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The Miss Adventures Of Innocent Excerpt

The Miss Adventures Of Innocent

"We Might Die" ~Dumbfoundead

"What do you mean she had something to do with it," The Prince asked Vincent as he paced his bedroom with the phone to his ear. He had been packing his bags. He was about to get off the radar. He couldn't trust anyone. According to Vincent Raven had something to do with the havoc that was cause on the highway that was being broadcasted on every news station in America. It was a trending topic. Conversations of supernatural activity were all people could talk about. The Prince just couldn't believe that his babies mother could be involved in something so heinous. She had nothing to gain from it. He understood why she did what she did with the other women in his life but to try and get Van and Vincent killed it just made no sense to him.

"Open your eyes Prince. She's worried about what the Angel is going to say about her tactics. She knew we were all supposed to meet today. Who else would know that shit? Who else has access to the Matrix like that? She did it before unauthorized with these girls you were with. She is getting out of control. Now this shit is all over the news. The Angel is going to kill us," Vincent sounded annoyed. He sounded like he was trying to explain to a kid that he didn't know why the sky was blue but that it was just blue. However, The Prince needed facts. He wasn't one of those people that took things on face value. He refused to believe Raven would be scared to admit her faults to anyone or try to hide the fact that she was what she was which in the end was a woman in love. He stopped pacing and sat down on the edge of his bed. He exhaled. Using his powers of controlling metal he reached his hand out and a gold necklace floated out of his jewel case. It was a cross with fake diamonds in it. The gold was real but the diamonds were fake. He and Raven didn't believe in blood diamonds.

The necklace landed in his palm and he thought of the day he first met Raven. She had heard his album Poet Hop and had messaged him on myspace through a large network of fake profiles. The riddles he solved to finally get to her were very complicated. Eventually The Prince's cousin called him and told him Raven would be at a night club and wanted to meet. It was an industry party. Only the insiders were there. He and Raven had smoked in the VIP and she told him how much of a fan she was of his music. This was a year before they met the Angel but in the end they knew before then that they were soul mates. It was sad to him that they had come to this. With the gifts they were given it was almost like the power had got too much for them.

"Listen she will be back with the kids anytime now. I will talk to her. She knows we have to go underground anyway. I am packing everyones bags right now. But Vincent you said your phone went off too. Why would she try to do that? You are not apart of the matrix. Neither is Van. Raven wouldn't have done that," The Prince said staring at the necklace in his hand.

"Unless she didn't want us to think it was her."

The door to the bedroom opened and The Prince hung up the phone. Raven walked in with Trunks in her arms and Shakur eating Pocky Strawbeery Cream Covered Biscuit Sticks and drinking a Hello Kitty Soda. Shakur was dressed in khaki slacks and a polo shirt with her long straight black hair in a pony tail. She wore custom made Bape sneakers and had on her mother's Gucci sunglasses.

Raven had her "costume" on. Her face looked like that of the average woman. Nothing special. It was a mask of special effects make up. The fact that some women could barley apply Revlon and that Raven put on her own make up so well that she wasn't able to be recognized in public amused the Prince. She was wearing The Prince's Play Cloths sweat shirt and a pair of slacks with a pair of pink chuck taylors. Shakur in her arms wore a small pair of slacks and a button up T-Shirt.

"Who were you on the phone with," Raven asked.

"Vincent. Who else? He's all over the news with Van. It's only a matter of time before the Angel gets in contact with us. But the way we've been switching lines it will probably be later than sooner. I swear Raven this is getting sketchy. I have packed up most of our valuables. We need to get a move on," The Prince said as he placed the gold chain around his neck.

Raven stared at The Prince for several moments. Then she cleared her throat and spoke. "Your mother have you heard from her?"

The Prince hesisitated for a second. Did Raven know about his one last time with Josie?

"I haven't," The Prince responded standing up and walking over towards Raven and thier children.

