Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Empire Strikes Back

Jet Lee Jetson aka Jett Jackson: https://www.facebook.com/MarcusDewayneBanks?rc=pMickey Factz You got two days to listen to the album Idoru: ://www.thaufo.bandcamp.com/.../idoru-a-love-letter-to... By Jet Lee Jetson an album that doubles your effort with the achievement circa whatever because you don't own your masters and had to change the title name with 20 tracks instead of ten (I ain't jocking Escobar) Christian instead of #GOD #NUWUBIAN or my personal favorite #Mason (Ouch) or you're going on the blog www.RavesWithRaven.Blogspot.com It's all Gravy (Rest in peace BIG) Until some bars come your way. Then all of the sudden you ain't the people's champ! This is your famous certified page with your check and all but you'll probably block me if I have to bomb on you cuz. And you know what Lupe said about that block shit! If we can't talk it out like men it's beef. Listen you may not have stole my comic book flow but you did it after me. Which means you are way behind me cuz. Now check this out, listen to the album and say something about it like you said you would. It's been days cuz. This is urgent shit. I am not going nowhere. Deal with it now or later. You ain't got enough bars. I own you. I am a way better rapper then you. It's documented. You borrowed my style. Now pay attention! You're out of pocket. I am not waiting around for you I am ahead of you. Now I got to go. This Biggie Smalls is playing and I am about to hit the bong. I got to blow dun no homo. #AZ in belly. You got till Tuesday fool. (Update: I see you at the party and shit. But I don't club man unless I own the club. Drinking and shit. Celebrating the way you cashed in with this album and shit. Come on Mickey Factz I really want Lupe. I don't talk to middle men. But if this is how you want it. Tuesday fool. You look like a real business man by the way. And your girl got a nice smile cuz.) Tuna Johnson aka The Body Triple XXX: I think Cormega said it best....to Mickey Factz.....you don't want it. But you should check out Idoru....best independent release out this year. It gets the pussy wet but not before the eyes Mickey....never before the eyes. Jet Lee Jetson stop picking on the young bul he's like every other emcee. Clubs, fashion, fake beefs, bad contracts, etc. Let him breathe....he don't want the bar for bar. Marcus Dewayne Banks besides he's kind of small time. I say avoid him and go at Lupe even though you don't have a problem with Lupe. After all Mickey does call him "big bro" so it would be dope if you did this like we in the hood and address him instead. Only problem is Lupe don't really claim this cat....which is why they never did a record together. Ain't that a bitch? Just ignore him Marcus Dewayne Banks aka Jet Lee Jetson
Paragraph 1: It seems the beef between Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco is the big news in the underground nowadays. I am an avid fan of both and I have been studying it for awhile now. The beef started when Lupe via twitter decided to sell his raps to his fans. For a fee of $500.00 Lupe would sell you a verse you weren't allowed to do anything with. I see how that would defeat the purpose. Kid Cudi decided the say Lupe was robbing his fans which he is. Lupe then trolled Kid Cudi by phone and social media. Kid Cudi declined to argue. Lupe ( a black belt) then decided to say he would knock Kid Cudi out. (I don't see Floyd Mayweather walking around saying he is going to knock out civilians but okay). Then when Kid Cudi was having mental health issues and Drake (the stripper abuser) decided to diss Kid Cudi who was in a hospital at the time Lupe again spoke ill towards the emo legend by saying he would physically assault him again.

Paragraph 2: Mickey Factz is a Lupe Fiasco cohort and I have been in communication with him via Facebook. Several days ago I told him what you read above after several miscommunications about him stealing my style. I have proof he has done this. And he knows this. The reason for this post is Mickey is now doing what Lupe did with his fans. Mickey who has heard my album (he did listen to it.)is charging for verses you can't do anything with to his fans for a higher fee then Lupe. He wants money by his paypal account : mickeyfactz@gmail.com to rap.

Paragraph 3:
You rapping ass niggaz! These positive "black male role models" hang with a self proclaimed "Crip" from California that tried to take a public "shit" on stage and dare people to battle rap. I dare them to say anything public about me and I will end careers. Including Mickey Factz who I am DMing this link to. "It's a small world where beef can never end." ~ Nas Mickey Factz is a victim. I will battle him anytime on wax. His music is boring. Same thing for Lupe. As for Daylyt. I don't respect him enough to ever respond to him. I see you guys hustling. Mickey and Lupe. I don't knock it but don't act like it ain't what it is. "It either is or it ain't that." ~Loaded Lux

Paragraph 4: Shout out to Cage Chris Palko. My OG. This is for him. And Kid Cudi. Two of the best to ever do it no homo.

Sincerely yours,

Jet Lee Jetson

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