling me to get her life together.
The sad thing is these albums were recorded several years ago and I told her on them she would end up like this. The line is and I quote:
"You're going to have a wack baby dad// your kid's going to be losing Isiah-Trash//"
That's got to hurt.
I have to pick a good time to drop these albums. I also have a show coming up in January. Actually I am booked all through the month of January. These are the first gigs I have done in years. I can't wait to get back in front of a crowd and spit. I am used to it. In prison they used to beg me to rap for hours even though no one knew what I was talking about. The shit just sounded good.
But shit that needs to be decoded usually ends up like that. Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt went Platinum and no one knew the true breakdown of Dead President's (the first or second) until the Fade to Black Concert film came out.
I can't wait to write my lyrics breakdown novel. I am going to call it something know I have an active imagination.
These two albums though. They were produced by Charles Hamilton who recently dissed me on his blog. I have no hard feelings for the kid. I always respected his earlier works. Before the punch that just fucked his career up. Shout out to Brianna by the way. But this dude has been trying to fuck my ex wife and it is just disgusting. I am putting this out because I think it's good music but I don't respect Charles on a personal level. When you try and get involved in some ones personal life then it's issues. He's been talking slick about me and trying to smash my ex bitch and it's just not tasteful. But I wish him the best and hope he can turn his career around. Maybe this album will get him focused again. I don't know and don't care. This is an old album so I am not really focused on this shit like that.
Spike and Spike 2.0 coming soon. As soon as I can decide when is a good time to let the truth be told.
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Some People.....

I just wrote arguably one of the greatest skateboarding stories of all time. The book is going to be a best seller. It is going to change people that read it. I owe no one any explanation. But I will say this. Some girls feel like they will never be successful and have such low self esteem that when a good man approaches them they don't know how to act. They often ignore him not because they are better then him but because they feel like they ain't shit and don't think they deserve a good man. So they assume that every man approaching them ain't shit. After all what good man would really want them? Most of them, if a man doesn't show them money up front they think he is some kind of bum, but what rich nigga, I mean really rich nigga, is going to show a woman money at the very beginning of their relationship if he knows that's all she wants?

I mean seriously think about it? Life isn't a fucking rap video. You think any man with any good amount of money is going spend automatically and give you keys to the fucking safe on the first date? I mean girls want a gangster but if you are really living a life of crime why would you trust the first girl with big titties you see? I mean there's "levels to this shit" like Meek Mill would say. You think a gangster is going to trust a bitch simply because she looks good and wants money? That is the last bitch a real g is gonna trust.

Fellows reading this blog if you are a wealthy nigga you already know what I am talking about. These hoes get dumber and dumber everyday. Keep your mind on your paper and self improvement.

" We just worried bout the money, them bitches gonna come." ~ Curren$y the hot spitta

I am saving up my money for a trip to Colorado but I will be in Atlanta next month to do some shopping. If you see me in the streets you didn't see me.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Another Excerpt from the Miss Adventures Of Innocent

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent By Marcus Dewayne Banks
"Fuck me," Innocent yelled at the top of her lungs as the customer on top of her exerted all of his strength into his pelvic thrust.
As she lay beneath and he moved his hips and sweat dripped from his brow on to hers she knew it was almost over. He wasn't in good shape. She found no pleasure in this expedition. He was inside of her but she barely felt him. He had a small penis and seemed to be very inexperienced. But compared to Innocent most men were. The customer had spent $3,000.00 for the sex and had flown her to L.A. to go on a shopping spree. A weekend vacation. They had a room in the Ramada and after a long night of wining and dining they had finally got to the intercourse.
The client was a drug dealer which wasn't anything new to Innocent. Nowadays everyone claimed to be some type of drug pusher. But he was the real deal. He was a nerdy male that could be considered an otaku. The urban dictionary defines and otaku as:
Otaku is the honorific word of Taku (home).

Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at home all the time and doesn't have a life (no social life, no love life, etc)

Usually an otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time by watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the internet (otaku is also used to refer to a nerd/hacker/programmer).

In the Western culture, people confuse otaku to be something positive like "Guru". If you think about it, it's not really good to be called a guru if it means you are a total loser who can't socialize with other people except through the Internet.

