Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Two new singles dropping.

I am disappointed with the state of this blog. We have almost 700 views this month and no feedback. Almost 3,000 views period and no feedback. I appreciate the hardcore fans that hit me up on twitter and Facebook. This post is for you.

I know you guys are anticipating the music. I have been listening to it over and over and I know you will be pleased. But I just got a new producer I am working with and I am not satisfied with my old work. It's good music but I am starting to enjoy the new direction I am going in so we have two new singles dropping from an untitled project I am dropping soon. I don't know when I will release an album. I just saw a video of Childish Gambino with some tight ass leather pants on singing high notes with no shirt on like he's inked up. And he's suppose to be the new age hip hop. You niggaz need help. I am the only hope. And I ain't going nowhere but you niggaz need to soak this bullshit in real good. There's a million Mark Deez people. Niggaz that want what you have and if they can't get they lose their fucking mind. Mutants, you have to realize the streets ain't no game. One minute you living the next your fucking tator is knocked off. You got these weird ass bastards running around trying to boss up and any minute they see a come up they jump not knowing that this is the end of their of life because they only exist in my mind.

Don't be a memory.

New shit dropping soon. Two new singles. A and B side. 90s style. Niggaz putting out projects all year but that shit ain't classic. Streets is hungry. Streets is watching. Streets is talking.

You niggaz reading but not watching the videos like I ain't Pretty. I'm going to make you suffer. Shout out to Nicki Minaj we almost at 100 views.

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