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Satan's Prophets Book Two: The War Of The Two Prince's Excerpt

Satan's Prophets Book Two

The War Of The Two Princes

The Blind Prophet

The Prince outside a Starbucks in Augusta Georgia eating a bag of Sour Cream and Onion Chips while typing on his laptop. It had been one hell of a week. He and his newly engaged fiance Raven Symone Christina Pearman had been at each other's throats. True the Prince had been unfaithful before but with the couple now about to be married The Prince was pushing his luck. His logic was Raven was his wife. This was known. No other woman could be that so he felt as if she should be happy with her position. She agreed to this at first. But when The Prince got another woman's name tattooed on his skull instead of the potrait of her things got real ugly. Raven put a hit out on the father of her children. This was weeks ago, since then The Prince had been involved with a beautiful meth addict and was still speaking to the woman that he got the tattoo for. He wasn't stopping and Raven was slowly accepting the fact that she couldn't make him quit cheating. At this point it wasn't even cheating, she knew what he was doing, he would annouce it whenever he could on social media. Raven knew he was bitter about a lot of things. One was the fact she had killed Josie. He didn't know what exactly happened but he wanted a better death for his mother's best friend than Raven had provided. Things like that had put a strain on their relationship.

Vincent McArthur The Thrird had also played a part in the arguments between Raven and Jet Lee Jetson also known as The Prince. When the attempt was made on his life Vincent couldn't help but rub the situation in Jet Lee's face. The Prince had no choice but to leave Raven and undergo his recent experiences with the meth addict and a porn star named Kitty Caprice. He had to leave her...his pride was on the line. The last thing he wanted was to hear Vincent talk badly about his family life.

The music video he was shooting for Raven's new television show was still happening though. He announced he would be recording it. Then Raven announced she would be recording the more family friendly version of the song. In The Prince's version he talked about selling cocaine on the song. Yes reader, he was still getting cocaine and having his slave Ice cook it in a basement.

The Prince looked at his clock on his laptop. He had to leave soon. He had to be in the studio that night. He was recording about the entire situation on a new album. He stood and walked to the bus stop. He took the bus sometimes to stay down to Earth. He wanted to stay humble for it wouldn't be too long before everyone knew him as a famous entertainer. As he waited for the bus he and everyone waiting at the stop witnessed a car run into a lightpole in an empty parking lot. The Prince wondered how someone could crash into an immobile object then felt a bitter disgust towards Raven who had recently told him he could not buy a new car.

Two of the girls at the bus stop with him were lesbians and he once again thought of his baby mother as he talked with the couple. It seemed like everything made him think of Raven. He had to buy a new phone Raven had hacked into his last one so he ditched it at the meth addicts house. Raven was obsessed and very dangerous. The only thing that seemed to be keeping him alive as of late was his cousin the supermodel Tyra Banks. Had he not gotten out of the relationship with the meth addict there was no telling where he would be right now.

The bus pulled up and he paid his fare. He then sat in the back of the bus and pulled out his laptop. He had several porno stars submitting videos to his email and he was anxious to watch them. He was anxious to get to the studio. He checked the time on his computer then sat back and began thinking about how he had gotten to the point where he was now. So ruthless that even death could not stop him from cheating. He also wondered why he couldn't just leave Raven or vice versa. Was it just some sick game they played? He closed his eyes and began reminiscing.

Three weeks ago

The Prince's phone rang early on Sunday morning. Although he wasn't dealing with the strippers anymore he still relaxed on Sunday. Raven laid next to him in bed with no clothes on. She was asleep until the phone woke them both up. The Prince wasn't going to answer the phone. Anyone with his number knew not to call on Sunday. He rolled over and began cuddling with Raven. The phone continued to ring.

Raven smiled slowly. His hands began caressing her breast. She grabbed his hand and held it, stopping him.

"It's Vincent," she whispered.

The Prince sighed then rolled his eyes. This was a business call. He hadn't spoken to Vincent in almost a week. Last he had heard Vincent was trying to leave the dimension. He and Van had been caught on camera using their powers. They were wanted world wide. The youtube video of them flying through the sky and stealing a police car had gone viral. It seemed like this story would not lose it's popularity anytime soon. Flying people, dead bodies, college graduates, gang bangers....this is what the news had been begging for since it began. Something that needed an explanation. Something that scared the world.

