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The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Part Three Excerpt KamiKaze

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent


Before we begin this tale of everyones favorite college student turned stripper that lives in the city of Atlanta we must visit another hero in a smaller city.

He walks the streets downtown with a carefree attitude. He has a lot of money in his pocket. His cousin, a famous supermodel, gives him an allowance at the beginning of every month with hopes he will keep his self not only out of the public eye but out of trouble. You see the hero in question is a two time felon and legally insane. He is young, in his early thirties, and his cousin is so famous that the Illumanti has determined she can not mention any of her other family members ever. Their logic is only the Rothschild family can accquire the type of power the young man often tells his supermodel kin they deserve. Not to mention they are black which is why his cousin wants him never to seek the fame he could easily obtain by dropping her name or perhaps doing anything that would cause someone to take notice of his handsome, articulate, intelligent self.

He is a very deep young man all jokes aside. He went to college to study literature and computer science. He is a hacker. A Kappa. But in the end he is very lonely. You must understand with the ties he has he cannot trust many people. His days mostly consist of him playing a role. It has become a joke to him. Him acting like some sort of broke individual. He has been sworn to secrecy. His family has shunned him because he often unbeknowst to them he has joked of taking on the Rothschild family. He has recorded music and said he will be a famous rapper, and with the things he knows and his education he could actually be the greatest rapper of all time. Rapping to him is simple, but it would bring shame to the wealthy aristocrats he was raised around. He knows rapping is merely a tool used by the Illumanti to make the black man think he cannot speak properly and has to use slang and curse words and forever be a "nigger" or excuse me "nigga". The Illumanti has a select few rappers that are successful but only the ones that do the most damage to the race can become rich by rapping. The most ignorant of the bunch to promote genocide in the urban environment. If this young man decided to release an album it would be full of stupidity but with a vocabulary that comes with reading Edgar Allan Poe over and over in a prison cell wondering why the man in the cell next to him was kissing another man for extra food from the horrible prison kitchen. In short, this insane individual hated the black race almost as much as the government did. You see, he didn't want to stop the Illumanti he wanted to become a newer better version of the Rothschild family. After all Willie Lynch, the man that gave the blueprint to the making of a slave, was also a black man.

But what is a skin color? If you were blind did it matter? The young man wore glasses and once had a police officer try to rip his eye out of the socket. He loved his eyes even though his eyesight was poor. He once shared a cell with a blind man and had to appreciate his eyes to the highest extent. Not quite long ago, he lived a year with no glasses because his model girlfriend broke his versace frames and he was arrested before he could get a new pair. Memories.

He strolled downtown with nothing really on his mind but women. He was sick of them. He met below average women everyday. Normal women. His cousin was arguably the most beautiful woman of all time and he was stuck in a small city looking at women that couldn't even afford a good wax. He would get on backpage and look at the local talent. He would never pay for sex but he liked to see how stupid they looked taking pictures of themselves. As an experiment he once called up several and said he would give them a fee to take a picture with him. Everyone of them declined. He didn't understand how these women could do anything in the bedroom with a man but when it came to not having sex, and getting paid more to not have sex why they would say no. Well, let me not lie to you reader. He knew why. He knew a lot about women. He was raised by the cruelest mother ever and as I said his cousin is arguably the most beautiful woman alive. He knew that the average hoe, pornstar, etc. was simply a nympho. A woman that wanted to have sex as much as possible. They enjoyed it. They made it seem like they were doing it for money but they loved the attention. What woman didn't know what a tiara was? Since birth the average woman is told be beautiful. It is an epedemic worldwide. Women have become objects....they allowed a religion to take them from Goddess to harlot and all in all they were a lost cause to him.

As of late he took joy in ruining women's lives. He went to strip clubs in his small town throwing his weight around. He met one girl that had an odd tattoo. He asked what it was as she disrobed for him.

" It's Egyptain," she said.

" Do you know anything about Osiris and Isis," he asked.

" Yes they were lovers."

" And what happened to Osiris?"

" He was killed wasn't he?"

He laughed in his mind that she had to ask. " Yes. He was. He was dismembered. And what did Isis do?"

" She resurrected him."

" How?"

" I don't know."

" Well she found all of his body parts except which one?"

The stripper who had a very odd shapped body to him couldn't answer. She looked bored as if he wasn't talking about anything important. He was used to this. Anything to do with learning something new an ignorant person was going to shy away from. Here attitude told him one thing he already knew...she was stupid and wanted to stay stupid. Average bitch he thought to himself.

" His dick," he leaned and whispered into her ear.

At this moment the stripper walked away to speak to one of her regulars.

The young man walked with his headphones on as he listened to Lil Wayne on his PlayStation Portable. He saw a group of prison inmates picking up trash and doing other odd jobs up the street. He reached into his pocket and pulled out three one dollar bills. He used to have a detail in prison before they found him legally insane. He would pick up trash on the side of the road and the other inmates would hope someone in a passing car threw a cigarette on the road or maybe some weed.

