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Review For Nocando's Album Severed

This album Review was originally on Kitty Caprice's blog. I forgot the name to it. But I am no longer dealing with her so I wish her the best and I am happy she has left the porn industry. Honestly. I hope she does not back track but I will never know because I no longer watch porn. It's a very....what's the word I am looking for....icky industry. I also am allergic to strip clubs now. I am a married man but even if I wasn't I can see why they aren't packed with men every night. If a nude woman was so appealing how come strip clubs aren't the number one business in America? If porn was so great how come we don't have millionaire porn stars? My big homie Cage said something like:

"The only artistic nudity is the autopsy photo."


But we have a lot of new shit coming up on this blog. I will be uploading game play for you guys. Really, I will screen capture game play for you guys and show you how nice I am on the controller. 

Also, we will review more albums for this site. Anime reviews and suggestions? You got it. Comic showcases? You got it. Fashion? Can I get a hell yeah? And whatever else I can think of....

Almost forgot this blog is getting a huge makeover on the 21st so stay tuned for that. But here's the review that should have been here in the first place.

Today we will discuss the roots of metaphors used by rappers nowadays (not emcees) and also my opinion on West Coast hip hop as well as Asian American hip hop by eventually getting to the review for the long time friend of mine Blowdian and Hellfyre Club founder Nocando.

 Review for Nocando's Severed

 I am a huge hip hop fan. I mean huge. So huge that I have been a relevant underground artist for over a decade. I mean really I was like tweleve on in an underground backpack group called the backpackers the group lead by Rockwell a white rapper that Suge Knight couldn't sign because he had killed Biggie in a song.

 " It's Sparking hot in death rows parking lot trying to get in// a stolen car so it will look like Suge Knight did it// his brains is smores, cock back and aim at whores// hungry as fuck on my way to soul train awards// big gat// stop at McDonald's can't forget that// the plan is to lure Big outside waving a big mac//...."

 This battle rapper would audio battle for cash on a forum. He was sick:

 (Battling a rapper named Classic) " lyrical visual theatrics// burn like stomach acids// props is like students with measels they never come to classic (class sick)//"

 If you have never heard of these guys shame on you. We were a cult. He spawned my first punchline:

 "Stick my dick in the pacific ocean a literally fuck the world."

 Blame that on my pimp bones.

 As years passed I watched Battle Rap turn into a fucking circus. A bunch of monopoly. The gun refrences had their own category and groups like SONS from California and Brooklyn were really the only ones doing this right. Shout out to Innuendo and Fresco Clean. The QP and Fresco battle was the battle of the year. Everyone that says Fresco doesn't deserve a title shot needs to be shot. QP can't get it that would be unfair KOTD is a white boy league. If Rone is the king then that makes no sense because Fresco already ate scrap. The rape shit. " Leave me and my family alone." This is a college kid that got slapped around by Charles Hamilton a bit but if Charles really were to turn up only I could calm him down. ( The Olypmic Game A Thirty Song Collaboration album Executive Produced by Charles Hamilton  is out now on This album was recorded when I was on the  run three years ago on a smart phone. The only rapper with this technology at the time. Also Charles Produced Raven's Home Theme Song (Unofficial) on Mary Jane Jetson a dedication to my fiance and babies mother Raven Symone Christina Pearman. That is for sale also on that site for seven dollars. Buy it before it's too late!

 My point is this rap today sucks. Everything sucks. Very few rappers will I listen to. I come from a different breed. Cut from a different cloth. I grew up with Jin The MC. The first Asian American mainstream rapper. I used to talk to him on AIM his ID was Jin The MC. He told me he almost killed Many Styles when he rubbed his arm. He said if he battled him again he better not grab his arm again. These rappers that get on a record and drop set names and do other shit like snitch on their hood all fucking day. Exploitation. Genocide. Boredom.

 I respect a lot of California rappers. I still do enjoy battles. Chess is a good guy. I like my SONS family. Being half Japanese I support all Asian battle rappers for dealing with the unoriginal racism made popular since the nigga Serius Jones made it popular. Fuck Serius Jones by the way. Listen to this....Charles Hamilton ate him several times (vengence) but when Math punched him it was because he disrespected Asia again. What did Serius Jones say that got him punched? Wooooo? No. Wu. Wu-Tang. Peace to A Class from Baltimore the Nightwriter got some bangers on it. Jin's song Hallelujah made me cry. He said he cried thinking of the fans that stood behind him for over ten years. I remember his song. Eenie, Meenie, Minni, Moe. In which he tells a woman:

 "You want Prada I don't care// I won't buy you underwear//"

 And of course Dumbfoundead who has one of the albums of the year a masterpiece called We Might Die that I can't say enough about. You can't mention Dumbfoundead without mentioning the man that brought us here today. The Genius of Nocando. These two are my favorite battle rappers. I watched them go at it in the street on youtube off the top of the head for really they battled each other for an entire day in the street in L.A. in some tag team tournament. Even Dizaster was there and caught a furious ass whippen from Nocando. Nocando talked about his age to which Dizaster replied he's twenty five. Nocando's off the top of the head response:

 "Your twenty five?// You're a funny guy// my money's live// I'll punch you in the eye till it's runny like eggs on the sunny side//"

