Saturday, May 27, 2017

Another Mark Deez Diss.

New album Hello Kitty coming soon. I am in studio now and just had to drop this banger. Mark stalked me on twitter by hitting up my private account with Nicki Minaj. Asking me to listen to his wack ass album. He can't even sell you physical copies but is on this major as label right? Fuck that piece of shit label. The album he had coming out with Canibus is called Crisis Music. I am going to give them a real crisis. I bet these wiggers are going crazy. They can't do anything about me.

Here are the lyrics to the Mark Deez Diss Record:

I never meant to kill you// I just wanted to get on your shitty label and bill you// your bills due// you looking at Jet Jackson to fill shoes// I'm famous// How could I ever be scared of a nigga that weighs what I'm weighing// I'll cook you// I'm deeper then the hole they will put you// in// my friend// I don't mean to push you// come dance with the devil in the film foot loose// I wish you would dude// I read Gold Digger while you playing chess with no good moves// Fuck your lawyers fuck your label// be fucking grateful// you white dealers wouldn't be shit if it wasn't for Deago// jewels bright like my I.Q.// when I'm high fool// you don't even own a car I drove a benz in high school// I'm bored// this is the last score// for star wars// I'm watching Star Trek now you bout to lose like the borg// your assholes sore// from Doc fucking your career up// you got a beer belly taking pictures with beer mugs/ you fear us// you opening up for Riff Raff backstage praying I don't make an apperance// 5,000 for a battle// I spent that on tattoos fishscale with the bait and tackle// Doc// I'm everything you're not// what's a nuclear missle aimed at someone that knows how to box// you ain't one punch man// the gun blam// I'm Martin Lawerence all my critque comes from Stan// your my biggest fan// no really my biggest fan// in other words this niggaz fat// Mark, you don't want me to drop coke crumbs// when you should lose weight you eating before we roll up// these hoes love// Jet she's flown from// oklahoma// to the stae that's Golden// now it's triple doubles// space shuttles// I'm Pusha T and Tyler nigga on my mind is touble// I gave you two diss records you never responded// This ain't Run's house it's mine and it's haunted// I'm a legend the gauntlet// will leave you niggaz unconicious// and I don't care if you die niggga I have no consciene// And if I did it would be eminem// infinite// you chances slim but I like my women thick// penmenship// significant// to the belligerent// I'm robbing niggaz as O.J. Simpson bid// feeling like the judge that senteced him// because I'm a Mason moving bricks again// telling the defendant stand// Mark, this it the final flash// the killing joke meaning when you die I'll laugh// this isn't about white or black// but when I Riff no one will survie my wrath// you tried to sign but can't// I'm a death// telling you committing suicides the plan// No really take that nine you have// recline relax// and recognize a genius I'm Urkel did I do that?// you'll never own a car and when you I do I hope the first time you drive you crash// me I'm trying to silence lambs// cannibal you tried to feed me but I will always bite your hand// Urkel kissing Laura as we dine with Max// talking to Genie's begging them to bring Myra Back// Fuck ILl-LEgit// offer a man some money if you want to see who he really is//

I can keep going. I really could. It's hip hop.

Back to recording. But Fuck ILL-Legit as a label and whatever else they might want to be. Peace to Riff Raff keep pimping.

Got to go.


Look at how fat Mark is in that meme. smh What a loser.

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