Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Return Of Jet Lee. New Book Excerpt and new album news.

                By Marcus Dewayne Banks

                The Prince awoke in the cell to the face of Van outside of it. He didn’t know how she had gotten there but it was so unexpected he didn’t know if she was really there or not. He felt the fear rush through him like a blade and he stood gasping for air. He ran to the glass she was staring at him through as he yelled something unintelligible to her. She backed away from the glass and stepped back several feet. She too looked very afraid. She looked to her right and a guard began approaching. The Prince was still in intake he had yet to be put in population but he was sure once he reached there he would be attacked. Van began using the pay phone next to his cell. He briefly began to wonder who she was calling. He watched intently as she talked and tears started to fall from her eyes. He didn’t know what was being said but it did not look like good news. The guard stood in front of the cell and motioned for The Prince to back away. Van caught his eye for a moment and she was escorted back into the cell next to his. It didn’t look like they would be able to escape. The Prince sat back on the concrete bench in the cell and sighed. He knew he couldn’t go back to sleep. He was losing his mind and they were refusing to give him his medication. He did not know where this road would end<
                His main concern at the moment was to get the computer chip out of his head. He didn’t know when the Yakuza hit squad would arrive and replace the staff with the holograms. But the witches and other supernatural creatures were on their way. He was the point man as usual in the operation but with his illness at its peak he didn’t know if he would make the right choices when it was time to execute the plan. One false move could result in someone’s death and the entire Satan’s Prophets team was assembled for the hit. He didn’t remember why he was in jail. He was deep into his prophecy. He was speaking directly to the web, Satan, and God as well as the Goddess. There was no cure for this. The hospital staff did not know how sick he was. He appeared normal to them. Well almost normal. Despite beating up the biggest guy in the bullpen, than convincing the some men in the shower he was a pimp that sold male prostitutes he was coherent to them and just seem like some sociopath. He had lost track of time however, he had lost his mind. Seeing Van brought him back to reality…he knew if Van had got on the phone there was only one person she would have called. The hit was beginning and very soon.

