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Another Excerpt from the Miss Adventures Of Innocent

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent By Marcus Dewayne Banks
"Fuck me," Innocent yelled at the top of her lungs as the customer on top of her exerted all of his strength into his pelvic thrust.
As she lay beneath and he moved his hips and sweat dripped from his brow on to hers she knew it was almost over. He wasn't in good shape. She found no pleasure in this expedition. He was inside of her but she barely felt him. He had a small penis and seemed to be very inexperienced. But compared to Innocent most men were. The customer had spent $3,000.00 for the sex and had flown her to L.A. to go on a shopping spree. A weekend vacation. They had a room in the Ramada and after a long night of wining and dining they had finally got to the intercourse.
The client was a drug dealer which wasn't anything new to Innocent. Nowadays everyone claimed to be some type of drug pusher. But he was the real deal. He was a nerdy male that could be considered an otaku. The urban dictionary defines and otaku as:
Otaku is the honorific word of Taku (home).

Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at home all the time and doesn't have a life (no social life, no love life, etc)

Usually an otaku person has nothing better to do with their life so they pass the time by watching anime, playing videogames, surfing the internet (otaku is also used to refer to a nerd/hacker/programmer).

In the Western culture, people confuse otaku to be something positive like "Guru". If you think about it, it's not really good to be called a guru if it means you are a total loser who can't socialize with other people except through the Internet.

Other Japanese words which have been confused by Westerners also include but not limited to: Anime, Manga, etc
otaku no jinsei ha yabai na! (it sucks to live the life of an otaku!)
He sold drugs via the web on a site that resembled the now defunct Silk Road. He had contacted her via Instagram and told her how much he loved to masturbate to her photos. It was nothing new. She met alot of clients via the web. She herself could be called a closet Otaku. Growing up before she had bought her fake body she had watched Sailor Moon and read manga. Her client was an easy target, because she, still on her free time watched anime and read manga. It was one of the only things she still enjoyed from her old life before she bacame a stripper/prostitute.
His name was Richard. He was a young black male that wore circle rimmed glasses like John Lennon, had a low cut ceasar like Barak Obama, and he was very well spoken. He was very skinny and wore expensive button up shirts. They had Skyped several times before the meeting. Only in short durations though. She just wanted to give him enough footage to get him hooked. She knew he would reach an orgasm soon. She just had to keep stroking his ego. It was her job to make him feel like he was attractive and cool.
Speaking of jobs. She looked at her vagina like an employee. Her brain was the boss. She had mastered the art of the kegel. She could make him ejaculate at any moment. She felt she was that gifted. But she wanted him to get his money's worth. He had been in her for about three minutes and was already getting tired. She felt nothing for him. She had no feelings for him. Her vagina was wet but that came with the job. It was all in her mind. She controlled her vagina with thoughts. It was a game. A mind game, which was also the name of her favorite anime.
" I am coming", Richard moaned.
And he did. He began shaking violently and as his sperm filled the condom she almost muttered "finally" but instead she just sucked on Richard's neck until he finished "coming". After he came they lay there naked for a minute until he could gather the strength to move again. He whispered his praise to her. She ignored it. She heard it too often.
He rolled off of her and she immeditely got up from the bed an headed to the bathroom to take a shower. It was her pet peeve. After sex with every client she had to take a shower as soon as possible. It was almost OCD. She was happy the job was finished because she hated taking nights off from the Joker strip club. She worked in Atlanta. There was no telling what famous rapper might come through the club at any moment to change her life.
She hopped in the shower and turned on the warm water. She began scrubbing and thinking. Richard was in love with her. She knew this. He was pitiful. Yet, she would rather have him as a customer then the men she usually had to deal with. The ones that considered themselves cute or what not. Most of the men that came in the night club had some sad story to tell about how they were going to be successful one day and used it to try and have a "stripper" girlfriend. College kids, aspiring rappers, low income business men waiting on a promotion, etc. She tried to be nice to these people after all they had dreams. But she was not looking for a boyfriend. She was looking for someone already successful. After all she already had a huge rack and a huge ass that she had paid for. What more did a man want? It didn't matter what she said or thought people came to a strip club to see not think which made her the total package.
She scrubbed her body until her skin hurt. Then she hopped out of the shower and dried off. Then she wrapped the towel around her body. As she stepped out of the bathroom she immeditley knew something was wrong. Richard stood still in front of the TV still nude facing her. He still had the condom on. She hoped he didn't think he was getting another round of sex. She had a plane to catch and he wasn't famous so the night was over for her.
" You ready to go Ace," Innocent asked.
" Ace", Richard said puzzled. " What does that mean?"
The TV was on MTV2 and music videos played in the background. Innocent (a woman that studied hip hop as a craft because she wanted to marry and divorce a rapper or athelete after she had their child) was paying more attention to the music then Richard and he had to repeat his question before she took notice.
" Oh it's just a term. Like dog or dude. Just a little slang silly. Are you ready to go?"
Richard stared at her and to her looked extremely stupid. She wished he would put some clothes on and take the ridiculous condom off that was full of his seed.
"You work at the joker night club, correct", Richard asked as he pushed his glasses up from his nose.
" Yes I do. You know that."
" Well, what are you some type of Queen?"
The video of the rapper Fetty Wap came on TV and one of her favorite songs played loudly in the hotel room. The song was called Trap Queen and it was about a drug dealer and his girlfriend selling cocaine. She loved the song because it inspired drug dealers to spend money on girls. There even was a scene in the video where Fetty Wap gave a stack of hundred dollar bills to his girlfriend. Mesmerized by the video she mummbled, "Yes. I am a Queen. A trap Queen."
" Well...if I am an Ace and you work for a joker then that means you are at the bottom of the totem pole in this conversation."
" Huh", she didn't follow Richard's train of thought.
" This song is so stupid," Richard said as he walked towards the bed to grab the remote.
" Are you okay Richard,"she asked. She wasn't sure if he had insulted her or not. She really didn't care. She was ready to go. She hated L.A. because she went to college at UCLA and it brought back memories of her before she became the vixen she was today.
He turned the channel and Larry King was on TV talking about gun control.
" A king, a joker, a queen, and an Ace," Richard said. " I knew it! It is time."
" What are you talking about Richard? Get dressed and let's go."
"Let's go. You would like that wouldn't you? So you can sin again and lure another man into this disgraceful business of yours. No shame in our ways as we fall into a constant cycle of repetitive nonsense based simply upon my physical attraction to a money hungry bitch. It's a paradox spiral. Like the Garden of Sinners. A fucking revolving door. Neither of us will ever get enough."
Innocent got the anime refrence suprisingly. The Garden of Sinners was one of her favorites. The paradox spiral he spoke of was a constant cycle of death over and over and the person dying didn't even know he or she was ever alive. It was the same thing over and over. Like someone living from pay check to pay check.
" Jay-Z said it best 'I ain't trying to survie I'm trying to live it to the limit and love it alive' ", Innocent responded hoping to lighten the mood.
Richard shook his head furiously and walked to his slacks on the floor. He reached in the pocket and pulled out a switch blade.
" There is no honor in this. What we are doing. How can you say there is honor in this," he inquired as he waved the knife around.
Innocent felt no fear though. She almost laughed at the nude frail negro as he continued to lose his mind. He seemed to be some type of schizophrenic the way he as stringing together random thoughts. But she didn't want him getting close with the knife. A scar on her expesive body would drive her insane. She decided to play it cool and let him carry the conversation. It was obvious to her that the sex had driven him to madness.
" Have you ever heard of Aum Shinrikyo," Richard asked Innocent.
She had. It was a cult that followed the teachings of the blind Shoko Asahara a man they believed to be Christ. It was a Japanese Doomsday cult. They put sarin gas in the subways in Tokyo and killed and injured many people. But she wasn't going to tell Richard she knew that so just shook her head.

