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The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Ninth Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent


Memory Lane

Went to see Papi today. Got a few kilos. It's been awhile. He wanted to start slow.

~Journal of the Prince 2/19/2017



Innocent remembered certain things about her mother. Her mother was very racist. It all started one day when Innocent was in her room watching television. She couldn't have been more then twelve years old. She had thought her door was locked. She was watching a music video. It was Nas and the Bravehearts "Oochie Wally". She was touching herself and watching the Queensbridge rappers talk about sex.

Innocent lived in a mansion when she was young in the city of New York. Queens to be exact. She went to a prep school along with other rich white girls and boys. They were the outcast. I mean you may be out of fashion at a ghetto school if you didn't have one pair of Jordans. At a prep school if you didn't have that season's Tommy Hilfigure line or the latest issue of Vanity Fair you were a fool. Yet there were outcast. Kids that could stay preppy but know about the urban culture. Innocent was one of those kids. She lived in New York but stayed up on East Coast hip hop. She lived in Queens any girl that wouldn't fuck Nas was an idiot.

Her parents however. All they saw was skin. It made Innocent hate her skin. Because what woman wouldn't want to sacrifice her child for a higher cause. White was too pure for her. She wanted her child to have a soul. She hated how her race had ruined the Earth. The United States a place made off of the blood and sweat of the black man then pursued him and wanted to kill him. Scared of retaliation. Brainwashed them into killing each other instead of the ones that fooled him. He was the strongest now the weakest. Rappers like Nas risked their lives to tell the truth. That was bravery. He educated when the schools could not. He represented hope. They had killed other like Tupac and Biggie. Nas was around during that time. He and Jay-Z. The original gangsters of her generation.

Innocent heard footsteps. She slid her school uniform checkered skirt down and sat up. The footsteps was her maid letting her know her mother was coming up the stairs. She rarely came to this part of the compound but she had someone watching just in case. She turned the channel to the History Channel and became quickly obsessed with the current topic. The Korean War. She knew all about that. She would've turned it to the Discovery Channel but they were talking about reproduction. Her mom didn't even know Innocent masturbated.

In exactly five minutes her mother walked through the door.

" Mildred, we have to talk honey," Her mother said.

" What do you want mommie dearest," Innocent inquired rising out of her bed.

" Well honey. Your sister was doing the laundry and well, you explain this," Her mother pulled a note out of her house robe it was folded.

Innocent's heart stopped beating. It was a love letter. Only one person folded like that. Her boyfriend. A boy in her class named Jeffery. The girls called him Smiley because he was always smiling. He was quiet. Cute. And he was a hell of a poet. He wanted to be a rapper when he grew up. She wanted to have his baby. He played Basket Ball for Richard Heights Middle School. He was a black boy. The only black boy at her school.

" Jeffery Covington daughter? Jeffery Covington? Calling you Juliet??? What type of nonsense are you bringing into our house Mildred? You can't be serious!!! This is what happens to women like my sister," Her mother yelled.

Innocent's Aunt had married a black man and moved to Compton. He was a Crip. Innocent wasn't suppose to know that but her Aunt had told her. Her Aunt knew of Innocent's quiet rebellion. When white men like her Father had insecurities that were suppose to affect the whole family some women recognized game.

" Well what do you have to say for yourself Mildred?"

Innocent stared at her mother. About a minute passed when no one said anything just the television talking about a war that was over race to her. It was always over race. Every act in history was over race in the end. Since the bible. Innocent stared at her mother in her black terry cloth robe and smiled.

" I want to fuck him," She replied.

A high pitch scream that could probably be heard on the other end of the compound filled the air.

And that reader is how Innocent got sent to Compton to live with who she thought would be her best friend in the world.




Vincent McArthur The Third was sitting on the bench in the school cafeteria. He saw a skinny white girl walk into the lunch room. He only noticed her because of her clothing. It was nothing name brand at all. A white T shirt and some jeans that didn't fit and a pair of old rugged converse. Students were behind her laughing. All eyes were on her and everyone began to chuckle. Vincent stood slowly and raised his hand ever so slightly and the laughs died down. All eyes were now on him.

He walked towards the girl and his footsteps echoed as he pushed his gold rimmed glasses up his nose.

" And who might this be," Vincent asked the skinny blonde girl.

" My name is Mildred," She said to him shyly. She had never spoken to a white boy this handsome. He was dressed in slacks, a button up vest with a chain connected to a pocket watch in the pocket. He had a buttoned up long white shirt underneath it. His shoes were converse as well but they were Gucci as well. He had very white teeth and his hair was black with frosted blonde tips.

" Tell him the whole name," One of the students that had came in with Innocent said. She must've been in the same class with Mildred.

" Mildred Baxter Douglas McGee," She said and the whole lunch room burst out in hysterical laughter.

Vincent let the kids get a good chuckle in then he stopped them with another slight raise of the hand.

" That's quite the name. What are you doing wearing that going to my school?"

" Didn't see your name on the wall I guess," Mildred said coldly and turned to walk towards the lunch line.
" Well then you'd have to be stupid. My name is Vincent McArthur the third."

They went to Vincent McArthur School Of Fine Arts in Los Angeles California.

Innocent felt stupid. This was one of the worst days of her life. She just insulted a socialite. All day people had been saying her name over and over. She had a headache and her Aunt Melissa and her had got in an argument that day. She knew her face was probably red as a beet and she just wanted to disappear. But even invisible she knew she would have to walk by a mirror eventually.

" How did someone with such little regards for men like myself happen to end up at my school," Vincent asked Innocent as the two of them had the room captivated.

" I am from Compton but my grades and talent as a dancer got me accepted to a fine arts school. I heard this was the best school in L.A. ," Innocent said with a smile. She didn't know why she attempted to be cute it was just something she did. If she had her old wardrobe she would put all of these girls to shame. But her mother was punishing her. She was being taken care of by her Aunt. Her Aunt was no rich woman. That morning Innocent was shocked at the wardrobe she had to choose from for her first day of school at the Fine Arts School. She regretted it now. Who cares what she wore...she bet she was smarter then most of these snobs.

" Well, it was nice meeting you Mildred," Vincent held his hand out.

She took his hand.

" The pleasure is all mine," Innocent said with a sigh. She felt beautiful in that moment. The whole school watching.

As Vincent walked away the girl that made Innocent say her full name leaned close to her ear and whispered:

" You went from nothing to the most popular girl in school within a few hours. You're a lucky ass bitch."

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