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Chapter Two To Book Two Of Satan's Prophets: The War Of The Two Princes aka Asian Boy Magic

        Chapter Two
Friends Forever (Besties)

        Vincent was waiting by the dock for Jet Lee Jetson to show up. They had spoken in code on the phone in front of Raven. She didn’t know what had been discussed really were the fact that Jet and he were to meet at the docks. They never returned to a scene of the crime. Ever. He sat on their small speed boat as he puffed on his E-Cigarette. He was never pussy as Raven had said he was. He was actually The Prince’s last hope of staying alive at the moment. He had recalled the agendas of the people after him and Van when the highway incident had occurred through his own investigation he had discovered the location of Innocent and he knew that there were ramifications for the death of the Columbian Josie that Raven had ordered killed. The situation was out of control and he now knew Raven was programming Jet Lee Jetson as well as many of the other dimensions. The Prince’s praise of her made her his true Idoru and she now controlled his entire existence. Due to this The Prince, a prophet, was not seeing things correctly. He was now praising her instead of the true Gods and Goddess. Time was changing. The Future was changing. Raven who played a fortune teller on TV was now restarting her television series, in which one of her children was a psychic too. Just like in her actual life on her show she and Marcus Dewayne Banks had two children. Other people’s praise of the fantasy would now affect their actual life. Satan called Vincent begging for him to meet with The Prince. The Prince however may have been unstable.  Vincent knew The Prince had been talking about crossing Lucifer in the end. So he didn’t know if Raven and The Prince were really working together or not. He had never exerted his self to the extent on the highway. Van had told him in the police car his forehead had begun glowing as he stood she said had a hard time moving him when she used her gravitational powers and she trained under the most extreme gravity conditions as a martial artist.

He wasn’t sure what The Prince would say. He had known him before time and he knew him now as an enigma. The partnership of them had been through much over the years since they first started selling coke in military school. But as time moved on he saw The Prince become a greedy man. The only thing he respected was The Prince’s outlook on women. He had an problem with people that did not respect them. He fell in love way too easily. It was his flaw but also a blessing The Prince had quiet the reputation amongst certain people. Many hated and few loved so the weak gathered to become strong against the small rulers of their pitiful lives.
The Prince had a lot of enemies but the thing was that was what The Prince wanted.  He really did nothing offensive but worship his soon to be wife, and her being her, it attracted attention. Magnetism. Any attention brewed only made them more powerful. Due to Raven’s power’s she was broadcasting this news across the universe and The Prince was using his powers of shifting through dimensions to make her his Japanese Queen. His bloodline growing stronger. She was about to be one of the most powerful Goddesses of all time.
Vincent didn’t know that The Prince had this planned. He was forbidden to look into The Prince’s mind. The rule was if Vincent ever looked into The Prince’s mind The Prince could enter a dream of anyone in the world. And according to his Original that was how this whole thing had gotten started.
He knew Van wouldn’t come with him in fact he was sure she would show up with The Prince. Van scared him. He was sure she was working with The Prince. With her Powers they could leave Earth and take a spaceship with who they wanted. The bible meant nothing anymore. They were a spell casted by lord knows how many witches. If Jesus got to Earth and saw the state it was in everyone would die. Everyone they had chosen. The Prince had a sick view on what he considered to be righteous. Him being androgynous and also a feminist into wiccan beliefs along with a woman that was bisexual and raised in the media spotlight almost since birth generating a coven of obsessed fans and footage well “Heaven” was about to be a complex place indeed.
Satan didn’t know what to do. The relationship of The Prince and Raven was pivotal to the Armageddon but he felt so foolish now thinking he would reign forever. The deal was made and now his “prophets” were trying to back stab him. Vincent wanted to read The Prince’s mind but the side effects he was unsure of…with the moves The Prince was making he assumed The Prince was asking for Vincent to do this to him. Their bond seemed to be slipping. He didn’t ever want the Prince to think he was anything like his original. He didn’t know where the negative energy was coming from. He tried not to think about it.