As he approached he watched the inmates carefully. He knew one would sneak away and ask him if he had a cigarette. The guard couldn't watch all of them. Lo and behold one snuck to the side of the road as he passed and whispered:

" You got a cigarette man?"

The young man slid the three dollar bills into the inmates hand. He knew actual cash in prison was a deadly thing. It could get things done even three dollars because no one had a penny. Nothing else was said and he kept walking.

Three dollars. Why three dollars? Well it was another joke to the young man. He knew about the three headed dog. God, Satan, and Adam. The three men that were made before the woman Eve. God made three men before a woman according to the bible. Why is that? He belived God was gay. God also planned on impregnating his creation if you believe the bible. He did it to Mary. He made a woman carry his child. A virgin. Then killed his son. All the devil did was tell Eve to put some clothes on. God is a pervert....if you believe the bible.

Three dollars. Three men. One woman.

Ain't life grand? And now reader the Kamikaze tale promised about everyone's favorite stripper Innocent.

Innocent had the day off. It was Sunday. She wasn't a religious woman. Sunday was the only day she had off. Why spend it in a fucking church when she was "sinning" all through the week? Sunday was her shopping day. She spent the money she made during the week at various boutiques around the city.

She hopped out of her Lexus and shook her head. It was two years old. She needed something new. She remembered for a brief second the encounter she had with a childhood crush named Vincent McArthur the Third. He had a Benz. He knew who she used to be.....she wanted a fucking Benz.

As she approached her apartment bags in hand she saw a skateboarer several feet away. She paused to watch him.

The skater an Asian male that looked around the age of 21 or 22 coasted up the sidewalk. He had a portable skateboard rail near him. He popped in the air, did a quick kickflip, landed on the rail, slid down it, and landed gracefully.

Innocent dropped her bags and put two fingers in her mouth and whistled. The skater looked up and saw her. When he saw her in her short mini skirt and baby tee he almost fell off of his skateboard.

Innocent was no fool. Her study of hip hop had lead her to learning about skateboarding. She wanted a rapper but would settle for an athlete. She knew skateboarding was almost a billion dollar a year industry. And she wanted money. She always wanted money.

The skater hopped off his board and walked slowly up to her. He looked at her bags. Saks, Chanel, Victoria's Secert, and to his suprise something from Game Stop.

" What's up," The skater asked.

" You are. That was incredible," She said with a huge smile showing off her huge fake lips.

The skater looked her up and down and quickly put his skateboard in front of his crotch. He wore a sweaty DC Shoe shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. He didn't want her to see his erect penis.

" What's your name," Innocent asked.

" Kato. What's yours?"

" Innocent," She said. " You skate pro?"

Kato paused for a moment and looked at Innocent as if she had lost her mind. " Hell no fool. I am not that good. I just do it for the excercise. It's also very challenging and fun."

" You can't think like that. I don't know much about skateboarding but that was some pretty groovy shit," she said with a giggle.

Kato smiled. She had him.

" You should take me out and we can talk about this over dinner," She said to him and smiled her irresistable smile again.

" Cool. My parents own a resturant, we can eat there. Do you like Chinese food?"


The night of the date Kato picked her up in a beat up Honda Civic. As she hopped in the car she couldn't help but notice the music he was playing.

" Flyleaf," she said before she knew she said it.

" I didn't know you liked christian rock," Kato looked at her and smiled.

She didn't. But she did like Flyleaf. She listened to music she liked in her private time. But at the club she played the generic rap music blending in with her co workers.

The drove in silence listening to Flyleaf.

The resturant his parents owned was a buffet. She hated buffets because she didn't like sharing food with anyone. She also thought germs would spread easily. Innocent was almost OCD in a way. But she had a plan so she got a salad that she was forcing herself to eat. As she picked at her food Kato stared at her in awe.

" Do you not like your salad? You are barely eating it."

Innocent forced a smile. " I am just thinking about how you are such a good skater. I think you can go pro."

Kato shurgged. " Do you know how many kids skate? I am an average skater. I just do it for fun."

It was time for Innocent to launch her plan. " Listen, I was watching Ridiculousness with Rob Dyrdek and they had this skater on there that had fallen on landed on his face several times. He was famous on youtube for it. He was on there and Rob was laughing with him and he was so cool. He was on MTV Kato. MTV."

Kato stopped chewing his sweet and sour chicken for a minute. He seemed to be in deep thought. Then he continued chewing and swallowed. " What are you suggesting I bail and hurt myself? That's the stupidest thing I ever heard."

