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The Miss Adventures Of Innoncent Another Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

Do you swear to tell the truth?

Innocent drove through another neighborhood constantly looking in her rearview mirror. She was being tailed. She had been followed for the last hour and she wasn't some sort of espionage expert so she didn't know how to lose the white BMW that had been closely behind her Lexus since she had left her apartment. She didn't want to go to her destination either but she would have to stop and get gas soon. She had no one to call and she didn't know what would happen if she let the person behind her know she was being followed. She was sure it looked odd that she had been riding around suburban neighborhoods like she was looking for property but she only knew suburban neighborhoods because she was always looking for property. So she guessed it wouldn't look odd at all. She needed gas though so she figured it would be best to pull over in a public place. Her tail had to know she had spotted him or her by now because there was no traffic....just her and this white BMW.

She couldn't call the cops because for all she knew this tail was the cops. She had been involved in five murders in the past year. She had set up three dealers and she had practically killed Richard and Kato, not to mention she bought ounces within a month. She figured it would be best to pull over now instead of a public place so she wouldn't get arrested in public. She felt she was to ocute for that. However, wouldn't they have turned their cop lights on by now? And what type of cop drove a 2016 BMW? She wasn't scared. She was she pulled over.

She waited as she parked in front of some realty. The white BMW pulled over behind her. The driver side door opened and out walked an Asian woman with a black hoodie and sweatpants on. The passenger side opened and out walked Vincent McArthur The Third. He was wearing his usual preppy clothes he had on a black tie with white button up but he was looking rather grunge and emo in his outfit. His hair no longer had the blonde frosted tips. It was black and had an emo bang over his forehead. Innocent even noticed the same pair of Gucci Chuck Taylors he used to wear in High School.

She stayed in her Lexus. She was shocked. How did Vincent know where she lived? What the hell was he doing here? She had an idea though. She had been cautious ever since Skipper had turned up dead. There were too many coincidences. The first one was as soon as she communicates with Vincent on Facebook ( an entertainment lawyer) an entertainer shows up at The Joker strip club. Then this same entertainer sends her a bottle of Cristal. Then a few days later this entertainer shows up dead with Skipper. Also that night she almost got hit by a chair by the manager of the strip club as if he was panicing like he couldn't handle the situation. The shit made sense. She just wondered how deep the rabbit hole went. She rolled down her automatic windows and the Asian woman and Vincent walked up to it.

" Good morning Mildred. Where you heading," Vincent asked as he took of his versace sunglasses.

" What's it to you? What are you doing following me," Mildred asked a question of her own.

Vincent looked at the Asian woman and they stared at each other for a moment.

" Listen bitch...we ask the questions," The Asian woman replied.

" This is Miss Van," Vincent said as he reached in his pocket and pulled out an electronic cigarette. He chuckled as he examined Innocent's Lexus. " My God Mildred this shit is two years old. You can't be serious."

" Eat it Vincent. You and rice rice baby here need to back the fuck off before I call the cops. You scared the fuck out of me. I though you were-"

" The cops? Oh no Mildred we are worst then the cops. We just wanted to ask you a few questions is all. I mean you wouldn't want to shit on an old friend would you. I mean all things considered you do owe me."

" Used to owe you Vincent. I think we are even now. Now you and the karate kid fucking kick rocks. I am going to be late for work."

Miss Van laughed. " Mr. Lennon knows you won't be coming in today. Now it's up to you if you don't come in for the rest of your life or you just miss a couple thousand for the day. Either way I sleep like a baby....rice rice baby to be exact."

Innocent looked at Miss Van. The hoodies and sweat pants were baggy. She probably was packing some type of weapon in it. Her .22 was in her purse and she couldn't reach it fast enough considering the circumstances. Besides things were too weird right now. Even if she capped the Asian girl Vincent might have a gun on him too. She had no options. She could try and pull off on them but she could still get capped during the process. All of these thoughts went through her head in a matter of seconds. She figured if they wanted to meet somewhere and talk then she could drive off and take them on a high speed chase. Jail seemed better then a meeting. She didn't trust Vincent. She hadn't since her senior year of High School.

" Okay," She sighed. " Were are we heading I will follow you?"

" We aren't going anywhere. Van get in the backseat. I will get in the passenger seat," Vincent said.

So much for that plan. Innocent thought to herself.

As Van got comfortable in the backseat Vincent sat next to her with his perfect smile. He was still the drop dead gorgeous pretty boy from High School. He looked exactly the same. She wondered how he did it. He turned to her and rubbed her thigh. She looked him in the eye and sighed. She hated him and she knew he hated her too.

" What do you want Vincent," She asked.

" I don't want what most people you meet in your line of work want," He said and squeezed her huge thigh hard. It began to hurt. " Keep your pussy you artifical carbon copy nigger bitch."

" I see you haven't changed a bit. Since when do Neo-Nazi's hang out with Asians," She asked and began to caress his hand on her thigh.