The Prince and Van were his fears though. He knew they were in the same gang both of them being Asian. He heard the name of the gang was the Asiatic Few. A merger of Black and Asian subsidiaries that ran the underworld in major states like California and New York. They took over a lot of other places as well. This was a funded organization that was established in the late 1970s by several of what mainstream America would call hippies. This group was funded after data was found on databases we now known as computer files. Written text on what would be known as Revelations. The Bible was an American Government Project ran by the Romans Catholics. It was funded by the Vatican. What a lot of people failed to realize is it isn’t so much the message but how the recipient accepts it from the messenger.  The way it was preached could be received differently depending on the person. Some people praised Jesus some thought they were Jesus. Some used the idea of Jesus which in their own mind was fake and made money of this deception which really wasn’t deception at all except Jesus’s name wasn’t Jesus but Yoshua Bin Yosef. Basically, the negative attention anyone had towards what they thought The Prince was up to would be perceived a totally different way than many would think. The reason he knew that the Earth would be destroyed was because The Prince lived in the bible belt. Yoshua would look at The Prince’s efforts to save humanity and his response which was misplaced Racism against a prophet sent to destroy him as sympathetic and he knew the Hell on Earth would be beyond the most horrible thing he could imagine all based of The Prince’s idea of the way things were supposed to be. Alien lifeforms were real. America’s NASA had made contact with the Aliens a long time ago. Aliens were the originators of humanity, humanity was created to worship them. No religion was necessarily wrong but whatever you believed in, even if it wasn’t a Higher Power, it was best you practiced it. The Aliens understood the mechanics of the brain and were able to read thoughts and nowadays it was even worst people had a record of what they thought all over the web. They were considered Angels. One had fallen though. One had fallen in love with humanity and didn’t see them as the slaves the other Aliens did. This was who started Satan’s Prophets. He was still a very intelligent being compared to humanities standards. He was one of the main scientist that had created the humans which made him sympathetic. He knew they all were to fall short and that only the elite would win. A test. Vincent didn’t know all of the details but he knew that the best way to describe it was Lucifer and how he left Heaven to rule Earth. He provided all of the technology and was responsible for all of the technology currently on Earth. The wars and chaos were the most lucrative endeavor on Earth. The “Angel” (as the members of Satan’s Prophets called him) found it difficult to create something to die. If he had a “life” it humans would be his life work. When they first discovered the planet Earth the dinosaurs inhabited it. They could not create intelligent life with such creatures on the planet so they destroyed the species. As Vincent thought about the things he was told as he was briefed on when he first joined Satan’s Prophets he heard footsteps.
He looked up from the dock and saw two people approaching. As he suspected Van was with The Prince. They both wore A Bathing Ape hoodies and sweat pants. He figured this was to show the unification of the blacks and Asians. He sighed. He didn’t want to make this about race but he assumed that this was what it was ultimately about. Van carried a duffle bag and The Prince had a disgruntle look on his face. He looked annoyed. It was Sunday and The Prince hated working on Sundays. Vincent watched as they passed the gates and headed down the dock towards their speed boat. Van was smiling as she approached. A sick smile. She always looked dangerous but she seemed to relish in the upcoming moment. Her long black hair blowing in the wind and her bang almost covering her eyes.
Vincent stepped off the speed boat and on to the dock to meet the Prince and Van. Vincent cleared his throat. He didn’t know if he was about to be killed for what he discovered but he would speak his mind. He was The Prince’s genie but The Prince had yet to use a wish in the thirty-three years he had lived as a human so he didn’t know if he was expendable to The Prince. He had become a God without using Vincent what more could he want? He looked over his clothes. He was wearing his favorite Rolex and a Tom Ford button up shirt with Ralph Lauren Polo slacks. He at least wanted to die as handsome as he could be.
