Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Excerpt

The Prince woke up. He was in Augusta. It was early. He was beside his mother who was in a mental hospital. The woman with whom he had got his schizophrenia. They were just diagnosing her though. She had been "insane" by societies standards for some time. He was a prophet. Just like his original self. But in his dimension the mentally ill were no longer Isrealites but wiccans and bipolar shizophrenics. Marcus in this dimension. Dimension five. In this Dimension he hadn't sold out. He had stayed local. He wasn't a celebrity. His mother's 'illness' had been spotted by the 'authorities' and they were trying to stop her.

The Prince hadn't seen his mother in almost seven years. He had been in and out of prison and asylums himself being taught by this woman his entire life. He was a bit more vocal. But in the end he always escaped with the blueprints to build a better tomorrow. It was a blessing. His cousin Tyra Banks had set the meeting up. Tyra's mother mostly had put the meeting together. This was an epic moment was an event even the most hungriest of heathens wanted. Salvating at their lips were round tabled discussions between Raven Symone, a stripper named Innocent, another stripper named Cupcake, another stripper named Honey or as The Prince called her Honey Bun, the list went on and on to even stranger situtations like his Pshychistrist offering him half of Asia, to bum bitches he was killing and tossing in the garbage rewinding Brenda's Baby by Tupac to hear the devil tell him Jesus was a victum of narcistic tendencies. But the entire thing was this Raven wanted him out of the strip club.

" But look at what good I am doing my beloved. I have helped these girls pimp the system," The Prince told her over Roasted Vegetable Burritos from the whole foods market they weighed tweleve oz (340 g).

After he had escorted his mohter out of the hospital he and Raven ate tableside at his apartment. He was dressed in his Street Fighter Five T Shirt from Game Stop with green longboard shorts. He had just bought a new bike he planned on painting. He had a skateboard now he had a bike. Next was the car. He had got the go head from his mother. She said he could drive. The instructor of the biggest cop killing automotobile ring had the keys to the city literally with Vincent distiributing the coke in Atlanta and Innocent setting up Skipper things were lovely. The other kids in the other dimensions he knew of were doing good. He spoke to the Universe Two DJ Miss Van and she said that the Innocent there had took over the night club with two armed Psychic Bots. They were ranked level two but for that timeline she was about to start some serious nuclear holocaust shit her cat Matalida could increase it's size to a full tiger and her sister Patricia would fly it back and forth when she was in Afghan in the Palace.

They were dealers sure. But it was beyond that. It was eons of breeding between alien species that cooked Human Crack in the flesh as Juelz Santan would call it. The Doctor's couldn't speak to her. She wasn't trusting anyone but the information she leaked through the proper pipelines had created a Malificent Magnificance. He and Raven were the lead detectives in his city. Raven didn't mind living in Augusta as long as no one knew who she was. Most of her clips on the web were never up to date. She would load random shit. Television shows were taped years in advance and released when they feel like it. Example, they make you believe you are ready to see what techonolgy has to offer by slowing introducing technology to you through films.

Remember in Star Trek in the 70s how Captain Kirk would talk to someone on a huge screen? That's all people do today. They just stare at a TV with the X Box on yell at the screen. The sad thing is the average person didn't even watch Star Trek let alone get the joke. So other science fiction stories like I Robot a film where technology is killing those that don't dream starring The Prince's idol Will Smith. He was working on his own acting chops on his instagram. He had a small following but the names that followed him. The biggest dealers. They loved him. He was the sun. He shyned for everyone. He lived a life of a loner. He fucked no one but Raven. But he preached. He preached to all of the lost girls.

Raven thought of it as pimping. It was what the phrase was called....a long time ago in The Prince's mind. A Pimp in his own mind. And his real life. He hated these women. He would make them kill themselves for the progression of society. But it was Sunday. He rested on Sunday. Family day. The strip clubs in Augusta were closed. So reader do you think The Prince only bought a bike for himself.

No. To celebrate the solving of the Jay-Z murder and the murder of Jay-Z in Universe 3. Well, The Prince bought his and her moutain bikes. They were going to race. All they did was race cars. He wanted to enjoy a bike before he bought the car. Four Wheels. Two Wheels. Four Wheels.

Ten. The Perfect number. His girl was ten.

But they raced.

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