Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Miss Adventures of Innocent (excerpt)

I have retired from rap and have become a writer. Here is an excerpt from my first novel coming out entitled the Miss Adventures of Innocent. The model is Tanya Barbie. She is the perfect person to play the female superhero Innocent.
The book is dropping soon.

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent
Knights On A Chess Board
The Club was packed and Innocent was on her second lap dance for the night. The man she was grinding her buttocks against was a regular so she gave him a lot of eye contact in hopes that tonight was the night he would ask her if she was selling her body after hours. She wasn't cheap though and he didn't seem to have enough money for her which was the usual routine. She would simply give him a quote like she did everyone else. She considered that a great way to motivate her customers. She almost decided to switch her name to Inspirational but that seemed to be too intelligent for her field of profession. Innocent was a perfect name. They never knew how devious she could be.
One thing she hated about her customer (whose name she couldn't remember) was the fact that he smoked cigarettes. She spent a lot of money on her wigs. Not that she needed wigs. Her long blonde hair came from a long line of caucasian heritage. She also loved her blue eyes but wore contacts at work. It just seemed fake to be her true self in the club. She loved playing a role. Her wigs smelled like tabacco smoke but her actual hair well she loved the smell of apricots and she tried to avoid the tabacco smoke as much as she could at work but every now and then when she took her wig off at the end of the night her actual hair reeked of the smell of smoke. Her shampoo "Sweet Essence" was great but it tested on animals so she only used it three times out the week. They were the only company that had an authentic Apricot smell to her and she refused to let the product go to waste.
She prayed he didn't light a cigarette. The man, a hefty black male that wore huge T-Shirts like it was the early 2000s, had dreads like most of the males that came in the club nowadays and he smoke newports which was a brand she depised. Everytime she sat speaking to a potential customer and he pulled out a pack she mentally cursed a thousand times, swallowed her pride and smiled her irrestible smile and continued to flirt.
You may be asking yourself how a white girl named Innocent, working in a strip club gets so many black male customers? Well, she has a body of a black woman from the music videos. She paid for it. Her mother an English Teacher died while she was in her second year at UCLA studying Literature and left her $35,000.00. Innocent who had always been told she was ugly and had a flat cheast and no behind saw an opprotunity to be a star. She dropped out of school, took the money and bought a pair of DD breast, she got butt injections, lip injections, and bought a whole new wardbrobe. She studied hip hop to a science and moved to Atlanta with dreams of seducing a rapper or sports star, marrying him, and becoming famous. She planned on getting pregnant then divorcing the man and living comfortably off of alimony and child support. Due to the fact that she studied Literature she would write a tell all full of lies about her spouse and be set for the rest of her life.
She hated who she used to be. She saw girls like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose and thought all of her brains weren't worth shit. They were the girls getting paid. All because of how they looked. She had killed the woman she once was and she was reincarnated as Goddess named Innocent....a woman that could talk the pants off any man. Well, almost any man.
It happened about a week ago, she was walking to work in her red bottoms she had saved to get and as she approached the Joker strip club a man in a business suit passed by her. He stopped as soon as he saw her.
"Mildred Baxter Douglas-Mcgee? Is that you," he asked.
Innocent paused. She wondered how he knew her real name. She looked him up an down. He was very handsome and young. Probably early twenties. He was had short cropped black hair, ice blue eyes, pale skin that gave him an almost gothic look but his expensive suit demolished any thoughts of him being grunge. Puzzled Innocent shurgged and replied, "I am sorry do I know you?"
The man stared at her for a few seconds as if he was making sure he was correct in his analyzation. Then he smiled and revealed a two rows of bright, perfect, white teeth.
"I would think so Mildred, we went to high school together," He looked her up and down and a look of disdain appeared on his face," My you have become quite the side show, haven't you?"
Innocent looked at her outfit. It was what she wore before she went into work and changed but it was still very revealing. She could rarely find female clothes that didn't expose her fake body and her form fitting dressed showed every curve she had bought. She did not know how this man had recognized her. She had her red wig on and her bang covered most of her face. She was simply shocked at this man's intense scrutiny. But she knew she couldn't deny who she was. She would look even dumber then she did now.
"I am sorry. I don't recall who you are," She spoke without her usual ethnic slur and used her actual vocabulary she couldn't help it. No use faking it this man seemed to know exactly who she used to be.
" Vincent McArthur the third, we were on the chess team together. You were the smartest girl I had ever met at one time. You taught me about the knights. They are on seperate colors and are the only piece that can jump over pieces. You told me if they work together they can take any piece on the board at any time. To you they were more powerful then the Queen," The man named Vincent said.
It sturck Innocent like a hammer hitting her squarely in the cheast. Yes. She remembered Vincent. He was one of the rich preppy kids that she would always get nervous around. The ones that made fun the clothes she wore that her mom had bought at thrift stores but yet she wished she could be them regardless of how much they hurt her. Vincent....she remembered having the biggest crush on him. As she stared into his face she recognized him slowly. His cheekbones, his smile, his pale skin.....yes it was him.
She didn't know what to say. She began sweating. Sweating like she had been dancing in the club all night. Her knees began shaking. She stepped backwards. Her mouth went dry. She stammered something to say but nothing came out.
Vincent grinned a sad smile. He looked at her as if he had pity in his hear. His mouth to hers looked like an hungry alligators about to open and kill it's prey.
"Well, I really must be going. I have a business meeting to attend to. That MBA has to be put to use", he pulled a silk hankerchief out of the breast pocket of his blazer and handed it to her, "You're sweating like a whore in the summer waiting in line at the soup kitchen with her two kids because the father is in prison fucking men for the rest of his life. And you look like a porn star afraid to film a porn because she wants to keep the last little bit of pride she has left. Forget the fact that outfit plays porns in weak minded mens heads all day. And it looks like you work at this God forsaken club anyway."
Vicent nodded his head to the Joker club.
"I don't", Innocent said. She could taste the sweat on her lips, "I was just walking by."
Vincent stared for a few seconds again. His face became more and more disgusted with each passing moment. He slowly began to step backwards shaking his head as he did.
"I really have to go", he turned and said as he left, "Keep the silk. Worms are known to kill bitches."
"You know you want me," Innocent yelled at the top of her lungs as he opened the door to a Mercedes Benz.
She could still hear him laughing as she grinded her fake buttocks on the fat negro.
That was one of the worst days of her life and she has had some bad days.
Then she heard the lighter flick. She turned her head slightly and sure enough her customer has lit a newport. All she could think about was those poor animals.

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