The Prince walked up to Vincent and they stared at each other for a moment. Van dropped the duffle bag then The Prince nodded at Van and faster than Vincent could blink her hand shot out and slapped Vincent on his left cheek. There was a loud crack as his head snapped back. The Prince chuckled and Van ducked down and delivered a fist to Vincent’s gut. He felt his sculpted abs fall apart for a moment as he tried to catch his breath but before he could Van jumped and delivered a knee to his face. Vincent cursed as he felt his face go numb with pain. He landed on his back and laid motionless for a second. He felt like such a fool.
“Well, I guess this is how it ends,” Vincent said as he spat blood out of his mouth.
“What were you thinking Vincent? You should have just left it alone. Going off on your own investigation behind me and Van’s back what did you expect a fucking hug,” The Prince asked as he picked up the electronic cigarette Vincent had dropped.
“You bastard,” Vincent said as he sat up. “You’re trying to overthrow The Angel. He’s trying to save humanity. How could you after everything he has done for you?”
“It’s just another war Vincent. I am sick of everything he preaches. There are people that take orders and people that own the restaurant. Don’t be mad at me because I worked my way up the business ladder. He gave us these gifts for a reason. I am just loving my fiancée that is all.”
“You are being brainwashed by her. She is in your head. She has found a way to reprogram even the people chosen to be on the Mothership. You are ruining everything the Angel has worked for. Centuries of work…”
“Grab him,” The Prince said and Van advanced towards the fallen Vincent.
Vincent backed away. “Van don’t make me enter your brain. I will. I swear I will.”
The Prince sneered. “You do and I will take this Hoodie off and beat the living day lights out of you. You can’t read my mind but for seconds and you know the consequences of that.”
Vincent was trapped. He didn’t know what to do. If he killed Van then he was dead too. Van was the best fighter he knew because of her gravitational powers. She could move faster because of this and her foes could move slower. But as Vincent pondered about his fate he came to realization if they wanted him dead it would have been done already. All Van had to do was take the gravitational pull away from him. He would die quickly. He figured he would take the beating. They probably would get to the point sooner or later. He found it ironic he mentioned Ice over the phone now he was about to be in the same position. He searched for any nearby minds to use to help him but as soon as he began Van was on top of him she grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him off the ground. She punched him once across the jaw. He felt the blood well up in his mouth. He figured he should talk while he still could.
“Prince she is controlling you. You are making her a being the universes have never seen before. You started out as an obsessed fan now you are some sick-
Another blow to the head. He grunted as the blows began to ascent on him repeatedly. She was holding back but he felt the pain nonetheless. He tried to cover his handsome face with his arms but Van kept moving them out of the way.
“Stop it Vincent. You’re only going to make it worse,” Van said as she began dragging him towards the boat.
The Prince pulled out his phone. Vincent knew who he was calling. He was about to struggle but as he did he felt Van’s grip on the collar get tighter. It was useless.
“Prince, you can’t do this. The world is about to be destroyed. You have set a cycle of events into action that only you can stop. Please Prince we must work together. That’s what we were assembled for. You are stopping humanities only hope,” Vincent said as he was thrown on the speed boat.
“All of this ‘we’ shit. You are the one who went rogue. This investigation of yours is unauthorized. Not to mention this shit you did with informing your Original about Raven. Have you any idea what you have done,” The Prince said as he hopped on the boat with Van.
“What are you going to do to me? You have three wishes. Are you truly going to get rid of me? I have been with you for as long as you can remember. Please Prince think about your actions before you do this.”
The Prince stood over Vincent’s body. Van had her hands in her hoodie pockets. She pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. Vincent sighed. He would lose his good looks.
As the boat was started Van began punching Vincent in his stomach. He felt his midsection breaking down as the punishment was delivered. If this was about race he doubted any white males would make it to the trip to Heaven. They would probably take a few women on this new “worship Disney stars” spaceship just to have a variety of women on the trip. But the white race would be no more. He had failed and Satan chose him to do the exact opposite.