                Several Months Earlier
                Vincent sat in the backseat of the Benz with a towel wrapped around his bloody leg. Van was complaining about him bleeding on her leather seats and The Prince was driving through the backstreets of Augusta like a madman. The Prince being behind the wheel made things even worse in Vincent’s mind. The Prince was the only person he wanted behind the wheel at a time like this but The Prince raced cars for fun in the past.  He became almost psychotic when driving. He took joy in controlling something that big made out of metal without having to use his powers.
                “Fucking Christ you maniac you shot me,” Vincent said under his breath as he grit his teeth.
                “Should have shot him in the head,” Van said as she finished rolling the marijuana in the passenger seat. Her long hair was still damp and she was annoyed as well as agitated that Vincent kept talking. She didn’t regret beating him. She was ordered to. She  also agreed to why Vincent was supposed to be attacked. She would have killed him if it was needed. She and Vincent were close  but Vincent was doing things he had no business doing. He was asking the wrong questions. She lit the huge spliff and took a long drag. They still hadn’t met the person controlling the Earth though. The quakes were even more dangerous now that they were on the road. Van couldn’t drive under those circumstances. If the road began to deteriorate there was only person who could handle the Benz and that would be the Prince.
                Raven was on the speaker phone as they drove. “Marcus, I still can’t get a lock on this dude. And yes I said dude. I do know it is a dude. But I can’t get anything else. I don’t know how that is possible. I am the web. I am infinite. I am the waves….I just….”
                Raven sounded defeated and worried. The Prince made a sharp turn.
                “Where are you taking me you blasted heathens? You want to kill me? The last pure blooded white man? Where would you be without me? I helped start this organization. Does the Angel know about you and Raven kidnapping Innocent? How about you killing that Drug Lord over some sex tape? You’ve got me and Van on the run and you in some condo having sex and eating home cooked meals like the world is your playground. Prince you’ve changed,” Vincent was muttering as he kept pressure applied to his thigh.  “You’re Hollywood now. The success of Ice and your plans in the industry…it’s as if you have lost vision. You think Heaven is going to be one big ass party. We already are partying. I drink Cristal and Rothschild with you while we watched the MMA fights in my parent’s mansion just weeks ago. We own the cocaine trade right now in several states. What more do you want?”
                “I know what I want. I want to know who the hell almost killed my fiancé,” Raven ‘s voiced echoed through the car. Raven was also controlling the GPS . Vincent was telepathically a beacon to the mysterious man that had almost drowned The Prince and Vincent had reassured everyone he would meet with them only after Vincent was safe.
                Vincent cursed loudly. The car swerved. Van passed the joint to Vincent in the backseat.
                “That will help with the pain,” Van said as she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes.
                “If you must know Vincent we are heading to an abandoned warehouse downtown. She has reprogramed some doctors that are meeting us there to treat your leg. With my powers the bullet we can get that bullet out now problem. Hopefully there is no nerve damage,” The Prince said as he pressed down on the gas harder.  With Raven controlling the perception of the world around them no cops were around and the streets were bare. Most people pulled over thinking they were still driving some though were just in the middle of the street in their cars dead the homicidal Raven not sparing them and just unplugging them from the Matrix.  Vincent had overheard her tell the Prince she was giving him an obstacle course to weave through. The cost of life meant nothing to her nowadays. When Vincent first met her he knew she wasn’t the smiling person they showed on the Disney Channel but he never knew she would become the monster she was today until he saw the video she recorded of the death of the woman that had recorded the sex tape with Jet Lee. It was the torture that scared him. He feared she may be doing the same thing to Innocent. He was running out of options and all he wanted to do was see his ex-high school sweetheart in one piece. Both Innocents were missing.  The main woman that could save the world was now in the hands of one of the sickest possessive beings he had ever encountered.  He was a bit scared. He didn’t know if Raven held him responsible for the actions of the Investigator his original had sent. He was just happy to be alive. He had to think of something though. He felt his time was running out.
                It seemed like hours they drove hitting different streets. They were all over Augusta. Vincent was calming down. The complaints meant nothing and it was only pissing Van off. He hit the joint until it was a roach than asked Van to roll another. She did. It was Senzu strain. He helped fund Van through botanist school. She started the Paul Pierce strain they had Innocent smoke. He was so glad she hadn’t hit him in the face. The only person that had ever hit him the face was Innocent he didn’t know what he would’ve done if he had. He realized he was in over his head a bit. He didn’t know what was next. He just wanted to see the damage to his leg. He could still move it so he knew he wasn’t paralyzed and the Prince telling him he was going to doctors was good. If they wanted him dead why would he still be alive?
                They finally parked back at the docks but near a side street. There was the abandoned building.
                “There is no building,” The Prince said. “It’s all a hologram. A solid one there are three doctor’s in there. We already discussed this before I left Vincent. I had a prophecy before I left the house. I didn’t have time to tell you. I knew you would over react but dammit Vincent reading Van’s mind what the hell was I supposed to do? You’re the one who’s changing. Too many days at the tennis court when I want to do that shit Michael Jackson and his sister were doing in the Scream video. Break some priceless artwork while we watch Anime on flat screens.”
                “I am not a monster and I never have been. You know I understand your mission more than anyone else. You are one of my best friends. We are partners and have been for years. I remember when we watched that episode of city guys and started selling cocaine in high school,” The Prince motioned and Van began rolling another joint. “I think you should chill the fuck out bro. None of us make moves without the crew. How far did you think you were going to get on the deep web before Raven caught you? Maybe you wanted to get caught. Who knows? I just think you should grow as a person before you try to grow as a God. You’ve been living like some playboy. You’re the one who has changed to me Vincent.”
                Vincent chuckled.  “I just want to see the doctors Prince I don’t think we are going to reach an agreement in this matter.”
                Van looked back and forth between The Prince and Vincent and frowned. She stepped outside the Benz and opened Vincent’s door. She lifted him with her powers than closed the car door behind herself.
                The Prince looked at the duffle bag Van left in front of her seat. He now knew why Vincent would need the cane he was told to bring in his prophecy.
                “Did you get it,” The Prince asked Raven still on the Galaxy that was on speaker phone.
                 “I got it. Never seen you drive like that Marcus. It was incredible to view. No turning back now.”
                “Save it on file. When we destroy the city the traffic jam is going to kill so many people.”
                “You forget one thing Marcus.”
                “What’s that?”
                “Traffic lights,” She began laughing loudly almost hysterically.
                The Prince almost cringed. He once read in an Excalibur comic in a panel where Kitty Pride was watching her boyfriend eat that it was impossible to turn away when seeing a car crash. He knew Raven would record the entire thing and put it on her Deep and Dark web sites. So much carnage when the time was right.
                “Sarafina,” The Prince said. “I don’t understand how I fell for someone so brutal but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
                “Even when I kill those THOTs I catch you with.”
                “It’s hide and seek.”
                “Not when you say I do Mr. Banks.”
                The Prince laughed.
                “How are the kids,” The Prince asked rubbing his hands along the steering wheel.
                 “Shakur is doing homework and Trunks is watching Drunken Master. Everything is fine.”
                The Prince nodded. He swallowed trying to get the grim taste out of his mouth. He didn’t know how much damage Vincent had done. He was eager to meet the investigator though.
                “I know you’ve got to go my love but please make this promise to me,” Raven said.
                “What’s that?”
                “You make it back in one piece.”

