Wednesday, November 16, 2016

More shots taken at Jet Lee Jetson

If you have been following the blog (which I know some of you are)then you know about my failed record deal with ILL-Legit Records. You should know I never said anything bad publically about this label. But it seems they want any negative attention they can get from me. The head of the label a Doc Ill Malpraktiz was warned several times about the "A&R" he hired and fellow "bandmate" Mark Deez and his obsession with me. I mean here's a guy that begged to take photos with me at one time. Mark Deez not only begged to take photo's with me but was the main reason I turned down the deal from this label. He was completely unprofessional. I have done records with Mark Deez in the past and when I sent some of my new work to him he said he wanted to sign me. First off, there was no money ever offered for the deal. He wanted me to sign for free. He also gave me some of the wackest beats I have ever heard to work with. His in house producers sucked. Still I felt sorry for him because he said he owed money to the IRS. So I decided to do one album with him strictly for the blog exposure.

I created Ha! Ha! Ha! Mark Deez became extremely more difficult to work with though. So I left the label. I was still planning on releasing Ha! Ha! Ha! which now included diss records to Mark Deez but he asked me not to release it so I didn't. I didn't like the production anyway and it seemed petty I mean he is not a big star or anything so why give him the attention?

This guy starts blowing up my phone after I asked him to do a music video for me. He wanted to overcharge me and he didn't have all the equipment and wanted me to also buy lights and shit. So I declined. He then became irate and left some very disgusting messages on my phone that I recorded in the studio in case I ever needed to release the audios. I still don't think that is necessary though.

Then he decides to troll my OG Cage for whom I got my weatherman tattoo on my skull for and releases these "diss" records which were songs I recorded for Ha! Ha! Ha1 but edited without my vocals on them. Which is why I never give any vocals to him because he does weird shit with people's vocals. Like mixes them over beats and sells them to people. Since he took my vocals off of these songs (and if you listen to the records you can hear they are edited) I will say I never recorded with him. I will also never respond musically to this guy. He is not a very good rapper and I don't respect him enough to battle him.

The only reason I am posting about this is because first it was Charles Hamilton now it's this shit. For some reason people don't want other people to hear me rap. Which means my music is a fucking problem. I advise you to download and listen to my latest work Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone at your earliest convenience.

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