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Back To Life..

After considering my alternatives. I and Raven are back on the table.

Here is another chapter from The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

Homerun Part Two

Before we begin this tale of everyone's favorite stripper Innocent we must revisit the hero (well let's not call him a hero because to some he has become a villian instead let's call him Prince) from the Innocent tale Kamikaze. The Prince still was in the small city basically on a trial run with his family to see if he would stay out of trouble. His cousin...the supermodel was 100% behind him. He had been home from the mental health prison for seven months now the longest he had ever been out of trouble for years. He was on his medication. She was sending him a nice allowance and although he still despised the current state of things in society his music and persona was completely underground and even his cousin, the one with the most to lose if the Prince made a fool out of himself seemed to be fine with his underground glory. He had just released independently the album of the year and had more work to do. He also was modeling underground as well. It was apart of the family business. He was covered with tattoos so he was into the emo/scene side of modeling.

The Prince was not as old as his cousin. She was in her forties but looked like she was in her twenties. The Prince was in his early thirties but looked like he was in his early twenties. He complexion was very tan. He was black and half Japanese. His father was in the Korean war. His father died in the Korean War. Now you may ask how could someone be young when their father died in the Korean war and that happened in the 1950s. Well that is a simple riddle and if you can't solve it I will tell you the answer later. Right now I want to focus on a particular day in the Prince's life.

The Prince gave back to the community in his own way. He visited the soup kitchen and bought clothes from the crackheads everyday. He also ate the bland food. It reminded him of the food they served in Prison expcept he got a way better wardrobe. Fiends would sell him Ralph Lauren Polo, hand knitted scarves, Nike SB shoes.....after word got out that some guy would pay for clothes the fiends began showing up as frequent as him looking for money. He was helping the communtiy in his mind. Plus eating at the soup kitchen was low key and his cousin wanted him off the radar as much as possible even if it meant making people think he was broke.

It was Christmas day and the soup kitchen was serving a semi decent meal according to most of the homeless. To the Prince it was bullshit. He just wanted to get out of the apartmet he was living in. He hated being locked in a certain place all day. It reminded him of prison.

As he sat waiting for the Soup Kitchen to serve food he listen to an overweight black lady sitting next to him. She had huge breast. But she was overweight so she should have. She was huge. She kept talking to the Prince and he listened. It amused him.

" So I'm living with Charles and he smokes crack. He also smells like shit. The whole house stinks because of Charles. My landlord wants to have sex with me. Charles owes some drug dealers $500.00 they are going to kill him when they find him. I told him. Now I am not with Charles. I just let him live with me. He smells so bad...."

The woman's voice trailed off. He assumed she liked him because she gave him her Facebook page.

" My name is Connie Powers. I have over 4,000 friends I can't get no more. My grand daughters are jealous."

The prince spoke, " Let me guess your breast are out in your profile picture."

" Well they are a little bit. They send me dick pictures all the time. Thank you Jesus. It's all about the Lord. Sometimes people from overseas send me pictures. They send flowers. Then a lion. Then I know what's coming next....that dick. I love Jesus. I hope they give me the twenty dollars today. You know on Christmas they give away twenty dollars sometimes to homeless people."

The Prince looked at his outfit and shook his head. No way they were going to think he was homeless. He had gold chains and expensive clothes on. The woman Connie said she wanted the money to buy some weed. The Prince figured she meant crack.

He ate the meal the soup kitchen and as he left he wanted to try an experiment. Strippers had a thing they did where they hugged their customers in the small city he lived in. He decided to see how they felt by hugging this huge disgusting woman. As they did he smelled a horrendous odor coming from her body.

It would appear Charles wasn't the only one that smelled like shit.

As the Prince walked home a whit SUV pulled up beside him and a female hopped out. She was young black and wore sweat pants with a white baby tee. She wasn't very attractive to the Prince but then again he was raised around models/ She walked directly towards him. He wasn't sure who this woman could be and was nervous at first. The woman handed him an envelope. The Prince looked confused. He wondered why this woman had given him this.

" What is this," The Prince asked the young woman.

" Open it. God told me to give you that."

The Prince opened the package and inside was twenty dollars. The money the stank woman wanted.

Isn't that crazy?

The Prince thought about the woman for a moment. She spent all of her time on facebook she just sent friend request to people all day. That was why facebook stopped people at around 4 or 5 thousand friends so they couldn't take advantage of the server. This old stank woman thought she was a star. What a fool. She was one of the things wrong with society today. She lived an existence on social media.