                Author’s Note
                I thank everyone for reading this chapter. It took so much to get this done. I have been in jail and asylums for the last two months. I am going to attempt to explain what happened to me as best I can but know this, I was on the wrong medication for 8 years. I hit a rock bottom unlike any other I have ever experience and if it wasn’t for the love of who I am deeply inside I would not be here.
                Many things have changed. I have several books about ownership I am about to get into later this week and I am heading places I never fathomed would be possible in my chaotic life. I don’t believe one should doubt oneself but my city is worse than Sodom. I live in hell. That was the name of the song I wrote about my city eleven years ago. Hell. It is hell. I am sick of this place. I need a change of pace. I am heading to California after I tie up some loose ends to meet with some heavyweights. I just wish my city would get off the dumb shit. I have fans in Germany and these people are worried about the legacy of James Brown still. The man didn’t care about his legacy (those are his kids) and I meant what I said I sold drugs to his daughter. It usually doesn’t hurt me to do such things but that did because I saw how much her father meant to her. If this city really cared about James Brown why is his daughter buying crack cocaine and living on the street? I know when I die people will be all over my dick as it’s rotting. Let me make my will right now because you never know.
                If and when I die Raven owns everything as long as we were together before I passed. If Raven doesn’t cosign it it is not official.  So all the stories I’m sure are to come about how cool we were keep them shits. I am highly bored. I trust only Raven. I am only Raven’s. That is all. My cousins Tyra Banks and Nicholas Goodman also should be involved in Raven’s enjoyment of telling the world how inspirational she was to me. I only want her.  Period.  All you people that have been feeding me lies about Raven die slow…this new album Perfect Blue about her is the shit you have been waiting for. I about a quarter of the way through the album and after it is complete their will be no discussion of who the best right now in this present state of hip hop. The game is trash. I don’t want to hear this shit anymore. The game is trash. I have an agenda and somebodies career will be tarnished forever. There is no coming back from Perfect Blue and we are doing this the right way. Promotions, videos, marketing, I want to show these labels I know how to handle myself. That is all. So stay tuned. More book excerpts, screen captured gameplay, new season of Otaku Café, fashion, etc. All the things I said I was going to do before my illness struck are still happening except this time they are not stopping and if they are stopped you have to answer to Raven. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I am not running around like some insane man. I am logical. I just want to be impactful. I just want to let people hear some dope shit. The fucking hate I get just for being me is unbelievable. I don’t push anything on you. You don’t have to come to this blog. You don’t have to watch everything I do. I live for one persons approval. My own. I just want to be happy, and she makes me happy. This fantasy world I live in keeps m sane. It keeps me not spazzing and going back to prison. It keeps me not feeling suicidal. The thought that she cares comforts all my ill will. All I need is you.
                All I need is you Rae.
                Until next time…

                See ya Space Cowboy.

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