Other Japanese words which have been confused by Westerners also include but not limited to: Anime, Manga, etc
otaku no jinsei ha yabai na! (it sucks to live the life of an otaku!)
He sold drugs via the web on a site that resembled the now defunct Silk Road. He had contacted her via Instagram and told her how much he loved to masturbate to her photos. It was nothing new. She met alot of clients via the web. She herself could be called a closet Otaku. Growing up before she had bought her fake body she had watched Sailor Moon and read manga. Her client was an easy target, because she, still on her free time watched anime and read manga. It was one of the only things she still enjoyed from her old life before she bacame a stripper/prostitute.
His name was Richard. He was a young black male that wore circle rimmed glasses like John Lennon, had a low cut ceasar like Barak Obama, and he was very well spoken. He was very skinny and wore expensive button up shirts. They had Skyped several times before the meeting. Only in short durations though. She just wanted to give him enough footage to get him hooked. She knew he would reach an orgasm soon. She just had to keep stroking his ego. It was her job to make him feel like he was attractive and cool.
Speaking of jobs. She looked at her vagina like an employee. Her brain was the boss. She had mastered the art of the kegel. She could make him ejaculate at any moment. She felt she was that gifted. But she wanted him to get his money's worth. He had been in her for about three minutes and was already getting tired. She felt nothing for him. She had no feelings for him. Her vagina was wet but that came with the job. It was all in her mind. She controlled her vagina with thoughts. It was a game. A mind game, which was also the name of her favorite anime.
" I am coming", Richard moaned.
And he did. He began shaking violently and as his sperm filled the condom she almost muttered "finally" but instead she just sucked on Richard's neck until he finished "coming". After he came they lay there naked for a minute until he could gather the strength to move again. He whispered his praise to her. She ignored it. She heard it too often.
He rolled off of her and she immeditely got up from the bed an headed to the bathroom to take a shower. It was her pet peeve. After sex with every client she had to take a shower as soon as possible. It was almost OCD. She was happy the job was finished because she hated taking nights off from the Joker strip club. She worked in Atlanta. There was no telling what famous rapper might come through the club at any moment to change her life.
She hopped in the shower and turned on the warm water. She began scrubbing and thinking. Richard was in love with her. She knew this. He was pitiful. Yet, she would rather have him as a customer then the men she usually had to deal with. The ones that considered themselves cute or what not. Most of the men that came in the night club had some sad story to tell about how they were going to be successful one day and used it to try and have a "stripper" girlfriend. College kids, aspiring rappers, low income business men waiting on a promotion, etc. She tried to be nice to these people after all they had dreams. But she was not looking for a boyfriend. She was looking for someone already successful. After all she already had a huge rack and a huge ass that she had paid for. What more did a man want? It didn't matter what she said or thought people came to a strip club to see not think which made her the total package.
She scrubbed her body until her skin hurt. Then she hopped out of the shower and dried off. Then she wrapped the towel around her body. As she stepped out of the bathroom she immeditley knew something was wrong. Richard stood still in front of the TV still nude facing her. He still had the condom on. She hoped he didn't think he was getting another round of sex. She had a plane to catch and he wasn't famous so the night was over for her.
" You ready to go Ace," Innocent asked.
" Ace", Richard said puzzled. " What does that mean?"
The TV was on MTV2 and music videos played in the background. Innocent (a woman that studied hip hop as a craft because she wanted to marry and divorce a rapper or athelete after she had their child) was paying more attention to the music then Richard and he had to repeat his question before she took notice.
" Oh it's just a term. Like dog or dude. Just a little slang silly. Are you ready to go?"
Richard stared at her and to her looked extremely stupid. She wished he would put some clothes on and take the ridiculous condom off that was full of his seed.
"You work at the joker night club, correct", Richard asked as he pushed his glasses up from his nose.
" Yes I do. You know that."
" Well, what are you some type of Queen?"
The video of the rapper Fetty Wap came on TV and one of her favorite songs played loudly in the hotel room. The song was called Trap Queen and it was about a drug dealer and his girlfriend selling cocaine. She loved the song because it inspired drug dealers to spend money on girls. There even was a scene in the video where Fetty Wap gave a stack of hundred dollar bills to his girlfriend. Mesmerized by the video she mummbled, "Yes. I am a Queen. A trap Queen."
" Well...if I am an Ace and you work for a joker then that means you are at the bottom of the totem pole in this conversation."
" Huh", she didn't follow Richard's train of thought.
" This song is so stupid," Richard said as he walked towards the bed to grab the remote.
" Are you okay Richard,"she asked. She wasn't sure if he had insulted her or not. She really didn't care. She was ready to go. She hated L.A. because she went to college at UCLA and it brought back memories of her before she became the vixen she was today.
He turned the channel and Larry King was on TV talking about gun control.
" A king, a joker, a queen, and an Ace," Richard said. " I knew it! It is time."
" What are you talking about Richard? Get dressed and let's go."
"Let's go. You would like that wouldn't you? So you can sin again and lure another man into this disgraceful business of yours. No shame in our ways as we fall into a constant cycle of repetitive nonsense based simply upon my physical attraction to a money hungry bitch. It's a paradox spiral. Like the Garden of Sinners. A fucking revolving door. Neither of us will ever get enough."
Innocent got the anime refrence suprisingly. The Garden of Sinners was one of her favorites. The paradox spiral he spoke of was a constant cycle of death over and over and the person dying didn't even know he or she was ever alive. It was the same thing over and over. Like someone living from pay check to pay check.
" Jay-Z said it best 'I ain't trying to survie I'm trying to live it to the limit and love it alive' ", Innocent responded hoping to lighten the mood.
Richard shook his head furiously and walked to his slacks on the floor. He reached in the pocket and pulled out a switch blade.
" There is no honor in this. What we are doing. How can you say there is honor in this," he inquired as he waved the knife around.
Innocent felt no fear though. She almost laughed at the nude frail negro as he continued to lose his mind. He seemed to be some type of schizophrenic the way he as stringing together random thoughts. But she didn't want him getting close with the knife. A scar on her expesive body would drive her insane. She decided to play it cool and let him carry the conversation. It was obvious to her that the sex had driven him to madness.
" Have you ever heard of Aum Shinrikyo," Richard asked Innocent.
She had. It was a cult that followed the teachings of the blind Shoko Asahara a man they believed to be Christ. It was a Japanese Doomsday cult. They put sarin gas in the subways in Tokyo and killed and injured many people. But she wasn't going to tell Richard she knew that so just shook her head.

