Monday, November 28, 2016

Download Idoru for free on Bandcamp.

Don't forget to download the first album from me in almost eight years. Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone. It's a free download. 20 tracks. Almost 80 minutes of music with production from legends like Black Milk, DJ Premier, Charles Hamilton, and many more.

How can you turn down something you never heard?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Prince Vegeta Coming Soon!

The follow up to Idoru is coming soon. It's titled Prince Vegeta and it's already finished. Please support Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone. Here is the album cover and tracklist for Prince Vegeta coming real soon from Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Empire Strikes Back

Jet Lee Jetson aka Jett Jackson: Factz You got two days to listen to the album Idoru: :// By Jet Lee Jetson an album that doubles your effort with the achievement circa whatever because you don't own your masters and had to change the title name with 20 tracks instead of ten (I ain't jocking Escobar) Christian instead of #GOD #NUWUBIAN or my personal favorite #Mason (Ouch) or you're going on the blog It's all Gravy (Rest in peace BIG) Until some bars come your way. Then all of the sudden you ain't the people's champ! This is your famous certified page with your check and all but you'll probably block me if I have to bomb on you cuz. And you know what Lupe said about that block shit! If we can't talk it out like men it's beef. Listen you may not have stole my comic book flow but you did it after me. Which means you are way behind me cuz. Now check this out, listen to the album and say something about it like you said you would. It's been days cuz. This is urgent shit. I am not going nowhere. Deal with it now or later. You ain't got enough bars. I own you. I am a way better rapper then you. It's documented. You borrowed my style. Now pay attention! You're out of pocket. I am not waiting around for you I am ahead of you. Now I got to go. This Biggie Smalls is playing and I am about to hit the bong. I got to blow dun no homo. #AZ in belly. You got till Tuesday fool. (Update: I see you at the party and shit. But I don't club man unless I own the club. Drinking and shit. Celebrating the way you cashed in with this album and shit. Come on Mickey Factz I really want Lupe. I don't talk to middle men. But if this is how you want it. Tuesday fool. You look like a real business man by the way. And your girl got a nice smile cuz.) Tuna Johnson aka The Body Triple XXX: I think Cormega said it Mickey don't want it. But you should check out independent release out this year. It gets the pussy wet but not before the eyes Mickey....never before the eyes. Jet Lee Jetson stop picking on the young bul he's like every other emcee. Clubs, fashion, fake beefs, bad contracts, etc. Let him breathe....he don't want the bar for bar. Marcus Dewayne Banks besides he's kind of small time. I say avoid him and go at Lupe even though you don't have a problem with Lupe. After all Mickey does call him "big bro" so it would be dope if you did this like we in the hood and address him instead. Only problem is Lupe don't really claim this cat....which is why they never did a record together. Ain't that a bitch? Just ignore him Marcus Dewayne Banks aka Jet Lee Jetson
Paragraph 1: It seems the beef between Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco is the big news in the underground nowadays. I am an avid fan of both and I have been studying it for awhile now. The beef started when Lupe via twitter decided to sell his raps to his fans. For a fee of $500.00 Lupe would sell you a verse you weren't allowed to do anything with. I see how that would defeat the purpose. Kid Cudi decided the say Lupe was robbing his fans which he is. Lupe then trolled Kid Cudi by phone and social media. Kid Cudi declined to argue. Lupe ( a black belt) then decided to say he would knock Kid Cudi out. (I don't see Floyd Mayweather walking around saying he is going to knock out civilians but okay). Then when Kid Cudi was having mental health issues and Drake (the stripper abuser) decided to diss Kid Cudi who was in a hospital at the time Lupe again spoke ill towards the emo legend by saying he would physically assault him again.

Paragraph 2: Mickey Factz is a Lupe Fiasco cohort and I have been in communication with him via Facebook. Several days ago I told him what you read above after several miscommunications about him stealing my style. I have proof he has done this. And he knows this. The reason for this post is Mickey is now doing what Lupe did with his fans. Mickey who has heard my album (he did listen to it.)is charging for verses you can't do anything with to his fans for a higher fee then Lupe. He wants money by his paypal account : to rap.

