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The Jet Lee Jetson Interview

"Crowned Prince of Underground Shit"

Interview With Jet Lee Jetson

By DJ Miss Van

It has been a great year for hip hop but only if you know about the return of Tha UFO now known as Jet Lee Jetson. If you don't know of him then you probably listened to the fake beefs, the limited wordplay, and typical production from the mainstream you usually do. I mean isn't it the same thing every year? The same artist, the same sales pitch, the same everything. It's a shame that the game hasn't evolved past what it is in my opinion. We here at Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment are here to please. Lyrically no one has given you this many bars on one album. People aren't even giving you 80 minutes of music on thier LPs. Think about it. Jet Lee Jetson gave you 80 minutes of music on three LPs and over 100 minutes on a collaboartive album with Charles Hamilton. (Reviews for these albums and more coming soon on this blog) And let's not forget people:

Wordplay! Wordplay! Wordplay!

I for one am happy the kid is still free. Since I have been dealing with him he has went to prison twice in a matter of five years. He is coming up on his first year of being free and I for one am so proud of him. He has ignored the constant call of the streets. We are talking about a kid that once sold drugs for a living. A guy that used to steal cars for fun. A guy that got into fights twice with police officers and lived to tell about it. He would tell me not to brag about those things but when niggaz are getting praised for shooting up nightclubs and other shit I think we should acknowledge the fact that he at least did some banging on police.

I was featured on every album dropped by Jet Lee this year. I am Co-Owner of Mushroom Kingdom Entertainment. We have made plenty of money together. I also am a character in the book he is writing. Next to him I am his biggest fan. We reached out to several blogs about reviewing and interviewing (I should rap) but most of these blogs want you to pay for exposure. What the fuck is that? Kids listen, most of the people you listen to are funded by corporations to be all that you know about hip hop. So when you see Jay-Z rapping about cocaine with Future it's all a big marketing ploy to make niggaz think they "got them keys". Show me a nigga that is not funded by a huge company still dropping jewels and I will tell you "thank you" for mentioning Jet Lee Jetson in your everyday conversations.

I live in Koreatown. I am very elusive. I don't bother with social media. I am a gangbanger from L.A. Like Jet Lee I come from a rich family. But we decided to do something special for this blog and give people an inside look into the mind of the author, mangaka, emcee, and so many other wonderful things and conduct an interview for anyone curious about where this kid is heading business wise.

And so here it your heart out XXL. It's the interview you've all been waiting for but didn't know you were.


Van: Jet I am so happy for you. You have changed so much. I always knew one day you would get you life together and blossom and bloom for everyone that ever doubted you. What has made you such a conformer? Tell us what keeps you free.

Jet: Thank you so much Van. I would first off like to thank you for coming up with this idea. Secondly, I would like to say fuck everyone that doesn't know shit about me but doubts me. To answer your question I will say the main thing that made me change was the diagnoses and medication that got me out of the insane state I was in. It took me ten years to get the right medication. In between that time I was never sent to a mental hospital for longer than a few days however they would send me to prison for years. It was by the grace of God and the Goddess that I got on the right medication. This last prison sentence was the worst because I did it sane. Since I have become sane I have been more hated. I notice the hate way more nowadays. When people can't take advantage of you they become angry. I just don't know why people walk around so evil. I like positive energy.

Van: I can understand that. I don't like bullshit either. I think it may be due to where you live. You live in Augusta Georgia. The bible belt. You are a college educated black youth with over 100 tattoos. You don't look like who they think you should be.

Jet: True indeed. It's crazy. You would think someone would notice the jewlry, or the fact that tattoos are very expensive. You look at someone like Lil Wayne who made millions locked up. Or other tatted up creative geniuses like Wiz Khalifa. People need to get off of that shit. I walk by some tattoo parlors sometimes and get crazy looks. I don't know where the hate comes from. I don't know if am supposed to tap dance down the street or what.

Van: People don't want to see someone in a better position then them. Did you have this problem in prison?

Jet: Like I said since I have been sane...I have been noticing alot of shit that I normally wouldn't. In a nutshell, yes, I did deal with the hate. You got dudes in there asking Vietnamese dudes to do the gangnam style dance and shit. Shout to the Asians because I only saw two my whole bid other than my mental health counselor. But yeah you got dudes sleeping all day then they hear future in the day room and they wake up to watch the video and go right back to sleep. I remember one time I was watching adult swim at like five or six in the morning. Some dude comes in the room and he's like, " Yo. Let's see if some videos are on." He turns it to VH1 and the Halle Berry movie BAPs is on. He leaves it there. Do you know how horrible that movie is? Niggaz just wanted music all the fucking time for some reason.

