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The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

The Beginning Of The End

Ice's Mugshot in Jail

Ice's Mugshot in Prison

Ice had been cooking cocaine for hours. He was taught once by Miss Van and The Prince (the clone) and he was told if he fucked up once he would be beaten again. He didn't want to know what would happen if he fucked up twice. He didn't know how they were selling it. That wasn't his job. He was just happy to be alive. He had shot several videos before he was beaten. He was told those videos were now being distributed to the web making the world think that he wasn't a bruised pulp locked in a basement. He was told when he recovered one hundred percent then he would be able to go out into public and that he would be a star then. But he could be killed at any moment. Not only did they have his family but they also had his location at every time. The label owned him.

He had lost track of how much coke he had cooked. He wore a mask because the odor was so horrible. He wanted to rest but every time he tried there was a knock on the door and more cocaine was delivered. He was unsure of what was going on in the outside world. The only thing in the basement was a kitchen and couch. There was food in the kitchen. Ramen Noodle soups. He used to eat them in prison all the time. It must have been some type of joke from The Prince. He was recovering slowly. A doctor would come in daily and check on him. He was property though. He was trapped. The sad thing was he asked for this. He rapped about hustling and fame. He was famous now and he was cooking crack it just wasn't all it was cracked up to be pun intended.

He was in his boxers and white tee drinking a glass of milk when the door to the basement opened. Someone was coming down the stairs. He heard the voice and a chill ran down his spine. It was Miss Van.

The Asian woman had a Louis Vuitton purse and a Kate Spade dress on. The woman usually dressed in sweat suits...baggy clothes....she looked very attractive but Ice knew she was deadly. She was the best fighter he had ever seen. He was scared of her. He was frozen. He couldn't move.

" Smells like shit down here Ice. You want a shower," Van asked with a look of disgust on her face.

Ice was too afraid to speak he just nodded his head.

Van spit in his face. " There you go! Wash up!"

Ice knew better than to not humor Van he began rubbing the spit into his face.

Van walked over to the stove and looked at the jar that was currently in the pot. Ice began shaking. He didn't know if she would approve or not. She was a vile being to him. He wasn't sure if she would beat him again just for the hell of it.

" You know bitch, it's people like you that make my life hard. Bitch ass niggers like you. You dropping the ice too soon Ice. I mean on your records you're God damn G Money. But in the kitchen you cooking like a spoiled husband," She motioned for him to come closer.

Ice slowly walked over. Van reached in her purse and pulled out a crack stem. She handed it to Ice.

" You're done cooking for now. It's time to taste what you cooked," Van stared at Ice with hate in her eyes.

He didn't want to deny her. He couldn't see how they could trust him to cook if he was addicted to crack. But he had records done. He had videos shot. They could get him hooked, tell him to cook, and if he fucked up they could kill him and still get rich off of his name. He knew what not to do though.

Ice was high for five hours. It was the best feeling he ever had in his life.

Van hopped in the white BMW with a duffle bag. Vincent was on the phone with The Prince (The Original). Van wasn't worried about getting pulled over. Their organization was apart of a covert operation of distributing drugs into certain areas to hurt certain communities. Both Prince's were bent on the destruction of niggers and to them anyone brainwashed by the "media" was a nigger. The original Prince may have a bit more fame but all the same to two men were all about gentrification. Genocide. The Prince was the lead detective in their party. Vincent was probably the most sensitive of the investigation team. He really didn't want Ice on the crack. Van had to remind him it could be worse. A lot of people thought the gay rituals labels made rappers go through were something created by the so called "white" Illuminati but Afrika Bambaataa was a pedophile and a homosexual and he was a member of the Zulu Nation. This was before hip hop became a corporate monopoly. The physical abuse and now drug abuse was mercy as far as the Prince was concerned. The lipstick wearing androgynous did not affiliate with any male homosexuals. In fact The Prince's had been on record several times disapproving male homosexuality.

You may be wondering what is androgynous? Lipstick? Yes. The Prince wore lipstick. He liked color on his lips. He was a big fan of the Joker from DC comics and liked the look. Plus he was androgynous which is pretty much both sexes in one body. He was a male but a woman on the inside but the woman was gay. Which explains how he and Raven were together. The gay rumors were true but AZ Marie (his cousin Tyra's employee) was not the true version of what Raven was into. Society as a whole wasn't ready for another twist in the homosexuality department which was fine. He and Raven didn't want people in their business anyway. Anyone who was somebody knew. The Prince (the clone) was fine with avoiding the "press" and "media" not knowing the truth. Idiots listened to the news which was mostly nonsense. You think the powers that be wanted to be known? Look at the precautions a good drug dealer takes and they are only in control of people getting high not someones personal welfare.

