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The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent
Prince Vegeta
Innocent had been running the club for about week now. She had been in communication with The Prince (the original) for about the same amount of time. She didn't ask too many questions. All she knew was she was winning. She ran one of the most popular clubs in Atlanta. Mr. Lennon was constantly under watch. He rarely came out of the office and no one was allowed in it. As for the body of Malcom the two purple metal plated men took the body somewhere. They told her not to worry about it. But the conversation that worried her the most was the last one she had with The Prince:
" We were going to have you killed. But I got news from my clone today. Let's just say you're needed," The Prince said over the phone to her as she counted money in the office while the two men that had gotten rid of Malcom's body stood over Mr. Lennon with their arms crossed. They no longer wore the purple plated armor...they dressed in business suits and button up shirts. They were preppy now. But that didn't mean they weren't dangerous. From what Innocent understood they were something like psychics. They were powerful enough to actually manifest their telepathic power to actually attack other people. The purple armor when worn connected to certain pressure points that allowed them to harnest their telepathic energy and use it to shield, or attack whoever went against thier agenda. They worked for the same organization The Prince, Vincent, and Miss Van worked for and suprisingly were low on the food chain. They were from the future. They hadn't told her their names so Innocent called them Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.
" Killed? For what," Innocent asked.
" I can't really get into that. But you know how close me and Vincent are. He's like my best friend our agenda was to always have you killed. I was going to be a bit more harsh in my tactics but I have grown fond of you Innocent."
" Vincent is pety. I know he will never get over what I did to him. But have always been sweet to me. This organization you work for how did it get started? What is it's purpose?"
" Listen, you run that club. You get that money. We will talk more later. We will meet again later...but you must do me a favor. Do not use your smart phone more than once and the same goes for a laptop. Constantly change your IP address. Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dumb can show you how to do that. You could be tracked by someone we really don't want to piss off right now."
" Where's Vincent?"
The line went dead.
She tossed the phone into the trash and continued to count the money.
" Innocent please...I haven't eaten all week. These guys have been wiping my memory. Please Innocent. Let me go. I was only doing what I was told. You don't turn people down guys like these. You talk to them. You know how powerful they are," Mr. Lennon said as tears filled up in his eyes. He was tied up to a chair and had been begging to be fed and be untied for the last few days. The telepaths had been erasing his memory but they let him know they had been doing it. Innocent kept him alive because she didn't know who to trust. Things didn't seem real. She wouldn't believe it if she hadn't seen it herself. She really was taking orders. The night she wanted to rob the club turned into this. Her running the club. Wiping people's memory every night as she robbed every customer that came into the strip club. The psychic's did what she said but they scared her. How did she know her memories were her's? How did she know what was real and what was not? She prayed Vincent and The Prince would let her know more. She played along hoping they would tell her something she could use. She wasn't new to the supernatural. Her cat Matilda was proof of that. Matilda could grow in size. She was a comic book reader. An intellectual. She knew a lot about science fiction but this was becoming too much. She didn't know if she was a pawn or not. She wanted answers and quickly.
" You know Mr. Lennon. I don't believe you when you say you just met Vincent the other night. Why would he trust you to kill someone if you just met," Innocent asked him still counting the large bills.
" I told you I was brainwashed. Why would I want my club's star attractions to be murdered. It's bad press. Innocent you have got to believe me."
Innocent stood as Mr. Lennon continued to talk. She didn't want to listen to him. He would say the same things everyday. He swore he knew nothing and that he was brainwashed. He even started confessing his love for her recently. She had never slept with Mr. Lennon. He didn't sleep with any of the girls to her knowledge. He did touch them. No one really took his advances serious. He was usually playful which was why Innocent was shocked when she realized he had something to do with Skipper's death and her attempted assassination. As of late Mr. Lennon had been telling her he was in love with her and had always been in love with her. She found that sickening. Mr. Lennon was very old. He was almost sixty. He was over weight and was going bald. He hadn't showered. He was getting frail. He was getting annoying. She wanted to know what he knew if anything at all.
She walked through the strip club after exiting the office. Everyone in the club was under mind control. Customer's thought they were tipping. Girls thought they were dancing. None of that was really happening. The TV's in the club played anime and J-Rock blasted through the speakers as everyone in the club sat not moving.
She picked up one of the customer's phones from his immobile hands. She would start collecting phones since she could only use them once. She would get Tweedle Dee to extract passwords and she would get in contact with The Prince that way.
