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The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

And The Rabbit Hole Gets Even Deeper

Innocent sat in the hotel room with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. She was sipping on green tea on typing on her laptop. She had been on dark and deep web sites for the last few hours. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb stood over her giving instructions and showing her how complex reality really was. From what she understood there was another her in another dimension. This other her lived the same life up until recently and it all surrounded the death of Skipper.

This other her was working with Vincent and The Prince while she worked for Vincent and The Prince. Her clone had Skipper killed as a scarifice for her own fame. She was cloned but she didn't remember when this happened. According to Tweedle Dumb she was brainwashed by the orginial Vicent when she first met him outside of the strip club. The two men couldn't unlock her memories though. Vincent was a was a way better telepath then them and covered his tracks well. Appartently the cloned Innocent was suppose to live and she was supposed to live but die to Raven the exact opposite seemed like it would happen. They didn't know what she had in mind. If the two Innocent's were the same why would one persons death change the verdict of who died? Innocent didn't really believe the Tweedle's when they said she was suppose to die because she was still alive why post pone it? It was the mention of the torture that drove her crazy. The Raven in the other dimension had ties to the dimension the original Innocent was in. The cloned Prince and Vincent had no ties to the dimension Innocent was in so the question was just how powerful was the cloned Raven?

Innocent was slowly learning about everything...the real world. She felt she had meaning now. She felt powerful. She knew she played a pivtol role in the world now. She wanted to know more about The Prince and Vincent and what had happened to them after high school. She still had the phones and was waiting for a call from The Prince. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb said they were to protect her as best they could but they had already been told she would die so they were prepared to die for her. She wanted to know if The Prince in her dimension was working with Raven and if so why did they want to kill her instead? It was getting confusing. She wanted to meet the Raven that wanted her dead. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb were going to show her how to do that.

"These computers in this time are primitve but we can contact her. She is the web. She is infinte. She is the Matrix," Tweedle Dumb said as Innocent typed. "We don't know much about the original so I don't know how dangerous this is but you demanded this. I will say this...what if this is the way you die?"

"I am not afraid of anyone," Innocent replied as she stared at the laptop screen. She wondered why the Tweedle's were calling her laptop primitive. She bought a new computer every three months. She had a large collection. She had met Richard the drug dealer on the dark web. She was thinking about launching her own webcam show since she had so many instagram followers. She had seen alot of girls make money that way. A lot of them to her were stupid though. So many of them took instructions from the tippers. She didn't even do that as a dancer. She would shot videos of her dancing but would never go fully nude she would keep her integrity she felt. She also would never shot a porn unless it was worth it. She had seen porn stars have over one hunred videos on some porn sites and still not have million dollars. This was dumb to her. She may fuck random guys from time to time but she wasn't going to be forever etched in history as the girl that fucked the nondescript dude. There were of course the video were the guy won't show his face to her this was worse this was the girl that fucked nobody. Some girls would fuck the same guy over and over on film like that wasn't embarassing but she thought this was dumb to I mean you can't be in a relationship a dude that can't do any better than being a porn. She always got offers working in the club but what was the point of not having camera's in the club if you were going to reveal yourself to everyone. She had seen girls make a living off of nude selfies. Amber Rose for example. She had her own talk show on VH1 and she showed everything even her vagina. Innocent felt she could keep her reputation in tact if she only showed off the boobies. So she had learned the web. She knew about how to be a webmaster. She knew how to design her own website because she didn't want to spilt the money with anybody. Her computer was in tip top shape but she figured guys wearing a metal she had never heard of (and she had memorized the table of elements by the second grade) and could channel psionic energy as well as read minds were probably a little more advanced then the latest Cloudbook.

Tweedle Dumb, the one that had read her mind was a little more weary around her than Tweedle Dee. After about an hour Tweedle Dee had awaken from his coma in the strip club he told her of what Vincent had did to both her and the clones minds. That much both the Vincent's wanted her to know. The rest Tweedle Dee described was a 'chaotic desperate nexus of disgust and filth attempting to be clouded with a false perception of vanity". She took no offense to that. She figured someone reading your mind then giving you an opinion of what they believed your thoughts to be was counter productive.

