Sunday, July 16, 2017

Huge News! The Last Laugh!

I can't contain it anymore. This July 21st I am releasing the new theme song for Raven's Home official music video featuring Gucci Mane. I also am releasing The Raven's Home Album/Soundtrack Hosted by my long time bestie DJ Miss Van. Today you get the album artwork done by Peter Nguyen and the track list for the album. 

This album was recorded in a new studio so the music quality is way better. This isn't even the big studio I am getting by the way. But I have been getting positive responses on the new Conor McGregor Single out right now which was a last minute addition to the Raven's Home album. 

Below is the new Album Cover and Tracklist. Enjoy.

This is my best effort as usual. There is everything on this album and it details everything that happened after the Kitty Caprice album. Also me and Kitty Caprice have been in contact recently and she has left the adult film industry. I am so happy for her. That was my intention when I first began speaking with her. She is an amazing incredible woman that I cannot say enough about. I love her to death and wish her the best and will continue to work with her in the future. She has become a great friend. So be on the lookout for an update on: Coming soon....speaking of Kitty's.

I have begun working on my follow up album to Raven's Home and I have a new alias as well. The name change? Sabrina Hiroshima Banks-Pearman. Can't really speak too much on this album right now but I was at odds about some things in my life when coming up with the title and the concept. I decided to dedicated to my wife of course....I just am having one heck of a time adjusting to being a married man. I came to the conclusion that:

a lot of women would simply want to tarnish Raven's name// by staking claim// to Marcus Banks but caine// I move as a Menace to put money in Jada's safe// may we stay// together longer than Will and her// because no matter how much money we make how much is love really worth?//

I already have written the first single for the new album and it is called:

Harajuku 2 Akihabara and Features my friend Nicki Minaj.

We traded bars on twitter. A nice sparring session and I figured fuck it, we have to kill them again. So the track is written I just have to get it done. 

All I have to say is don't limit yourselves. One year ago today I was writing Idoru: A love letter to Raven Symone. Now I am married to her. What do you want out of life? Answer that question. Have you? Okay. Now go get it......

Also this blog is undergoing a huge makeover soon so stay tuned ladies and gentlemen.

See ya Space Cowboys/Cowgirls.

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