Wednesday, June 28, 2017

July 21st the game is over!!

Believe it or not I just fucked up the entire industry. No really I did. Now people owe me. What you must understand is it's not so much money as intellectual property. I have a lot of artwork and other artifacts in my possession but even if that was taken away I still have my mind. I have never sold my soul or my sexuality for fame though. I have never done anything homosexual and I have been to prison several times. I am a straight male with androgynous tendencies. I have never wore a dress, my cousin Tyra Banks wanted me to support her make up line so I wore her lipstick line but this was applied by hours of kissing with my then girlfriend. I owe no one anything and I am done with the industry on the entertainment side. I am writing books and programming and coding computers. I am adrgynous but I believe every man should accept his feminine side because we all were hermaphrodites at one time. A clitoris is nothing but a small penis. I was offered so much money to do this Disney deal now Raven is free of her obligations and we own rights to The Official Raven's Home Soundtrack my final album. I completed it last night. This album is 14 tracks and features Gucci Mane, InternetBoi, Mickey Mouse, Swae Lee, and Vietra. It also has production from Charles Hamilton, and other note worthy producers. I have never met Raven Symone Christina Pearman but we have communicated for years via the web. My book is not completely fiction but I have no children with her. I am a loner, otaku, that is very anti social with an extremely high IQ to the point I am mentally ill. However I am medicated and look forward to doing business with the NAMI (The National Alliance On Mental Illness) I am not in the Illuminati. I do know Masonic rites because I pledged Kappa Alpha Psi in college just to see how deep this shit went. I am Wiccan with Christian tendencies. I do not worship Satan. My book series will be a new age Christian series.
I have given Raven all she wants. She is now a boss in the industry. We have already screwed Disney. Raven is the executive producer of the new show. We own the name. The album I have finished is entitled Raven's Home the Soundtrack to the classic Disney show. This album will not be released however. The internet is under control by the powers that be. Real shit will never go viral. This album can only be purchased for an extremely high fee after contractual agreements have been signed. It tells the story of the imagined wedding between me and Raven and it also is counterpart to my second novel The War Of The Two Princes also known as Asian Boy Magic. My music, over 300 songs is merely a soundtrack to my books which will become franchises.
I honestly don't want much. I am living in Augusta Georgia and don't plan on leaving. So if anything happens to me violently or odd like a weird death Raven knows it was someone in my city. I,within the month,have had two attempts made on my life. The local Mafia must understand though I am a Banks. Tyra Banks is my cousin and Lloyd Banks is my older brother. We don't play that shit. All the harassment from the local authorities from Whitey and his drug addict strippers as well as Mark Deez and ILL-Legit records must stop. But it all starts with "Whitey" the owner of the Discotech and Vegas Showgirls as well as the pubs and sports bars.
John Ribock, Crystal Brazell, Heather Bartlett, these small fishes that tried to have me raped at 216 Greene Street in downtown Augusta better lay low. I am not selling my soul and I broke the boxer's arm that tried to rape me. Which brings me to my next point.
I have one final track I am releasing I am entitling it Conor McGregor. To me Floyd had already lost. He beats women so....but let's be honest he's a boxer Conor is not so he probably will win but there's a chance he may not. But he's taking a chance in the ring Conor is....someone tell Floyd to step in the MMA arena. He will lose hands down. Period. My name is Jet Lee Jetson for a reason. You put a boxer in a ring with Bruce Lee we will break his fucking arm. Also White I know about Mr. Vernon Forrest so I owe you one.
This Conor McGregor track is killing the entire industry. I am bodying the rap game. Single handedly than moving on. This track I will release for free like the other music I am not getting paid for or recognized for because of smoke and mirrors. If you think I believe people are not listening to a song called Raven Symone by Jet Lee Jetson all over the world you're a fucking fool. I have web pages in Germany I don't believe the lies on my YouTube account or any other webpages. I know my worth because of the reaction I am getting from the Illuminati.
Also I did a few shows at Joe's Underground. You bitch ass coke head niggaz need to fall the fuck back. My "wife" Raven Symone will bury you cockroaches.
I only have eyes for one girl right now and it's not my homie Raven. Her name is Shannon and I love her to death so please let me work you woks and niggers. Stop trying to shine off me and come up on your own.
Because I am better than Walt Disney...

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