" You wouldn't know. Not some big titty freak! You have no honor. I have no honor. We are all jokes to your Joker. That is your God! Not Shoko. They kill our leaders and you praise the ones that bring us death like your ridiculous Fetty Wap. What a way to disrespect the blind with his one eye that can see. He is no artist. And yet you wait for some idiot rapper and treat me like I am not a genius. I have money to you know!"
Richard reached in his pocket again and pulled out some money. He tossed all of the bills into the air.
" Is that what you want," He yelled as the bills scattered and floated to the ground. "Money. Money made you give me the best time of my life. I have plenty more!"
Innocent really didn't want to have sex with him again so she decided to say," But there is no honor in what we have done."
The room fell silent. All that could be heard was Larry King speaking of cherishing life. Innocent decided to see how schizophrenic the young man was.
" He is preaching about life. But he is a king Ace. They always give the King the Queen. But aren't you above him. Together we can take the Joker and the King. We love each other. I loved making love to you. You have such a big cock that I didn't consider it work. I fell for you. But you are right there is no honor in what we have done," She slowly dropped the towel to the floor to reveal her fake body. " There is honor in harakiri though."
A harakiri is a Japanese ritual suicide. It usually was performed by samurais to escape being killed by their enemies and facing torture. It was to be considered honorable to take ones life after a mistake to avoid disgrace.
" You mean Seppuku," Richard asked.
Seppuku is the traditional Japanese way of saying harakiri.
Innocent decided to use a bit of her knowledge. She felt the situation called for it. Richard was no dummy. She knew schizophrenia affected only very intelligent people.
" Yes," she said softly and slowly walked towards him. " And for me Jigai."
" We can be like Romeo and Juliet. Die together."
" Yes. We can. I love you Richard."
As soon as she said that Richard took the switch blade and began stabbing himself repeatedly in the stomach yelling the words, " Juliet! Juliet! Seppuku!"
Blood poured from his gut and ran down his legs as he screamed. Innocent tried hard not to laugh. Richard fell to his knees as he sliced at this stomach. He lay dying at her feet tears flowing from his eyes as they fluttered and began to close for the final time. Within several minutes he lay motionless.
She looked at the clock on the wall. Her flight didn't leave for almost six hours. Plenty of time to call the police and explain that this guy killed himself and she found him this way when she stepped out the shower.
She looked at his dead body as she picked up the dollar bills that didn't have blood on them. She shook her head in disgust.
" Guess you never heard of Hosokawa Garcia," She said and laughed as loud as she could.
Two weeks later
The Joker strip club was packed. Innocent sat in the VIP with a customer. She had her black wig on covering her blonde hair and green contacts in disgusing her blue eyes. She wore no top showing off her fake DD breast and wore a pink thong that revealed her amazingly fake booty. The customer had just asked her how much for a night of sex.
" Four thosand dollars," She said with her irrestible smile.
She figure her employee needed a raise.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Prince Vegeta News!

