Sunday, December 18, 2016

Spike and Spike 2.0

Going through my old emails I found two albums I recorded when I was on the run three years ago. They were never released. They are about my ex Chevante Mack and the drama we were going through at the time.
It's crazy three years pass and she is now pregnant by a corny trap rapper and has pretty much vanished from the spotlight. I am sure she is going to come back trying to regain her sex symbol image but in an age where Blac Chyna traps a fucking Kardashian her and her baby father are really small potatoes. I see no reality show for them and they have no real talent. If they did the post she made about his new music would have got more then one comment a few days ago. And sadly that comment was from me telling me to get her life together.
The sad thing is these albums were recorded several years ago and I told her on them she would end up like this. The line is and I quote:
"You're going to have a wack baby dad// your kid's going to be losing Isiah-Trash//"
That's got to hurt.
I have to pick a good time to drop these albums. I also have a show coming up in January. Actually I am booked all through the month of January. These are the first gigs I have done in years. I can't wait to get back in front of a crowd and spit. I am used to it. In prison they used to beg me to rap for hours even though no one knew what I was talking about. The shit just sounded good.
But shit that needs to be decoded usually ends up like that. Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt went Platinum and no one knew the true breakdown of Dead President's (the first or second) until the Fade to Black Concert film came out.
I can't wait to write my lyrics breakdown novel. I am going to call it something know I have an active imagination.
These two albums though. They were produced by Charles Hamilton who recently dissed me on his blog. I have no hard feelings for the kid. I always respected his earlier works. Before the punch that just fucked his career up. Shout out to Brianna by the way. But this dude has been trying to fuck my ex wife and it is just disgusting. I am putting this out because I think it's good music but I don't respect Charles on a personal level. When you try and get involved in some ones personal life then it's issues. He's been talking slick about me and trying to smash my ex bitch and it's just not tasteful. But I wish him the best and hope he can turn his career around. Maybe this album will get him focused again. I don't know and don't care. This is an old album so I am not really focused on this shit like that.
Spike and Spike 2.0 coming soon. As soon as I can decide when is a good time to let the truth be told.
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