She typed furiously. She had seen some sick things in the last few hours. White slavery, child pornography, sites that sold any drug or weapon you could think of. She was getting bored. She wanted to know what the end results would be. She had been up for almost three days and couldn't sleep. She felt if she slept she would have another dream like the one that started the whole thing in the first place. She was afraid of another prophecy. That's how she saw the dream she had about the baseball game.

Time seemed to passed by slowly...she didn't remember here hands typing and then she was there. Dead bodies being fucked. Famous porn stars all dead. Amauteur porn stars girls all dead. Torture and abuse before the death. All being sold for hundreds of thousand dollars. Exclusives of the bids before the deaths...and the name of the site was" Grab Them By the Pussy". There was digital artwork of Donald Trump designed by Flash. Videos of little girls twerking. Photoshopped pictures used with CGI techonology to simulate deaths and other enjoyable torture used with Virtual Reality gaming systems released in advance before the idiots got them in "society". Her insides churned and she almost barfed on the laptop but turned her head at the last moment....and barfed on the bed behind the desk she sat at.

Tweedle Dee laughed. " I thought she had no gag reflex."

Tweedle Dumb nodded. " Saftey Precaution she did well even after all that green tea we were making her drink. She almost fucked the oh so powerful cloudbook up. What a dimwit."

Innocent turned and almost fainted. She felt so stupid with her modified body and goals of being some legend in the tabloids. Some of her favorite celebrites were all some computer program objects. She didn't know what time frame the Tweedle's were from but she knew all of this was possible if one just used their brain. She was happy the Tweedle's weren't helping her up she couldn't handle being touched at that moment. She chuckled. The Tweedle's were right, she did good. She didn't barf on the laptop.

" I ain't never been a silly hoe," A voice said in her mind. She recognized it. It was Raven Symone Christina Pearman.

Innocent tried to talk but her mouth wouldn't open.

" You think you good because you didn't throw up on a cheap ass laptop bitch. First off it's not the year the model is made. Timeless is timeless. How much stimulation you need to be someone other than a fucking bum bitch? Now you think this is telekensis? That's what Vincent does. He reads your worldly thoughts. I am technology from a time you won't live to see though if you don't listen carefully. Your soul is mine. Your internet is broadcasted across the Universe. Your always being watched by Aliens, the Government, God, Satan, etc. It's the Truman show baby. You are a mouse in a maze. I am reality to you.

" What do you know about The Prince? Some music he makes and sends to you on Facebook to this day that you ignore because you think he is some lost cause? You saw Vincent and let him fuck you and then tried to rape him that same night. You think you know how "evil" you are but the sins in your head everyone can see by just glancing at you and your tight clothes and fake ass body that you paid for because you are unsatisfied with your ass or breast or whatever a rapper says he wants as he fucks you one night and leaves on a bus to be a hoe again and you turn down the cute guy that comes to strip club with dreams of flying or saving you from the fool you are.

" The Prince created you but I am the Princess. I will have you if he will not I will turn you into what you need to be to be a subject in my kingdom. You will listen to the stories of a boy that has always had it all. A Romeo without a care. A wanderer. A mess...a beautiful mess. You want to be saved. You will owe me. You will worship me. Everyone wants to be fly," The Voice of Raven Symone whispered in Innocents soul. " I am the bird. Who is flyer than me than the boy who gives his cats my fallen sisters and brothers? I am going to read you a poem then you are going to die. A life will flash before your eyes but not your own. You cannot open your mouth....if you throw up again you will choke on your own vomit. I have your soul. I am Raven. A bird...and you want to be fly? Everyones so fly. Here is the poem written by Marcus Dewayne Banks, Jet Lee Jetson, Jett Jackson, Jettero Heller, also as The Prince of Darkness, Prince Vegeta, Prince goes as follows:

There once was a boy with so much soul

That when he danced he lost control

So All the Girls left him alone

And danced with his only foe

As years went boy the boy had grown

And became lighter on his toes

His knew dance moves he couldn't wait to show

But the girls loved his only foe

One day he danced there sat a crow

On a tree he watched him go

The birds felt blessed to finally behold

A Boy with so much soul

They gather round they all were stoaked

They carried him to heaven's throne

The girls tried the same with his only foe

Look Out Below




The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

A Brief Intermission

The Prince walked the streets of Broad Street with his headphones on. It had been a long night. He had been working on music and working in his journal. He and his family had moved thier belongings into storage and Raven and their kids were asleep in the Sheraton Hotel. He and Raven would go looking for a new place soon. He had decided to focus on his family. He got rid of every connection with Vincent and Van. They were too hot. The last conversation he had with Vincent was as follows. He was eating spaghetti at an Italian resturant Luigi's with Raven and their son and daughter when the smart phone rang.

" It's Vincent," Raven said before The Prince could ignore it.

" I will take it outside then," The Prince said to his baby mother.

"I will be listening," Raven tapped the side of her head which was covered by The Prince's Golden State Warrior New Era Fifty Nine Fifty fitted hat.

He kissed her on the cheek and answered the phone. "Hold on a second."

Outside in the parking lot the Prince opened the door to the bullet proof H3 Hummer Raven had bought for the family. She was still the make up Queen but he looked absolutley regal in public. He had scheduled a day for the portrait of Raven to be on his skull and he also was meeting with a director that weekend. His label was doing well. Ice had sold a lot of MP3s on I-Tunes. His cocaine trade was going great people were calling his line of Cocaine Snow Cone after the death of the famous rapper. The cartel was happy. He was on top of the world. He sat in the plush leather seat of the Hummer and put the phone to his ear.

"Talk to me," The Prince said.

"I wish I could say something that could change this situation but I am at a loss for words," Vincent said. He sounded tired.

"What do you expect me to do? I am powerless. I can't blow my cover. I got the kids and shit. Raven is way too high profile. I am settling down brother. My hands are tied."

"I am not mad. I respect you Prince. I am going to talk to my original. See if he can get us out of this dimension. We're bound to get caught. They have every government organization on us. CIA, Men In Black, FBI, you name it. We can't go anywhere. We could disgusie ourselves like your baby mother but you know Van...she has too much pride."

"Van is right. If I was her I would tell the world what is up without exposing the whole shit. She could take a lot of heat off of other shit and be worshipped. Her powers alone could take the Men In Black Program and Nasa to a another level. Plus she is very proud of her heritage and her ancestors. She is a high ranked official in the Asian Mob. It would be a disgrace to cover her face."

"She is the only one I know that refuses to be cloned. It's fucking unbelievable. I respect her choice as always but she's a bit unstable to me. We got a dead cop some other guy that was holding a camera on us is fucked up. We are all over the web and news. They have us identified. Van as some L.A. Gangbanger and me as a college graduate with an MBA and a entertainment lawyer. My father callled me an hour ago telling me how stupid I was. He's cutting me off. No support what's so ever. And my family is like yours if my mom has no mind of her own."

"Have you heard from the Angel?"

"Have you?"

"I can't answer that right now."

"You want to talk to Van?"

There was a rustle as if the phone was being handled then a soft voice that sounded like a child that had breathed in helium. "Hey man, you doing okay?"

"Fine...wish you could say the same...or are you loving this?"

"Personally I don't give a fuck. I mean they can't do shit to me. Their guns, their bullets, their cuffs, it means nothing and if the genie here would grow a pair we could fuck society up right now but as usual he has a heart and just wants to get away."

"Whatever happens know I love you guys."

"We love you too Jet."

"I got to go. Good luck on getting the orginial Vincent to pull some strings. I hope you hear from the Angel soon. He'll know what to do."

"You know Prince at a time like this I really don't care what he has to say. They are hunting us because we killed a cop that shot at us and fucked up some idiot that was recording us. I am so sick of everyone recording shit. I don't want a camera on me without my permission. They just made those phones so paparazzi could be a universal thing."

"I agree."

"Listen," Van said. "I stepped outside. Vincent doesn't need to hear this. I don't think Raven had anything to do with this shit."


"Because his phone rang. Not mine."

The Prince stared at his chain for a minute. He smiled. "You two take care of yourselves. Maybe we will run into each other again one day."