The Album Prince Vegeta is done. Anyone looking for copies must first know some shit about Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone. My new music will only be given away via email to people that are down for the movement. So here's what you need to do. Follow me on Twitter: On on facebook: Go to the youtube page: And leave comments. Hit me up. If you digging the music I will give you a copy. But only if you ask and are a true mutant. This is the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. We shall win by any means necessary.

I'm just joking. Prince Vegeta is dropping 4/20/2017 just like Idoru dropped on Bandcamp. I haven't really retired. I just am taking a break from music to study computer science and read you know? But the album is done and we are working on another one. This album Prince Vegeta has 21 tracks and is almost 80 minutes of music. For free. You have got to love that.
The album also includes the love story between me and Asian Doll. She is one of my muses. So stay tuned for new music. I am also shooting more episodes of Oh Jet! So stick around.

Mutants we are progress.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Sex Tape.

The sex tape. Someone hacked my hard drive and found this. Now I will never be the first exconvict to become POTUS!

Shout out to all the ladies out there. Keep it Asian.

Asian Doll has been eliminated. For now.

Follow the storyline on twitter @JetLeeJetson

Maserati XXX. The Body XXX. Raven Symone. Brenda Song. Let's continue on.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Miss Adventures of Innocent (excerpt)

I have retired from rap and have become a writer. Here is an excerpt from my first novel coming out entitled the Miss Adventures of Innocent. The model is Tanya Barbie. She is the perfect person to play the female superhero Innocent.
The book is dropping soon.