After she collected everyone's phones she went back to the office. Tweedle Dee was a blonde with a babyface he was reading a Rolling Stone and Tweedle Dumb a red haired older man with a beard stood staring at Mr. Lennon as he continued to beg.
She handed the phones she collected to Tweedle Dee.
" What's this," Tweedle Dee asked dropping the magazine and taking the phones from Innocent.
" The Prince wanted me to use different phones and only once. Go out there and get the passwords for these," She turned to Tweedle Dumb. " We are closing the club early tonight."
" Innocent don't leave me here alone at night again. Please give me something to eat. At least do that Innocent. Something to eat," Mr. Lennon said.
Innocent looked at him and slowly sneered. This old disgusting man. She hated him. He represented everything she disliked about her job. He looked just like the tricks that she dispised the most that entered the club. Old white men. On these nights when the club was packed with them they would play country music and classic rock. Mr. Lennon loved those nights because he knew the girls were the fakest those nights. The smiles. The lapdances. The stupid fucking hugs that she had to give out. She was filled with rage. She walked over to Mr. Lennon with her fist balled.
" Please don't hit me," He said as she stood in front of him.
She had yet to hit him. He was so old and had become more frail in the last few days. She was tired of wondering....then she remembered:
When she was sixteen years old she was visiting Vincent at Military School in Camden South Carolina. They were eating pizza together in the Carlisle House. Vincent had been sent to Military School for a year. His Junior year. He got caught with some weed while in the mall and his parents wanted to teach him a lesson. Apparently his parents ( A German mother and Italian father) thought marijuana was a "nigger" drug. They wanted him to learn a lesson. This backfired. This is were he met rich black kids that were in trouble just like him. It cost so much money to go to this school. This was were rich trouble makers went. He met Marcus Dewayne Banks at this school also known as The Prince.
As they sat at the lunch table Marcus approached with three root beer floats. He sat down and handed a cup to Vincent then one to Innocent.
" So how's the chess team," Vincent asked Innocent.
" We will get to the finals with me on the team but you know we miss you Vincent. You're one of the best players," Innocent said as she bit into her slice of pizza.
" One of the best," The Prince said with a huge grin showing off his very white teeth.
Vincent gave The Prince the middle finger and rolled his blue eyes. " I am the best on the team. She's just modest."
Innocent looked at the Prince in the eyes and at that moment what hadn't been said had been understood. Innocent was the best chess player at the school. Why she hadn't beaten Vincent before wasn't spoken upon. The Prince never told Vincent he knew this either.
Innocent remembered this memory and she pulled out her nine millimeter from her Louis Vuitton bag. She cocked the pistol.
" Please Innocent. Don't do this. I made you a star. Without me you wouldn't be running this club. The bad lead to this. Please I swear I know nothing."
" I believe you," She pulled the trigger.
The sound was ear splitting. It rang and Mr. Lennon didn't have a chance to scream. The bullet hit his skull. His forehead to be exact. The back of his head opened like a jack in the box and pink and red flesh and brains scattered wall in which Mr. Lennon sat in front of. There was a gaping hole in the front and back of his head. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb looked at each other at the exact same moment. Tweedle Dumb nodded hi head once. Then Tweedle Dee cleared his throat.
Innocent looked at the motionless body of Mr. Lennon. Her hand was calm not shaking. " You're no John Lennon. Rest in Peace Skipper."
" Innocent we must leave here now," Tweedle Dee said in a low voice almost a whisper.
Innocent turned. " What?"
" They are going to kill you. We have respected you since we got here. We were told to not read your mind. We were told to protect you. But we were also told you were to die"
" So what? I'm ready to die."
" It's not the death you should be worried about. But the torture before it."
" Well then who sent you? It couldn't have been The Prince. Even Vincent doesn't hate me that much."
" There is a boy. With a kind soul. A Prince living the life of a peasant. Disrespectful in a racist city. A genius disgusted with his current state. The rapper you have been waiting for. The one you will write your book about. We know were he is...his baby mother hired us to kill you. She is a friend of the original The Prince you know of."
" Who is this woman?"
" The only woman you have learned from. The reason you don't take gifts from anyone....Raven Symone."
Tweedle Dee had read her mind. After he spoke he feel to the floor unconcious. His body shook as if he were in a seizure. Tweedle Dumb looked at Innocent and sighed.

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