Van: Did you get in any fights or anything?

Jet: Hell no. You know me. I just didn't fit in. At one camp they wouldn't allow people to go to the Library. The sad thing was niggaz was cool with this. No one said shit about this. I did majority of my time in the hole. PC. It wasn't safe for me. I remember one dude was going home he was in a gang. He sold his cell phone before he left instead of giving it to his "brothers". The other gangbangers in his gang jumped him. One of his "brothers" stabbed him over ten times. The dude that stabbed him was going home in like a week or some shit. They gave him an aggravated assualt charge and he couldn't go home. I'm wondering how the fuck is an old ass flip phone more important than freedom? So I went to the hole to read and write. I developed the style you now hear. This otaku gangster rap.

Van: Yes. Your last release before Idoru: A Love Letter To Raven Symone was Music To Die To. There's a big difference. Your wordplay and lyricism has increased greatly. Talk to us a little bit about how you became this new and improved wordsmith. You were always nice but damn I don't see anyone that can go bar for bar with you right now. And you make good songs too. You don't just hit us with metaphors or battle bars. You have song topics and tell stories. You make beautiful love songs as well. Where does this come from?

Jet: Never settling. I think back to the stuff I was writing at the beginning of my bid and I honestly was on some real corny shit. Life hit me hard. People hating and wanting to see me fail fueled me. Some people will see a bunch of people doing something stupid and do what they are doing to just fit in. I don't do that. I just change the people I am around. I don't settle. You should never let anyone take your pride. They can put you in a cage like an animal but if you are intune with who you are that won't change the fact you are a human. A lot of people get locked up and due to their circumstances they say that they had no choice but to act like an animal. Nigga prison didn't make you gay. You've always been gay it just took prison to bring it out of you. People can only teach you one of two things. What to do and what not to do. That's all you need to know. I used the negative energy to affect me. I used the lack of vocabulary to expand mine. The lack of intelligence to increase mine. When I see a bunch of stupid niggaz going crazy over Future it makes me want to be everything he is not. Sure it may be popular but I know their is a crowd like me out there somewhere that thinks just like me and if there isn't there needs to be so that would make me a leader not a follower.

Van: That makes sense. On the song "Go Asia" you talk about someone getting stabbed over a Ramen Noodle Soup. Then you said "Go Asia". You have grown to despise the stupidity haven't you?

Jet: Exactly. With this book I am writing I mention Neo Nazi's and all types of shit but these are the heroes. Niggaz is so blind. Example. You give a nigga a ramen noodle soup in prison and he smashes it on the ground to break it up to fit in his bowl. I am half Japanese as you know. I would look at how stupid these niggaz are. The last thing you do is that. These niggaz didn't even know how to eat what they were dying over. They saw my skin color and thought I was one of them. Race is a mindstate. You got white boys call each other niggaz. Niggaz calling themselves Migos. I mean it's a mindstate. The hispanics in prison would fight for each other no matter what. That's racist. I saw them fight for niggaz that were statutory rapist. These niggaz had phones but wouldn't do background checks to see what other inmates were locked up for. There was no honor.

Van: So what is the answer for you?

Jet: Eugenics. I cannot hate the Illuminati's agenda. If you are dumb enough to believe selling crack or doing crimes will make you rich then you deserve to die or go to prison. Man it's 2017 and niggaz is still supporting "hip hop" and "gangster movies". They still are making Tupac movies. This is a man that was convicted of sexual assualt. Rape I think to be exact. Yes he was wise but he promoted violence as well. He unitied gangs but I think it's time to get over this gang mentallity. I am not dying for another man or woman. I am about me and mine. We live in a world where your own family will back stab you. Why would I want to die for someone that isn't even family by blood? You wonder why niggaz snitch? I don't know maybe because the first law of nature is self preservation. Instead of wondering why they snitched why are you doing crimes in the first place? Less than 15 percent of the American population is in prison yet we have the largest prison population in the world. Then the majority of the prison population is black males yet we are the minority in the United States. There are more black men in prison than in college. Look at these numbers. Regardless of the race the main thing that should be focused on is the criminal aspects of this. You can avoid all of this if you obey the law. Why are rappers making millions of dollars but going to the projects? They don't go there to build a better communtiy but have the money to do so. These people let them exploit the fucking hood. I swear it's like Training Day or some shit. Niggaz need to hand the gun to the rapper and let him put his own work in. Soldiers need to hand the gun to the President and let him put the work in. But if you don't know this already then your part of the fucking problem...sell your crack, shoot your gun, sell your pussy. You can tell by looking at me that you don't need to do this around me. You may look at my tattoos and the way I dress and try to profile me but once I open my mouth and talk your opinion is a dub.