Paragraph 3:
You rapping ass niggaz! These positive "black male role models" hang with a self proclaimed "Crip" from California that tried to take a public "shit" on stage and dare people to battle rap. I dare them to say anything public about me and I will end careers. Including Mickey Factz who I am DMing this link to. "It's a small world where beef can never end." ~ Nas Mickey Factz is a victim. I will battle him anytime on wax. His music is boring. Same thing for Lupe. As for Daylyt. I don't respect him enough to ever respond to him. I see you guys hustling. Mickey and Lupe. I don't knock it but don't act like it ain't what it is. "It either is or it ain't that." ~Loaded Lux

Paragraph 4: Shout out to Cage Chris Palko. My OG. This is for him. And Kid Cudi. Two of the best to ever do it no homo.

Sincerely yours,

Jet Lee Jetson

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Game has changed.

This nigga The Game. (smh) I once thought he was one of the illest and I kept my mouth shut until the verdict of the Priscilla Rainey case was revealed. Now that he has been found guilty of sexual assault I think I can speak on this matter.

All of that tough guy talk with other rappers is cool. Man to man that is whatever. But all of the bars in the world can't save you when you abuse women. Sadly Philly wins again because Priscilla is from the North Scrap. (Meek is somewhere laughing) I want to reiterate the fact that real women don't go for a nigga strictly because he is a star. The Game got his ego checked and cutting that check as well. I hate niggaz that look at women as objects. The idea of a reality TV dating show where you find "true" love is corny anyway, but it shows you how desperate these so called celebrities are for pussy. Then you go on this show and still can't get any pussy and end up losing money. I can no longer listen to the Game's music. The nigga has no game. His name no longer makes any sense.

Priscilla is dead ugly as well. Fake body, which is cool but with a face like that it doesn't matter. And have you heard this girl talk? Ratchet, ratchet, ratchet.....but once again this is the world we live in. You can take someone out the projects but you can't take someone out the projects. (I said it like that on purpose). I didn't watch She's Got Game. I was in prison when it came out. But I did see the preview for one episode and it was fucking stupid. He wanted to take the girls to the "hood" to see if they could "hang" with the "homies". What type of bitch can't do that on her free time? It shows how simple minded the whole show is. What bitch would want to go to the fucking Compton Projects on a date? Many....because mad people watched this bullshit ass show. Girls today thinking it's cool to sell million of records but can't leave the projects. So they date niggaz that listen to this type of music and support this type of movement not knowing that romance is an actual art form and once again the #ILLUMANATI wins.

This nigga Game though. Not only is he taking it backwards. #JayZVoice "Taking it backwards." But he is now a fucking sex offender. Aww man. Any charges that are domestic or dealing with sex are no nos where I come from. The Game has a Dad that has caught some sexual charges by molesting his daughters. When The Game first came out he was big on talking about this. But Priscilla is somebody's daughter and we should respect all women. Even the ones dumb enough to go on reality TV. But if a woman goes on reality TV she should set an nigga up like she did the Game. This is the only time it is okay. A come up. #ThatIsAll

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

More shots taken at Jet Lee Jetson

If you have been following the blog (which I know some of you are)then you know about my failed record deal with ILL-Legit Records. You should know I never said anything bad publically about this label. But it seems they want any negative attention they can get from me. The head of the label a Doc Ill Malpraktiz was warned several times about the "A&R" he hired and fellow "bandmate" Mark Deez and his obsession with me. I mean here's a guy that begged to take photos with me at one time. Mark Deez not only begged to take photo's with me but was the main reason I turned down the deal from this label. He was completely unprofessional. I have done records with Mark Deez in the past and when I sent some of my new work to him he said he wanted to sign me. First off, there was no money ever offered for the deal. He wanted me to sign for free. He also gave me some of the wackest beats I have ever heard to work with. His in house producers sucked. Still I felt sorry for him because he said he owed money to the IRS. So I decided to do one album with him strictly for the blog exposure.

I created Ha! Ha! Ha! Mark Deez became extremely more difficult to work with though. So I left the label. I was still planning on releasing Ha! Ha! Ha! which now included diss records to Mark Deez but he asked me not to release it so I didn't. I didn't like the production anyway and it seemed petty I mean he is not a big star or anything so why give him the attention?

This guy starts blowing up my phone after I asked him to do a music video for me. He wanted to overcharge me and he didn't have all the equipment and wanted me to also buy lights and shit. So I declined. He then became irate and left some very disgusting messages on my phone that I recorded in the studio in case I ever needed to release the audios. I still don't think that is necessary though.