Innocent stared at him then she slowly looked around the resturant. Most of the customers were out of shape black people there for the all you can eat crab legs. Her shoes probably cost more then Kato's whole outfit. She didn't have to sit there and listen to someone call her ideas stupid. So she pulled out her phone and slowly stood up.

" Where are you going," Kato asked.

" Uber. I am going home."

Before Kato could respond she began walking out of the resturant. Kato followed.

In the parking lot Kato begged for an explanation.

" You can't be serious Innocent. Me bailing on purpose is stupid. What kind of skater wants to be known for bailing? Do you know how dangerous that is?"

Innocent rolled her eyes. " I am thinking about MTV. Don't you want to be famous?"

" Innocent you don't understand," Kato paced in front of her. " I just do it for fun. I mean....I am an Asian skater in Atlanta. I don't have many friends. I moved here after my brother was killed over gang violence in California. My mom thought I would grow up to be just like him if we stayed so they moved me out here. I am trying to be a good kid for them. You don't know what it's like feeling like some bitch because you couldn't avenge your only brother. I don't fit in out here. I was so shocked someone as beautiful as you showed me any type of attention. I skate because I feel free when I do. I feel like my brother is watching over me and every trick I land he can be proud you know? If I start falling and shit....it will go against everything I believe in. I earn my scars. I earn my scars."

" You think I don't know what it's like to be an outcast," Innocent yelled at him. " I am a white girl in a black strip club. You think I want to shake this ass like I don't shit out this mother fucker? Dancing to some God Forsaken rapper as I collect bills from some pussy ass pervert that I would leave in an instant if the rapper that made the song I was moving my ass too walked in the club. I want to get out of that fucking club Kato! You have to sacrifice if you want anything out of life. And while you sit here arguing with me the dude that "bailed" is on fucking MTV sitting next to Chanel Westcoast and is fucking famous!!"

" Man fuck that shit. That's worst then being a poser. Real skaters are already getting a bad rap with all these rappers talking about the culture and stealing all of the gigs. I am not--"

Innocent slapped him in mid sentence.

Kato stood frozen.

" Grow a dick....or are you just scared to fall," she pulled him close. " Fall in love."

They kissed. It was a long passionate kiss. No tongue involved. Just a long passionate kiss. After one minute exactly ( Innocent timed it) the kiss ended.

" Okay," Kato said. " I will do it. On one condition."

" What's that?"

" You come back in and finish the salad. My parents work hard to make sure the vegetables are fresh."


It was the day of the bail. In the beat up Honda Civic sat three people. Kato, Innocent, and Kato's pothead friend Shroom. Shroom was the camera man. He smelled like marijuana and musk.

Kato who wore the same DC shirt he had on when he met Innocent gave her a sad smile as he drived. They had been dating for about a week. And Kato being a "christian" hadn't asked for any sex. They just kissed a lot. Easiest relationship Innocent had been in in a long time.

" This is the plan," Kato explained to Shroom. "There's a two story building. I go on the roof and do a simple ollie. I am going to bail and land on my side. Hopefully my shoulder and arm will take the impact."

Shroom nodded in the backseat. He was staring at Innocent the whole time.

They pulled into an empty parking lot and Innocent saw the buliding. She could taste the fame. She knew this was her shot at the star life. She had no intentions of staying with Kato. She just wanted to use him to get her foot in the door to meeting someone more established.

As they got out of the car and Kato began walking towards the building he stopped in mid stride and turned towards Innocent.

" I love you. This is for us. The outcast," he said and leaned towards her to kiss her.

They kissed and his lips tasted like watermelon. And within seconds he was gone towards the building.

Innocent stood alone with Shroom.

" You're hot," Shroom said fidgetting with the camera.

" Ugh," was her reply.

" There he is," Innocent pointed to the top of the roof when Kato was visible.

Shroom pointed the camera in the general direction she pointed to.

It happened in slow motion. Kato coasted towards the ledge of the roof. Popped up on the skateboard. He was in the air it felt like forever. He began to fall off of the board but as he was in the air he couldn't bring himself to fall. It was like years and years of training had made it impossible to fall. He could feel his brother smiling down on him and as the board came down from the sky he smiled for the last time.

He landed and the board snapped in two. He was flung from it and was hurled through the air. He twisted trying to land somehow safely but he couldn't. He awkardly fell on his head and his skull was smashed on the concrete. His vertebra snapped and he died instantly as the bone fragments of his skull caused his brain to hemorrhage.

" No," Innocent yelled. She began to feel tears welling up in her eyes.

" Oh shit," Shroom said. " I forgot to press record."

Innocent barely heard him. But she heard him. And then the tears came. The first she had shed since she got the surgery for her fake body.

You may be thinking that Innocent is crying because she feels responsible for the death of Kato Chang. No my dear reader you know nothing about Innocent at all. She is crying because she almost cared about the death of Kato Chang. Almost. But not quite.

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