“We should take Trunks to see that,” The Prince said into the phone as he watched Van begin kicking Vincent in the stomach. “Did Shakur do her homework?”
Suddenly the ground began quaking and everyone on the speedboat began rocking.
“An Earthquake in Georgia,” Van said looking up at The Prince.
“Couldn’t be the whole city. Raven hasn’t said shit,” The Prince said. The boat rocked waves were starting to rise. Van slipped and almost fell into the water.
The Prince looked at Vincent. Vincent was holding his gut. Van stumbling and everything was still trying to hit Vincent. The Prince looked around as the boat began to rock back and forth. He almost dropped the phone.
“What’s happening my heart”, Raven asked.
“It’s an earthquake. But it’s like I don’t know…different,” The Prince thought about lifting the boat with his powers or asking Van to do it with hers but he didn’t know if the earthquake may happen elsewhere, like where his babies mother and his children were.
“My love I am searching the matrix something from another dimension is nearby, but I cannot hack into it. It’s advanced. I could do this but you probably don’t have the time. It appears Vincent’s original’s investigator has arrived.”
The Prince looked at Vincent. He was coughing up blood. How had they got here? He never would want Vincent injured like this. Vincent was his best friend. They grew up together. Although they were physically acquainted in their teens they were created in the same lab during the Korean War. He looked at Van his best female friend and tears filled in his eyes. They were all about to die. All because of…of…he looked at the phone.
“Prince what do we do,” Van yelled still trying to get to Vincent.
“Van stop,” The Prince yelled. Van was pulling a gun out of her sweat pants. The boat lifted and The Prince stumbled. The phone dropped in the ocean and The Prince suddenly went weak. He couldn’t swim. He trashed around in the water holding his breath. There was nothing metal around him to lift him out of the water and metal sank in water so he couldn’t lift anything in the water either. He struggled. He knew someone was watching them. He couldn’t phase to another dimension. He would still be in the ocean plus he couldn’t leave Van to face whoever was causing the earthquake.
But all of that seemed to not matter at that moment. He was about to die. He had a flashback to when he was a child at a waterpark. He was playing in the pool and he strayed a little too far from being able to stand in the water. He began to panic and almost drowned. He was luckily able to grab the edge of the pool and pull himself up.
First things first don’t panic. He thought to himself. He then reached his hand out. Floating in front of him were his glasses. He slid them into his pocket as he began to pummel deeper into the water. As he slid them into his pocket he felt the soaking rag in his sweat pants. He pulled it out and said the words he was taught to never say.
The voice of Vincent filled his head. “Yes, my Prince! Finally, you are making your first wish.”
Wrong. I am only telling you this is not over. Once my Original finds out I am dead you are going to have hell to pay.
You think you can overthrow him?
“You put me in this position Prince, I had no choice. You’re going insane.”
Don’t you ever say that word to me. You have no idea what you have done. I am the Prophet I see what no one else is supposed to see. If I told you what you did it would fuck things up worse than you already have. What you think is not as it is.
The Prince could no longer hold his breath. He inhaled and began to choke. He felt a pair of arms around him and just as he was losing consciousness he was lifted out of the water. The waves were crashing around him as he held on to Van. She was swimming with one arm. She began lifting them out of the water with her powers. The Prince held onto her and the rag covered with Arabic words and Egyptian hyroglifics. Van used her abilities to carry them to solid ground. They landed on the dock just as the earthquake began to subside.
The Prince fell to the dock coughing up water shivering. Van stood over him breathing heavily. The ground still rumbled but it was nowhere near as chaotic as it was moments ago.
The Prince slowly got to his feet. He put the rag back in his pocket. He had no intentions of making a wish. He had never said the words before he knew the trick wouldn’t work twice. Vincent was nowhere to be seen. He searched the waters near the dock. He was surprised the dock was still intact. Not only was whoever controlling the Earthquake very effective he or she was smart.