" You wouldn't know. Not some big titty freak! You have no honor. I have no honor. We are all jokes to your Joker. That is your God! Not Shoko. They kill our leaders and you praise the ones that bring us death like your ridiculous Fetty Wap. What a way to disrespect the blind with his one eye that can see. He is no artist. And yet you wait for some idiot rapper and treat me like I am not a genius. I have money to you know!"
Richard reached in his pocket again and pulled out some money. He tossed all of the bills into the air.
" Is that what you want," He yelled as the bills scattered and floated to the ground. "Money. Money made you give me the best time of my life. I have plenty more!"
Innocent really didn't want to have sex with him again so she decided to say," But there is no honor in what we have done."
The room fell silent. All that could be heard was Larry King speaking of cherishing life. Innocent decided to see how schizophrenic the young man was.
" He is preaching about life. But he is a king Ace. They always give the King the Queen. But aren't you above him. Together we can take the Joker and the King. We love each other. I loved making love to you. You have such a big cock that I didn't consider it work. I fell for you. But you are right there is no honor in what we have done," She slowly dropped the towel to the floor to reveal her fake body. " There is honor in harakiri though."
A harakiri is a Japanese ritual suicide. It usually was performed by samurais to escape being killed by their enemies and facing torture. It was to be considered honorable to take ones life after a mistake to avoid disgrace.
" You mean Seppuku," Richard asked.
Seppuku is the traditional Japanese way of saying harakiri.
Innocent decided to use a bit of her knowledge. She felt the situation called for it. Richard was no dummy. She knew schizophrenia affected only very intelligent people.
" Yes," she said softly and slowly walked towards him. " And for me Jigai."
" We can be like Romeo and Juliet. Die together."
" Yes. We can. I love you Richard."
As soon as she said that Richard took the switch blade and began stabbing himself repeatedly in the stomach yelling the words, " Juliet! Juliet! Seppuku!"
Blood poured from his gut and ran down his legs as he screamed. Innocent tried hard not to laugh. Richard fell to his knees as he sliced at this stomach. He lay dying at her feet tears flowing from his eyes as they fluttered and began to close for the final time. Within several minutes he lay motionless.
She looked at the clock on the wall. Her flight didn't leave for almost six hours. Plenty of time to call the police and explain that this guy killed himself and she found him this way when she stepped out the shower.
She looked at his dead body as she picked up the dollar bills that didn't have blood on them. She shook her head in disgust.
" Guess you never heard of Hosokawa Garcia," She said and laughed as loud as she could.
Two weeks later
The Joker strip club was packed. Innocent sat in the VIP with a customer. She had her black wig on covering her blonde hair and green contacts in disgusing her blue eyes. She wore no top showing off her fake DD breast and wore a pink thong that revealed her amazingly fake booty. The customer had just asked her how much for a night of sex.
" Four thosand dollars," She said with her irrestible smile.
She figure her employee needed a raise.

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