Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jet Lee Jetson - Beauty (Produced By Aarabbmuzik) Sneak Peek from Mangaka And Composer Volume One

Here are the lyrics to Jet Lee Jetson's Song "Beauty" A sneak Peek at the new Album: Mangaka and Composer Volume One Hosted By DJ Miss Van. To hear this song Produced By AarabbMuzik Go to
"Dru Hill// pop a few pills// ask my psychitrist who's ill// If you don't care Bruce Will// Wayne Or Lee// Charles Hamilton gave me the game on maybelline// baby pink// drinking lean// My Mom was in Area eighty three// in eighty three// I only found pain in greed// so I tattoo my soul my mate has fiened// to trace my inke// what does Raven mean?// blackbirds are Jet's I'm on First Class Flight playstation three// in front of my ladies seat// So if this is a game of thrones I'm Jamie King// Foxx sending me kites telling me my babies three// I could try to explain my dreams// but if I did everyone of you niggaz would stay asleep// Serial Experiment Lain delete// the dark web recreate the deep// hack was more than a game to me// My Dad was Satalite Communications Creed// Pluto on wrist on my rings I've seen// uranus freeze// I had two choices Skate or be// slain deceased// half pipes to pipes J's intiriqued// when drains are clean// my brain's unique// insane believed// God was me than read Mark in King James and Weeped// many niggaz want you set up but I flow like lakes and streams// only to reclaim the sea// that was wavy B// Harlem when I spray the heat// I shed tattoos when people in the people's Nation bleeds// a lot of stars the constellation keeps// saying to me fuck a gang and read// so what should I say to Steams// you mention my bitch and a gun I'm in your hood with a ratchet bitch from K-Town with K's and chinks// in your armor Japanese Asian dweebs// eyes slanted like a pyramid's sides paid for schemes//triangles knew it was real when my girl painted me// and her under a maple tree// as we laid naked eve// because it's almost like you niggaz hate to breathe// there's a difference between fame and free// I just do this you entertain the screen// you act like I wasn't the one that told you I was Einstein Agent E// the Men In Black Bape fatigue// Crucify Raven's Father Kriss Kross Jermaine Dupri// if she says stupid shit Blame the G// thatSpelled Goddess and made her win guess that's an Angel Wing// Heaven saves the weak// Hell made Satan Preach// and I never believed Faith would cheat// Evans? JJ the times were good now they're great at least// according too two white brothers who's names were Pete// Adventure time get it?// Forget it?// if only God could Judge me I'm in the courtroom Jehova Witness// I tell Van Goh (Go) and I see you niggaz really bitches// like Vincent//"
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