Van was a good friend to The Prince. They had met through social media. She was one of The Prince's fans. He released music on the web before he had started his own label with Ice. He wouldn't give into industry politics but he had a small buzz on the web. He didn't need the money. He did it for the love. All his music was free to download. He used to do it to piss his family off. Here was a kid that came from suburbia with over one hundred tattoos, racing cars, going to prison,and basically living the life the mainstream gangster rappers rapped about. His parents were doctors and here he was rebelling. Tyra often stood up for him. She didn't associate with his mother or anyone else on her side of the family and seeing as his father (the Japanese soldier) was dead he often felt in the middle of some huge civil war. Mother versus daughter, father versus son, or in his case cousins versus the entire family. Tyra cared for him she was apart of his vision. She wanted him to be successful just like everyone else. They lived in a world of secrecy and after The Prince's last encounter with his "insane" mother he and Tyra thought finally their could be some sort of cease fire between the family. Sadly it didn't work that way. Van got a call late one Saturday night from The Prince.

" Hello," Van said. She was smoking out of a bowl watching the anime Gangsta on her laptop in a hotel in Atlanta. She wore her silk PJs and had just finished eating a late dinner. She didn't know why The Prince was calling so late but he and Vincent were one of the few people she had to pick up for. They were sort of like a family at this point.

" Van we have to talk," The Prince responded.

" That's obvious why else would you call?"

" To listen to you breathe."

Van sighed loudly. " What do you want Marcus? It's late."

" My cousin got a call from one of our connects. It would appear my precious mother is up to her old tricks. The dumb bitch is fifty trying to sell marijuana. She bought about $50,000.00 worth of edibles, oils, and some other shit."

Van stood up out of her bed.

" Her small time dreams are going to draw unwanted attention. I don't know what makes her think she's some sort of dealer but when she's dealing with her stupid husband and even dumber daughter it makes you wonder if she even thought twice about what her decisions would mean for the people I deal with," The Price said to her.

Van began pacing the room. " Her getting busted will bring too much attention to us. People asking too many questions. They're Doctor's what do they need the drug money for? And at fifty this isn't the time to want to be Sosa."

" More like Tony. I don't mind the dealing. She's probably been doing this. I am just getting back into a relationship with her. But her friend took the work then said her house burned down. My step father tried to get her to overdose on self prescribed medication. And my beloved sister robbed her of $18,000.00. I stood by her and as soon as she gets out of the hospital within a week she's back in business with them. That's almost $100,000.00 worth of damage. Her life I would say is priceless but I don't feel like joking right now."

Van would have laughed but she understood when the joke wasn't a joke. "So now what?"

" Honestly she has no loyalty. We have to go underground. I don't know if this whole thing was a set up to get me out in public with her or not. I trust Tyra. I asked for the meeting so I can't be mad when shit like this happens. But we have to make some moves."

" I'm listening."

" Get all the cooked stuff you can. I am going to sell a bundle on the web. I am going to contact the orginial Prince. It would appear Raven has lost her mind again. She just put a bunch of simple women into a loop. She reprogrammed a lot of the girls I was dealing with. The strippers mostly."

" What about Innocent?"

" Raven knew about the clone. The one that was about to start running the club in our dimension. The other one with the Psychic Bots in the other dimension, well I told my original to get her off of the web and off of the smart phone. We don't need any mishaps."

" You know he loves no one. Why would he save her? This shit is backwards. She was supposed to die and the one in this dimension was supposed to live. Dammit Prince what the hell did you do to Raven?"

" Nothing. I was following orders. I was making music. That's it. I've been cheating on Raven since day one. Why all of the sudden would she care?"

" I don't know. Maybe because you are living with her and the kids again. Maybe because you have been playing games from day one and she's fucking sick of it. You wanted to go public about your relationship with her but you're cheating. What did you expect?"