The Prince got out of the bed slighty aroused. He wore a pair of boxers and Dragon Ball Z socks. He answered the phone sitting on his dresser and it was of course Vincent McArthur The Third.

"Hello Vincent, how is everything," The Prince said answering the phone yawning.

"Are you around her right now," Vincent asked.

"Of course Vincent, you know that and you know she just heard you as well."

The Prince turned and looked at Raven, she had pulled the covers back exposing her naked body. She winked at him and licked her lips.

"What do you need Vincent," The Prince asked.

"Well, while you have been making love and playing the family man role the world is falling apart. Tell me Mr. Prophet have you heard of Flake?"

"Another stupid question he's like the most popular rapper out right now."

Flake was a singer/rapper that was being promoted all over the radio and the internet. He had the number one record everytime he released an album. He was arguabyly the biggest entertainer in the world. He won Grammys and other awards. He was known as a heartbreaker. He dated a lot of women.

"I just got a call from The Angel...we got another case," Vincent said.

The Prince was the lead detective on the Satan's Prophets team but Satan himself didn't call The Prince on Sunday. It would be too ironic.

"Where are you? Did you leave the dimension," The Prince asked yawning.

"Not exactly. My original is sending someone here to meet with me and Van."

"So instead of taking you to his dimension he is sending someone from his to ours?"

"Consider yourself lucky Prince. He didn't tell your orginial. He is sending someone here to investigate the entire situation. He wants answers. He wants to know how the hell we got into that situation in the first place."

"And what did you tell him," The Prince felt his anger rising.

"What I knew. The fact that I got a call before everything happened. The fact only a select few people knew where me and Van were going. The fact that since this shit has happened you've been playing the father of the year role."

"Dude, what the hell is your problem?"

"I warned you about her. She's out of control."

"You have no proof of any of this."

"I just said facts. These are facts. Make your own assumptions."

"I am not going to assume anything but you know who is going to assume shit? Your fucking orginial Vincent. You knew he was going to flip out."

"Flipping out would be telling your original. Flipping out would be sending someone after the mother of your children. That would be flipping out. He's just sending an investigator."

"This doesn't fix the problem though. You're still wanted so is Van."

The line went silent for a second. "You know all you have to do is make a wish. Use your first wish...."

"For what? Wish for what?"

"I can't tell you that."

"Well your pretty good at giving people shit to assume about. Now you ain't got shit to say."

Vincent sighed. "Why the hell are we still here? Wish us to another dimension. Save me and Van."

"It's too late for that. I am sure this investigator is on his way now, right?"


"No but," The Prince walked to the bathroom in the room and put on his house robe. He slid his feet into Pikachu house shoes and sat on the edge of the bed Raven laid in. Raven was now rolling a joint. "What's this shit with Flake? Dude need me to write a record for him or something?"

"No smartass. This is a fucking case and wait until you hear what it's about."

"I'm listening. Raven's listening."

"Well, it seems he is in some type of organization. A brainwashing womanizing organization. He is basically using these techniques from this cult and they are taking women and using them for their own purposes."

The Prince shook his head. "Who cares about that? Shit like that happens everyday. My step father practices Polygamy. If these bitches are in love with some image that's their fucking fault."

"Dammit Prince...this where everything falls apart for you. What do you want me spell it out for you?"

The Prince looked at Raven. Vincent wasn't saying something on purpose. Vincent had something he didn't want to say around Raven but with the way technology was there was no way to communicate to Vincent without Raven knowing.

"Where are you," The Prince asked.

"I am throwing away this phone...she can see the GPS."

Raven laughed loudly. "Vincent is so pussy. Tell him I am not going to do anything to him."

The Prince smelled the weed burning.

"Raven said-"

"I heard her. She's in your phone," Vincent said cutting The Prince off.

"So where are you?"

"The regency mall. Same place we fucked Ice up at."

"I will be there in an hour."

The Prince hung the phone up.

Raven pulled the covers back over her body. "I'm going to get up in a minute and fix our children breakfast. Our children remember?"

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