"I have finished filming for the show you know? Took us like a week but we have the first season done. Vincent on the news seems to be getting more buzz than my return to Disney though," Raven laughed slightly and walked away from The Prince's advance. She laid the sleeping Trunks on the bed and turned to Shakur who was watching both her parents intently. "Shakur go downstairs and work on the wooden dummy. We will be down there in a minute with the bags."

Shakur nodded once then she looked at her father. "Father when will we ever be able to be a normal family? We are moving in the middle of the school year. I thought we would stay in Augusta. You work here don't you? I thought we were finally going to be halfway normal."

"There's no such thing as normal," Raven and The Prince said at the exact same time.

Shakur giggled. "I thought so."

She exited the room smiling.

Raven glared at The Prince. "Your family once again is causing a riff between us."

"I have no family. Just Tyra. She's been covering for us for years. What the hell is your problem?"

"Your mother is the problem. Tyra told me about the drugs. Is she trying to ruin everything we have worked for? After you nursed her back to health is this what it has come to?"

"Come to what?"

Raven had the ability to communicate with artifical intelligence which was why she had so many connects with the Matrix. It was difficult for The Prince to do any dirt with a girl that could get into your phone without even touching it which is why he never hid his dirt. He was up front about all he did. He had took precautions with Josie but you just never knew with Raven. She was very resourceful for lack of a better word. She pulled out a smart phone from her pocket. He noticed it automatically. It was Josie's.

"You were set up. She has you on film. A sex tape."


"You're almost right. It will never come out now but it could have. These people have been praying for your downfall your entire life. Your mother is a child molestor and you still stand by her after what she did to you. When will you learn she is a vile, evil, disgusting, creature? My goodness haven't you had enough torture? Then to cheat on me after I risked my own well being by having those girls reprogrammed...why most you torture me so?"

The Prince sighed. He couldn't move. His mouth had gone dry. He couldn't speak. He had no answer for Raven. He wanted to tell her Josie was the last one but he knew she wouldn't believe him.

"You don't care about me or the kids," Raven said throwing the phone at The Prince.

The Prince used his powers to halt the phone in mid air. "Now you know that's a lie. If anyone doesn't care it's you. You're the one risking yourself with these rash decisions. Your the one who is risking her life. I never told you to reprogram anyone!"

"What was I suppose to do? Wait for one of them to do what just happened? A sex tape? That would ruin us. What if I did a sex tape? Do you know what that would do to our careers?"

"Us? No one knows we are together! You have kept me a secret for how long? All I have ever done for 'us' is swept under the rug in the public's eye."

"How can you say that? It's just not the right time. You knew what this shit was when we first started this relationship."

The Prince looked at their son who was asleep on the bed. He was sick of the games, sick of the secrecy, he wanted to tell her how he truly felt about the entire situation. So he did. "This has been bullshit since the beginning. If you hadn't have gotten pregnant I probably never would have heard from you after Florida. That stupid contract, the media telling lies about Marie, my cousin covering for you, all of that doesn't explain why you wanted a second child. I told you a million times I want it all. You cannot tell me what to do when you have the whole world thinking you are not even with me. Then you do this shit with the strippers and expect me to-"

The Prince paused. "Wait a minute. What did you do to Josie?"

The phone still hovered in the air. Raven slowly grinned.

"She's dead. Not reprogrammed but actually dead. How dare she do what she did," Raven laughed loudly.

Trunks stirred in his sleep.

"Keep your voice down," The Prince said angrily.

"This is all your fault. Your family is full of disgrace. Your child molesting Uncle, your slutty liar sister, your sick and twisted step father, your-"

"Watch your mouth," The Prince said taking a step towards Raven.

"And still you defend that circus."

"I care not about them! I told you it's me and Tyra that's it!"

"You should be thanking me. You're mother is an idiot. I forbid you to speak to her ever again. I forbid you to cheat ever again. If you do you will never see me or the kids again. I have had enough of this shit."

"So have I."