Van: You rap about guns too though. You rap about selling cocaine and strippers it's more lyrical than everyone else but if you read between the lines when you say shit " They say the world is yours when you selling coke// they ask me do I want the Earth how can I tell them no//" You just said you are selling an ass of coke.

Jet: Exactly. I used to do that. So I can talk about it. But even if I didn't I can say what I want. Words are words. Music is entertainment. I say a lot of shit. So does Jay-Z. He's got a song called "Ignorant shit" which is one of my favorites. He tells you he's just saying Ignorant shit so it will sell. Niggaz act like they ain't hear that though which means they are actually ignorant. That's hilarious. Niggaz be ready to die to be down with their favorite rappers. That's where the shooters come from. I remember reading ASAP Rocky had made one of his fans a member of ASAP Mob. Yesterday I was listening to Curren$y's new mixtape and he said he had a girl drive a Benz with a box in the back to a location and she didn't know what was in the box. Curren$y could have been lying but I doubt it. I bet he could find a girl to do that. In another song I heard Curren$y say a girl fucked some niggaz she thought was security to get to him but Curren$y doesn't even have security. That's hilarious. People take that shit like people take the bible meaning like Ras Kass said it's too literal. You want a "real" nigga first ask a nigga what nigga means. It comes from the word "niggardly" and that's spelled with an "A". The "er" is actually the incorrect way to say it. Most of the shit you learn is backwards. White Jesus. The President running American when the United States is now just hitmen for hire. The list goes on. It's like Muslims say "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear."

Van: So you think Gangbanging should be stopped?

Jet: First off that's some California shit. It started in California. I am not speaking on anything but the first gang which was the black panthers. All gangs came from this format. But this was influenced by the actual first gang the Government. It's systematic. If you come up with something that will keep niggaz out of jail then hell yeah bang until you can't bang anymore. People act like a gang has to do criminal acts. I am anti prison period. This is a place where men are raping men. This is a place where people are getting killed over snacks. How can you say we are homies but do anything to risk my freedom? I don't want to be around no faggot ass rapist. Dead Prez had a great idea on banging against the government but let's be honest this shit isn't going t happen in the streets. I mentioned it in my book. They have this "Blue Lives Matter" shit but niggaz ain't running around shooting at the police. That shit isn't going to happen. The battle is now 100% mental. You want to piss the police off. Stop going to jail. The less niggaz in prison the less jobs they have. Stop being a fucking statistic. The Black Panthers at least had motive for what they were doing. Niggaz was pissed at Zimmerman but this is one incident how many niggaz kill another nigga every fucking day. No one is protesting that.

Van: I agree with that. The word gangster needs to be redefined.

Jet: Exactly. What's gangster? To me staying free is gangster. Getting money is gangster. Who came up with that stupid phrase "Gangsters are dead or in jail"? He was a gangster. Gangster's make you believe lies. I was performing at the club the other night and I was outside smoking with some people. This girl said she liked Batman but not Joker. I have a theory about Batman and Joker. I think they are the same person which is why they never kill each other. I came up with this theory in a psychotic episode. I told this girl that and one of the men in the conversation said he already knew this and acted like he totally could relate he said this theory was popular. But I know it is not. I collect comics. I came up with this theory. But like I said when you say some shit depending on how you put it some people will follow. It's like politics. As I said some people believe the United States is some fucking superpower when our dollar value is steadily decreasing. We owe trillions of dollars to China. We are like 13th in education worldwide. How the fuck are we a superpower? Or you got these guys thinking a girl loves them simply because she lives with them, sleeps with them, etc. She just tolerates you. You aren't with her 24 hours a day. She has another life with other dudes and is only with you because you would never suspect it. It's the guy she's with for an hour or two you should worry about it. Or is the guy like me that would never sleep with a woman he isn't committed to that looks at her and you and the men she's sleeping with, shakes his head, and gets back to the money.