Raven had a lot of connects when it came to computers. The matrix was a film that told the partial truth about life. Yes people were connected through computers. The average person was. Only certain people weren't living a falsified existence. It took a lot of research and intelligence to get unplugged from the matrix. Technology was way more advanced than what the average person thought. Most recently people were being introduced to virtual reality when in real life reality was virtual. Synthetic. The sad thing was some people knew of this and enjoyed it. The real world just didn't do anything for them anymore. They loved the illusion.

" Me? This is my fault Van? She knows what type of man I am. But listen she didn't kill anyone. She reprogrammed them. I can-"

" No," MissVan said shaking her head. " That's how they get killed. She finds out about it then it's war. You're not a hoe. What are you getting out of this? Why can't you let these women go? Think about Trunks and Shakur. Do you want your kids to grow up with a pimp for a father and a murderer for a mother?"

The line went silent.

" Prince what we should be focused on is getting off the radar. You were seen with your mother and regardless of the drug trade she's a prophet like you. This whole thing could be a set up. In fact...when was the last time you spoke to your mother?"

" Weeks ago. She hasn't been picking up her phone."

"Prince you can't be this blind. She is either dead or tracking you by the numbers you call. You have to get off the radar. We all do. Do you think the original Prince will still kill Innocent. And what about the Raven in that dimension? How does she feel about Innocent?"

" That's way above my pay grade. I cannot answer that."

" Have you spoken to the chief about this? Because you're right this is way above our pay grade."

" I haven't spoken to anyone but you and Tyra about this. Vincent doesn't even know about this."

" We have to talk to the Angel about this. All of us. You can't trust The Prince not to kill Innocent. Techincally he has to."

" But what will the cheif do to Raven?"

" That's not our issue.You said she didn't kill Innocent just reprogrammed her. Fuck the other bitches. They are not apart of the prophecy. You have made some great music. No more cheating. No more pimping. Leave it alone," Van paused and smiled sadly. " It's time to be a man Prince. Leave the game alone."

The Prince started coughing. He was obviously smoking while he was on the line with Van.

" Prince, what did you talk to your mother about when you were in the hospital," Van asked.

" I will tell you when we meet up. I can say it even over this private line. But we need to speak to the Angel. You're right. Get the cooked up stuff and you and Vincent meet me at the headquaters. We let this shit turn into a monster. Now we have to answer to somebody. I often wonder why they trusted the world's salvation to a bunch of freaks like us."

" Prince...we're not freaks. We are human. We make mistakes."

" Jesus didn't make mistakes."

" Just because you're a prophet doesn't mean you have to be like Jesus. Times change, people change, the world changes."

The Prince gave a sad laugh. It was rare to see him serious but he honestly was scared. As much as he hated his mom he loved her and she was bent on his destruction it seemed. Van wasn't sure if the woman was jealous because she wanted to be the most successful person in the family or if she just was an unfit mother. The Prince didn't speak too much about her. She knew he had a horrible childhood though. He was an outcast at school. Public school. Then he went to military school where he met Vincent McArthur The Third. His mother and step father sent him there. The Prince had a horrible relationship with his step father. His mother appeared to be praying for his downfall. The Prince once said it was a competition between him and his parents. They wanted to be smarter than him. They wanted to ruin him. The Prince once told her a story of where he had collected over 500 comics. He got locked up and his parents sold the entire collection. The Princes said that was nothing compared to some of the other things that transpired between his family. She didn't know if he was joking or not.

"I once thought I was the second coming. The Angel sometimes says I am. But with shit like this happening I realize how short I fall from the grace of God and the Goddess. The sad thing is I am not even the orginial. I can't imagine what he goes through. I always wanted Raven. I always wanted the money. I always wanted this. The powers. The girls. But this shit is getting too much," The Prince sounded sad.

"Stop it Prince. You sound like a fucking bitch."

She could hear The Prince smile. "I always like a good road trip."

