Sunday, December 18, 2016

Some People.....

I just wrote arguably one of the greatest skateboarding stories of all time. The book is going to be a best seller. It is going to change people that read it. I owe no one any explanation. But I will say this. Some girls feel like they will never be successful and have such low self esteem that when a good man approaches them they don't know how to act. They often ignore him not because they are better then him but because they feel like they ain't shit and don't think they deserve a good man. So they assume that every man approaching them ain't shit. After all what good man would really want them? Most of them, if a man doesn't show them money up front they think he is some kind of bum, but what rich nigga, I mean really rich nigga, is going to show a woman money at the very beginning of their relationship if he knows that's all she wants?

I mean seriously think about it? Life isn't a fucking rap video. You think any man with any good amount of money is going spend automatically and give you keys to the fucking safe on the first date? I mean girls want a gangster but if you are really living a life of crime why would you trust the first girl with big titties you see? I mean there's "levels to this shit" like Meek Mill would say. You think a gangster is going to trust a bitch simply because she looks good and wants money? That is the last bitch a real g is gonna trust.

Fellows reading this blog if you are a wealthy nigga you already know what I am talking about. These hoes get dumber and dumber everyday. Keep your mind on your paper and self improvement.

" We just worried bout the money, them bitches gonna come." ~ Curren$y the hot spitta

I am saving up my money for a trip to Colorado but I will be in Atlanta next month to do some shopping. If you see me in the streets you didn't see me.


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