“Where the hell is Vincent,” Van asked. Somehow during the commotion she had placed the gun back into her sweatpants. She pulled it back out and cocked it. It was a Beretta Nine-millimeter pistol. “If he shows his face I am going to blow it off or do you think he drowned?”
“He can’t drown. Dude was on the swim team. He maybe under the dock right now getting away,” The Prince responded.
“Should I lift up the dock,” Van asked.
“No something is off. For some reason I know there is someone watching us. The same one doing the quakes. I don’t know the extent of this person’s powers but who’s to say that this person can’t make a quake happen anywhere? We are in Augusta for crying out loud. This person only knows what Vincent said. I don’t know if Raven and my kids are safe. Don’t do anything rash Van.”
There was a splash and from under the dock swam Vincent. He floated gracefully and had a sad smile on his face. “Is this what we have come to Prince?”
“Where is this person that moves the Earth,” The Prince asked gritting his teeth.
Vincent was lifted out of the water by Van’s powers and he was placed gently on the dock. He was soaking wet. His black hair with frosted tips was matted to his head. He stared at The Prince and Van. “He’s nearby. I am speaking to him telepathically. He wants a cease fire between you and me before he reveals himself. He also wants your word that you will not attack him when he shows up. He says he will cause an earthquake that will ruin the city if he even thinks you and Van are up to something.”
Van looked at The Prince she still had the gun in her hand. “What reassurance do we have that he won’t kill us?”
“Vincent wouldn’t lie to us. Even now after we did this to him…he’s still Vincent,” The Prince sighed and tossed Vincent his wet electronic cigarette. “Tell him come to us. We won’t touch him.”
Vincent grinned. He was still alive and so was his race but for how long was the question. He stood and stumbled. He almost fainted. He was relieved. Had The Prince died he would have took control of Van’s mind with no regard for any repercussions. He would have humiliated her and her family name. The Prince’s luck seemed infinite though.
Van looked around in the air. This person obviously had an omniscient point of view of the showdown. The clouds were gray though and it was night. She couldn’t see anything but black.
Van looked at The Prince and sighed. He was still coughing up water. He was in no position to give orders plus his phone was gone. Raven was of no help. She turned to Vincent.
“What’s the next move Vincent? You proved your point,” Van said putting the gun back in her sweatpants.
“Why are you helping him? What benefit is this to you,” Vincent inquired.
“Time Vincent…is something you don’t have a lot of.”
“You’re the one stalling,” Vincent smiled. “Couldn’t bear to touch the pretty boy huh?”
He took a step towards Van. He reached out his hand shaking. His bloody grin causing a shiver to run down her spine. The Prince couldn’t beat Vincent in his state. He was about to enter her mind. She couldn’t reach the gun in time. She made a mistake. She opened her mouth to scream when there was a loud bang. The gun went off in her pants. Her leg burned for a slight second then she heard Vincent grunt. She turned and saw The Prince running towards her as the ground underneath them began to lift. She used her powers and flew toward the now falling Prince lifting him before he touched the water. A huge chunk of rock lifted from out of the ocean as Van controlled the flight of herself and Jet Lee.
“Shit,” Van mumbled. “He’s going to throw that at us.”
“Van,” Vincent yelled from the dock. “It’s over! You two come with us or die. Either that or The Prince makes a wish.”
Van looked at The Prince. He gazed at her deep into her eyes. Then he yelled at the top of his lungs. “FUCK!”
Van laughed. A sad laugh. They were going with Vincent.

Present Day

The Prince sat at the breakfast table with he and Raven's children. The Prince was still getting used to the life of being a married man. He and Raven had bought several homes and both their careers were at thier peaks. They were the new power couple and after years of death threats, imprisonment, arguments, love, and war The Prince was no longer cheating also they finally went public about their relationship.