And with that they were on the run. They had went rogue. No address. They knew what the cheif would say. Save Innocent. They were heading to the headquaters to meet with The Prince. Her, Vincent, and over three hundred thousand dollars worth of crack cocaine. Ice had been cooking for over a month now they had several million dollars worth of crack cocaine being sold in neighborhoods and over the web. The weird thing was most of their clients were police. They bought the crack and put it in the hood. They knew who was dealing so they made the arrest. They were winning on both sides. The organization they worked for was called Satan's Prophets. They cared not for the poor and the dumb. The organization felt it was ultimatley the criminals decision. Despite the situation the small time dealers were in they ultimatley in charge of their own destiny. No one forced them to sell the crack. They used that as an excuse. The worst thing about it was they listened to people like Jay-Z while they hustled. A man that made it out of the projects by learning the english language. Instead of letting this story inspire and owning their own company, clothing line, and becoming moguls all they heard were the lyrics and they took them literal. Fools. These people listened to music about kilos and would die over grams. The drug game was a trap and rappers even told this to the people that listened to the music. Very few would ever reach Kingpin status and even then you could be caught. The only successful dealers were the ones that had political ties. Eugenics. That was what it was all about. Survival of the fittest.

" I am not so sure Raven doesn't know about the other Innocent. I think we should bring the whole situation up when we get to the headquaters. There is no telling what could happen if she knows but we tell no one," Vincent said as he started the luxury car. He was dressed in his white button up and black tie with a pair of black slacks. His hair was flawless as usual but he looked tired. His eyes were red. He hadn't slept in over thirty six hours.

"The Prince says she doesn't know," Van replied lighting a joint up.

"He also doesn't know shit about the Raven in the other dimension. He also didn't know she was going to go ape shit and reprogram this Innocent along with some cheap strippers and whatever else the Prince has been sleeping around with."

"Listen I don't like it just as much as you but we can't believe she's that fucking jealous. To the point where she would go against the propechy."

"Technically she's not. Listen she reprograms the Innocent here. Then gets the Innocent killed in the other dimension. Technically that's what's supposed to happen. Technically."

"But it's supposed to happen a certain way. The Prince plays a big part in it."

"Technically he has. He caused the shit."

"Can you stop using technically so much please."

Vincent chuckled. He stopped the car at a red light and pulled out his electronic cigarette. He took a few puffs and looked in the rearview. A cop car was escorting them to the headquaters.

Vincent's phone rang. He answered it. "Hello?"

The caller hung up.

Vincent turned to Van. "You don't think she would try and have us reprogrammed do you? I mean is that even possible."

"Not that I know of...but-"

The car in front of them swerved. Vincent hit the brakes too slow. He almost collided with the bumper of the car but was able to avoid it at the last minute by switching lanes. However, the car a car collided with their bumper shortly after that. The impact was major. The dual stage airbags went into affect as the BMW spun and hit the car in front of them.

Van cursed. She covered her face hoping no glass would shatter and she would be cut. She heard honking horns then saw the cop lights. The BMW slammed against the divider and she and Vincent looked at each other in fear. Vincent's phone rang again.

"Don't answer it. I bet every car on this highways phone is ringing," Van said. She examined herself. She was fine. The car on the other hand wouldn't start.

There was a gunshot. Then another. A scream. Then the back window to the BMW exploded.

"Someone's shooting at us," Vincent said ducking down after unbuckling his seatbelt.

"No shit," Van replied reaching in her purse and pulling out a Star 9mm.

"Van she probably reprogrammed the cop. If you kill him we are going to be in some huge trouble. The chief may not be able to get us out of jail in a quick enough time. He doesn't even know where we are. Plus we got all of this crack on us. Van keep your cool."

Van rolled her eyes. Vincent had a point. "Only one thing you can do then. Wipe some minds."

Vincent was a telepath. His orginial was stronger than him and he was responsible of training the Psychic Bots like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. He was very powerful and could control people's thoughts. Vincent the clone was also a great telepath. His abilities were raw though. He couldn't always control them. It was apart of the curse of being a clone they were never as good as the original. This was a crucial moment. Everyone who had picked up their phone on the highway had to get the memory erased. Vincent had never done anything like that before. He knew how to wipe memories. He had done it to Innocent before. The day he met her outside of the club...

Another gun shot. Van ducked down in her seat. She turned and saw the police officer that was escorting them getting closer. Other people were getting out of their cars and approaching the BMW. Van aimed the gun out of the broken window and pulled the trigger once. The cop's head snapped back and he fell backwards to the hard concrete road. He was dead instantly. The bullet hit him between the eyes. "Once less mind to wipe. Let's go Vincent! Get to work."