Then he decides to troll my OG Cage for whom I got my weatherman tattoo on my skull for and releases these "diss" records which were songs I recorded for Ha! Ha! Ha1 but edited without my vocals on them. Which is why I never give any vocals to him because he does weird shit with people's vocals. Like mixes them over beats and sells them to people. Since he took my vocals off of these songs (and if you listen to the records you can hear they are edited) I will say I never recorded with him. I will also never respond musically to this guy. He is not a very good rapper and I don't respect him enough to battle him.

The only reason I am posting about this is because first it was Charles Hamilton now it's this shit. For some reason people don't want other people to hear me rap. Which means my music is a fucking problem. I advise you to download and listen to my latest work Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone at your earliest convenience.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Jet Lee Jetson vs. Charles Hamilton?

If you know anything about me and my career you know I used to go by the name Tha UFO and I have been in the game for about ten years now. I have had a few problems with several emcees but none as big as Charles Hamilton. On my new album Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone I have two cuts over his instrumentals and I also have two albums in the cut over his instrumentals. My ex Facebook wife The Body XXX has been conversing with Charles Hamilton via Facebook and from what I have seen this dude is very non social. Due to the fact that we tried to squash this beef that was spawned by Kevin Nottingham over video games and show we had grown as artist some people are still acting immature. The Body XXX told Charles about us dropping the albums over his beats but we noticed odd similarities in our styles...example:

All of the sudden Charles Hamilton is bald. And all of the sudden he loves Raven Symone. He even went as far as making a song "about" her. I use that term loosely. The song title has her name in it. But he rarely has any bars relevant to the Disney Star. I let Charles hear the song "Bitches Ain't Shit" over his instrumental (that song is on the album Idoru out now on Bandcamp) in the song I preach about Raven. This was months ago and now he is in love with her. This is not the first time Charles has done this "swagger jacking". He also jacked my debut album title "Take Me to Your Leader" and used it on an instrumental tape. I got it from MF Doom so who cares? The Body XXX said I had a better blog then Charles and gave him a link. He decided to go public with the shit:

If you don't feel like hitting the link here is what he said:

"Some fans...
I'm aware that some of my fans make music.
No problem.
I'm aware that some of my fans make music to MY production.
No problem.
I put it out for free.
But some of you guys cross the line.
If you don't DIRECTLY bite (or sub-diss), you do things subliminally.

Like I won't catch it.

Such is why I've gotten so much colder in recent years.

So fine.
Let me give one StarChaser the attention he's been searching for.

Jet Lee Jetson.

He's been a follower of my music and lifestyle for some time now.
He says he's incomparable.
And he's in love with Raven-Symone.
I don't have any links to his music, so you're gonna have to check social media for him.

You happy now, Tuna Johnson?
Your man is getting some press on the blog you think his blog is shitting on.


Today was actually a good day.
I DJ'd, cypher'd, and got an award for it.
It was the 2016 Rap-a-con.
Major shouts to Curtis Sherrod for putting it together.

I have an important phone call to make, so I'm off this thing for now.
But I will return."

~End Quote

First of all I like his production sometimes. But as far as being a fan of his music. I am not. I did this so we could squash the beef. Secondly, he has links because The Body XXX gave him the link to my blog which is why he made this post in the first place. Third, if anyone is biting it's the guy that heard my song and decided to run with it not knowing that I did an album with Raven in 2009 called Poet Hop. I am not going to beef with this dude. I just won't release the albums since he is uncomfortable with the music. I don't want to give him any more shine then he deserves. I am aiming at a completely different demographic then Charles. So I have a few more instrumentals I blessed for him that I will release and then I am done. But the original albums Spike and Spike 2.0 will not be released. They stay in the vault.

Also I am not The Body XXX man. See unlike Charles I am actually serious about my pursuit of Raven Symone. Which is why I said we are going after two different demographics. I am trying to get to a certain level he cannot fathom. Anyway, I will not mention Charles on this blog again. I wish the best of luck for him and I hope he does something with his career because he hasn't had the best one in my eyes.

Got to go. And For all of those that haven't listened to or downloaded Idoru: A Love Letter to Raven Symone listen to and download it for free here: