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The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

Bonnie And Clyde, Mommy and Nines


Marcus Dewayne Banks and baby mother Raven Symone' finished their lunch at his house early Sunday morning. 12:00 AM to be exact. (They are on different time frames then most people) Two Small Blueberry Pie's made with wild blueberries. The Prince was happy. It was Sunday morning. The day where he did no pimping. It was exactly a week since He and Raven had raced on the bikes and he had lost for the fourth time since he had met her. He was in a jolly mood. He had broken several of the girls in. He was planning on assisting many of them future endeavors for his own purpose. Raven who usually bugged him about this behavior was not asking about it anymore. This was the reason she had left him years ago. He couldn't be faithful. Plus there were all types of contracts involved in their relationship which was why Marcus made some of the choices he did. Shakur was not his child by blood. Marcus did not want his first born to have the same mental illness as him so they went to a donor and put pure Japanese sperm in the womb of Raven. His son Trunks was his own by blood. He had the "illness". However, they both were his children and in all of the universes these were the only children of this kind. His original self had not been able to love any woman, he was too self centered, he was 32 and had yet to love any woman other than his mother. But of these exceptional men thought maybe Innocent could be the one to make him slow down. In the original Marcus' dimension he trusted no one with his heart. He was cold.

But let's no worry of the original Marcus Dewayne Banks reader. While he was unable to love it would seem that the clone loved too many. Do you honestly believe me when I told you he did not cheat? Marcus Dewayne Banks (the clone) well he told women he was a "low life Romeo" quoting Kisten Phelps, a vampire, in the Kim Harrison novels about the witch Rachel Morgan. Both of these men were Androgynous. Women in Men's bodies. But these women were gay. They were very emo. They were fueled by emotion. The original Marcus hated women because he felt he was a better woman than all of them and he was a man. The clone felt he had to try and educate them. Raven thought it was a lost cause. She saw no point in it. Marcus the clone hated her for that. He hated all of the secrecy. All of the lies. Yes she was his but he wanted the world to know and so many things in the contract restricted that. I mean what would stop the average man from going to news station and reporting his close ties with Raven? The above average woman is who. He was forced the path of the arts. The painting, the drawing, the music, the acting.....the fine arts. He didn't even use his powers of controlling the metal or phasing from dimension to dimension much. He loved being humble. He loved being challenged. He loved Raven...contract and all.

His cousin on the other half had allowed Raven to cover her tracks with a former top model. So she felt somewhat owed. She was only participating in the charade because she knew they loved each other and in a society where people couldn't handle the truth. I mean who would believe that a celebrity wanted anyone but a celebrity in their bed. Most celebrities weren't celebrities at all. Just pawns. Tools. Very few had any choice at all. And those that did were held at high regards. Most geniuses were insane. They were just sheltered and directed. Drug habits. Emotional breakdowns. Marcus was one that was slowing becoming accustomed to the spotlight. Taking his time. He didn't want to leave his city though. He came from money. His parents were doctors. He never wanted in his life.

It was Sunday afternoon to them. They sat on the bed pillows behind them as they typed on their laptops. He was posting on his underground music blog and she was emailing someone.

" You know Raven, you've been very sweet to me as of late. I am thinking maybe when I get my car we can go on a road trip just like the old days. Wouldn't that be lovely Sarafina," The Prince asked his lady as she laid in her Trashy lingerie French Quarter Soft Cup Bra and French Quarter Rhino Thong.
" I beat you on the bikes dear. To be honest it wasn't even as challenging as you once were. The record is now 4-3 correct? My way," Raven said as she typed. She reached on the shelf next to where she lay and picked up her wine glass. It was 1982 Mouton Rothschild. Marcus hated the name so she used it to motivate him. " Beside you seem awfully focused on these cars. I don't think you need one. What's the point?"

" I want to motivate my girls. When they see me riding in a double R then they will want to stack and get one too."

" You think? Listen, these bitches will never afford a Rolls without you shoving it in their face. Leave these fucking hoodrats alone. Other then their fucking looks what can they give you? Am I not enough? I thought I was your greatest muse."

" You are Raven. I am doing this for you."

" Me? Really," Raven said crossing her arms over her breast with a smirk on her face. "How so?"

" Well, I am wanted. You don't want someone no one wants right?"

" What is this some type of competition? Like some reality TV show shit," Raven asked sarcastically.

" As a matter of fact it is. These songs I write. I compare these women to you and make them seem as beautiful as you only to be with you in the end. It's brilliant."

The Prince had on no shirt showing of over 100 tattoos and a pair of basketball shorts. He was relaxing. Enjoying his 700 hits a month on his blog gearing up for the release of his new music. He was happy. He was enjoying his Sunday. Raven leaned over and leaned her head on his shoulder to get a better look at what he was typing.

" You're typing about us right now," She asked. " I usually do the typing while you talk? What? Could it be you are doing your own work now?"

" Yes. I am doing my own work from now on. I have time to really sit and think about what I want to say. I am tired of dictating."

Raven placed a finger on her bottom lip. She was in deep thought. " Really?"

" Yes my Sarafina. I mean it."

" Okay then....I have something I want you to type then."

" Anything dear. I am a real man now. I am all about us. I am no longer giving orders."

" Well dear you didn't so much give orders to me. We sort of work together. We are a family. But these other girls....these strippers, and porn stars, well, it's simple. They have to go. Now I just sent an email to some people I have been dealing with that have been following these girls that have been after my sweet potato pie. I deal with you not because of where you're from. I enjoy your company. You are a diamond in the rough. But you are not me. You do not attempt to find diamonds in the rough. I got you out of that so we can buy diamonds at jewelers. These girls are riff raff. You understand me?"

The room was quiet. Marcus stopped typing for several minutes.

" Am I too late," He finally asked.

" You don't have to ask," Raven replied as she snuggled her head into his shoulder. Her soft hair brushing against his skin. " They think they are alive but they are just in the computer program. Simulated. I had them hacked. All of them."

" Saraf-"

" No....don't do that. It's over. You can talk to their ghost but you won't get anything but programmed responses. So it seems you no longer have this Rolls Royce to impress them with since they are reprogrammed. You have to impress only one woman now. And that's me. I am a big Kanye West fan as you know. Lamborghini Murcielago. You know that turns me on. A Rolls is half the price of one of those but fuck a coup...what about the SuperVeloce?"

The Prince was utterly lost. He felt betrayed. He thought her jealous rage was over. But it had never been this bad. She had had people murdered and programmed before. She had ties to the Matrix and could do some serious damaged if provoked. Raven was the furthest thing from an industry puppet. She was a shot caller. A Bossy Boss Lady. A Queen. The Prince who considered himself a joker was in a relationship with the Queen of Comedy.

But she didn't know about the Innocent clone in his original self's dimension.

He prayed she never found out.

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