Friday, March 3, 2017

The Case Of Chanel Petro Nixon undergoing

A memorial for Chanel Petro Nixon

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

A Day In The Life Of Prince Vegeta

He hadn't woke. He had been up for days. But on this day in particular the anniversary of the death of Chanel Petro Nixon...the eleventh year anniversary of the death. Raven Symone even brought the kids through to his place and they were a family again. This case had cost them so much.
Chanel Petro Nixon was a 16 year old girl on her way to Applebees for a job interview. She never made it there though. She was found four days later in a garbage bag, partially clothed, body so decomposed police couldn't tell the sex, her jordans and cell phone missing....smh. The parents initially notified police hours after the disappearance and they refused to search saying she probably willingly ran away with a boyfriend and to wait her return. The family later had to print up and handout their own flyers. There are no suspects and I don't think this case will be solved. This young black lady was a straight A student and had a bright future she wanted to be a nurse. I think the police are just as guilty as the murderer if they aren't the murderer. Shit just pisses me off. They say she wasn't sexually assaulted but why was she partially clothed? On Nancy Grace the hash tag for the story was #chanel i searched and only one person in the last 24 hours is talking about the story. The rest #chanel hash tags are about the clothing line. May God be with her family during these times.

Veron Primus and Chanel Petro Nixon.

Veron Primus the man accused of murdering the beautiful young lady was still free. The police said they could prove he did it.
Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson
Thompson said he thinks his office has enough evidence against Primus to secure a conviction for Petro-Nixon's murder, but added that he wants more.
The inmate being transferred with no cuffs
It looks like no officers are around at all
Just weird looking black people

On the above link you can see the murderer walk unmolested to a vechile with no police anywhere to be seen. This is ten years after we have heard about this. Since Prince Vegeta has come home there has been no press on this advent Bed Stuy patch. This was in New York The Prince lived in Augusta Georgia. Still things could happen if he pushed the button. He already had issues over the Aaliyah incident.
The Prince sat with his son on the ground watching a bit of everything, to his baby mother coming in after all day sitting on the porch painting. To he himself about to draw a portrait of Chanel Pestro Nixon and add it to the beginning of his light novel.
He had invested in the coke for the last time. He had took over the city. He wore those shoes. He was happy with his piece and had no problems taking what he had and living he was out of the game. He was with Raven, his eight year old daughter Shakur, and his two year old son Trunks. Vegeta was a happy man. He had packaged his first album for the underground to follow up his underground hip hop album of the year. He wanted to get this lawyer murdered though. this Kenneth Thompson. He wanted the body. He was about to get to studying the soul of Kenneth Thompson. #WitchCraft #Wiccan

The street Chanel Petro Nixon disappeared from

" I don't see why they call it baby fat, it should be called adult fat. The adults are the ones walking around with the fat asses," Shakur Symone Banks said watching her little brother watch Dragon Ball Super episode 80 for the first time. Although Trunks couldn't fully understand it he could hear his Japanese language and react.
The Prince thought of Vincent in Atlanta. To celebrate the day they had killed a rapper today. They always killed cops. But The Prince wanted to knock off the District Attorney. He was about to start asking questions.
Shakur was about to start high school. They home shcooled her. She was eight in the ninth Grade. She was younger then her grade.
The Prince who had been an artist since birth similar to Raven was about to began his portrait of Chanel Petro Nixon.
They had killed ten cops this month. He and Raven's car club had did ten vehicular homicides on officers this year 2017 alone and it was only the second on March. This case was three years old to the Prince but 2006 to the family. The parents were serious about finding some type of information.
"There is somebody here in Brooklyn that knows something," said Lucinda Petro-Nixon. "No justice, no peace."

The cops...The Prince trained people to kill cops in traffic. Period. He was a magician with cars. It was one of his gifts. He was banned from buying one from the moment from his supermodel cousin Tyra Banks. But he wanted one. Badly.
Instead his team killed ten cops in three months. Death comes in threes they say...with an extra which was from a motorclycle. They wanted to show they could do it all. Akira Style. A real Japanese car club. Deputy First Class Norman Lewis was killed in a motorcycle crash while participating in the search of the subject who had just murdered Lieutenant Debra Clayton, of the Orlando Police Department.

Lieutenant Clayton had been shot and killed when she encountered a wanted murder suspect in the parking lot of the Walmart on Princeton Street. After shooting her, the subject fled in a carjacked vehicle and shot at an Orange County deputy who located the vehicle. During the ensuing search, Deputy Lewis' motorcycle collided with a vehicle that turned in front of him at the intersection of Pine Hills Road and Balboa Drive.

The subject who murdered Lieutenant Clayton was captured on January 17th, 2017.

Deputy Lewis had served with the Orange County Sheriff's Office for 11 years.

Information on the Chanel case from:

Raven came into the room as he began to draw and she told him goodnight. She was tucking the kids in. He nodded. She had been with the kids all day while he worked the case. She was working on an #Emmy . He had to respect it.
He began to draw then he would go into Raven and his bedroom and make love with her for the first time in a long time. The first woman he had had since he had been released from Prison.
The Prince was ready to go back to prison for this murder. He wanted to make a statement. He wanted to be the shooter. As he looked the mans name up on google her found out that Kenneth Thompson had died of cancer October 9th, 2016. God and the Goddess had killed him before The Prince could. Karma. The Prince felt no more burdens. He was free. He was finally free. He yelled Raven's name loudly. Shouting. Tears were coming out of his eyes. The man was dead:
Kenneth P. Thompson, the first black district attorney of Brooklyn and a voice for racial justice at a moment of tension between law enforcement and minority communities, died on Sunday from cancer, his family said. He was 50.
Mr. Thompson was elected district attorney in 2013 after campaigning on a platform of reform and racial justice, and unseating Charles J. Hynes, a fellow Democrat and a troubled incumbent who had served more than 20 years.
After being absent from his office for nearly two months, Mr. Thompson released a statement on Tuesday saying he had cancer. His office released a second statement on Sunday night, announcing his death and saying that his family had been by his side at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan when he died.