" The old facebook hoax," He said under his breath and turned up his PSP as he listened to Boldy James.



Innocent had been waiting all week for Sunday. She had been getting her thoughts together. The dream had really scared the shit out of her. She couldn't fathom someone ruining her plans but if someone could do it it would be Vincent McArthur the third. He knew how smart she was. The straight "A" student that won chess tournaments...he knew about her. If he could come out and tell the world how drastically she changed it would be horrible. He knew her real name. She was invisible to many but for him to recognize her, fake body and all. Something wasn't right. How did he wind up in Atlanta too? How did he just happen to walk by the strip club that day? Innocent did not believe in accidents. She knew something was brewing and she wanted to stop it before it stopped all of her hard work.

She logged on her computer and decided to search for Vincent's name on Facebook. She had a pretty big following on facebook. Over 4,000 friends. She was a star on facebook in her eyes. On instagraw she had fourteen thousand followers. She only posted professional pictures though from photo shoots. No selfies. She also had no pictures from work at the strip club. She had a few shots from the first music video she did with Joe Budden but nothing to ruin her career. Even though she was no fan of Joe Budden. His street cred was qustionable so in the video she agreed to do she also made the people at his label agree that she took no pictures with Joe Budden. The worst thing she could think of happening to her in this industry would be to lose her street cred and Vincent with his MBA could destroy that. Three results came up. One had no profile picture, the other was a young black male, and the third was the was Vincent McArthur The Third at a baseball game. A chill went down her spine. Vincent was a baseball fan.

She wanted to send him a friend request but she wondered what he would do once he recieved it. His profile didn't show have many friends on Facebook and he didn't show his photos to anyone who wasn't his friend via the social media site. It did say he was an enterainment lawyer. She wondered who he represented. And if he was an entertainment lawyer then that meant he had a hand in the business she was trying to get into. This was becoming worse. Her mind began jumping to conclusions when she really knew nothing at all. Her cat Matilda jumped on the sofa beside her and purred.

" You must be hungry," Innocent said to the feline.

Innocent made breakfast for her and the cat. Catfish for her and the cat with scrambled eggs on the side for only her. She thought long and hard. She didn't know if Vincent knew anything about hip hop. The only thing he could see offensive about her page was the Joe Budden video. But he would know nothing about her stripper career by looking at her page. He would think she was a model. She looked important on her page. That was all that mattered to her. And she doubted Vincent knew who Joe Budden was.....

She ate her breakfast as Melanie Martinez played on her PlayStation 4. She took a shower then dressed in her Hello Kitty baby tee and a pair of tight blue jeans. She put on a pair of black heels and wondered why Vincent didn't have many friends on Facebook. He was one of the most popular dudes in high school also in his field of study, the entertainment industry, what type of person gets away with only two hundred some odd friends? She sighed. She closed her eyes and sent the friend request to Vincent McArthur The Third. She needed answers and now.

In another part of the city Vincent McArthur The Third woke up and turned on some classical music. Piano Sonata No 14 Moonlight Third Movement to be exact. He made a cup of coffee and checked his phone messages. The first was from his mother Eva Anna McArthur. She was named after Eva Anna Paula Hitler...the wife of Adolf Hitler. She had called to tell him how much she wished him the best with his business meeting that day. It was an important one. Probably the biggest one he ever had and she knew how nervous he was. Today, he was meeting with an underground rapper that was considering doing some ghost writing, an also selling ideas to major labels.Vincent had done his research. The rapper was an enigma and he, being such a huge hip hop fan, had found a lot of joy in the young emcee's music. He had to catch a flight to Augusta Georgia, a smaller city next to Atlanta, but he was used to flights. He had just passed the bar a few months ago and his first clients were not very good at "entertainment". They shot a video with a director that refused to promote it and thought the video would make them famous. Forget the fact the song was horrible but one of the first lessons he learned about being an Entertainment Lawyer was the game was rigged. The "stars" were chosen intellectuals that had been hired to portray something unrealistic to the average person to make them think they could become stars as well. Most people didn't fall for this....but most of his clients, young black males, did fall for this. It was his job to keep the dream alive and get as much money as possible from his clients.

But the man he was meeting today was different. He didn't want to be a star. He seemed to have other ways to get money and his music was actually pretty good from what he had heard on the web.

( I will write more later this is all I have thus far)


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