The Prince loved Raven's cooking. He was a strict model that rarely ate. He often did liquid diets but as of late he was eating regularly. The anorexia that had plagued him for years was beginning to wear off. He felt loved for who he was. The couple had released their theme songs at the same time. Raven allowing the Prince to do so first. Both songs were well recieved for their demographic. He was on a liquid diet at the time of the releases and was slowly becoming a huge fan of Raven's cooking. It was like after the marriage she was pulling secrets out of her infinite bag of tricks that had The Prince in awe. She was rewarding him for his good behavior and he in turn was being the best husband and father he knew how to be.
The family was dressed for the day. Jet had on his Jared Leto Joker shirt, and black slacks with a old pair Louis Vuitton Nikes. He wore his Golden State Warrior's fitted cap and had several pieces of jewelry on including the huge diamond rings Raven had bought him after they got married. Raven was dressed in a pair of Victoria Secret Pink sweat pants that hugged her body very well with a Jimmy Choo pumps showing her recently pedicured toes. She wore a Harley Quinn baby tee and as she did the dishes. The Prince often looked up from his phone and stared at her backside. He shoveled a bit of the Japanese rice omelette known as a Tamagoyaki in his mouth and chewed slowly thinking about the night before. He and she hadn't slept at all.
Breakfast that morning was huge. Homemade biscuits with gravy and sausage on the side. The Prince had grape jam smothered on his biscuits as Shakur had her gravy covering hers. Trunks seeing his sisters plate and looking at his father's had no qualms with mimicing his sister's plate. Trunks as of late was enjoying Oreo cookies. So Raven had begun giving them to him every now and then at odd moments. She carried a bag inside of her bags. Trunks enjoyed this because he didn't know this was actually happening. The parents could just tell by his reactions that he was in love with the brand. So there were four oreo cookies on everyone's plate. Two with white fillings and two with brown fillings.  But it was the Tamagoyaki that had The Prince thinking. He did not know Raven knew anything about traditional Japanese meals. She wore her lace front wig and was humming the Anita Baker song he sampled on the album dedicated to her entitled Raven's Home: The Album/Soundtrack to the Classic Disney Show.
The Prince drank his coffee as he looked at his phone. He was having an important conversation with Skylar Diggins. The WNBA star was his favorite point guard. They meet years ago via twitter during a conversation about fitness when The Prince was on the run in Macon. He admired her work out by saying a sly remark about how she worked out because she wanted a compliment. She told him she worked out because she wanted to be happy with herself. This, along with his ex-girlfriend Chavante Mack had sparked his anorexia. The Prince was also an L.A. Sparks fan. He was happy Candace Parker got her first ring but this year he wanted Skylar to do incredible things.
"Father, were you able to read my essay last night," Shakur asked pouring ketchup on her Tamagoyaki. She was in her school uniform with her long black hair tied with a ribbon to match her school colors. She was excelling in literature just like her Father before her. The Prince was giving her comics to read as well as books he read as a kid, like Goosebumps and Henry Huggins, she took to them like a fish took to water. She was not in High School yet but The Prince and Raven were hoping she could be within the next two years. The Prince would give her random things to write essays about and would read them to prepare her for her the future.
"I think it was magnificent. However, do you really think Jubilee could steal Synch's heart? What if I told you I knew the true story of how Synch and Monet became a couple," He said looking up from his phone with a mischievous grin.
"Oh, father! You must tell me all about it. What issue is it in? I thought I read the entire collection!"
The Prince laughed lightly and tapped the side of his head which was in need of a haircut. "This in here."
Trunks reached for his first oreo cookie. He himself had just begun reading. At only three years old he had a good understanding of letters and sentences. After the failed kidnapping of his son The Prince held a bitter distrust for society as a whole. He was disgusted with Vincent's dream. Every time he looked at his son and thought about how his entire city wanted his family to suffer The Prince became angry...and the plot thickened. Trunks wore a pair of custom made Bathing Ape sneakers and a children's Ralph Lauren Polo with his khakis. Trunks got a ceasar haircut every week. The Prince needed a haircut but wasn't getting one. He never cut his hair when working on his music and he had a studio session that day.
