Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Baby Girl: A Harlem Story A Short Film By Jet Lee Jetson

Welcome to Mewtant Records. This is the first installment of the new format for

This is my first short film for my label. It is entitled Baby Girl: A Harlem Story and it is about respecting our women. Especially our young women because like Nas taught us our daughters are very important. I want to take a moment to point out the statistics of rape and murder of our women. Look it up and don't shed a tear arm yourself with the truth.

The Perfect Blue album is the first album to be released on Mewtant Records. It is dropping November 14 on this site. Please download it for free and support real hip hop. It is a dying art. Don't mumble....Scremo.

May you enjoy this work and look forward to more music from me and my muse and wife Raven Symone Christina Pearman. We are constantly working to give you art.

This video features me being depicted as Cam'ron. This track Baby Girl is also produced by Charles Hamilton another Harlem legend. Rest in Peace Big L. I don't know Jay-Z personally I am only stating what I know about him and what I do to men like him on a daily basis. I don't rock with these type of dudes at all (pun intended) due to the fact he is one of the controllers of the industry I am in I felt I had to speak on him in general and explain myself as best I could.

The Perfect Blue album is a incredible effort from me. Best album thus far. As you can hear the studio quality is amazing and I just got another studio so Perfect Blue 2 will be even better. To see the cover for Perfect Blue 2 go to my instagram @spikeufo

I sent a shot at Chess on this from Smack URL. I stand by my bars. Steams I know you are reading this. Get the boy in the studio. He is too nice to be on stage acting like he isn't about to kill a somebody he has a temper and I am the same way which is why I don't battle on stage. Plus there is more money in making music. Also Steams I have been Vegeta. Do your research again.

I have got to go but please support this movement. If not....well...I will continue to kill niggaz. You never know what labels door step I may step on with my portfolio demanding millions of dollars.

See Ya Space Cowboy.


Rest In Peace Chanel Petro Nixon and Aaliyah Haughton

Mewtants We Are Progress

P.S. Charles Hamilton and I have been affiliated for over a decade now. I can't do anything without my brother. I have been through ups and downs with him and we have both almost lost our minds trying to get you to understand we aren't crazy the world is. I love you Charles. You are now Super Sonic...maybe you should put a ring on someone too. Peace fool. XD

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