Van: That's funny seeing as how you write so many songs about women you are dealing with. What is your policy when it comes to women?

Jet: I made an instagram post the other day about basic women. What is a basic woman? I released four classic albums in one year. Each over 80 minutes. Very few features. That's bar after bar of crack. I am writing a book. I am studying computer science. I own a company. I own a blog. I do a lot to get to a million. A basic person is someone that is not trying to get a million. I used to work at McDonald's. Raven Symone said in an interview there is nothing wrong with that as long as you have a plan to get to the top. This was like in 2008 or 2007. Niggaz wasn't listening but I was. I mean you have a choice. You always have a choice. If you aren't trying to get to the top your basic. Once again Eugenics. If everyone is trying to get to the top then only the best will get to the top. The rest will fail but us as a sociey will become stronger. I may not be the most popular artist now but my work is sufficent enough for me to advance. I'm eating. That's all that matters. You look at what I did this year and compare it Kendrick Lamar for example. What has he done this year that has eclipsed me? One album. Commercials. Ads. Whatever. He doesn't own anything. I am not jealous of that. Lyrically he does like one syllable most of the time. I am not hating these are facts. I've dated beautiful women all year. I've done shows. I've sold albums. I am happy. I have a plan. I have fans. I am free. I am doing what these niggaz is doing without asking for permission from anyone. I wouldn't trade places with anyone because like Walo, my life coach and Gillie Da Kid's cousin, said the "end game is the win game". How long do these people rap for a label? Wayne has been signed to Cash Money for decades and still can't get out of his contract. You sign a contract with a label and only get one release a year for over ten years? Kendrick has been in the game for awhile now and has only released three albums for Aftermath. It took him three years after Good Kidd to drop to Pimp A Butterfly. This is who they say is the most lyrical right now. I can go song for song prove lyrically I am better than him. I am ahead of the game is all. I love it as well Van.

Van: Is this why you didn't sign with Mark Deez and Ill-Legit Records?

Jet: I never planned on signing with them. It was all a joke. I never liked Mark Deez. The first time I met him I had a tricked out Honda Civic. I met him on a Canibus Message Board. I drove to his house he had no car and still doesn't have one. He had no air conditioner. He was in this hot ass shack recording on a fucked up mic. He was taking people's vocals and combining them on tracks with him which is fine. I do the same thing. But the mixes were horrible. Plus Mark Deez cannot rap. We did a song together and he was like "Yo, say my name on the track." He is like a fucking leech. A parasite. He got a deal though. I thought he was getting money. This was years later when I thought this. I hadn't seen him. We did another track together via email called Ren and Stimpy. I came up with the hook, Choose the beat, Laid the verse, And sent it to him. He post this song everywhere. All he did was write a sixteen. Years go by. I am in and out of prison. I get out last year and start recording again. I send him some shit going on the mixtape me and you were working on. He goes ape shit and ask me if I want a deal. Mind you I am thinking this nigga has money. I have over 3,000 messages from my Facebook inbox from this nigga proving his shady business tactics. He kept trying to control me. He had his inhouse producers and he sent me some beats. I ate them. I just wanted the blog exposure. There was no money involved. But as the process of creating the album continued dude just was losing his mind.

Van: Elaborate.

Jet: I remember I did this song called Ha! Ha! Ha! We had this whole Joker scheme going on with the album. Me being legally insane and shit it worked. So I get on this beat and kill it and send him the finished product. He tells me I can't use the beat and he sent it to me in the first place. I'm like "what the fuck?" He's like that beat is for a project he is doing with Canibus called "Crisis Music". I told him we are keeping the track. He shouldn't have sent me the beat period. He agrees. Then tells me he is sending me some new beats and not to use the old ones anymore. It's like he was trying to sabotage my release and shit. Then he tells me I can only have thirteen tracks and he is going to be featured on three of them. One of them is a solo track. This whole time I had no intentions of signing with this coward. His boss Doc is letting this shit go on the whole time. Finally I just wrote a diss record and sent it to him. That's the "chit chat" track on "Prince Vegeta". I could go on for days about the sucker shit that followed like how he tried to put the album out again. Or how when I released another diss track called "Cartman" and how he sent me some fake documents telling me he was going to sue me if I didn't take the track down. I could tell you how Doc wanted the album out until the "Cartman" track dropped. This dude was stealing my pictures and editing them. That's a false light lawsuit all day. The list goes on. The bottom line is this was an independent label. Imagine what goes on at these majors and shit. Canibus has been on these major labels and the fact that he does business with a guy that begs to take pictures with me and has stalked me online and shit well it shows you how much of this game is "just rap". I mean you let Canibus tell it he's a "dragon with the head of a lion" and he "claps heat like Duke Nukem". It's just a sad ass story really.