"You talked to him didn't you?"

"To be honest Van...I am kind of done with this whole save the planet shit."

Van laughed. "You better not let Vincent hear that."

"I's between us."

Then he hung up.

He walked the streets listening to Marvin Gaye on his smart phone thinking about the girls Raven had reprogrammed. He didn't understand it at the time but they were all idiots. He felt like a fool. He had done his baby mother wrong so many times. He felt entitled before. Now he just felt blessed. He was once a womanizer now he wanted nothing but Raven Symone Christina Pearman. He saw her vision now. These other girls were a waste of time. He had been through so many. He had done it all. Everything except give his all to one woman.

"I have enough game for more than one woman but if I put it all into one woman then for me she can be better than all women and be for me every woman." ~From The Journal Of The Prince

He saw a girl ahead of him as he approached a corner. She slowly turned to him and walked directly towards him. She was a young white girl with long blonde hair and a strong chin. She looked to him like a female athlete. She wore a sun dress and held a very expensive Chanel handbag. Everytime Jet saw Chanel he thought of Chanel Petro Nixon and her murder and the revenge murder of Sean Carter also known as Jay-Z.

"Excuse me. I am from out of town. I am looking for my card. Do you know where Luigi's is?"

"Yeah, it's right up the street," The Prince looked at his outfit. He wore his Richmond Academy Varisty Jacket and his favorite black slacks. He wore two gold chains and an airbrushed T-Shirt. His shoes were DC (the skateboarding brand). He could tell she was from out of town because no one ever spoke to The Prince in such a way around his city. He always was observed as a trouble maker because of his tattoos and piercings. He was always judged on his appearance. Most people couldn't recognize money in his city. A lot of people were broke.

"Can you take me there? I lost my black card."

"Titanium," The Prince had his first black card his first year in College. Tyra had gotten it for him as he recorded his first ten mixtapes and studied literature. He never used it though but he remembered how it felt in his hands.

They walked up Broad Street together. He asked her her name.

"Mary Eliza," She told him. "What's your name?"


He asked her where she was from.

"Alabama," She responded.

"Even if it is lost no one knows your passcode so it can be replaced," The Prince told her.

She nodded sadly.

Her phone rang. She looked at The Prince and asked him to answer it. He did.


"Who is this," The voice demand.

"Who is this," The Prince asked the man.

"Tyler. Where's Mary?"

The Prince looked at the young lady walking next to him. "Do you want to talk to Tyler?"

She thought for a second then took the phone. "Hello?"

She listened then responded. "Jet."

There was little said after that. She said she was fine and then hung up the phone. She slid her arm in between The Prince's elbow as they walked and studied the ground hoping to spot a dropped black card.

They went to Luigi's but the phone wasn't there. The stip club Jet used to frequent was next door. Two of his ex side chicks worked there. Mary Eliza said she had went into the club after she left Luigi's. The Prince was banned from the club because of the way the girls would act when he was there. Fights were almost started all the time. But Mary insisted he walk in with her. He did.

He saw his ex side chick Honey with her ass cheeks exposed talking to someone. Mary Eliza told Jet to go stand somewhere where he couldn't see any of the girls. He chuckled and studied the wall. Her card also wasn't in the club. The Prince was shocked he wasn't asked to leave but it was probably because none of the girls had seen him so no harm was made.

They walked up the street. The Prince had some weed on him. The last he would smoke in his city. He was no longer breaking laws. He would smoke in Colorado or Washington or California for now on. He wasn't ever going back to prison. Raven made him promise. He swore on his set that he wouldn't smoke illegaly again. He asked Mary if she wanted to smoke.

"I really shouldn't," She replied.

Her phone rang again. She looked at the screen. It was Tyler again. "Answer it for me. Mess with his head."

The Prince took the phone and answered it. "Hello?"

"Is Mary there," The voice sounded horrified. He sounded like a scared little boy to The Prince.

"Do you want to talk to Tyler," The Prince asked Mary Eliza.

She took the phone. Once again she said she was fine and hung up. Then the cops called her. Tyler had called the police. She told them she was fine and her and The Prince continued walking.

