Sunday, February 12, 2017

Two New Albums Dropping 2/19/2017 also Mark Deez News and New Single

The situation with Mark Deez and Ill-Legit Records has made an unfortunate turn of events. After several disrespectful voice mails from Mark Deez (the guy who wanted me on the label) and him taking my pictures and posting them on his video on his alleged "diss" tracks (which were tracks we did together without my vocals) I did mention him in my Otaku Café videos along with rappers like Mickey Factz and Lupe Fiasco. Let me make one thing clear....I am not trying to beef with anyone. I said what I had to say and that was that. I had dealt with some disrespect and felt  I needed to respond but honestly I would like to say I am not with that beef shit. I am not trying to go back and forth with other people about shit. I am trying to focus on positive things and make money. Besides people like Mickey Factz and Lupe Fiasco have a complex where they will ignore someone like me who has never signed a major label deal I am a nobody to them even though Mickey has talked very reckless to me in the past.

I am not trying to be some battle rapping ass nigga. I make good music. I enjoy making music. It's entertainment. That's all. I don't know any of these people personally so how can it be beef? Mark Deez and Ill-Legit Records is another thing though. The owner of the label Doc spoke to me several times after I left the label about Mark and in a nut shell said he has had problems with Mark before but can't control him and is not responsible for his actions. But if we are doing music business and you have someone trying to disrupt another artist's career and threatening people and causing unnecessary drama you have a choice to drop them from your label or speak against their actions. He did neither which makes me think he condones Mark Deez's actions. I spoke to the owner Doc yesterday and he said I and Mark better keep his name out of the beef. I am not going to though. He is  in a rap group with Mark. A Grindhouse Gang. They are underground. Mark has made over 100 tweets about me in the last few days. He has taken my pictures again and put them on his twitter page. He has insulted my mental illness. He has said he is going to fight me. He has spoken to people I have met in my local city and one of them a girl I kind of was dating knows where I live. Mark is taking things too far. He has said he wants to battle for $10,000.00. He is scaring the shit out of me.

I am not a gangster. I used to be a "gang banger". I used to sell crack. I went to prison three times. I am trying to get myself together. I have been home for less then a year and now have a blog where people are slowly following my movement. Business is business. Violence and cyber bullying and trolling are another thing. I am not some ignorant thug that wants to go back and forth with someone over the web. I made my video about Mark and other's to tell the truth about situations. Like I said I know none of these people personally. I haven't seen Mark in years. Yes we had a bad business deal but to threaten me and take my photos and do all of this weird shit like leave voice mails (which I saved and still have) in which you threaten me is not cool. There is too much violence in hip hop. I am not trying to die over rap. I am trying to make money off of my gift with poetry and the things I have been through. I am trying to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. He had no problem making money off of me now he is trying to pimp my image by forcing me into a beef with him when I declined to work with him.

Terroristic threats is not cool. Telling me you are going to harm me over the web and stalking my every move is not necessary. Yes I called him out but I regret it now. I only did it because he had did those stupid videos about me and had left those voice mails. I almost went back to the old me. I am a street nigga. I have the record to prove it. I have lived that life. I wanted to bust his head open at one time. But I talked to my girl and she told me to think bigger then some local rapper that will never make a million dollars. He wants me to go back and forth with him. He wants the attention. I am so glad I did not sign with this label because I see their true colors now. Doc is worst then Mark for condoning this nonsense and to be honest he probably is telling Mark to continue with this foolishness. I mean he's on his label. I have made a complaint and all Doc says is "leave me out of it".

I am wondering why hip hop has to be so "ghetto". Mark is not a street nigga. He has never done anything gangster. I know this. I told him to meet me downtown one time and he said he wanted to bring a gun. I was like, "Why?" He said because downtown was "dangerous". I live in Augusta Georgia. It's a college city. He wouldn't know because he's never been to college but it's not fucking Chicago or some shit. It's not Disney Land but you don't need a gun to walk downtown. But knowing he has a gun and he's stupid. It puts me in an awkward situation when he's threatening me. I told him to leave me alone several times and he continues stealing pictures and tweeting about me. This is not what hip hop is about. Hip hop is about turning a negative into a positive. It is about using your talent with poetry to become wealthy. It's about creativity. So that is what I did.

I am focusing all my attention on my music and my book and my new show Otaku Café which has gotten over 100 views in less then two weeks. I also am going to read more and play more video games I am getting a Dreamcast next month! (Hell Yeah!) I just recorded the new single off of the new album that I am releasing next Sunday called Aaliyah. Duchess 365 who has done the artwork for the Prince Vegeta Album and Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone is also doing the Aaliyah album artwork. I am 32 years old. I have been in the rap game for over 10 years. I am not about to kill anyone over entertainment and I don't want to die over music. I just want to have fun. I feel at peace in the studio. I use my music to express myself. I don't want to beef over something that doesn't even involve money. Rumors and gossip. I live in a small city and everyone knows everyone so it's just a bunch of crabs in the barrel which is why we haven't had a star since James Brown musically. I stay to myself but I am trying to be rich not doing shows at hole in the wall clubs and thinking I am some big time celebrity simply because I did which is why I have this blog that has over 2,100 hits thanks to you guys from places all over the world.

I am going to release Prince Vegeta and Aaliyah next Sunday and continue with dropping new music for the web but the back and forth with Mark Deez and Ill-Legit Records is over. I am not discussing this anymore. I have tracks about Mark and the label but that's entertainment and they asked for it. As for the super macho thug image they are trying to run with I have no idea where that comes from. I have real issues with my family, and my girl, and actual street shit ( like trying to stay free) that doesn't involve music that I deal with. They are trying to make this personal and it's not. The track "Doug Funny' is not a diss to Mark Deez. "Chit Chat" off of Prince Vegeta is not a diss to Mark Deez. "Cartman" another track yet to be released is not a diss to Mark Deez. These are responses. That is all. It seems Mark Deez is upset I didn't do the deal that is all. He's trying to bully me. But it ends now. I will no longer pay attention to his tweets. I will no longer respond to his tweets. Tonight it's the Grammy's....I want to go one day. I will not mention him on my show anymore. I am not going to "beef" with him anymore. I am going to do me. I am not a gangster. I don't want to harm anyone. I have been down that road. It leads to prison. So many people are trying to prove they are tough. So much anger and lack of talent. If this was music cool but how can I respect someone that makes a "diss record" but just recycles a track we already did together, edits it, and take my vocals off because he's afraid people will hear me rap and know how talented I am. What a loser. He doesn't want to do business, he wants to intimidate, and provoke negative energy.

So with all of that said enjoy the new music and I hope you guys will download the new albums dropping Sunday.

If there are any aspiring rappers out there don't let these label people gas you to thinking you have to be some typical uneducated thug that has to settle for the buffoonery P. Diddy made a video about a few weeks ago. That is how you get caught up in criminal acts and end up in prison like a lot of your favorite rappers end up visiting in their careers. I hope this makes Mark Deez think twice about his lifestyle because if anything happens from here it's been documented about his character.

Enjoy the new music and stay cool everyone. I ain't going nowhere God willing.


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