 Let's talk bars. A lot of people can't make good music wether you're a battle rapper or not. How many people can do both? Battle live and make good music? Cassidy. JR Writer. Fresco. Dumbfoundead. Loaded Lux. A Class. Jin. Nocando. Eminem. Probably some others. But I consider these like top tier dudes. Me? I can't do that live shit. A nigga say some racist Asian shit to me or talk about my family or some shit I am at him. It all depends on where you are coming from. Because if this is entertainment then don't come at me with fake aggression. A lot of people like Takeover over Ether because Jay-Z didn't say homophobic shit like "You're a dick riding faggot// you love the attention//" "dick sucking lips" "Yall rock fellows//" and other weird shit. I personally think Nas won the war in the end but not the battle. He out business manuvered him in my opinion. Nas controls one of the best labels out right now Mass Appeal. Boldy James his artist, is probably the illest drug dealing rapper ever and if you have listened to any of  my lastest albums I love to talk cocaine. But we are rappers in the end. At least some of us are. I am sure when Pac made Hit em Up he really wanted to Hit Em Up. Biggie propably really thought somebody got to die.

 Nocando first caught my attention during his battle with Dizaster a known cornball and racist. He probably has the worst flow in hip hop. His music is the worst shit you will ever hear as well. Don't believe me? He's an American adult that was raised in a rich suburbia and he is middle eastern instead of becoming a doctor or something he calls himself a terrorist and writes rhymes that if tooken time to write would be magnificent he knows a lot of words but he rushes his flow trying to sound ill but honestly he is just a puppet. I am sure all the battle rappers laugh behind his back. In the words of Robert Deniro from Bronx Tale:

 "Nothing worst than wasted talent."

 Nocando and Dizaster had two weeks to prepare for this battle. Dizaster wrote like a thousand bars. Nocando went off the top and killed him. Any other emcee would have retired with class but we all know Dizaster still battles like ten years later. I could talk about how the Blowdians have used him as a punching bag ever since but that is not necessary. Instead let's talk about what Nocando has done ten years later.

 There is a song that touches my soul. It's called Two Track Mind. A complete Blowdian experiecne. Google Project Blowed. I did. The concept is genius. An open artistic  form of expression. Think of a fine arts school but open to the streets. The lost youth. The kids that never could experience on their own because the American educational system just didn't appeal to them. This song featured three Blowdians. Busdriver, Nocando, and Thavius Beck (The Producer who I recently worked with on my Mary Jane Jetson album on the Track Book Of Life). I was working at PF Changs at the time. The Black Asian. Irony. I would listen to this song before I went to work. Honestly, it was a family experience working there. Best job I ever had other than running my entertainment company. This song would play in my head all day. It was emo. I am emo. I would tweet Nocando everyday before I went to work to tell him I was playing the song. And I worked a lot. I mentioned the word "emo" to him and he didn't flip out like most musicians. He said it "kind of" was. Years later in another conversation not only did Nocando admit to being emo but that he painted his nails black until his girl made him stop. Probably because Nocando was attracting so many girls with his style. That's just a suggestion.

 Several of Nocando's songs come to mind when I think about classic shit. I loved Good Gravy in the Morning, ER is probably the realest shit I have heard in a minute, and next subject is a hit that he probably doesn't want to be a hit he has that type of control. He could easily blow at any moment. Every true artist can. Morals and ethics stop us. Privivlege. Respect. You know shit that makes you a human being.

 First off, hats off to the name Hellfyre club. I grew up on Marvel Comics so hell yeah. Also the White Queen is one of my favorite mutants. Second off, I wasn't expecting this album. When I read how this album came together I was shocked because I recently did the same thing. I took a bunch of my work that I was secretly stashing and put out Mary Jane Jetson. My private thoughts. I read a description of what the album was about and it said something about Nocando versus himself. A battle rapper versus a lover really. That's all a real emcee can write about. That defines every real emcee. If it isn't war it's love. The end.

 I listened to this album earlier today and I want to give you an opinion of a first listen. Nocando was complaining about people stealing his style earlier this year. I now know why. I even think I know who he was talking about but after this album you can no longer compare anyone to him. I heard tracks on this album where the range of his voice goes from low to a literal scream on some Metal shit. (Mykraphone Myk) He bleeds personality through his voice meaning his flow is his life liquid. This album reminds me of my favorite hip hop album Cage's Depart Me. It is different. It makes you feel like you are running out of time. Which you always are.  But for every Mykraphone Myk there is a Say Yes. These songs about love that underground artist like us are putting out right now are very very complicated and deep because just like every contrast there is another side. Like I said the battle rapper and the lover. The wack rapper and the emcee. Mainstream rap is probably the worst it has ever been so you know the underground has the keys to your soul.

 I was going to go track for track and review this album like they used to do on the forums but this is a complete piece. It even came out on fucking cassette. This is an epic moment in hip hop and with memorial day we have to tip our hats to the real emcees that paved the way for us to run our fucking mouths. 

 Songs like Useless in which Nocando says he's useless because he can't be used speak to the rebel in every artist that doesn't want to sell his soul. You can't seperate any track on a true artist album. Albums are supposed to tell stories. Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of the Moon playing while the Wizard of Oz is on. Cage said it best music is "Movies for the Blind".

 Every song on this album is a masterpiece. This is a classic album. The true sound of the California underground. All the way in Augusta Georgia the bible belt we are listening to shit like this so stop with all the south is fucking hip hop up. Ludacris, T.I., Lil Boosie, Gucci, Future, but fuck all of that Lil Wayne and Curren$y....that is all. 

 Buy this album. Download this album. Stream this album. Do what you have to do to get this album. Straight up. That is all.

Later Mutants.

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