Vincent closed his eyes. He felt like he was leaving his body for a brief second. He read the minds of the people approaching the BMW. They all wanted to attack him and Van. They wanted to stop them from meeting The Prince. He tried to see who had reprogrammed these people but as he tried to find this out his head started to ache. He struggled to gain control of his gift. The gift the Angel had given him. He inhaled sharply. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Van...

"What the hell are you doing Vincent? Let's go," He heard her yell.

The next thing he remembered they were in a stolen police car. He was shaking and Van was telling him he would be alright. He felt blood on his lips. His nose was bleeding. He tried to regain focus. "Did I do it Van?"

"Shush. Be quiet. We'll talk about it later."

He saw her put the police officer's pistol in her bag...then he passed out.

The Prince pulled his pants up as his mother's best friend put make up on in the bathroom. She had given him the rest of the edibles and oils she had gotten from his mother and they had sex in a room at the Marriot in downtown Augusta. He actually had no bad feelings for his mother. He honestly was attracted to her best friend Josie. She was hispanic and had been in a secret relationship with him for years. It was a pety rivalry between his parents. If his mother found out about the relationship she would probably flip out but if Raven found out The Prince didn't know what she would do. Her jealous streak as of late was disgusting to him. He wasn't going to change who he was. Yes he had Christian values but he also wore a kufi at times. The way he figured it women overpopulated the Earth period. Even if every man got married their would still be single women. Every man. The dudes in prison, the homosexuals, and the list goes on. The Prince didn't lost for women. He knew the statistics. Only a fool would beg for women to him. He had his fair share of women. Josie was with him for the sex he figured. She was a personal trainer. Her body was flawless. She was built in all the right places. The Prince laid in the huge bed and took a bite out of a marijuana brownie.

"You know sweet love we can't keep doing this. I hate your mother for what she did to you growing up so I like to make sure my baby is well taken care of but after this I have to move on. You undrestand right," Josie asked.

"Of course Ms. Josie. I thank you for the experience. You have always been a blessing to me in the bedroom. You know so many tricks it would seem. Tasting you is always incredible. This is our final score fifty thousand."

"Yes. What do you plan on doing with your share?"

"Investing. My children need things. I will put it away for a rainy day."

The Prince got out of the bed and walked into the bathroom where Josie wore nothing but a bra and panties. He hugged her from behind, his pelvic area against her buttocks. This was the last time. The last cheat. He was going to try to work things out with his baby mother. He was suprised to find out Raven hadn't done anything to his psychiatrist. She knew they were having sex but that was one thing Raven wasn't going to mess with. The Prince's mental health meant a lot to her and him. She had lost him several times to the asylum. The Prince was about to give up his religion for a woman. He was satisified. He had gotten his mother for fifty thousand. The eighteen thousand his half sister had stolen was small change compared to his score. The sad thing was he didn't need the money. Ice's video "Tragic" had gone viral. He was making plenty of cash from the cocaine trade but one thing he hated was a disloyal vindictive woman. He did nothing negative so when a negative aura comes around him he could spot it easily and if it was directed at him he knew it was pure hate and pure evil that wanted to see him fail.

"I would ask your next move but we don't need any feelings involved," Josie said as she grinded her ass against his penis.

The Prince chuckled and checked his watch. He could go another round. Vincent and Van wouldn't be in Augusta until later. He had about three hours to spare.

The television was blasting the news throughout the room. The Prince heard the word "supernatural" and stopped kissing Josie on her neck. He walked out into the bedroom and listened intently.

"- The male then floated above the mayhem with the Asian woman and landed on top of the cop car. Ten people are now in a coma and a police officer dead. The phone that captured all of this was in the hands of what the police are calling disfigured gentlemen that was shot at point blank range from a 9mm pistol. If anyone has any information on a stolen police vehicle or knows who these culprits could be please report by calling the police department. These people are highly dangerous. This is actual footage from the smart phone," The news reporter spoke and the screen went to footage of Miss Van shooting a gun in the air as people approached her and Vincent. The people were walking like zombies. The next clip was Van flying through the air like Superman with Vincent flying as well. The Prince knew it was Van's powers to manipulate gravity that had gotten the two people afloat.
"Oh Dios mío," Josie said.

The cover was blown. The Prince sat on the bed shaking his head. The brownies were taking affect. He looked at Josie and sighed. He had to go. He looked at one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes across and thought to himself that he had went out with a bang. Now it was back to business. His propechy was coming true. The armageddon had started.

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