Shakur cheered with joy. "When can I hear the story?"
"Hear it? Shakur, I am going to write it for you. Just give me some know how busy your mother and I am at this moment."
Raven turned at the mention of herself. She looked at Shakur with a smile. Shakur grinned then went back to her meal. The Prince looked at Raven and her smile faded into a look of disapproval. Neither of the children were looking at the two parents. The Prince raised an eyebrow. Raven moved her lips so The Prince could read them and the words were very clear:
"Fuck you!"
The Prince cleared his throat. He didn't know what the problem was. He had planned on leaving within the next few minutes but he wasn't leaving the house with his wife mad at him.

A hour later

Shakur had been dropped off at school and Trunks was playing duck hunt on the original 8-bit nintendo Van had given the couple at the wedding. Raven sat on the leather chair in her and The Prince's bedroom with her arms crossed. The Prince stood waiting to hear what Raven was about to say to him. He honestly didn't know what the problem was...he thought they were done with the arguments.
"Did you think I wouldn't mind if you decided to be true to your roots," Raven asked doing air quotes with her hands when she said the word roots.
"Is this like a black joke or some shit?"
Raven rolled her eyes. "You going to joke your way out of this?"
She pulled out a phone from her Gucci Purse. The phone Van had given him (and only him) as a wedding gift. She had it manufactured in Asia and had assured him not even Raven could detect it's usage.
The Prince took a step back holding his hands up as if he were being robbed. "Wait a minute..."
"Wait? What do you mean wait? You calling me fat or some shit?"
"You're the one with the jokes. I look funny to you?"
The Prince looked around the room. Priceless paintings. Comics. Video Games. Toys made to resemble anime characters assembled by Bome and other legends. He stopped at the bed where last night he had the greatest sex in his life. He knew he was about to lose it all. "When did you find out about that?"
Raven didn't answer. She stood up and walked towards The Prince. Her heels clicking against the hardwood floor. She stopped in front of him and spit in his face.
The Prince almost reacted physically. He had never had anyone spit in his face before. He thought of it as the ultimate disrespect. Raven tried to slap him next but he caught her by the wrist with his hand. She tried to knee him between his legs but he expected that and grabbed her around the waist with his other arm pulling her close. He wrapped her up in a bear hug. She couldn't move. Her 5'2" frame an entire foot shorter than him she couldn't head butt him but he knew she would if she could. Then she bit his cheast. He let her go afraid she would damage his tattoos.
"I hate you Marcus! How dare you," She yelled.
"Raven, our son is in the other room."
Raven smirked. He didn't know when she started crying but her eye shadow was smeared. Her huge lips pressed together in a look of disdain. She hugged herself and begun rocking. Then she shuddered. "Get out of this house."
"Raven. You don't mean that."
Raven glared at him. The only sound was the nintendo being played in the other room.
"You want to do this again? You want to see how much luck you got Marcus? Huh?"
The Prince didn't want to answer her question. He just wanted to go to the studio. "Raven, let's talk about this later. After everyone has calmed down. You just said you hated me with our son in the other room. He heard you say that."
Raven sat back in her leather chair. She dug into her purse that was nearby and pulled out a bag of joints she had rolled.
"I am going to leave and when I come home dinner is going to be made. Shakur will be done with her homework and I suggest you explain to our three year old son how his mom, the Disney superstar, didn't mean it when she said she hated his father," The Prince said in almost a whisper.
He walked to the bathroom and grabbed one of the his and her towels. He wiped the spit off of his face.
"All of this for what Marcus? Some pride thing? Why can't you tell me? Why won't you let me in? Am I not enough for you? Do you want me to kill again? I promised I wouldn't kill again. Not like I used to. I don't want to be like this," Raven said hysterically from the other room.
The Prince stared at his self in the mirror and sighed. He said under his breath so Raven couldn't hear him these three words:
"Then don't be."

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