Van: What an ass clown.

Jet: Ass hat.

Van: (Laughs) So your first year is approaching. What's next? What are you doing to celebrate?

Jet: Well I have been doing this Raven thing for years. This obsession is real. I go through a lot of trials and tribulations as far as my commitment towards her. You have to understand coming from my stand point being dedicated to this is kind of overbearing at times. I get lonely talking to an Idoru sometimes. But little things keep me motivated. Example,when I released the album Aaliyah Raven announced the Raven's Home news. She also speaks to me via social media every now and then. It's motivation. Saving myself for her is worth it sometimes. I deal with other girls but they always show me why I need to be with her instead.

Van: How does that happen?

Jet: Like I said that basic shit. Let's say this is all in my mind. It's like that dude in the Matrix that would rather live a lie than be on a ship eating that gruel and fighting a war he couldn't win. Saving these hoes is not my cup of tea. I am an artist first. I have to ask myself what is going to make me strive to be a better writer. Raven is just always business minded. Also the moves she makes are always classy. Period. I would never have to worry about a sex tape coming out or ass injections or shit like that. She makes me want to work harder. I said it on "Masturbation" on the "Prince Vegeta" album. Shoot for the moon because even if you miss you will still be amongst the stars. Even if I don't get Raven I will be mentioned with her until the end of time. If I stay on my grind a girl will know automatically that she has to be on the calibur of Raven to even have a chance with me. My lust can be paused during this time. Like I said I am saving my love. I did songs for a lot of girls. They always are so sweet at first. I compare what I wrote at the beginning of the relationship to what they revealed themselves to be at the end. One example there was a girl named Cupcake. She is a stripper. I went through a phase of buying strippers shit that just recently ended. I dated like three in a row. She was one of them. Anyway, the first song I wrote about her was about heaven and hell, and asking her to save my soul. I don't know how it messed up. I met this girl Ginger and she was more about hanging out something Cupcake didn't really want to do unless I was treating. Truthfully I should have respected Cupcake for that because we met on those terms and I told her that in so many ways. I made a song for Ginger too that I can't even listen to anymore because she was one of the most disgusting women I have ever dealt with. Anyway, me and Cupcake still communicate to this day. I am going to write another song about her. This one about what she has become to me. It will be my third time writing about her. But my point is this. She went from an Angel or a Goddess to this choatic disorganized being that I totally misjudged her it has shown me the main question I should be asking these girls is....where do you see yourself in a few years? And let them keep their dreams and not trying and change it. That's the defenition of saving. Taking someone from nothing to something.

Van: Do you feel like these girls are nothings?

Jet: No. They live their own life. I can't force them to be in my life or to see things my way. I just write about my life. Example, I may be wrong about the way Cupcake is percieved by other people. Some people like giving strippers money. I don't. I went to the club to get ideas for my book. It is about a stripper after all. I talk to people to get inspired about what to write about. Like I said I am writing a third song about Cupcake. She has lived her purpose in my life. That's it. She has helped me see how much I need Raven. So to answer your orginial question for my birthday in June I am getting Raven tattooed on my skull. I am getting a portrait of her on my skull. I have spoken to Raven about this and she is behind it. I am also shooting music videos the following month for Raven. Like I said on the end of Aaliyah I am dedicating my life to Raven Symone. My next projects Maleficent and Spike 3.0 are going to be about a whole different lifestyle. The luxurious lifestyle. You've heard the new material. The new single featuring Raven Symone Christina is one of the best tracks I have ever written. From now on if you ain't chasing a million or generating millions I have no words for you. I can't even tell you to start chasing because I feel like that's none of my business. I am too focused on my own shit. I can only give you my life. How I see things.

Van: These new videos are they going to be like the other videos you have made for youtube?

