Friday, July 21, 2017

Raven's Home Theme Song Featuring Gucci Mane (Official Music Video) (Directed By Jet Lee Jetson)

A second installment of The Raven's Home Theme Song. This is how Jet Lee perceives things. This is a continuation of the first theme song by him. The rain feeds the oceans, the rivers, and seas. Water is essential to life as you know. Jet Lee takes Bruce Lee's philosophy on water and applies it to his life. Dealing with depression and almost quitting hip hop it is the mantra and wisdom of Bruce that has inspired him to "keep on flowing" for his self and Raven. Jet was only focused on the he sees the big picture. This video also speaks on being Androgynous. Jet Lee takes the role of Honey Cocaine in this video. This song is on the Raven's Home Album/Soundtrack to the classic Disney Show which will be released 7/21/2017 on

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