Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Game has changed.

This nigga The Game. (smh) I once thought he was one of the illest and I kept my mouth shut until the verdict of the Priscilla Rainey case was revealed. Now that he has been found guilty of sexual assault I think I can speak on this matter.

All of that tough guy talk with other rappers is cool. Man to man that is whatever. But all of the bars in the world can't save you when you abuse women. Sadly Philly wins again because Priscilla is from the North Scrap. (Meek is somewhere laughing) I want to reiterate the fact that real women don't go for a nigga strictly because he is a star. The Game got his ego checked and cutting that check as well. I hate niggaz that look at women as objects. The idea of a reality TV dating show where you find "true" love is corny anyway, but it shows you how desperate these so called celebrities are for pussy. Then you go on this show and still can't get any pussy and end up losing money. I can no longer listen to the Game's music. The nigga has no game. His name no longer makes any sense.

Priscilla is dead ugly as well. Fake body, which is cool but with a face like that it doesn't matter. And have you heard this girl talk? Ratchet, ratchet, ratchet.....but once again this is the world we live in. You can take someone out the projects but you can't take someone out the projects. (I said it like that on purpose). I didn't watch She's Got Game. I was in prison when it came out. But I did see the preview for one episode and it was fucking stupid. He wanted to take the girls to the "hood" to see if they could "hang" with the "homies". What type of bitch can't do that on her free time? It shows how simple minded the whole show is. What bitch would want to go to the fucking Compton Projects on a date? Many....because mad people watched this bullshit ass show. Girls today thinking it's cool to sell million of records but can't leave the projects. So they date niggaz that listen to this type of music and support this type of movement not knowing that romance is an actual art form and once again the #ILLUMANATI wins.

This nigga Game though. Not only is he taking it backwards. #JayZVoice "Taking it backwards." But he is now a fucking sex offender. Aww man. Any charges that are domestic or dealing with sex are no nos where I come from. The Game has a Dad that has caught some sexual charges by molesting his daughters. When The Game first came out he was big on talking about this. But Priscilla is somebody's daughter and we should respect all women. Even the ones dumb enough to go on reality TV. But if a woman goes on reality TV she should set an nigga up like she did the Game. This is the only time it is okay. A come up. #ThatIsAll

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