Thursday, July 6, 2017

My wife is looking real good...

Hypothetically speaking. If I was married to Raven wouldn't it be better than going to the strip club and wasting time and money on girls that could never inspire me artistically, emotionally, or spiritually which would affect me financially because as an artist I create what I feel.
I feel good when I think about a woman that exemplifies female empowerment like Raven Symone. She is a constant story of progression and evolution as an artist. She is the reason I can venture into other areas of interest to me and not feel shame in the attempt to try something new. I consider hr not just as a woman but as a Goddess leading me to make the right decisions in my life because every choice I make ultimately when I am deceased will be left as a monument to everyone that enjoys a good love story and appreciates talent in all fields of the fine arts.
That is finally were I am at in my career. I am happy. I don't need everyone in me and Raven's business. But if you must speak about someone I guess it must be us uh? Not being mean but imagine growing up wanting the world only to own a universe in the end. What would be the purpose of a bucket list? Meaning I no longer fear death because I know I am not living for me but for her. She is a reflection of me. So no more sideshows or side chicks. We are at the point where there is no turning back.
I probably will have a book upload later today on this blog. But until then how can you act like you haven't been fooled? I announce my retirement than within a week Jay-Z drops an album out of nowhere? So does Royce? These albums had no prior release date. They were announced....
Forget about it....
Love you Raven.

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