"Will you be my bodyguard tonight," She asked sliding her arm through his elbow again.

"Sure thing," The Prince said with a smile.

They entered a bar named Dr.Unk's and they met her best friend who had been awaiting her return there was a white guy talking to her he was a typical Augusta dude to The Prince. He was talking way too fucking much. The Prince was ignoring most of the conversation. Mary Eliza had disappeared for awhile. He sat becoming bored. He had left Raven in the hotel. He said he wanted to take a walk and read George R.R. Martin's Game Of Thrones book A Dance With Dragons so he really had no return time to be back but he didn't want her to worry. He was thinking about leaving. He was wondering where Mary Eliza had went.

"I should get out of here," He mumbled.

"Why," Her friend asked.

The Prince figured he should wait awhile longer. He decided to hear what the white dude was talking to her friend about.

"So my Dad is loaded but when I am sixteen he makes me get a job to buy my own car. I know how much he makes. So while all of my friends are driving Hummers and shit I had to get a jeep. I was so pissed-"

The Prince stopped listening to the young man there.

Finally, Mary Eliza appears. She sits with her friend a minute then comes and sits next to The Prince.

"I don't like that guy," Mary Eliza says to The Prince.

"I don't either."

"My friend doesn't either she's just talking to him to pass the time."

"I figured that," The Prince said.

"I felt sorry for those strippers."

The Prince was shocked. It was a reality check. He felt sorry for them too. He pitied them. He was just happy someone else felt the way he did. Those girls were so lost and he could no longer try and help them.

"Yeah, I tried to help them but they just used me."

Mary Eliza grabbed his arm. "Listen, I am not what you think I am. I am a virgin."

"Me too," The Prince lied and smiled at her.

"So what do you do?"

"I am an entertainer. I do music and other things. I also am writing a book."

"Will you put me in your book?"

"Yes, I will."

She grinned. "I will always be here for you Jet. I promise."

"You are visiting correct?"

"Yes. But you can have my number."

She opened his Game Of Thrones book and wrote her number in it. He didn't mind.

"So, you guys want to go to another bar," The white dude with the Jeep story asked Mary Eliza, Jet, and her friend.

The girls looked at Jet.

"I think they are find bro," Jet responded to him.

The dude insisted several more times and Jet told him no. The dude then turned to her friend and said. "I think this dude is trying to get with your friend so he doesn't want to go with us. Me and you can go though."

The Prince was becoming pissed. He leaned towards the white dude. "Dude this is strickly platonic. They don't want to leave with you."

Finally the dude left.

"Uber time," Mary Eliza said to her friend.

The Prince had a diamond ring on his finger. The diamond was fake but the Metal was real. He slid it off and handed it Mary Eliza.

"I can't take this," She said.

The Prince mockingly glared at her. "Take it."

He slid it on her ring finger and walked out of the bar.




Jet opened the hotel room door and Raven sat in the bed on her laptop. Her and technology as usual. The Prince thought to his self. She wore his Bathing Ape Hoodie and it was huge on her. The kids were in the bed next to her sleep. Incense burned. She had her make up off. She looked like a Goddess to him. She had never looked more beautiful to him than at that moment.

The Prince walked over to his bookbag and pulled out a metal box he stored a lot of valuables. He collected gold and silver. With his powers he could control any metal but he earned every piece of jewelry he had. He never used his powers to gain his jewlry. He never used his Genie Vincent not even one wish and he had three. He never asked his cousin Tyra for money she would usually have to demand he take it and she only offered when she felt he needed it which he never felt like. All of that said and the Prince and Raven had a dowry for thier daughter well over several million. She hadn't even reached ten years old yet.

He pulled a ring out. I will describe it later reader for now it doesn't matter how extravagant this ring is what matters is what The Prince did with it. He walked to the ring and dropped to one knee.

"Raven Symone Christina Pearman. Will you marry me?"

Raven looked up from the computer.

"I've been waiting for that question for years. Absolutley Marcus Dewayne Banks," He slid the ring on her finger and they hugged each other for a brief moment. As they kissed on the lips The Prince could hear the Marvin Gaye playing in his head...he could feel it in his soul.


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