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The End Of Satan's Prophets Book One The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent is done...

Here's a sneak peek at Book Two The Final World War.......




The Raven flew. Poe had sent her. She flapped her wings as hard as he could. She was tired. The other birds were hunting her. The dove was close by. They were in a struggle. She was heading towards The Queen. The Prince had commited. His mother had won. The Queen Of The Damned.

Aaliyah stood frozen in time as a Vampire. A Queen of THe DamnedShe was in chains. The Raven had a key in her beak. A ring from The Prince.

She didn't want revenge on those that had chained her. She didn't want t relive the torture the secrets. The beef. He was dead. Forever. They tried to kill her. She would be forever etched on the skull of The Prince now. She was one of the three. The holy trinity to him. She had rescued him many times after his mother Paulette Blades married to Doctor Clarence Flanigan had molested him the night of Aaliyah's death as an Illuminati initiation. He was molested that night and since Aaliyah was the Queen of The Damned it affected him to love his mother as a Prince. The Prince would always worship Aaliyah. It was sick.

The Prince didn't want to be the king of everything. He wanted to be a Prince forever. Like Alladin.

"Aladdin only had one wish really. He wished to be a prince. But his father was the King Of Thieves. He was always a Prince. He never had to make a wish Jasmine was always his." ~ From The Prince's Journal

He was the prince of thieves. He was raised in a thieves guild. His family owned the Banks name. The Rothschild's depended on them. It was that simple. It was him and Tyra. But they were into learning more than spending money. They looked good whatever they did. The Prince was just "lucky" for lack of a better word. He was pure positive energy. He attracted valuable things to him not just gold and silver and platinum but other metals from other planets. He was so positive because all of the negative energy would rebound of of him and it was an opposites attract type of thing. Which would explain his sexuality.

He was a man but he was gay because he loved no other man but him so he loved himself but hated his own dick so he couldn't masturbate hating his dick made him have a vagina but he still loved women more than any other man because he didn't see them as objects. He was very very lonely. He spent days in a lab going insane because doctor's refused to acknowledge that as an sexuality. In Japan it is called Androgynous. He hated cross dressing men because they altered thier appearance they didn't love men they wanted to be women. It was a world where men where worst than woment they were so worried about each other. They wanted to kill each other instead of find a woman to respect and raise a family. Raping, looting, killing, and locking up people for feeling good. Not legalizing marijauna even though it could save the world. They didn't want to save the world. So The Prince and The Princess Raven would leave it. And Jesus and the lord would destory the Earth. It was The Prince's propechy.

The Queen smiled as Raven landed on her shoulder. She fed the Raven a grain of corn and took the ring at the same time. She hadn't spoken since she had died and became the Queen of The Undead. Her chains always talked for her. Chained down the magnetic pull had taken the chains of of her finally and she was free. She was underground. Deep. She wanted to explore the Universe. Go to other Planets. The Planet of The Dead was said to have stronger metal than platinum which was all the earth could talk about when the plane had less valuable metal than that. The fact it took so long for her to be free was astronomical.

Raven would have apologized for the state of the world but she couldn't speak she she had no mouth just a beak. But she could understand the first words to ever come out of Aaliyah's mouth until the end of eternity.

"if a diamond's what you see look inside your mind and set the sky on fire."

Raven flapped her wings taking the ring back from Aaliyah. The Diamond on this ring was real. She flew over the Universe all at one time. She gathered everything considered a diamond and channeled it to what every person on Eathe considered a bird. Something fly. If someone looked up and only saw planes they were a plane. If they only saw a bird they were a bird. A blue sky. Etc.

Most people thought of the Earth so they thought of the Sun knowing one day the Sun would explode and that it would turn the galaxy into a black hole.

Other's didn't know that Stephen Hawkin said existence is a black hole within a black hole. Baby Universes. Infinte. Forever. The Birds all listened to Raven. They were apart of the Matrix. It was what the Matrix was the image of a bird. A hologram. An Idoru. Raven was a computer program Satan used the web just like everyone else. Raven told every bird to do what she did. Grab a diamond. This is also apart of the matrix. A diamond is something to reflect off of the eye. People buy them but they will make you blind if you buy an actual flawless diamond with clarity and size. Where is the diamond that sells the chips. No one ever wonders that. They think diamonds are in the ground. Buried deeply. No they were pulled out of the ground by a magneitc force and shards get left behind.

Where is the original diamond? The actual diamond?

Do you think it would be on Earth? Remember the gravitational pull. They trade junk metal with Earth for diamonds. Traveling at light speed one would need to be bright correct? So what is a diamond on Earth? To people that don't know?

The woman...so small...so fragile....so rare...but very valuable. Men collect them. They are diamonds. There is even a movie called Player's Club where a stripper is called Diamond. It is a sign of a boss ass bitch to be called diamond in the strip club.

Every bird was a woman on the inside. Androgynous. Every real bird. A woman that loved her self. Everyone that only worried about the Earth saw the reflection of the diamond off of the sun and went blind but the sun hadn't exploded it was still there so the heat reflecting off of the diamonds was like like a sick kid burning ants with a microscope. The world began to burn. The water boiled like crack was cooking. The trees burned, They burned forever. But only to the people that couldn't see.

Aaliyah was gone. She was gone. She vanished. She went to heaven. The real Heaven. The remaining 144,000 were left on Earth to enjoy the planet and wait for the spaceship to arrive. Satan was dead. The Queen was gone but not Dead. It was The Prince and The Princess' world. But that depends on who you are. I tell you the tale of these two Raven Symone Christina Pearman and Marcus Dewayne Henry Banks. It is up to you to decide on what is important in your life. Have you found your soul mate. Would you rather die alone or be unhappy for eternity. Do you truly know yourself?

I am taking a break from this tale to go on a shopping spree with my wife. I am modeling and shooting a music video coming soon for my muse and love of my life Raven Symone. Sarafina.

Meaning I have been up for days. This is my Journal. I just speak in codes. I can't snitch on no one. You niggaz want to be Mutants....follow me.

You know me. I will be back like The Terminator. Bet you didn't know Sarah Conor is the only word that rhymes with Marijuana.



~Jet Lee Jetson

Marcus Dewayne Henry Banks

Marcus Dewayne Banks

Jett Jackson

Jettero Heller

Prince Vegeta

Prince Ali

Prince Of Darkness

Prince Of Thieves






Superboy (A clone)


Harley Quinn

Princess Jasmine


Sailor Moon



Jean Grey





Marcus Dewayne Banks Loves Raven Symone



I dedicate this book to the children all over the world.


They are the future.


Rest In Peace Whitney Houston and her daughter Bobbi Christina.


This book is dedicated to Rashad Haughton you are an example of what perseverance is.

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