Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Prince Vegeta and "Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" Dropping April 4th

I seriously have a pet peeve about courtrooms. I hate them. I have been in too many. But our friends at ILL-Legit Records want me back in one. The Cartman diss has them all in a frenzy. I was served court papers via email today. It was like finding out someone was snitching on me. Sadly this dude Mark Deez and his boss Doc are trying to sue me for $250,000.00 for one record. How is this possible? The record has been taken off the web and "Coke Crumbs" has been scrapped. Sigh. I would say something gangster but these guys have said I have been threatening them. They must not want their millions of fans to know what type of bitch they are. Hell I am living off their name and shit. Mark's next project is going platinum. Fuck Drake. It's Mark Deez and Doc opening up for Riff Raff. They are the future of hip hop. Mark's got like ten albums out on bandcamp. They flopped but his new shit isn't going to. It's going to sell because they stopped me. They foiled my plans. Now what will I ever do? Maybe I will write my book. Maybe I will release Prince Vegeta the same day as "Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears." Maybe I will work on new music with our in house producer. In fact I have been in the lab two days straight recording. What ILL-Legit doesn't realize is that my success has nothing to do with them. I had a career before I met Mark. When I dropped my album on Canibus-Central Mark hit me up wanting to work. Mark offered me the deal when I came home. Mark has begged me to put this album out on their label but since I am not doing this to make them money he's acting like the bitch he is. He fucking steals my pictures and puts them on his twitter page under a false light and also slanders my name. Do I sue? Do I look like 40 Glocc? No. I am not going to sue. I wish them the best. I am going to do me. I have no problems with them. I just wished they would leave me alone.

 They did teach me why I will never sign a deal though. I love my label. Shout out to our in house producers. My DJ Miss Van. My entertainment lawyer Vincent McArthur The Third. Shout out to everyone reading the blog. I am dropping Prince Vegeta and the EP "Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears" on April 4th. " Coke Crumbs" has been scrapped. Well, here's a toast to a new era of Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment. We are sucker free. Finally. This year we are releasing new music. The book is underway. And it all starts April 4th. Stay tuned. It's our year mutants.

Now ILL-Legit has exhausted all of their resources. They have no reason to ever mention my name again. And if they do they will be ignored. They have proven to not be about that life. They run to courtrooms and start lying. My fortune cookie last night said nothing is better than the truth, and they have lied and lied to try and make me look like I am insane or some shit. I have never spoken "ill" towards them until they started this shit. However, I will have Mark Deez's voicemails on Prince Vegeta and another diss record on Prince Vegeta. I also have the "Aaliyah" album done which is dropping April 20th. So next month you are getting two albums and an EP. And Mark Deez's voicemails are on both albums. Wait until you hear how he really talks and acts when he's not in the booth. Sigh. Got to go. About to smoke this vape and listen to the new tracks I recorded.


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