He pulled his hand away. " How dare you touch me bitch. I should spit in your face for that."

Innocent smirked. She reached towards his jawline to touch his chizzled chin then she heard the gun cock behind her.

" Listen bitch, that shit isn't going to work around us. We don't find you attractive at all. Do you know how much pussy Vincent turns down? You were ready to fuck that addict Snow Cone. You got to know by now Vincent sent him," Miss Van said as she pointed the gun at the driver seat.

" So you did send him," Innocent said after a moment passed.

" You knew that of course," Vincent said.

" So you wanted me dead?"

" That is the question. I represent an organization that lives by fate and faith. What happens happens. But if you were meant to be dead you would be dead. You aren't and regardless of my plans God and the Goddess plans are their own."

" Exactly," Innocent turned around to look at Miss Van. " And if I wanted to fuck Snow Cone he would be fucked."

" Turn around cheap hoe," Miss Van pointed the gun at her face.

" This good cop bad cop shit is getting old," Innocent said turnng around. " What do you want. You botched your first murder attempt now this shit. If you're going to kill me do it now before any of the neighbors notice your BMW. Unless you want to get caught."

" No one is going to miss you Innocent. Your sister doesn't care about you," Vincent said taking a pull on his E-Cigarette. He exhaled the smoke and shook his head. " You don't listen well. We got you a day off of work is all. We just want to ask you a question. How did you know to contact me? How did know not to leave with Snow Cone?"

" That's two questions."

" You got a smart ass mouth," Miss Van said.

" And a dumb ass. What do you want me to be stupid?"

Van laughed and balled her fist up. " You know, a bitch like you can't afford any scars. I'd hate to hit you with the butt of this gun. Knock that fucking wig off of your head."

Innocent almost turned around again but Vincent placed a hand on her shoulder. "Listen Mildred, I just want to know how did you know to contact me? Fuck the other question. I did say one. Your first question will answer the second question."

" Okay," Innocent sighed.

" I want an honest answer. No matter how strange it may seem. I want an honest answer."

" Well you aren't going to believe me but...."

" Try me Mildred."

The car was quiet. A lighter flicked in the back. Miss Van was lighting a joint. She puffed it twice. A strong scent of marijuanna filled the car.

" Roll your window up," Miss Van said and she passed the joint to Mildred.

" What's this angel dust," Mildred asked as she rolled up her window.

" It's weed idiot. You would smell angel dust. That shit smell loud don't it," Miss Van asked.

" What kind of strain is it," Innocent asked.

" It's called Paul Pierce," Miss Van replied. " New shit out of the Bay. You never heard of it I'm sure. But bitches like you probably smoke OG Kush and think you are ahead of the game."

Innocent rolled her eyes. She tried to pass it to Vincent but he waved his hand away.

" SInce when don't you smoke," Innocent asked. " You used to supply the whole senior class."

" Don't you see I'm busy," He said motioning to his E-Cigarette.

Innocent looked at Miss Van in the rearview. Miss Van bared her teeth at her.

" Besides I told you roll your window up. Vincent will catch a contact," Van said.

Innocent sighed. She really had no choice. She had never heard of Paul Pierce but she was already feeling high. She took a pull. She began coughing hysterically.

She heard Vincent laugh. Then Van laughed.

She tried to pass the weed back but she couldn't move.

" You a real basic bitch," Miss Van said. " Now answer the question. How did you know to contact Vincent?"

Innocent tried to lie, to say something smart, she wanted to say anything other then tell them about her crazy dream but all that came out was....

" A nightmare," Innocent said.

" That mother fucker," Vincent said loudly.

Miss Van shook her head a beat her fist against Innocent's seat.

" I knew it," Vincent said. " Fucking prick double crossed me."

" Watch your fucking mouth Vincent. I will kill you," Van said angrily.

Vincent went cold. He knew he had to watch his mouth around Van. Van was very unstable.

" What did you do to me," Innocent asked through clenched teeth.

" It's called Paul Pierce. It makes you tell the truth," Miss Van said with a huge smile. She looked like the cheshire cat from Alice In Wonderland. Her smile grew. Her ears became pointed. Her face was transforming. Innocent was very very high. She was seeing things.

" What was the dream about," Vincent asked as he pulled on the E-Cigarette.

" Clones....a baseball game....a fixed baseball game. There were clones of me," Innocent was trying not to talk but she couldn't help it.

Vincent looked at his rolex. He turned back to Van and motioned with his head it was time to go.

" Before we go I want to tell you something Mildred. My name is DJ Miss Van. I represent a higher power. I represent technology you may never live to see. I represent a team of prophets that help control society. I am a Boss. A real boss and you should feel blessed because my best friend for whatever reason saved your worthless life," Van said and Vincent snatched the joint from Innocent's hand.

They opened there doors to exit.

" Remember Milred...Van hit the joint too," Vincent said with a chuckle and slammed her Lexus door.

Innocent couldn't move for thirty minutes.

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