A former federal prosecutor who went on to have a successful private law practice, Mr. Thompson earned a reputation in office as one of the country’s most progressive district attorneys, creating a robust internal unit that reviewed questionable convictions and establishing a policy of not prosecuting most low-level marijuana arrests.

At a moment of heightened racial tension over police-related shootings, he chose to prosecute and eventually won the complicated case of Peter Liang, the former New York City police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black man, Akai Gurley, in the stairwell of a housing project in 2014. After the trial was over, Mr. Thompson decided not to seek prison time for Mr. Liang, which enraged Mr. Gurley’s family and led to protests.

\l "
"The thoughts and prayers of our entire city are with District Attorney Ken Thompson, his family and his loved ones tonight," Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, said in a statement on Sunday. "With a life and promise cut far too short, our city was blessed with but a glimpse of Ken’s unwavering commitment to justice and his unrivaled pursuit of a more fair system for all those he served."
Born and raised in New York City, Mr. Thompson was the son of a police officer and lived in public housing in Harlem before moving to Co-Op City, a housing development in the Bronx. He attended the city’s public schools and applied to the Police Department, as his mother had, before choosing instead to attend the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. After his graduation, he obtained a law degree from the New York University School of Law.
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On the advice of one of his law professors, Ronald K. Noble, a onetime Treasury Department official and the secretary general of Interpol, Mr. Thompson sought and found a position as a federal prosecutor in Brooklyn. In 1997, he was assigned the prestigious task of making the opening statement at the trial of Justin Volpe, a former police officer who eventually pleaded guilty to torturing a Haitian immigrant, Abner Louima, with a broken broomstick in the bathroom of a Brooklyn station house.

\l "

After leaving government service, Mr. Thompson went into private practice. His most prominent case was representing an African-born hotel housekeeper, Nafissatou Diallo, who accused the French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn of raping her in a Manhattan hotel room in 2011. Cyrus Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney, eventually dismissed the case, and Mr. Thompson was criticized for his incendiary personal attacks against Mr. Vance and members of his staff.

Mr. Thompson had harbored ambitions for higher office, but, according to a friend who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Mr. Thompson declined to disclose the type of his cancer, learned he had an aggressive form of the disease this year. By the time he received the diagnosis, the cancer had already metastasized and was incurable.

\l "
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo may now name a replacement for Mr. Thompson, who would have faced re-election next year. "A lifelong New Yorker, Ken was known as an effective, aggressive civil rights leader and a national voice for criminal justice reform," Mr. Cuomo said in a statement on Sunday.

Mr. Thompson is survived by his wife of 17 years, Lu-Shawn Thompson; his children, Kennedy and Kenny; his mother; his father; his brother; and his sister.

In his own statement, Eric Gonzalez, Mr. Thompson’s chief assistant, said that in his three years as Brooklyn’s district attorney, Mr. Thompson "transformed the office into a model urban prosecutor’s office with a mandate to do justice and treat everyone and every case fairly and with the utmost integrity."
\l "
Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill said: "We are deeply saddened by the death of District Attorney Ken Thompson. He dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice and his legacy will live on through his contributions to the criminal justice system
Shakur walked into the ktichen to see her parents hugging. She smiled.
" You guys should get a room. Good night mom and dad. Sleep well," Shakur said grabbing a few peanuts and crushing the shells and eating a few tossin the remains she didn't eat on the kitchen floor. She walked out of the kitchen proud.
Prince Vegeta lit the joint and the Aaliyah came on. Their favorite song. It's whatever.
It's Whatever
Rest In Peace Static Major who wrote this banger.

It's whatever
It's whatever

[Verse 1]
Just like the birds
That whistle in the tress
Hid in the leaves, so happily

Well, you're my tree
And through my storms
You have stood strong for me

Kept me warm as can be
Like a candy, to an apple
Oh, we go together

You're so sweet on me
I can say that I do believe
This is destiny
It keeps calling me

Now it's me and you
It's you and me
And it's whatever

Whatever you want it to be
I'm telling you if it's up to me
Whatever is whatever
It's whatever with you and me

[Verse 2]
Just like a breeze
In the middle of a summer's eve
When you come through
You come for me

If I'm a drink
You're my lemon squeeze
Oh, you got flavor boy

You go good with me
So boy don't play or tease me
Oh, keep me together
You got what I need
Now it's getting late
It's after three
So quit your stallin'
My body's callin'

Now it's me and you
It's you and me
And it's whatever
Whatever you want it to be
I'm telling you if it's up to me
Whatever is whatever
As long as it's you and me

Whatever is whatever
It's whatever
It's your world
I put that on everything
It's your world
(Your world)

Now it's me and you
You and me
And it's whatever
You want it to be
I'm telling you if it's up to me
Whatever is whatever
Whatever's whatever

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