Monday, November 14, 2016

Jet Lee Jetson vs. Charles Hamilton?

If you know anything about me and my career you know I used to go by the name Tha UFO and I have been in the game for about ten years now. I have had a few problems with several emcees but none as big as Charles Hamilton. On my new album Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone I have two cuts over his instrumentals and I also have two albums in the cut over his instrumentals. My ex Facebook wife The Body XXX has been conversing with Charles Hamilton via Facebook and from what I have seen this dude is very non social. Due to the fact that we tried to squash this beef that was spawned by Kevin Nottingham over video games and show we had grown as artist some people are still acting immature. The Body XXX told Charles about us dropping the albums over his beats but we noticed odd similarities in our styles...example:

All of the sudden Charles Hamilton is bald. And all of the sudden he loves Raven Symone. He even went as far as making a song "about" her. I use that term loosely. The song title has her name in it. But he rarely has any bars relevant to the Disney Star. I let Charles hear the song "Bitches Ain't Shit" over his instrumental (that song is on the album Idoru out now on Bandcamp) in the song I preach about Raven. This was months ago and now he is in love with her. This is not the first time Charles has done this "swagger jacking". He also jacked my debut album title "Take Me to Your Leader" and used it on an instrumental tape. I got it from MF Doom so who cares? The Body XXX said I had a better blog then Charles and gave him a link. He decided to go public with the shit:

If you don't feel like hitting the link here is what he said:

"Some fans...
I'm aware that some of my fans make music.
No problem.
I'm aware that some of my fans make music to MY production.
No problem.
I put it out for free.
But some of you guys cross the line.
If you don't DIRECTLY bite (or sub-diss), you do things subliminally.

Like I won't catch it.

Such is why I've gotten so much colder in recent years.

So fine.
Let me give one StarChaser the attention he's been searching for.

Jet Lee Jetson.

He's been a follower of my music and lifestyle for some time now.
He says he's incomparable.
And he's in love with Raven-Symone.
I don't have any links to his music, so you're gonna have to check social media for him.

You happy now, Tuna Johnson?
Your man is getting some press on the blog you think his blog is shitting on.


Today was actually a good day.
I DJ'd, cypher'd, and got an award for it.
It was the 2016 Rap-a-con.
Major shouts to Curtis Sherrod for putting it together.

I have an important phone call to make, so I'm off this thing for now.
But I will return."

~End Quote

First of all I like his production sometimes. But as far as being a fan of his music. I am not. I did this so we could squash the beef. Secondly, he has links because The Body XXX gave him the link to my blog which is why he made this post in the first place. Third, if anyone is biting it's the guy that heard my song and decided to run with it not knowing that I did an album with Raven in 2009 called Poet Hop. I am not going to beef with this dude. I just won't release the albums since he is uncomfortable with the music. I don't want to give him any more shine then he deserves. I am aiming at a completely different demographic then Charles. So I have a few more instrumentals I blessed for him that I will release and then I am done. But the original albums Spike and Spike 2.0 will not be released. They stay in the vault.

Also I am not The Body XXX man. See unlike Charles I am actually serious about my pursuit of Raven Symone. Which is why I said we are going after two different demographics. I am trying to get to a certain level he cannot fathom. Anyway, I will not mention Charles on this blog again. I wish the best of luck for him and I hope he does something with his career because he hasn't had the best one in my eyes.

Got to go. And For all of those that haven't listened to or downloaded Idoru: A Love Letter to Raven Symone listen to and download it for free here:

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