Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Honeymoon is over.

Selling fishscale so I'm looking for A Gill (fish gills)/// If I was never going platinum I would cook me up a mill (meal)// you sleeping on me but still wouldn't touch a bill// I'm the Joker Raven call me her pudding cup for real// and while you looking at my milf// she got a thirty minute show I got thirty on my back Steph pushing all these pills// tell Brooklyn that I'm ill// yall wanted to see the boy cooked on wax so I took you to Brazil//  and when my book becomes a film// I'ma thank Philly Prince Of The South who said I couldn't be like Will? Phillip Banks word to Tyra only God can judge me// and may the Goddess love me// all this snow white got you grumpy// since my wife paint I got niggaz that want to take over your block that's funny// you rap niggaz hilarious for the cake she'll shock it to me// so stop talking about your baby mama's pussy// Keep her/ because is she with you she a skeezer// I bet she want the wood more than two angry beavers// I heard you begging for a feature// I'll smoke you like a salem ask Kitty Caprice I'm Sabrina//

Those are the final bars on the over four minutes diss record to Gillie Da Kid the so called King Of Philly. Dude was talking mad reckless on Instagram and I was on my Honeymoon at the time so I couldn't really spazz like I wanted. But like Nas said....
The Honeymoon is over.
The thing is I know India Westbrooks Love. She is a good friend of mine and I used to sort of date her but we were more like friends than anything. I have always thought of her as a kid sister. I have watched Gillie for awhile waiting fo this moment. Gillie continues to body his self. He is the biggest joke in Philly to me. I pose this question. Instead of beefing with me, a nigga you never met and don't know shit about, how come your not being the King of your city like you claim? Beans (Beanie) a nigga that showed you love after you were popping shit when you were on Cash Money Records gets jumped by Meek. You don't check the nigga. Then I catch the nigga doing the Nicki Minaj Prague challenge saying he put his baby mother  to sleep with Gillquill or some shit. What type of nigga puts his business out like that? I mean if you're a freak like that fine. But this is the Nicki Minaj challenge. You have nothing to do with Young Money or Cash Money anymore.
If he Ghostwrote for Wayne how come he doesn't have his own hits?
Dude is a fucking bozo. So I ended his career.
Attention all rappers. Leave me the alone like I'm lost in New York. Rest In Peace Biggie.
Tomorrow 7/14/2017 I am releasing a book excerpt from The War Of The Two Princes AKA Asian Boy Magic.
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