Monday, December 5, 2016

Prince Vegeta News!

The Album Prince Vegeta is done. Anyone looking for copies must first know some shit about Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone. My new music will only be given away via email to people that are down for the movement. So here's what you need to do. Follow me on Twitter: On on facebook: Go to the youtube page: And leave comments. Hit me up. If you digging the music I will give you a copy. But only if you ask and are a true mutant. This is the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. We shall win by any means necessary.

I'm just joking. Prince Vegeta is dropping 4/20/2017 just like Idoru dropped on Bandcamp. I haven't really retired. I just am taking a break from music to study computer science and read you know? But the album is done and we are working on another one. This album Prince Vegeta has 21 tracks and is almost 80 minutes of music. For free. You have got to love that.
The album also includes the love story between me and Asian Doll. She is one of my muses. So stay tuned for new music. I am also shooting more episodes of Oh Jet! So stick around.

Mutants we are progress.

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