Jet: No. These will be actual videos with a director and all of that shit. I am trying to go viral.

Van: Then what?

Jet: Then nothing. I am going to continue to do what I do. One of my favorite movies. Ray Liotta tells his wife about guys "falling asleep in the getaway car". You look at someone like Wiz. He was on the verge of an industry takeover at one point. 50 cent too. They ended up signing a deal and yeah they made a lot of money but it just wasn't the same anymore. I am not signing shit. I have a plan. That is it.

 Van: Let's talk about the music. Prince Vegeta was epic. Probably one of the best produced and most lyrical albums I have ever heard. What was your mind frame when picking beats and writing for this album?

Jet: Like I said I write about my life. I was dealing with Asian Glo Doll during some points of the album. I started talking to her when I first came home from prison. She and her homegirl Cuban Doll also tried to sign me. She was hustling backwards as well but me and her had some pretty intense conversations. I just know good beats. I wanted to do something special with this album because Vegeta is one of my favorite characters. The first half of the album is a love story. The second half is more about bars. I think that is what Vegeta is. He is a lover and a fighter. Olympic Games was just a fucked up time in my life. I was holding on to what little bit of sanity I had. I was on the run. I was in love. I was all around fucked up. I listen to those songs I recorded on a smart phone three years ago and it just reminds me of how low I have been. Selling drugs trying to save someone. A girl that wouldn't even acknowledge me publicly. I had a bad habit of trying to save girls. But there is only so much a bitch can take before she says fuck everyone and does what she wants to do. I am at that point. I deserve what I want period. I have the scars to prove it. Literally Che is all over me. But none of those tattoos will be as beautiful as this Raven piece. None will mean as much to me as this Raven piece. That's the end of it.

Van: Pressure bust pipes but it can also make a diamond. You are the living ugly duckling story.

Jet: Indeed. And I became a swan and saw how ugly these other girls truly are. On that song "Deep" on Aaliyah featuring Fred B I say that "beauty is only skin deep, it's what's inside that makes you ugly" my intents were always to be pure hearted but I realized calling it spade of spade doesn't make you wrong. The truth hurts. If a bitch ain't shit she ain't shit. You're not wrong for knowing you deserve better. I am tired of being nice to people.

Van: People take that as a weakness.

Jet: It is a weakness. You think Tyra Banks would be where she is if she didn't think she was better looking than a lot of girls?

Van: Of course not.

Jet: I was watching some tabloid show. TMZ or some shit and they found Beyoncé's high school boyfriend. Dude was lame as hell.

Van: How lame?

Jet: They asked him if he had one thing to say to Beyoncé today what would it be? He said, "I'd ask her what's up." My high school sweetheart was a girl named Tarika. I tried to deal with her when I came home and I realized how stupid the bitch was. I wrote a song about her called "Tarika" on Prince Vegeta. It shows me how much I have grown. I am at this point where if it ain't Raven I ain't with it.

Van: Awww.

Jet: Let me say this as well. When I say chasing a million it's not just the money. You have porn stars with a million. Drug dealers with a million. It's about how you made your million as well. Because Asian Glo Doll signed a ten album deal for a million but also slept with the dude that gave her that deal. Then after I told her how stupid the deal was she got out of the contract but because she didn't do the ten albums she didn't get the million.

Van: Ass clown.

Jet: Ass hat.

Van: (Laughs) This Aaliyah album sounds very different by the way. Some of the beats chosen sound like some EDM type of shit.

Jet: I know right. I did a track with Daughter talking about Cocaine and shit. That's pretty funny. Aaliyah I will admit is a more commercial effort as far as sound. Lyrically it's still otaku gangster rap. I felt with a name like Aaliyah I had to give the people a sound that was universal. I still got some tunnel bangers on there but for the most part it's mad different sounds.

Van: You chopped and screwed Raven Symone that was fucking insane.

Jet: Yeah. Me and fucking lyrical beast chopping and screwing. I knew that would be fucking different and unexpected but like I said I wanted to do a bit of everything on this album.

Van: Well, I would like to thank you for this insight and I hope one day we can do this again. I remember the old interview I did for you when you came home from that bid a few years ago. The audio one. I can't believe we have been cool that long. The lifestyles we live one of us should be dead.

Jet: Thanks for everything Van and you can't kill art. It lives on and on. Forever.


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