Raven smirked. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Jet walked over to Raven and grabbed her around the waist. He pulled her close. She resisted at first then he began kissing her mouth. She turned her head to avoid his lips so he began kissing her neck. She moaned softly. He pushed her against the door and she fumbled with the door knob behind her as they kissed.

Then they were in the hallway. She caressed his bald head as they headed towards the bathroom. They could hear Shakur training downstairs with the wooden dummy. They entered the bathroom and Raven took of The Prince's shirt and wife beater revealing his tattoo covered body.

"I fucking hate you," Raven said sucking his lips as they kissed.
"No you don't," The Prince said taking off the sweater she wore. Raven wore a Lise Charmel Gravure Corail Demi-Cup Bra. They stared into each others eyes. "This could be one of our last times. The armageddon is happening. My propechies are coming true."

Raven kissed his lips. She was one of the few people that knew about The Prince's journal and the propechies in it. "Better make this good then."

The Prince began unbuckling his belt.

"I don't want to die without anyone knowing how much you have meant to me," She said in a husky voice as she kissed his neck and pulled him close to her. Their hands were all over each other. The Prince pulled his pants down and Raven began stroking his penis getting him aroused.

The Prince felt tears welling up in his eyes. "Are you serious?"

"Yes Marcus Dewayne Banks. I want the world to know that I have never loved another. You are my only one. Our family is all that matters."

"What are you saying?"

"The tattoo of me you want on your skull....get it. The video you want to shoot about it. I am ripping up the contract. Tell everyone in your poetic genius what we have been doing," She kissed his lips again then smiled. "Okay? But no more other girls. Focus on me and the kids from now on. Please Daddy."

A tear ran down The Prince's cheek and Raven kissed it gently. "Of course my sweet, sweet, Sarafina."

As The Prince cried it began raining outside. They made love twice and would've went a third time but Trunks began crying.

"To be continued," Raven said.

The Prince smiled and kissed her on her lips once more. He put back on his pants and went to attend their child. As he walked in the bedroom Trunks saw him and stopped crying.

"Papa," His son said.

"I am here son," The Prince said with a grin. He saw Josie's smart phone on the floor of the bedroom. He picked it up and noticed it was on. The wallpaper on the lock screen was Josie with a bullet in her forehead. She was bruised and battered. A bloody pulp. That was when The Prince remembered what Vincent said.

"She is getting out of control," the words echoed in his head.

He had forgotten to ask her about the highway incident. He couldn't believe she would do that. Innocent people died because of that. The Prince felt selfish. He didn't want to ruin where he and Raven were right now. His dreams had come true. He had a family. The armaggedon was happening he had a role to play. His propechy spoke of Innocent who was supposed to be the Jezebel that had a child that would be the anti-christ. They worked for a fallen angel. The fallen angel. Satan. They didn't want the end of the world to happen. They were going to fight God and stop him for destorying the Earth. They were causing the Armaggedon and stopping it at the same time. The thing was he was heaven bound regardless. So were the other members of Satan's Prophets. God was sticking to Revelations. 144,000 were leaving on the spaceship coming to take people to heaven. The only thing was Satan, the one who had given them their powers, would have to die. For a split second The Prince thought of betraying the Angel but he believed in the point Satan had made when they first spoke:

"144,000? Billions will die along with me! Do you think that is a fair trade?"

He felt selfish. He didn't know what was coming with Jesus or rather Yoshua Bin Yosef on the spaceship but for them to have such amazing gifts and abilities he could only imagine.

He wanted to know what was on the smart phone. He would never know either. He didn't know if there was a sex tape or not. He no longer cared. He planned on having Josie murdered anyway. He planned on never speaking to his mother again anyway. He wasn't going to cheat on Raven again before she made the demand. Everything was going his way and now he had permission to do what he wanted to do artistically.

"Great minds think alike," He said under his breath. He picked his son up and laughed loudly. He was happy to a certain extent

Raven walked into the bedroom with her make up off. She was wearing a white bath robe. "I have a suprise for you my love."

"Are we showing Papa the new car," Trunks asked happily.

"Yes we are," Raven replied

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