Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Idrou: A Love Letter to Raven Symone Dropping 10/25/2016

For all those that care we are starting the movement of the minds. I have assorted the best of my unreleased mixtapes and created on phenomenal album dedicated to my greatest muse Raven Symone. It features production from Charles Hamilton, DJ Premier, J Dilla, Black Milk, and many more legends. This album is an accumilation of four months of hard work and being inspired by my actual life. This is the behind the scenes tell of all that inspired me with this masterpiece.
I came home from prison June 6th 2016 my birthday. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life. I had a little money so I invested in a laptop and began recording because I have been a rapper for many years and wanted to continue my legacy. I did not know how I would fund my dream because I didn't have much money. My first mixtape I recorded was entitled Harley Quinn and it was a warm up for me. It took me two tracks but I got back into my essence. I got rid of all the raps I had written in prison and started from scratch.
I sent some of the tracks to a long time associate named Mark Deez who is a frequent collaborator with Canibus a hip hop legend. He is signed to ILL-Legit Records. He was impressed with my work but due to creative differences I could not sign to the label. I recorded several more albums. One entitled Prince Vegeta and another entitled Magneto but money was not coming in very well. I was writing songs about Raven Symone and posting my admiration to her on her Facebook page. I never thought she would respond but she began liking my comments and I kept hoping one day I could fund my dream and let her hear my music and let me be a motivation in her life how she has been in mine for as long as I can remember.
I kept an ebony magazine with her on the cover in my locker in prison. I wrote an album about her in 2009 called "Poet Hop" that was featured on several blogs at the height of my career but I did not want to release an album she could not hear or something that would be swept under the rug. My mother who was helping me with money for a few months had given up on me. I couldn't work because of my mental illness and I was told it could take years before I got my disability. Anyone that knows about disability knows that is true. My shoes began to talk. My clothes became dirty. People treated me like a bum. A girl I thought was a friend stole from me. A childhood friend rarely came around unless I had money and that came from selling my food stamps.
I went to meet with the social security office last week though. And I was approved my first time applying. I was cut a big check and I remembered my connection with Mark Deez and asked him if he could shoot my first music video for a fee. He agreed. I took all the tracks I recorded from the past few months and put them together. I then decided to get a portrait of Raven on my skull because she stays on my mind. I felt this was a sign from God and the Goddess. I never have to work again but this is a career I always wanted. I was always asked to rap in prison sometimes for hours so I will shine for all the days I couldn't. I have an amazing love story to tell the world. I am an otaku and in Japan the word Idoru is used to describe female idols that are worshipped by Otakus there. Raven is my American Idoru. She is my idol and this album is entitled:
"Idoru: A Love Letter to Raven Symone"
It is 20 tracks no features almost 80 minutes of music. I am giving them out at college campuses around the United States for free all I want is for the listeners to follow me online on social media and become fans. This is educated music from a college dropout that studied literature and became a Kappa Alpha Psi with over a 2.5 GPA. I want this album to reach the ears of Raven who I know is an avid fan of hip hop. Lyrically I think I am one that can not be messed with word for word. My rhymes are very complex and hard to decipher which is why I plan on writing a book to decode my rhymes. This is why I didn't want this to be released without being properly financed because I put a lot of time into my craft. No one rhymes like me. The closest you will get to my style is Lupe Fiasco. That is it. Other then that I am not one that can be compared.
This is a movement of the minds. The album drops online October 25th on datpiff.com and bandcamp.com. This is a classic. Stay tuned.

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