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent
Knights On A Chess Board
The Club was packed and Innocent was on her second lap dance for the night. The man she was grinding her buttocks against was a regular so she gave him a lot of eye contact in hopes that tonight was the night he would ask her if she was selling her body after hours. She wasn't cheap though and he didn't seem to have enough money for her which was the usual routine. She would simply give him a quote like she did everyone else. She considered that a great way to motivate her customers. She almost decided to switch her name to Inspirational but that seemed to be too intelligent for her field of profession. Innocent was a perfect name. They never knew how devious she could be.
One thing she hated about her customer (whose name she couldn't remember) was the fact that he smoked cigarettes. She spent a lot of money on her wigs. Not that she needed wigs. Her long blonde hair came from a long line of caucasian heritage. She also loved her blue eyes but wore contacts at work. It just seemed fake to be her true self in the club. She loved playing a role. Her wigs smelled like tabacco smoke but her actual hair well she loved the smell of apricots and she tried to avoid the tabacco smoke as much as she could at work but every now and then when she took her wig off at the end of the night her actual hair reeked of the smell of smoke. Her shampoo "Sweet Essence" was great but it tested on animals so she only used it three times out the week. They were the only company that had an authentic Apricot smell to her and she refused to let the product go to waste.
She prayed he didn't light a cigarette. The man, a hefty black male that wore huge T-Shirts like it was the early 2000s, had dreads like most of the males that came in the club nowadays and he smoke newports which was a brand she depised. Everytime she sat speaking to a potential customer and he pulled out a pack she mentally cursed a thousand times, swallowed her pride and smiled her irrestible smile and continued to flirt.
You may be asking yourself how a white girl named Innocent, working in a strip club gets so many black male customers? Well, she has a body of a black woman from the music videos. She paid for it. Her mother an English Teacher died while she was in her second year at UCLA studying Literature and left her $35,000.00. Innocent who had always been told she was ugly and had a flat cheast and no behind saw an opprotunity to be a star. She dropped out of school, took the money and bought a pair of DD breast, she got butt injections, lip injections, and bought a whole new wardbrobe. She studied hip hop to a science and moved to Atlanta with dreams of seducing a rapper or sports star, marrying him, and becoming famous. She planned on getting pregnant then divorcing the man and living comfortably off of alimony and child support. Due to the fact that she studied Literature she would write a tell all full of lies about her spouse and be set for the rest of her life.
She hated who she used to be. She saw girls like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose and thought all of her brains weren't worth shit. They were the girls getting paid. All because of how they looked. She had killed the woman she once was and she was reincarnated as Goddess named Innocent....a woman that could talk the pants off any man. Well, almost any man.
It happened about a week ago, she was walking to work in her red bottoms she had saved to get and as she approached the Joker strip club a man in a business suit passed by her. He stopped as soon as he saw her.
"Mildred Baxter Douglas-Mcgee? Is that you," he asked.
Innocent paused. She wondered how he knew her real name. She looked him up an down. He was very handsome and young. Probably early twenties. He was had short cropped black hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin that gave him an almost gothic look but his expensive suit demolished any thoughts of him being grunge. Puzzled Innocent shurgged and replied, "I am sorry do I know you?"
The man stared at her for a few seconds as if he was making sure he was correct in his analyzation. Then he smiled and revealed a two rows of bright, perfect, white teeth.
"I would think so Mildred, we went to high school together," He looked her up and down and a look of disdain appeared on his face," My you have become quite the side show, haven't you?"
Innocent looked at her outfit. It was what she wore before she went into work and changed but it was still very revealing. She could rarely find female clothes that didn't expose her fake body and her form fitting dressed showed every curve she had bought. She did not know how this man had recognized her. She had her red wig on and her bang covered most of her face. She was simply shocked at this man's intense scrutiny. But she knew she couldn't deny who she was. She would look even dumber then she did now.
"I am sorry. I don't recall who you are," She spoke without her usual ethnic slur and used her actual vocabulary she couldn't help it. No use faking it this man seemed to know exactly who she used to be.
" Vincent McArthur the third, we were on the chess team together. You were the smartest girl I had ever met at one time. You taught me about the knights. They are on seperate colors and are the only piece that can jump over pieces. You told me if they work together they can take any piece on the board at any time. To you they were more powerful then the Queen," The man named Vincent said.
It sturck Innocent like a hammer hitting her squarely in the cheast. Yes. She remembered Vincent. He was one of the rich preppy kids that she would always get nervous around. The ones that made fun the clothes she wore that her mom had bought at thrift stores but yet she wished she could be them regardless of how much they hurt her. Vincent....she remembered having the biggest crush on him. As she stared into his face she recognized him slowly. His cheekbones, his smile, his pale skin.....yes it was him.
She didn't know what to say. She began sweating. Sweating like she had been dancing in the club all night. Her knees began shaking. She stepped backwards. Her mouth went dry. She stammered something to say but nothing came out.
Vincent grinned a sad smile. He looked at her as if he had pity in his hear. His mouth to hers looked like an hungry alligators about to open and kill it's prey.
"Well, I really must be going. I have a business meeting to attend to. That MBA has to be put to use", he pulled a silk hankerchief out of the breast pocket of his blazer and handed it to her, "You're sweating like a whore in the summer waiting in line at the soup kitchen with her two kids because the father is in prison fucking men for the rest of his life. And you look like a porn star afraid to film a porn because she wants to keep the last little bit of pride she has left. Forget the fact that outfit plays porns in weak minded mens heads all day. And it looks like you work at this God forsaken club anyway."
Vicent nodded his head to the Joker club.
"I don't", Innocent said. She could taste the sweat on her lips, "I was just walking by."
Vincent stared for a few seconds again. His face became more and more disgusted with each passing moment. He slowly began to step backwards shaking his head as he did.
"I really have to go", he turned and said as he left, "Keep the silk. Worms are known to kill bitches."
"You know you want me," Innocent yelled at the top of her lungs as he opened the door to a Mercedes Benz.
She could still hear him laughing as she grinded her fake buttocks on the fat negro.
That was one of the worst days of her life and she has had some bad days.
Then she heard the lighter flick. She turned her head slightly and sure enough her customer has lit a newport. All she could think about was those poor animals.