Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another Album Dropping on the 20th from Jet Lee Jetson....I mean Tha UFO.

After years of speculation and debate I have finally decided to release my final work under the name Tha UFO. This is one of my greatest challenge because of the beef that me and Charles have had for years. I am over it. If anyone says Charles is not one of the most talented artist of this era then you must be a fucking baka (fool in Japanese). Pun intended this is April. This guy is one of the smartest artist out and to say you never were a fan means you never knew shit about hip hop. It was an honor to have worked with him at one time and I am happy all of the arguments are over.
This album was recorded when I was on the run two years ago. I recorded it on a smart phone while I trapped out of town.

This beef started over some stupid video game shit. I was Mario he was Sonic. I wanted the Olympic Games. It took me almost ten years but I got it. This is over 100 minutes of music. This is some of Charles best production and he even lends some vocals on several tracks. This at the time was going to be left in the hands of Chavante Mack aka Che Mack the woman who this album is about. But her being smarter than me she let me keep the masters. I guess she saw this coming one day.

Here's the first song off of the album. Be sure to check on our page the fourth for the release of Prince Vegeta and Let Your Dreams Be Bigger Than Your Fears.

If you notice on the album cover Sonic and Mario are shaking hands. Peace to Charles Hamilton.

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