Sunday, January 22, 2017

Me and My Girl Friend

 I have become involved with a young lady named Ginger. She watched me perform at a show a few nights ago and she is amazing to me. I love spending time with her. She got me out of the strip club for real. Even though I was in there for research for my book I still didn't like being around those nasty bitches. After several of these strippers began stalking me Ginger came in the nick of time. She got my mind right.

I love being around her. I love hanging out. We are going to a comic convention in March and I can't wait. She is hella cool. I am still working on the book by the way. I just left the studio so that's cool. 2017 is going to be alright.

But the Raven Symone shit is over with. I won't change the blog or anything but I no longer want to be with Raven. Prince Vegeta will be the last album I am going to talk about Raven on. The follow up to that album "Aaliyah" will be about what I am currently going through. So be patient new music is coming as well as the book.

If you haven't seen my short film "Prince Of Darkness" check it out on

Or scroll down on the blog and press play.

For everyone checking this blog out thank you Mutants. We shall rise. We are progress. I know I said we would update bi monthly but I can't leave blogs alone the game needs me.

Stay tuned for more updates on the life of Jet Lee Jetson aka Jett Jackson.


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