Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I guess I will continue to write poetry put it over an instrumental inspired by an anime and enjoy my life. It's just I have been so busy in the studio that I haven't had time to enjoy myself in my other passions such as computer science and reading. I have been enjoying myself as of late without writing and recording music.

I have written over 4300 words for the book in the last two days. I have been reading comics and novels again. I have been smoking and thinking more. Think about it I have over 150 songs out within the last year. That's like over two songs a week. Every week. I worked hard man. Plus I wrote a book. I have been working hard mutants. So I will be back but I am looking into other platforms that can showcase my art even more.

I will be back soon but Happy Independence Day.

May the Goddess and God bless you during the holidays and may you take those blessings and never let them go.

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